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Riddick in Chains


Riddick glares as you walk toward him.

"What do you want?" he growls.

"What do you think I want?" you ask.

He rattles the chains and leans forward, eyes glittering.

"To let me out of these chains." He tilts his head, then leans back, the light from a lamp in the corner of the room gleaming on his shaven skull. "But I'd be wrong about that, wouldn't I?"

You nod, smiling.

He rattles the chain for good measure, then stares silently at you. You let your gaze travel over his muscular body, the black t-shirt and black pants. They have chained him securely, legs and arms. His legs are splayed open. You let your eyes rest on the bulge between the thighs. He notices where you're staring. You look back into his eyes.

"Don't even think about it," he warns.

"Why not?" you ask innocently.

"I ain't here for your pleasure. I ain't here for nobody's pleasure"

"Aren't you?"

His eyes narrow, silver slits in the gloom.

You move forward, heart beating fast. You know he's killed people, that even chained as he is, he's still dangerous. He's an animal, predatory, wild, feral---captured, yes, but far from tame. But, you want him. Want him the way a staving man wants food, the way a thirsty man wants water. Even if it's possibly poisoned.

You stop just in front of his legs. He looks up at you. You smell him. The heat of his skin. You reach over, touch his arm. Hard muscle underneath smooth skin. You lean closer, drawing the scent of him deeper into your lungs. Now you're close enough that his mouth is next to your ear.

"Let me go," he whispers, his voice a rough purr. "and I'll make it worth your while."

You smile, pull away from him, sliding your finger along his arm, over his shoulder, up his thick neck and onto his full, sensual lips. He tries to bite your finger. You pull it back, laughing softly.

"Oh, you're going to make it worth my while, Riddick. But, I'm not going to let you go. The others don't want that. They're afraid of you. They're all out looking for supplies now. Won't be back for hours. It's just you and me."

He snarls and jerks hard against the chains. They clatter in the close, steamy heat of the room.


You only smile. Then you fall to your knees, gazing up at him. His eyes are adamant in the darkness, glittering like shards of glass. You slide your hand over the bulge in his pants. It's thick and hard. A muscle twitches in his face.

You unfasten the front of his pants. Good. He's not wearing any underwear. You ease his cock out. You can barely get your hand around it. You stroke it. He shudders in his chain.

"Let me go, bitch!"

You shake your head, stroking him faster. He stiffens in your hand, growing longer, thicker, harder. You lean forward and lick up and down the shaft. His thighs tremble. You move your mouth slowly around the head, the tip of your tongue edging the rim.

He rattles his chains. You glance up. His face is tight, sweat gleaming on his skin, chest rising and falling. You smile up at him, then move your lips around the head and push down.

"Fuck," he moans.

You slide your mouth down the shaft. It's wet now, so it slides easily between your lips. You suck and roll your tongue around it. It tastes like he smells. Male heat. You suck harder.

"You fucking bitch," he moans, but the chains are no longer rattling. You steal a glance up at him. He's leaning back in the chains, eyes closed, head back, chest rising and falling with his rapid breaths, hips pulsing in rhythm with your sucks.

You suck and lick and tongue his thick, hot cock until you feel he's close to coming. Then you quickly pull away.

Riddick's eyes fly open, molten silver in his slack face. His cock is hard, wet, glimmering in the shadowy light.

"So, that's your little game," he growls, voice thick with arousal and rage. "You're just a tease. A cocksucking tease."

"Oh, I'm more than that," you murmur.

You stand and undo the front of your jumpsuit. Riddick watches, eyes gleaming. You push the jumpsuit over your arms, down your sides, and off your legs. Then you straddle him, easing his cock inside you. You moan appreciatively as it enters you. It's wet and hard from your mouth.

You slide your arms around his neck, adjusting your body until he's deep inside you. Your breasts are just in front of his face. He looks up at you, face working as you slowly move your hips up and down.

"Ummm, yes," you sigh, moving faster. He doesn't move, but he doesn't have to. You can move for the both of you.

"When I get free," he grunts against your breast, tongue reaching out to lick at your nipple, "you're going to regret not having let me go."

You ride his cock, head thrown back as he takes your breast in his mouth and sucks hard on it.

"I'm counting on it," you whisper.

You tighten your arms about his neck, breast enveloped by his hot mouth, wet tongue lashing your nipple. His cock spears you as you thrust yourself against him, wildly, frantically, the head so deep you can feel it pushing against the entrance to your womb. You rock against him, fucking him for all its worth. He moves his hips to meet your thrusts. The chains clink softly, then louder.

He moves his mouth from your breast and onto your neck. He bites at your throat. You cry out, move faster. Now the both of you are in synch and the sweat from his body melds with your, his damp t-shirt sticking against your skin. You lower your arms, move them around his broad chest and dig your nails into his back.

He groans, arms shuddering in his chains. It must hurt, you think, having his arms stretched out like that. You dig your nails deeper into his skin.

He growls, then lifts his hips higher, faster, slamming his pelvis against you. He's ripping deep into you, but you don't stop and neither does he. You push your cunt against his groin, grinding yourself against his hard cock, his hard body.

He calls you all kinds of names, names he's picked up from a dozen words. None of them are endearments.

His breath is harsh, short, he's grabbing for air. As are you, lungs laboring to draw in more of the sex-drenched air.

Hearts beating, cunt rasping, cock pulsing, sweat flowing, body's pounding.

Ummm, yes, now you feel it, that sweet, inescapable pinnacle of release. It's right there, just on the rim of flesh meeting flesh. You close your eyes, waiting for it to sluice over you like sweet honey. You moan faster, rubbing your swollen beasts against his hot, muscular chest, body churning with your rising climax. Then, suddenly, you feel him moving erratically.

You open your eyes and look into his, see the gleam in their silver depths. His mouth is twisted in a spiteful grin. He's trying to break the rhythm, trying to keep you from climaxing.

Oh, no. You've come too far, risked too much to lose it now. You tighten your thighs about his waist, then move your arms from around his back and put your hands firmly on his shoulders. You ride him now, ride him like some wild stallion that refuses to be tamed. You force him back into the rhythm, squeezing your cunt hard around his cock.

He jiggles his chains, snarling, growling, but his hips are back in synch with yours. Then, like a million icicles breaking, you shimmer into orgasm. Your back arches as you climax, every muscle in your body tightening. You moan, driving yourself onto his cock, wrenching another and still another orgasm from him.

Then you feel him, rising inside you, moaning wildly as he ejaculates, his cock searing your cunt as he empties himself. You buck wildly against each other, sweat from your neck dripping onto his shoulders. You grab his face, slant your mouth over his, shove your tongue between his lips. He meets it, tongues twisting passionately about each other like his cock in your cunt.

You shudder hard against him, climaxing one final time. Then you release his mouth and look down at him.

"Let me go," he whispers.

You push yourself off him, pulling your jumpsuit back. "Sorry, no can do. The others wouldn't like it."

"Fuck the others."

"I don't want to fuck them. I wanted to fuck you. And I have." Then you smile at him.

"I'm going to make you pay for this," he says in a low, throbbing voice. "Big time."

"Is that a promise?"

"You bet, bitch."


Before you fasten him back up, you gave his cock one last, long, leisurely lick. Then you do him back up.

"See you around, Riddick."

"Not if I see you first."

You laugh and turn away, heading back to where you hear the others returning.

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