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Reaching down into my cumbersome apron, I retrieved the wadded up piece of paper towel I had stored in there since the beginning of my lunch shift. I wiped the fresh layer of sweat from my brow and tossed a couple of stray hairs off to the side as I punched in yet another order for Pad Thai that was to be made for the regular with the gluten allergy.

With the mixture of sweat and food residue gathered on my hands, I quickly headed to the nearby sink to wash my hands. As I dutifully lathered my hands, I looked up into the mirror that was glued to the wall behind the fixture.

At twenty-three I had thought that I wouldn't still be waiting tables, but here I was working at the same Thai Restaurant that I had been for years. Sure, the business was fine, and the clientele could be worse, but I thought I would be sitting on my ass, or, at least wearing a tie. I hadn't thought of this often, as the free food that came with every shift kept me quite pleased.

I looked reasonably good today, my shaggy brown hair wasn't wild as much as it was stylish, and I had trimmed my sideburns and full goatee correctly during the haze of my early morning rituals. My tall form was in decent enough shape due to my love for playing basketball in the park.

With the food ticket printed out and hanging loosely towards the stainless steel counter, I quickly gathered it and slid through the swinging doors that lead in to the kitchen. Diving underneath the expo counter to gather Styrofoam boxes was my coworker and roommate Hunter.

He was a short, stout, and energetic young man of twenty-four. He failed to have the same hair issues as I had, preferring to keep his light brown hair buzzed down to just a fraction of an inch.

"We've got another Pad Thai," I announced to both our chef and Hunter before I slid the ticket in amongst the others in the queue.

"It's Pad Thai Friday!" yelled Hunter from his crouch, turning his head to the side, his light brown eyes beaming in mock enthusiasm.

"Pad Thai Friday!" I exclaimed back to him, part of me genuinely remembering that we always ate Pad Thai after our Friday shifts.

Heading back into the dining room, I surveyed the busy surroundings. We worked as a team, Hunter and I did. We both took full responsibility for all tables. Seeing that a table of three women had their beverages and looked ready enough to order, I quickly strode over, pulling my pen and check book from my apron.

I admit that Hunter and I did make comments behind the back of certain customers. The vast majority of them were made about attractive female guests. Also, a vast majority of those women were at least ten years older than us. I always blamed "American Pie" for this phenomenon amongst us younger men.

As I approached the table, I fully realized that these women entirely fit the requirements for topics of conversation on the ride out of work. In fact, two of them had already been talked about in the past. The third I had never seen before. After a while, faces run together, so it was rare for me to be so matter of fact about this.

They had seen me coming, and readied for my arrival. One of our regulars, smiling, laid her head to the side and said a quick word to the new girl. When I reached them, their hands had fallen down to their menus, and their eyes were locked onto mine, whitened teeth shining brightly upon my appearance.

"Are we all set to order, ladies?" I asked, a polite smile expertly washing over the table.

"Yes!" they said back to me enthusiastically, almost completely in time with each other.

Next came the awkward two second pause needed to find out who wanted to place their order first. Quickly, we started at one end of the table, working our way over to the rookie. I was disappointed to jot down an order for a standard fried rice dish from a brunette woman with brown eyes. The word "wimp" flashed across my mind before I moved on to the curry order of the bustier brunette seating to the left. I noticed through the expression on her face that the newbie needed some questions answered.

"This is my first time having Thai food, Daniel," she said, her deep blue eyes quickly focusing on the name tag pinned to my apron, just above my heart. "What would you recommend?" she asked, her head cocking slightly towards her shoulder and her thin, delicate fingers toying with the luxurious blonde curls of her hair that easily cascaded past her shoulders.

"Do you think you're more of a fried rice or noodles person?" I asked, my pen lightly tapping to either side of the book as I asked the question.

After an instant of deliberation, she answered, "Noodles," with her hand sawing into the air with confidence.

She must have noticed her animated gesturing, as her eyes rose back to mine with a nervous smile. My eyes quickly joined with hers. They had been drawn lower to her chest, as her gesture had pulled the fabric of her blue, buttoned down blouse taught, her hidden bosom coming more into view.

