tagErotic HorrorRiley, Son of the Sorceror

Riley, Son of the Sorceror


A lot of people grew up thinking their dad was invincible, I know I certainly did. I had a reason to, because my dad was what you would a call a sorcerer, a master of the mystic arts and supernatural energies that inhabit our world. A long time ago, way before I was born, he found a set of rings that allowed him to harness the magical energies of our world. This was no Harry Potter magic, these rings were demonically tainted, and allowed my dad to throw fireballs, fly, see evil and other things like that. My dad knew they were tainted but used them anyways to vanquish evil, using his willpower to keep the taint at bay.

Dad was a tall, skinny man with a closely shaven goatee that was strangely brown even when the rest of his hair was snowy white. I've been told he was charming when he was younger, I always knew him as serious, but he must have been charming to marry my mother. She was what people call a knockout, 5'7 blonde with blue eyes, both of which I inherited, and a body that she worked out for years to attain.

I'm a real mix of them, tall, well built, blue eyes, short blonde hair; I'd be your typical Joe handsome at high school. Except I never went to high school and I have what most people would call an intense stare that belies my joking, cocky nature. My twin brother John was my opposite, skinny, tall with brown hair like my dad, and somehow he had poor eyesight that required him to wear glasses. He was arrogant where I was cocky; he had his nose in the air all the time and was usually in his own little world.

John and I lived with my mom until we were 13, when she lost her job and money became tight. So we went and travelled with my dad on his "Journey's" as he called them, we just called them hunts. He would travel the world hunting evil, demons, vampires, werewolves; you know what normal people see only in their nightmares. We learned a lot from my dad, although he seemed to teach me more of the physical stuff than my brother, probably because I was twice the athlete my brother was. Whatever the case, my father seemed to favour me and planned, unbeknownst to me and my brother, to hand me down the rings when he retired.

When I was 20 one of my dad's hunts took place in a Midwest town and involved my dad staking out a building for a couple weeks so my brother and I got some rare time to explore. My brother elected to stay in the hotel and surf the internet, so I went out alone and explored.

I was out at the local mall when I got the feeling of being watched, a fairly common feeling when you lived with my dad but still, considering what I've seen, it was unsettling. I did what I was taught and went to the busiest place in mall which turned out to be the food court. I slipped into a crowd by the McDonalds and tried to see anyone watching, looking or following me. It took me a second but I discovered my follower, a rather hot looking brunette with gorgeous green eyes who, when I looked at her, looked away really quickly.

"Well Riley my boy," I could hear my dad saying to me countless times, "Looks like you've got an admirer, a rather hot one at that." I smiled to myself and decided that I had gone too long without the company of a young woman and went over to talk to her. Now I may have been young but I was pretty good looking and had had more than one steamy affair with a gorgeous young, and on a few occasions old, woman. After a minute of awkward conversation, I convinced her to go get some food at one of the random restaurants by the food court. Her name was Amy and she was 21, lived in town, and was a few weeks away from starting her new job as a detective. I told her the usually crap, my dad was a travelling salesmen and I was in town for a bit.

It's not that I liked lying to people but I knew that most people are more than sceptical at thought of demons and such and tended to either freak people out or cause them to call you a mental patient. It was a wonder my mom had believed my dad but then again he had the rings and ability to back up his claims. Let's just say I can be just as charming as anyone and I genuinely liked Amy so after a nice lunch and a bit of shopping we decided to see each other at least a few more times before I left town.

Let's cut to the point, I fell for her and she fell for me and I began having doubts about continuing on with my dad, and brother. After 3 weeks of going out my dad finished his hunt and I knew I had a decision to make, or at least I thought I did. My dad had met Amy and could easily tell that we were crazy about each other and had decided, again without me or my brother that we would stay in town for a while. I thought John would be seething, but for some reason he was actually really happy and supportive which surprised my dad as much as it did me. I told Amy that my dad had decided to stay and after dinner we went too celebrated at her house. Her dad was the chief of police and had taken her mom and younger brother out to a public function, an auction or something, so we had the house to ourselves for a while.

