tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRidden by Red Riding Hood

Ridden by Red Riding Hood


I squeezed her ass cheeks under her red skirt as I pulled her to me with each thrust. She was holding onto the wall behind her as I drilled my cock in and out of the little red slut. With each thrust came an intense scream that just drove me on to fuck her harder and harder. I could not believe I was doing this, fucking this little slut right behind the bar- this had to be the best Halloween ever.

It all started when one of my buddies gave me a call and asked me to come out to the bar Halloween night. I was never a big fan of Halloween, all that costume hoopla was just too much for my lack of creativity. The cops were always out fishing to get you in some trouble, it was just something I preferred to stay far away from. My friends however could not pass up all the girls in slutty little costumes showing off all their hidden treasures. At a posh university like ours, they normally kept anything interesting concealed under layers of conservative clothing,

I tried to brush my friends off giving them an excuse about some project or paper I had to work on, but they knew me way to well and showed up at my doorstep with a costume in toe. Obviously, they found humor in making me pay from my reluctance by giving me a sexy gladiator costume they probably found at the local porn shop. All my protests fell on deaf ears and they just kept telling me, "It was all that was left," which we all know was a crock of bull. I knew I was out numbered and out done so I figured I might as well take a dive and try to get a couple beers out of the deal. I told them I would go through with it but the drinks were on them tonight and they figured they won since I wasn't going to go with them in the first place, so we all left happy.

I must say the gladiator costume did not leave much for the imagination. It consisted of a pair of leather boots that had sandal straps going up to my knees. A leather gladiator skirt and a couple straps crossing around each other that they seemed to think was a tunic. I didn't want to look like an idiot with boxers hanging out underneath and I was fresh out of man thongs so I said fuck it and went commando. I knew I was going to have to do a couple shots when I got to the bar to even attempt to pull this night off with out total humiliation, but hey that's what my friend Jager is for right?

When we got to the bar, a line of costumed patrons wrapped itself around the outside of the building. We found our place and followed like good lemmings until it was our turn to go in. Although the bouncers were giving some of my friends a hard time, trying to keep the girl ratio well above the guys, apparently being a half naked gladiator gets you unrestricted access. I will have to remember that. Once in I made a beeline for the bar to load up on liquid confidence and that's when I met Red.

Red just bled sexuality as she sat on the stool next to me with her legs crossed forcing her short red skirt to ride up her thighs. She was the epitome of what a sexy red riding hood should look like. My eyes immediately followed those legs down to the sexy white stockings that stopped at her thigh giving a tease of her lush subtle skin. Those sexy stockings lead into a pair of red heels that just accented her femininity. As I worked my way back up to her skirt, I could see that the same careful preparation went into her costume as well. Her skirt teased at the treasures it barely covered. Her top was low cut showing just enough cleavage to make a man lust for more but not over doing it. The white frilly cloth that accented the red top seemed to emphasize a perceived innocence overcome by lust. As I looked up past the top, I could see her sexy lush lips under the red hood that was hiding her eyes from me. The mystery of her just seemed to tantalize me even more.

"So what's all the liquid courage for? I haven't seen someone that focused on a shot all night?" this sexy red riding hood asked me.

"Do you know that you make quite a pleasant distraction?" I turned to her as I said it, excited for the opportunity to speak to this red goddess.

"You could say the same yourself," she said, as she looked me up and down smiling sexily.

"Which is exactly why I need some liquid courage, care to join me for one?"

"Only if it's a Washington Apple, I have a thing for Red," she teased.

"Two Washington Apples coming up!"

Red pulled back her hood to prepare for her shot and unleashed her raven black hair and sultry brown eyes. I had to casually adjust my footing to compensate for my own arousal. When the shots came, I picked them up off the bar and handed one to her. She immediately raised it up and tapped it to mine.

"To the two sexiest costumes in the bar and the sexy people wearing them!" she toasted.

"Cheers!" I said as I followed her lead and took the shot.

"Well I think that has done the trick now lets see how you can move in those sexy heels."

I grabbed her arm and lead the red beauty to the dance floor taking the initiative. I was pleased to see that she didn't resist. We ended up in the middle of the dance floor and it was not long before I had her back to me as we were dancing to the music in the bar. I could feel her tight little ass rubbing up against me as we danced. I knew this costume wasn't going to hide a thing as I felt myself get hard against her. As my cock rubbed against her tight ass I rocked my hips with hers to the beat. As the next song began, she turned toward me and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me close.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I can see an opening when it's as obvious as the Grand Canyon is wide and I took it. I grabbed the back of her neck gently with my palms on each side of her cheeks and pulled her to my lips. The kiss was gradual at first, just taking each other's lips, but it quickly became passionate as she worked her tongue in my mouth. The taste of her was like strawberry and I took my time enjoying every second of it. So much that I almost didn't notice how she had managed to straddle my leg and was working her thigh I against my groin. I made a point to lift my leg up just enough to rub it against her pussy.