I felt a twinge of embarrassment at being caught after such an innocent glance.

I took my time with her, directing her through our maze of lunch items. I stood over her and off to the side of her chair as I described each dish. I fought myself hard not to look down the top of her blouse, where I would receive a teasing peak at her flesh. She then made her choice.

"That's one of my favorites," I mentioned to her as my hand scribbled into my paper. "How spicy would you like that, today?" I asked.

"I like it really spicy. How spicy can you make it?" she asked, putting emphasis on the word "really". I admired that quality in a woman.

"Honestly, as long as you give us a number, we'll make it happen," I answered back, being genuine.

"How spicy do you order it for yourself?" she then asked back quickly.

In a display of playfully mocking masculinity, my chest slightly puffed out.

I answered, "Well, I can handle more than most. Since level three is the normal high, I usually brave a level four." I then broke my pose and chuckled along with the table. Discussing heat levels with tables was one of my favored humorous interactions.

After agreeing to match my own spice preference, I finished her order and gathered up the menus.

As I turned to walk away, I heard her say with volume, "I'm counting on you, Danny Boy," she said through a smile.

"I won't let you down, ma'am," I called back, an earnest smile shining through my face. I enjoyed such pleasant customers.

"See, I told you he's nice and cute," I thought I heard one of them say. I might have been mistaken due to the ambiance of the restaurant.

After returning to the server's station, I walked right passed Hunter. He turned on his heels and looked at me. Through the corner of my eye, I found him dumbfounded. Right as I was going to put the order into the machine, he interrupted my train of thought.

"You didn't notice that, did you?" he asked, arms crossed over his broad chest.

"Notice, what?" I answered with my own question, confused.

"That woman was obviously flirting with you. I can't believe you didn't notice it," he said, his hand covering his forehead in surprise.

"Oh. I guess I may have been flirting with her," I finally answered, coming to the obvious realization. "I was just being nice and attempting to be a bit funny," I explained.

I pressed a few buttons on the screen, getting back to work, but Hunter wasn't ready to stop.

"You're so blind, man. Every time I see you with a girl you're always missing the signals," Hunter scolded me.

I had always been clueless with the opposite sex. Signals had always been lost on me. In fact, every relationship or casual encounter had been initiated by the woman.

Gathering up the ticket, I turned back towards Hunter before entering the kitchen. After he peered over the guests, he turned back towards me.

"She's actually looking over here, man," Hunter reported.

"That's nice. I'm also sure she's married, Hunter," I said as I started to walk into the kitchen.

"I didn't see a ring, did you?" he asked me, although he already knew the answer to that question.

I kept walking, although my mind flashed into a moment of fantasy involving her bent over a counter, naked from the waist down. A half grin spread across my face during my tiny day dream. I slid the ticket into the queue and got to work on some much needed side salads.

The next half an hour brought no more customers into the restaurant, and we quickly emptied out. The table with the nameless three women were about to leave, with Hunter taking the responsibility of serving them through the rest of their meal. They gathered their purses. Looking to get started on cleaning the table, I walked over.

"I trust that everything was delicious?" I asked the three of them.

"Everything was great," the chesty brunette said, a purse slinging over her shoulder.

"That's nice to hear. Do you think we'll be seeing you again?" I asked the blonde, who I finally received a full view of.

I could tell hidden behind her baby blue blouse and black slacks, she liked to take care of herself. Her trim stomach made me wonder if she ever had children. Her height in her heels and blonde locks made her stand out against her friends.

"Oh, you'll be seeing a lot of me. It was great," she grinned.

"Great," I simply said, rocking optimistically on my heels. "You ladies have a nice weekend," I finished with another smile before bending over to clean up the table.

They turned towards the door as I began to wipe the table with a damp cloth. My eye darted up to admire her tight, yet shapely bottom. I might have been staring just a bit too long to keep it an innocent glance, but I still did enjoy the way her hips moved from side to side with each step.