Amy was more than a smart, funny, and really hot detective; she was incredible in bed, all the ferocity of a jungle cat combined with the gentleness of a lifelong lover. The second we got into her house we were all over each other, my hands went instantly to her amazing ass, squeezing it and lifting her into the air. She responded by shoving her tongue in my mouth, and wrapping her legs firmly around my back while her hands clung tightly to the back of my head. We continued kissing for 5 minutes, our lips bonded together, before I carried her upstairs to her room.

Kicking the door open I went in and sat back onto her king-sized bed with legs still wrapped around me we continued kissing for a while. Eventually Amy pushed me onto my back as we stopped for awhile to look into each other's eyes in a moment of pure mushy affection that always seems to happen in the movies. After which we kissed for a few more minutes while our hands began groping each other until she detached her lips from mine and sat up, breathing heavily.

She quickly lifted her shirt over her head and threw it and her bra over her shoulder before literally tearing my shirt off my chest. I looked up at her questioningly, and she just gave me an impish smile before grabbing my head and bringing it to her more than adequate chest. It never ceased to amaze me how she kept such a gorgeously, tight figure and still had perfectly natural C cup tits that had absolutely no sag. I contemplated this for the millionth time for less than a second before hungrily beginning to suck and nibble on her tits and hardened, pink nipples. I switched back and forth between her tits, keeping them satisfied and covered in saliva, while her nails lightly scratched my back in a circular pattern.

I then undid her jeans and slipped a figure into her panties to rub her moist pussy, as always enjoying the sensation of her smooth, clean shaven pussy. I went from lightly flicking her engrossed clit, and fingering her pussy with first one, then two fingers. This caused her moans to intensify and her nails to increase in pressure on my back to the point where they were close to breaking the skin. I slowly slipped more fingers down her panties until I had my entire palm down her pants, rubbing her clit.

She began screaming as I continued stimulating her for a few more minutes before she grabbed me by the hair and roughly pulled my lips to hers. She moaned into my mouth as I alternated between fingering her with two fingers, and rubbing her clit until her legs clamped around my hand and her body began to quiver. She threw her head back suddenly and let out a scream that could wake the dead as she reached powerful orgasm that left my hand, and her panties covered in her juices. I brought my hand out of her panties and sucked her juices off it before rolling her onto her back and removing her cum soaked jeans and pink panties. She lay for a minute catching her breathe, while I removed my pants and boxers, freeing my fully hardened 8 ½ inches from its tight confines. She looked up at me innocently before sliding down the bed until her face was level with my cock.

"Your turn baby." She said to me before engulfing the whole of my cock into her mouth, and down my throat causing my breath to catch in my throat. Her hands grabbed my ass and began pulling and pushing me in and out of her mouth, quicker and quicker causing my balls to slap noisily off my legs. It didn't take long for me to build up an orgasm every bit as powerful as hers, but just when I was ready to let loose she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up into my eyes for a few seconds. She then began to lick my cock from base to tip, before putting the head into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue, all the while looking up at me with a look of equal parts innocence and sultriness. I began shuddering as my orgasm built up once again and I finally blew several huge loads. The first few she swallowed greedily before taking my cock out of her mouth and aiming the rest at her tits. After what seemed like hours, my orgasm stopped and she smiled up at me proudly before licking the cum from her tits.

Just the act of her licking and sucking her tits got me completely hard again and I responded by reaching down and grabbing two handfuls of ass. I pulled her up until her pussy was lined up perfectly with my cock, then after a quick kiss I shoved half the length of my cock into her slick, tight cunt. Her moans began a new, as she began thrusting her hips and working up a hard and slow rhythm. Once I had about 3/4 's of my cock into her, she surprised me by grabbing my ass and pulling me the rest of the way into her all at once making me gasp at the sudden sensation of wetness and warmth. She smiled at my surprise and kept me deep inside her few about 10 seconds that I wished would never end, before pushing me almost completely out of her, the sudden rush of cold air to my cock giving me a chill. She laughed softly at my sudden discomfort before giving me a long, wet kiss that was another moment that I wished would last forever.