Thanks to the ridiculous costume I was wearing I could feel how wet she was through her panties. I made a point to reach down, grab her ass, and pull her harder against my leg as I worked her against me. As I did so I felt her purr a moan in my mouth, something so purely sexual it drove a desire so strong in me that I knew I would do whatever I had took to have this woman.

As Red broke the kiss, she looked up at me and I could see lust covering her eyes as she worked a hand down underneath the gladiator skirt and cupped my manhood.

"Hmmm... it looks like you let someone out of his cage tonight... and he is ready to play," she whispered in my ear as she wrapped her hand around my hard shaft.

I leaned down into her ear and whispered back. "I don't think he is the only one ready to play is he?"

Red smiled sexily at me as she stroked my cock. "No he is not, and it would be just a shame to, waste him, when so much fun could be had."

Each word alluded to a promise of things to come. Her words drove a frantic need to have her in a way that I have never felt for another woman.

"Where?" I asked.

"Follow me," she said as she turned around and headed to the back of the bar.

I followed in tow like an obedient pet, she had me now, and she knew it. We made our way to the back of the bar and out a side door that seemed hidden to the typical patron, apparently Red knew this place well. We made our way outside into the cool back alley behind the bar.

I always had this dank dark idea of a back alley but this was nothing like that. There were lights between buildings about every thirty yards or so and it was as well maintained as the rest of the streets in the city. It seemed more like a smaller cross street than an alley. The door came out at the bottom of a ramp that worked its way gradually up the sidewalk and gave us some extra privacy. There was a cement barrier between the ramp and the regular sidewalk that kept someone from accidently tripping into the back entrance. My inspection of the place suddenly stopped when I heard her speak the one word I wanted her to say...

"Here." Red said as she put her hand in my chest and pushed me against the wall next to the door. Always one for a good tussle I immediately picked her up and flipped her around so she was pinned against the wall behind me. Her kiss was not gentle this time it was a need she devoured my lips as I gave them to her wantonly trying to inhale the taste of her mouth. I moved on hand from behind her and worked my way up to those fabulous tits that had been teasing me all night. I massaged her through the costume at first and started to pinch and tease the nipple through the fabric as she again purred a moan into my mouth.

As her nipple got erect and stiff in my finger tips the temptation was to great and I worked it out of her costume as I made my way down to taste it. I kissed all around it at first as I worked my other hand up to play with her other tit causing a second moan. I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked it as I pushed my face into her breast in an insatiable need to have her. She lifted her left leg up and around my waste and ground ageist me as I sucked her nipple harder and gave it a playful nibble and bite.

I worked my way to her other breast and as I did so dropped my other hand down under her skirt and started to rub her pussy through her panties. I could feel how drenched they were and pulled them aside as I started to work her clit.

"Oh...fuck..." she let out with another moan. "Yes... fuck!"

I rubbed her clit harder as she got more and more worked up I dropped to my knees and pulled off her sexy red thong. I slowly kissed my way up her sexy stockings up to her thighs where I bit and licked her until I finally made my way to her sexy pussy.

"Oh yeah be my sexy warrior and eat my slutty little pussy!"

She shaved her pussy completely except for a little tuft of hair above it. I love it when a woman shaves, not just because of how it alludes to her expectation of sex, but also because it makes it so much easier to enjoy the taste of her without anything getting in the way. I started to work my tongue up and down her pussy at first enjoying the taste of her until I started to make my way to her clit. As I took it in my mouth, I started to work my fingers in and out of her, steadily working my way to her g-spot.

"Oh... fuck!" She let out as I started on her clit "Oh fuck, yes!" I worked my fingers on her g-spot even harder as she became more and more intense. There is just something incredibly sexy about having caused someone's pleasure that almost makes me sadistic in my attempt to drive them insane with it. I worked on her pussy with even more passion as she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my face into her.

"Oh.. gaa... ye... do it eat my fucking pussy! Fuck yes!"

Red started rocking her hips harder and harder against my face as I went to town on her. I knew either I had to make her cum or I was going to suffocate in her pussy, not a bad way to go. I dove into her pussy like a starved beast as she fucked my face.

