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Ride 'em Cowboys


Jeannie and I were just hanging out around the pool like most 18-year olds do the first summer after they leave high school, but before they land a job or run off to college for the next four years. Jeannie and I had plans for Berkley. Together. We did everything together and had since we were children. We even wore the same clothing. Perfect size 10s in a world that valued size 4s. Not that we didn't get more than our share of ogling. What was there not to ogle about? We both had nice hourglass figures with amble matching 36DD boobs. The boys took notice and had since we both hit puberty.

We took different approaches to guys, though. Jeannie was saving herself for marriage, but I wanted to do a little sampling before I tied down for the rest of my life. I'd only sampled one so far, but it was a nice sampling. Tommie Glibbon. Hard, muscular body with what I imagined to be nice equipment. It was hard to say whether his equipment was exceptional since he was my first, but the experience was nice, and Tommie and I hadn't split under bad terms.

"You want some more lotion?" Jeannie asked.

I took the lotion from her outstretched, lotion-slicked hand and shook it for a second to get the white goo to the top. Then I started smearing across my stomach when I noticed a pair of old men watching. They were probably in their mid 40s or so, but they sure looked as though their tongues were about to lap the concrete watching Jeannie lean over to pull the towel out from beneath her feet.

I smacked her on the arm.

"Hey!" she yelled at me, tossing her hair back and giving me a hard look. That was the big difference between us. I had short, silky blonde hair while her hair was so dark it was nearly black and it hung past her shoulders in thick waves. I had light, what people called icy blue eyes, whereas she had startling smoky gray eyes. We were like salt and pepper when it came to appearances, even though the shape of our bodies matched perfectly.

I rolled my eyes over toward the men. She waited a minute and looked. They were now sitting in the pool chairs with their legs spread open. One of them had his nuts slightly exposed at the edge of his swimming trucks.

"Ewww," Jeannie said.

"I don't know," I said. "The blonde one's sort of cute." He was, too. Tan, lean, but not too lean, just enough to give him a solid build, and he had a soft brush of hair across his chest, swirling down around his belly button and disappearing down the waistband of his swim trunks. It made me squirm a little just thinking about what might be at the end of that hair.

"Too old," Jeannie said. "Plus, don't you think they both look a little familiar?"

I looked at the other guy, the one with his nuts showing. Olive skinned, almost Italian looking. Shorter than his friend, maybe even a tiny bit shorter than Jeannie and me at our rather tall 5'8" stature, but still a nice solid build. A lot of hair on his chest and thick, curling black hair although it was receding a little. He also had a definite sprinkle of hair on his nuts.

"No," I said.

Jeannie held her hand to her eyebrows and squinted. "Yes, the dark-haired one is Davey Treman's father, isn't he?"

I shrugged and rubbed the lotion slowly up my legs, keeping my eyes on the blonde, who gave me a long slow smile. "I don't know. I never met his father."

"Oh well, you didn't miss much," Jeannie said, flopping back against the lounge.

I looked around the pool area. Only the lifeguard left. Another half-hour and it would be closing time. What next? Maybe they'd go down to Hank's Diner, hang out, and flirt with a few boys. At least it was something to look forward to.

Adequately slathered with lotion, I leaned back against the lounge chair and let the sun bathe my face. I couldn't resist letting my legs spread a little so the old farts have a good look at the young, perky stuff they couldn't have anywhere except their dreams.

It didn't take me long to drift off into a light sleep, dreaming about Tommie and what we'd done last summer. He'd taught me nearly every sexual position imaginable and how to give decent head to boot. I felt myself getting a little wet right before a pair of rough hands grabbed me and forcibly rolled me off the lounge chair onto the concrete facedown.

"What the—?" I struggled to get up.

"Shut up," a voice said. "That is, unless you want to get hurt," and a small knife blade met my cheek as a knee pinned my buttocks.

I heard Jeannie shouting until another voice said, "Quiet, bitch!" followed by a hard slap and light, muffled crying.

The next thing I heard was the sound of duct tape ripping. Several long pieces got wrapped around my wrists. The hands jerked me to my feet, and the voice told me to walk. That's the first time I could see Jeannie. She was duct taped in the same position, and being let by the dark-haired man we'd been looking at earlier. I assumed the blonde was the one who had a hold of me.