She broke her lips away from mine then brought her lips to my ear, nibbling softly on my earlobe and moaning lightly into my ear. I once again grabbed her amazing ass and enjoyed the tight, perfectness of her ass for a second before beginning to slowly pump my cock into her working up a rhythm. Her moans began to increase as her hips involuntarily pumped back against me until I was moaning intensely in sync with her. After a couple of minutes I felt the familiar rush as I approached another bone-shattering orgasm and I grabbed one her tits and began to suck and nibble on it doing everything I could to push her over the edge.

"Oh yeah!" She suddenly screamed out, as her nails dug into my shoulders, "Suck that tit for me baby...ohhh god yeah! Just like that, oh oh OH I'M GONNA CUM BABY, MAKE ME CUM. YES YES YES!!!" Her dirty talk pushed me over the edge and we both had a powerful orgasm at the exact same time, cause her pussy to overflow with our combined juices. I shoved my cock fully into her once more before withdrawing it completely and rolling onto my back beside her, panting hard. After a couple minutes I stretched out and before pulling her once more to my lips and kissing her softly. It didn't take long for our tongues to start dancing and our hand to start running over each other's body.

Her leg than wrapped around me and she climbed on top of me and my hands went right to her tits, I began rubbing her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. After a few minutes of this, I moved my lips from hers to her tits, again sucking hungrily on her breasts, at times shoving as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. Her hands then went to my cock and began stroking it back to life, switching back and forth from both hands stroking my cock and one hand stroking my cock and the other rubbing my balls.

Once my cock was once again hard and ready for action, she lifted herself off of me and lined her pussy up with my cock before dropping down, and impaling herself onto me. I moaned around her left nipple as she began moving up and down on me, her tits beginning to bounce wildly, repeatedly slipping out of my mouth. I eventually gave up and leaned back to watch her fuck herself on me, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open to allow her moans to escape. She looked like an angel, her skin shinning with sweat, her incredible breasts bouncing up and down, all combining in an image that I would have captured had I not been completely caught up in the pleasure of it myself. We continued like this for I don't know, minutes, hours, the only sounds being her moans and my balls slapping her ass as my hips thrust up to meet her as she came down.

I eventually lifted her off me, causing her to pout at me, until I bent her over the bed, ass up in the air and began fucking her again. I placed my hands on her hips so I could set the pace until she caught on and moved my hands up to catch her breasts as the swung beneath her. Her moans soon turned to grunts as I had the entire length of my cock pounding in and out of her and my hands massaged her tits. After a while she looked back at me as her moans/grunts increased in volume, locking her hauntingly hungry green eyes on mine.

"Oh...God....I'm....Gonna....CUMMMMM!" she growled fiercely at me, "Make Me.....AHH....Make Me Cum. OH YES JUST LIKE THAT.....FUCKING RIGHT BABY!" Just as her moaning increased in pitch, and I knew for sure she was close, I grabbed her again by the hips and moved back to sit on her big, red, bean bag chair pulling her down on top of me. She leaned her head back, placing it on my shoulder and looked into my eyes with a look of pure pleasure and desire that I came hard and fast into her pussy. The sudden flood of my third load of juices into her brought her over the edge as well and we enjoyed another joint orgasm, every bit as powerful as the first. Before I wrapped my arms around and made sure that the door was closed before we passed out in a heap. We woke up 45 minutes later covered in sweat, and cum and since her parents weren't home yet, we took to the bathroom for a quick shower.

It should have been a quick a shower, but it quickly turned into another fuck session as soon as she bent over to turn the water one. The sensation combined with the image, of her gorgeous ass rubbing against my cock was enough to turn me on immensely. I began kissing her neck and grinding my now hard cock against her ass, as my hands drifted down to massage her pussy. I feel of the hot water raining down on us from the rainfall shower, combined with our bodies against each other was all it took for us to be ready for another fuck.