Hunter joined me at the table and helped me clear away the rest of the debris. We stood up and looked out of the large, store front windows and noticed the three of them hop into a classic muscle car. My flirting buddy hopped into the back while the buxom brunette woman took the wheel. The make and model of the car suddenly dawned on me.

"Is it too much that they're in a Cougar?" I asked Hunter, deadpan in my delivery.

My roommate chuckled to himself, turned, and walked away.

For the next hour before we got off from our shift, nothing of note happened. Hunter and I worked on the crossword, and almost completed it before it was time to order our lunches and go home. We hopped into my messy sedan, and made our way back to the apartment.

After we had our lunch, and customary video game time, we got ready for the evening. Through a mutual friend, Hunter had heard of a bar that was quite popular. I wasn't in the mood to object, as heading to this new bar went right in line with the day's events. Besides, I was looking forward to their selection of whisky.

Looking into my semi-organized closet, I quickly made the decision to dress as if I were going to the dive bars back on campus. I dressed in a simple black t-shirt that supported a local band, and followed that up with a trendy pair of snug blue jeans and sneakers. Hunter, of course, went with a loud, pink gingham print shirt, along with a pair of blue jeans looser than my own. Sneakers seemed to be the prevailing theme in our wear. As I came into the living room, Hunter was casually watching a basketball game. He turned his head to me, and he was taken aback at my clothes.

"Your 'Sexy Jeans,' again?" he asked, making sure to throw up quotation marks with both hands.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, surprised that he knew that I liked the way I looked in this garment.

"Just promise me you won't tell anyone tonight about your special jeans, alright," he said with a sigh, remembering just last week when I drunkenly embarrassed myself at a friend's party.

"Sure," I answered back, quickly.

"Also, I think we may spend a bit too much time together," he said, tapping the remote control against his thigh.

"You may be on to something," I agreed.

I grabbed my black hooded jacket and threw it over me.

"Let's roll," I decreed, flipping up my hood in time with my catchphrase.

Hunter shut off the television and grabbed his own white hooded jacket. We then quickly left the apartment and climbed into Hunter's pick-up truck. As per usual, I held onto the handle attached about the top of my window and tried not to critique Hunter's aggressive, erratic driving style.

After successfully fighting away the inklings of nausea, we arrived to the town square in which this bar was located. It was nearly eight o'clock at this point, the sun long gone. Thankful for the ample parking, we exited and looked for the establishment.

Eventually, we found it. Carved into a narrow, rectangular, brick building, it was obvious this was built recently with the plan of looking ancient. A couple of iron benches on the outside greeted us as we entered. The interior was quite inviting, with brick walls littered with paintings most likely bought from a local community college. A healthy dose of tables and booths littered the ground floor. Stairs brought patrons up to the much smaller second floor, where the sound of cues striking billiard balls was evident. The jukebox seemed to pump out a steady mix of 80s and 90s pop music. Surprisingly, quite a few customers were around our age, leaving us less exposed in very our casual clothing.

"Shot and a beer?" I asked Hunter.

"Shot and a beer," he answered, following suit.

We hopped into two empty bar stools and quickly had the shots of bourbon and pint glasses of hoppy beer in front of us. We took our shots in tandem. We clinked them down against the hard wood surface of the counter before throwing them back. I fought back the cough, as did Hunter. The warming sensation of the liquor entering me was quite welcoming.

For a few moments, we sat in silence. Our eyes were up and watching more sports coverage. Pulling my eyes away from the television, I looked around the room once more. I was shocked when I saw the same woman from the restaurant sitting with some friends at a table that was obscured from my view earlier.

"Hunter, check it out," I said, nodding my head towards the back of the room.

"What am I looking for? Oh. Wow. Who would've thunk it," He replied.

I paused for just a moment, and then had to deal with some slight scolding.

"Get over there!" he roared with laughter. "Go ask to buy her a drink," he continued with gusto.

"Well, I don't want to ditch you," I explained.

A blank stare from Hunter went away after he said, "I'll be fine." He shook his head before continuing. "She already likes you, and in a bar like this, three-fourths of the work is already done," he explained.