"Looks like we found what we looking for," the dark-haired one said.

"Should work out okay," the voice behind me said.

I looked around for the lifeguard, but he wasn't anywhere in sight. No one was. Not even in the parking lot as they drug us out to a nearby van and shoved us in the back. Then, more duct tape rips and they taped our feet together. It was the first time I could see the blonde plainly. A slow leer spread across his lips as he yanked the top of my bathing suit aside to expose one of my breasts. My nipple immediately hardened against the feel of his fingers. He leaned forward and suckled it a minute before letting it plop away from his lips.

"Look here, Rocko," he said. "This one's already ready."

They both laughed before they slammed the side door of the van closed and climbed into the front seat. Jeannie leaned over and whispered, "What do you think they're going to do to us?"

Rocko turned around from the passenger seat and said, "We're going to fuck the shit out of you. What the hell do you think we're going to do you? Just ride two sweet pieces of ass like you around for a while and then let you go?" He turned and looked at the other man, who had his eyes focused on the road. "She isn't very fucking bright, is she, Steve?"

"The don't need to be bright," Steve said. "They just need to be fuckable. The boys have to learn from somewhere, and I think this pair will work just fine."

Rocko turned back around and said, "Yeah, you're right. Fuckable. That's all they need to be."

About twenty minutes later, we turned off the main road onto something bumpier. Probably a dirt lane. Another five minutes and we jerked to a stop. Rocko and Steve climbed out, yanked open the side door, pulled us both out, and carried us into a cabin.

The cabin was decent sized with a large area downstairs with an open loft above. They plopped both of down on a bear rug, probably fake, in the center of the room. Five faces appeared above over the railing of the loft.

"Would you look'a that?" one of them said. "Chicks. All tied up, too."

"Quit standing there pissing around," Rocko said. "Come on down and help us get them strapped up."

The next thing I knew, Jeannie and I were both had a leather strap around our waist held in place with a small metal pad lock. It had nylon ropes attached on both sides and looped across a ceiling beam with a pulley contraption that looked as though it could hoist us up. Jeannie and I could both move around maybe ten foot in any direction. We could also probably lie on the floor, but it was doubtful we could roll around much since the cords would catch us up.

They cut the tape on our hands and feet and ripped it off. I rubbed at my wrist to get the adhesive off and ease the stinging sensation from the tape. The fight was pretty much out of both of us by this point since we were wiggling and kicking both of our legs the whole time they jerked us around to get the leather straps around us.

"Okay," Steve said. "Time to get rid of the clothing." He took the knife, stepped forward, and slit the ties on my bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. Next, he reached down and yanked my bikini bottom down. I kicked and yelled, but all he said was, "Good, a fighter. That's what I like."

Rocko already had Jeannie naked and the rope pulled up the hoist so she was off the floor about three feet, kicking her legs around and yanking at the rope above her head with her hands. "Let me down. Let me down," she hollered.

Steve just laughed and hoisted me up to match her. I started struggling even more until he said, "Calm down. You'll enjoy yourself enough in a second," and tied off the rope to hold me in place.

Once we were both hanging there, Steve stepped up, grabbed both of my legs, and brought them around his shoulders so my pussy was facing him. "Boys, the first thing you need to know how to do is eat pussy. You'll never get your dick into a girl, if you don't know how to lick her right, so step up and pay attention."

Three of the boys surrounded him while the other two boys went to both sides of Rocko and Jeannie. Steve spread my legs open as far as he could, leaving one leg on his shoulder and holding the other out so the boys could take a look. With his free hand, he opened the lips of my pussy and said, "This is the slit." He dipped two fingers inside of me and gently moved them around. I wiggled and tried to push him away from me. He took his hand away and slapped me hard on the ass. "Don't wiggle until I'm done showing them, or I'll get the knife back out and give you a nice scar on your fine ass, do you hear me?"