She turned around and shoved me hard against the tiled wall of the shower cell and jumped into my arms and again shoving her tongue into my mouth. My cock was right beneath her pussy and my hands held tightly onto her ass, as she began rubbing herself on my cock driving me crazy with lust. With as much strength as she had, I turned and shoved her into the glass door of the shower, before pulling her down onto my waiting cock. We fucked in that position for an apparently long time until we came together once again. Our needs fulfilled and my body about empty of fluids, we cleaned each other up, with soap and shampoo before turning the shower off and heading back into her room covered in a big fluffy towel.

"HMMM..." I said aloud after we dried off and began getting dressed.

"HMM? Riley?" Amy responded sounding confused. I turned and looked at her; she had her bra and panties on and was just pulling her shirt on as I held up the tattered remains of my shirt.

"Ohh yeah..." She said, breaking out in a smile so adorable I couldn't help but share.

"Well," I said looking back at my shirt, "This could be a bit of a problem.." The sudden, familiar noise of her father's Mustang interrupting me, as the car pulled into the driveway.

"OH I'd say it's a big problem baby." Amy said without a hint of worry in her voice. I looked at her as if she was crazy as she calmly went over to her closet and pulled something off a hook.

"Just put it on and wear this over top." She told me as she handed me a very familiar looking blue sweater.

"You stole my sweater!" I asked her in shock, to which she just smiled and tossed it over to me before bending down and pulling up her jeans. I was about to argue but was interrupted by another familiar noise, that of her front door opening. I quickly followed her instructions then pulled my sweat pants on before turning to Amy as she left the room.

"Stealing is illegal you know," I said to her, "But more importantly your fly is down."

She suddenly looked down to see it wasn't before giving me a quick shot in the ribs and laughing.

We had fucked many times before and since that night but that was probably the greatest, longest, sexiest fuck either of us have had then or since. That entire night is one I have revisited often since, especially recently what with everything that's happened.

My mom came out and her and my dad actually bought a house just outside of town, something they hadn't done in over 20 years. My dad went into semi-retirement, my brother began reading every occult book he could find, my mom got a job in town and I got engaged to Amy. A Horrible life I had, wasn't it? It was the happiest time for all of us and it lasted through spring and summer, a whole 8 months without having to kill anything.

I invited Amy and her family over to have dinner with me and my dad, and we told them about his rings. We actually told them and they didn't freak out...too much. Scepticism was met with my dad juggling balls of flame and questions were answered without going into too much of the gory details. It took about 2 weeks for Amy to be comfortable with it all but her dad surprised us all by believing everything and even telling us of his own experiences with the supernatural. John and I were eventually told about me inheriting dad's rings to which John stormed out of the house and drove away. We didn't see John until a week later when he did something to mom and dad that made them vanish, before he picked the rings off the floor calmly before leaving.

He believed that they were his birth right; my dad believed that he didn't have the will to use them properly. Dad was right, as usual and John was soon corrupted with the power the rings gave him and told me that if I wanted to protect Amy and keep my life I should just ignore him. We tried but Amy's dad being the chief of police finally realized that John was a rabid psychopath and need to be put down. I thought my life was horrible and Amy and I made love for the last time the night before we confronted John on Halloween night.

Shit hit the fan, police were slaughtered, Amy, her mom and her brother lost their loves, her dad nearly lost his and I eventually killed my brother John. The rings were lost in the fiery maelstrom that ensued at John's hideout and I dragged Amy and her family's bodies out of the wreckage. Her dad never made it to the hospital, he died of blood loss minutes later and I was left holding the bag for what had happened. I also was left with the realization that I had lost everything....

Staring at the burning lodge my brother had used as a hideout, I quickly realized what you do when you lose everything. You get it back. I went and brought my car around to the where I had left Amy and her family, my parents may not have had bodies but Amy and her family did. I put them in the car and drove a little ways into the nearby woods. "

I brought this on them," I thought angrily, "And it killed them, if I hadn't met her they would still be alive, happy as ever and my family's problems would not cost so many innocent lives." There was one thing I could do I decided, I stopped caring whether what I was going do was right or wrong I just want to make things right.

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