"Right," I admitted before taking a deep breath and then rising to my feet. Before I could walk away, Hunter gave me a piece of advice.

"Don't, under any circumstances, mention your pants," he said before cracking a smirk and getting back to his beer.

I turned and began to approach her, my heart quickening in my chest. I had noticed that she had made slight modifications to her outfit. There was a fresh layer of make-up on her face, and gloss to her lips. Her blouse had the top few buttons undone, revealing an ample amount of cleavage. While approaching, I reminded myself to keep it simple.

"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked, and was hoping that she remembered me from earlier on in the day. I was relieved as her face lit up in surprise.

"Daniel, right?" she paused for just second. "Wow, uhm sure!" she responded with a Cheshire grin.

Her friends were silent as their eyes moved over me, appraising me. My acquaintance, rising to her feet to accompany me, noticed the awkwardness from her friends.

"Girls, this is Daniel! I met him at a restaurant today," she explained.

I didn't mind that she failed to mention my job title at this time. I quickly introduced myself to her friends, returning their firm handshakes in kind.

As we started walking towards the bar, I thought it was passed time for me to learn her name.

"I'm Dawn," she finally told me.

I liked that name. I took her hand and shook it with more tenderness than her friends received.

Formally introduced to each other, we went to the bar and she ordered her frozen strawberry margarita. As she opened her wallet, I took a quick peak at her license and saw that she had just turned forty. There was a small table that had just opened up, and we quickly made our way towards it.

"These are absolutely great here. They make them so strong," she stated, offering me her straw for a taste.

She was not kidding.

"I hope you plan on crawling home," I joked after smacking my lips from the potent beverage.

Over the next hour, I learned a lot about Dawn. She worked in print advertising. She was the mother of two children, one boy and one girl, both nearing high school age. Dawn also enjoyed being with nature and spending warm weekends hiking and camping with her kids.

I discovered that she was divorced for the last couple of years. After the divorce she decided to marry her work to pass the time. She hadn't been out much until recently. While I am, of course, terrible at picking up signals, it was easy to see she was interested. She stroked my arm after mentioning it's going to be strange going home to an empty house, as her children would be staying with their father.

"So, Danny Boy," her voice turning a bit sultry, "How old was the oldest woman that you've slept with?"

I nearly coughed up my sip of beer upon hearing such a bold question. The relaxation I had felt during the conversation was gone. I swore that someone had also turned the heat up in the room. I stroked at the condensation on my glass before I answered.

"Twenty-four," I said before chuckling.

She leaned over as she laughed with me, her long fingers coming down on my thigh. She gave me a slight squeeze that sent a jolt that caused my testicles to spasm inside of my boxer briefs.

"Well, how old was the youngest man you've been with?" I couldn't resist asking.

Dawn paused before answering. "I've never been with someone younger than myself," she said quietly before leaning back in her chair.

Once again, her blouse tightened around her chest. Another button came undone from her garment, revealing the black satin trim of the cups of her bra holding her ample bosom.

Underneath the table, I heard one of her shoes fall to floor. I gulped down hard before looking off into the distance. Her small foot came up to the seat, her heel resting between my legs.

Looking down, I watched as her toes bent against me, quickly finding my rapidly expanding shaft. The tips of her toes wrapped around the outline of my erection. My eyes began to dart throughout the establishment, making sure that no one was onto the suddenly lewd behavior.

"Would you like to give me an actual answer for the next time I'm asked that?" she asked mischievously, still leaning back and stroking me through my confining jeans.

I was entirely caught off guard by this entire situation.

"Yes," I was just able to squeak out as she manipulated me under the noses of the entire crowd.

The lack of work I had put into this situation was astounding. As both rose to our feet, I made sure to use my folded up jacket as a shield for my uncomfortable erection. Dawn quickly moved over to her friends to say her goodbyes. I paid no attention to their reactions as I hustled over to Hunter to coordinate our transportation problem.

"We're...leaving," I stated, with a low level of shock in my voice.

"That's good. Surprising, and a bit weird. But, still good. How are we going to handle your lack of a car?" He asked me, taking a look behind me to focus in on Dawn.

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