I nodded and decided to hang on to the rope leading from my waist. His fingers returned to my pussy and dipped in and out slowly. "Now, this one is pretty hot. You can tell by the juices on my fingers." He stuck a finger in his mouth and licked it. "She tastes pretty good, too." Then he reached up and tweaked my clit. "But this is the most important thing you need to worry about until you get your dick in that sweet slit." His finger flicked at my button, which caused me to involuntarily jerk. Shit. I didn't want to jerk like that But he hit me right on the spot. "See?" He grinned up at me. "She already likes it, and I haven't even started giving her a good licking yet." He then rolled my clit between his fingers, and I could feel the juices starting to seep out of me. I hated it. I didn't want to respond to any of his manipulations, but my body seemed to have a mind of its own. "Now, what you do is suck on this little nub. Flick it with your tongue, suck on it, and use your teeth gently on it, but nothing too forceful unless she pulls your face right into her snatch. That's when you know she's about to blast off. Do you understand?"

All three boys nodded. One of them was already rubbing an obvious bulge in his pants just from the thought of it.

"Now, watch." His face buried into my cunt hair. Oh shit. He sucked in my clit, like he was sucking the pit out of a cherry, and I could feel it hardening with each pull of his lips. He flicked, sucked, and bit, just like he told the boys to do.

I felt heat rising from my toes to my face, as I rode his shoulders with his face buried so hard into my pussy I wanted to scream. I started squirming against his mouth, and he stuck a couple fingers into me, moving them slowly, like he had beforehand. Everything in me wanted to bounce up and down on those fingers. Oh my god. I thought I was going to die if I didn't have an orgasm. I wanted to hold back, forget about it. I tried to focus on something else, but my eyes wandered over to Jeannie, who was in the same position as I was except she had already brought her hands down to Jocko's head and was pulling his face hard against her, grinding away.

I thought it incredible that my virgin friend was enjoying this more than I was, so I decided to let go and grabbed Steve by the hair, yanking him forward, hard. I then started bouncing up and down wildly on his fingers as she slammed them into me, spreading them a little and twisting. I rubbed my pussy up and down on this face while he caught my clit on his pass and suckled it.

I could hear Jeannie hitting an orgasm with loud deep pants, and I went shortly behind her until I fell completely limp on Steve's shoulder. He pulled away from me and said, "That's the way it's done. Do you think you can do the same?"

All three boys nodded, and Steve flung my legs around the next boy's shoulders. "Have at it then. Let's see if you can make her squirm."

The boy immediately went for my clit, which was already sensitive from my orgasm. I pulled away a little bit and Steve leaned in to the boy's ear and said, "Easy now, son. You have to be gentle with that thing until she lets you know she wants more."

The boy slowed down then to gentle sucking as though he were drawing soda through a straw. I wanted to hold out and not let them know what a slut I really felt like, but I wound up exploding for him and the two boys behind him while Jeannie face fucked the other two with nearly as much abandon.

I turned to look at her and the expression on her face told me she found it just as unbelievable as I did that she was enjoying this so much. If this was what it meant to be held hostage, lord, hold me be a hostage more often.

After they were done licking both of us into oblivion, Steve lowered me back to the floor, or nearly so. I could stand on my tiptoes and move around a bit, which was better than dangling in midair. He came up to me, and said, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

"No," I said. I wasn't ready, either. I wasn't on the pill. He was nice looking, and he'd done me a great service licking my cunt up the way he had, but I didn't want to have sex with him.

I heard Jeannie arguing with Rocko on the other side of the room. She was pleading with him not to fuck her since she was a virgin and saving herself for marriage. He just laughed and said, "Seems like we're going to have a real ride. Maybe more than one of them."

Jeannie was bouncing around on her tiptoes, trying to get away from him when he grabbed her leg and pulled it around his waist. "If you can get loose me, I'll let you go. No problem," he said. With that, he pulled her other leg up and began shoving at the entrance of her neatly trimmed dark pussy. She squirmed upwards, clawing up his body to get away from his prick. Then she smacked his face hard. He brought his hand away from her leg and returned the slap. "All's fair," he said. "You slap me, and I'm going to slap you. Just remember that."

Jeannie reached up and wiped a small trickle of blood from her lips. Rocko turned so his back was to us, and we all watched in amazement as his ten inch or so dick jabbed at the entrance of her pussy with his balls bumping up and down with each thrust. Jeannie was still struggling, although she let out a sharp cry as the head of his dick penetrated her.