"Oh... yes... I'm... almos... oh... ga...Yeeeees! uhh YeeeeeeS."

Red came in a rush all over my face. When her legs finally let me free, her pussy covering me in her juice. She grabbed me, pulled me up to her, and gave me a passionate kiss tasting her own juices from my mouth, which made my hard cock even more rigid.

"Wow... that was... amazing" Red reached down and grabbed my cock under the gladiator skirt "I know I should return the favor but first I need this, any man who can eat pussy like that needs to fuck me."

"You liked that did you? Well you're going to love getting the cock you've been fondling all night into that tight little pussy of yours!" As I said it, I grabbed her as and lifted her up against the wall lining her up with the cock she still had her hand on. She made sure my warriors skirt didn't fall down as I impaled her with my cock.

"Oh yes...I feel so fucking full... fuck me ... fuck your slutty little red riding hood!"

Her words drove me over the edge as I started fucking her with wild abandon. Grabbing her ass and pulling her to me and there I was fucking her nice and hard.

I grabbed her sexy ass under that red riding hood skirt and pulled her to me drilling her so hard she let out a scream every time I thrust into her.

There I was fucking the sluttiest Little Red Riding Hood I had ever seen behind the bar. It was to simply amazing to believe and the kinkiness of it just drove me to fuck her harder. After fucking her on the wall till she came again I lifted her up from the wall and moved her over to the ledge behind us and sat her on the edge so I could put her legs around my shoulders and fuck her even deeper.

"Oh god you fucking animal keep fucking me I've never been fucked this deep!"

"You like that baby? You like me fucking you in your slutty little skirt outside where anyone could see you?"

"Baby I'll let you fuck me with that cock anywhere... oh god...yes!"

I knew I was getting close but there was something so cliché I knew I had to do it. I pulled out of her and moved up onto the concrete barrier which was about three feet thick and gave us plenty of room to lie on.

"Why'd you stop?" Red started to get up confused.

"Get over here and ride me like the little red slut you are." I said hoping she would find the kinkiness of it as appealing as I did.

"Oh your bad...you want this naughty little girl to be your little red riding slut huh? Well that can be arranged!" She smiled as she came over and mounted my hard cock.

Red didn't hold back, she fucked me harder than anyone has ever fucked me before. I knew she wanted it, that she loved me filling her up like a little slut and loved that I was treating her like one. This was what Halloween was about to her, getting the freedom to be the slut she always wanted to be. The truth was I did not even know her name and she was out in public where anyone could see her fucking me.

"That's it Red ride me like a little slut! You want me to cum for you? You want me to cum in your slutty little pussy?"

"Oh... yes" she panted as she rode me "I'm going to fuck that cum right out of you, fill me up fill up my slutty little pussy!"

"You like be my sexy Red Riding Slut don't you? You like being fucked out where anyone one can see you?"

"Yes I'm your little Red Riding slut! I'm going to ride you like a whore out where everyone can see! Oh fuck yes!"

Talking about what we were doing made it that much hotter and I knew I was not going to last much longer.

"I'm going to cum for you I'm going to fill up your little pussy with my cum!"

"Oh yes cum with me fucking fill me up like a whore FUUUUUUUCCCCK!" she said as she came again. Feeling her pussy clench around my cock set me off as I came like never before and it seemed to go on forever.

"Oh...yess...here I...!

Red slumped on top of me and kissed me as she came down from her intense orgasm. My cock was still in her pussy while we both tried to catch our breath and compose ourselves.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had..." she said as she finally got off me and started to put herself back together.

"Yes..." I said as I caught my breath. "It was, no one has driven me quite as crazy as you have."

"That is something a woman always loves to hear. Keep these..." she threw me her thong "to remember me by." She smiled as she said it, turned around, and made her way to the door leading to the bar.

"Wait!" I yelled not wanting to let her slip away. "Who are you?"

"I'm Red Riding Hood lover, and tonight was great...who knows maybe we can do it again next year? Hope to see you then!"

And with that, she was through the door. There I sat with my naked ass on a concrete wall in the most revealing costume I've ever warn holding a red thong covered in the pussy juices of the best fuck I had ever had. I held it in my hand looking at it.

"I hope to see you to..."


I hope you enjoyed this story. I would like to thank Mariewriter for her help as an editor for this story. Her assistance really helped this story come to life. This is a Halloween Contest Submission so please do not forget to vote! As always, your feedback and comments are much appreciated!!

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