He then apparently hit her maidenhood after inching in more because she began pleading with him again to stop and let her satisfy him some other way, but he reached up, grabbed a hold of her shoulder, and gave one solid shove downward. His dick embedded to the point only his balls showed beneath the cheeks of her ass. She shrieked in pain and began flailing about. He let one of her legs down, and she started hopping against the floor, pushing at him.

"Yee-haw," he said, jabbing at her pussy with each forward and backward movement she made in her attempts to get away from him.

The boys laughed. One of them said, "It looks like she's trying to mount a stallion with one leg on and one leg off like that."

"She's tight, too, boys. Getting a virgin is a real treat. Their pussy molds right around your dick.

Jeannie continued hopping around with Rocko's arm wrapped around the leg in the air, all the while he kept pumping her with his dick and laughing. After ten minutes or so, she fell limp from exhaustion, sobbing as Rocko continued to thrust into what I knew to be her throbbing pussy. Losing your virginity wasn't exactly pleasant, and having a dick shoved up inside you with that much force had to make it worse.

Rocko pulled her other leg up on his hip and started bouncing her on his dick in earnest, pulling her butt up high enough for the tip of his cock to exit her and then dropping her onto it again. That's when Steve grabbed a hold of me and shoved his dick in me. It had to be a big as Rocko's. Maybe a little thicker.

I was hanging in the exact same position Jeannie had been with one foot on the floor and the other wrapped around Steve's waist. I felt as though I'd just had a slick log shoved inside me, but I refused to wiggle. No way I wasn't going to put out a show like Jeannie did.

"Aren't you going to try to get away?" Steve grunted, thrusting into me hard a few times as he tried to prompt me into fighting him.

But instead a moan escaped from my lips. I bit down hard, trying to bite the sound off, but it was too late. He'd already heard exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Well, well, well, we've got one that wants to be fucked, boys. This should be a real treat. Nice tight pussy that hasn't been used too much, but is hot for more." He pulled my legs up around his waist so my clit was rubbing against the soft hair looping down around his dick. He hammered me, catching my bouncing tits in his mouth and sucking at them every two or three bounces. I couldn't believe I was about to explode again. First, four great pussy licking orgasms, and now, a fifth orgasm boiling up. Tommie had never gotten that many orgasms out of me in one setting.

I gasped as Steve abruptly pulled out of me. He laughed and said, "Don't worry, baby. You'll have it back into you soon enough." He motioned to the pulley. "Let her down a little, boys."

Steve dropped me from his hips, and my feet hit the floor solid. He spun me around and pushed my shoulders forward. "This is how you ride bareback," he said, burying his dick up my cunt from behind. I thought he felt like a log beforehand, but now he felt like a whole damned tree shoving up inside of me.

The strap around my waist was holding me from falling on me face, but it didn't prevent Steve from leaning forward and toying with my nipples. He gently tugged at the points in almost a milking motion while he kept pounding me from behind.

"Step up, son," he said. "Let her suck your dick. Considering how good she's taking this pounding, I bet she's good at it."

I could see the biggest boy step forward. He yanked his sweatpants down to his knees, and a eight-inch cock slapped me in the face. I pressed my lips together. I'd given head to Tommie last summer, but it wasn't my favorite thing.

"Come on, little filly," Steve said. "Open wide," and he gave me nipple a sharp pinch. I cried out, which wound up filling my mouth with dick. "And don't use your teeth on him, either, or I'll twist your plump titty right off of you. Suck it just like you would a peppermint stick."

I closed my eyes, tightened my lips, and let the dick slid in and out of my mouth. The boy moaned and grabbed me by the ears and started sawing me, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust until he managed to shove it past my throat entrance. I felt as though I was about to strangle or puke. I wasn't sure which, but with every gag reflex I had, the boy moaned even more like it was pleasing him.

I felt one of Steve's hands on my clit. His fingers pinched it a little and then he started flicking it. He leaned forward on me, putting most of his weight on my back, like he was really riding me. One of his hands moved back and forth between my two nipples while his other hand worked my clit. He humped me, thrusting his dick to the bottom of my cunt while he tweaked away.

In spite of myself, and the dick pumping my mouth, I felt my orgasm welling up inside me again. I started wiggling against Steve's fingers on my clit and trusting back against him.

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