I was sitting is my office working Sunday morning in a loose pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt, as I usually do when I am alone, when I heard a soft knock on my door then my daughters friend came in and sat on the edge of my desk. She was wearing a baby doll sleep set get up, the top which stood out a good way to cover her ample breasts leaving her midriff available for viewing. I did not notice any sign of a bra but I could see the faint outline of her nipple. Her flimsy shorts were pulled tightly across her bottom. From my vantage point I could see her belly button ring, she got recently along with my daughter, and all she had covering her crotch was a pair of thin lace panties that seemed to be riding up between her slit. I must have turned beat red at the site as I quickly turned my head. I am glad I have a fairly large oak desk because I can feel my cock start to involuntarily rise and start to push up against the waist band of my shorts.

Now Rina, short for Carina, is 19 about 5 ft nothing nice size tits, C cup at least, cute ass and long red hair that comes well past her shoulders, freckles on her face and shoulders and along the top of her breasts.

"Good morning Mr. D" she says with a sly smile

"Good morning Rina."

"Where is everyone?" She asked.

"Tia went to work and JJ is probably at the beach. I didn't realize you were still here I thought I was alone." "What gets you up this late?"

"Well T and I went to a house party last night and I didn't want to go home that late. We had it planned I thought she would have mentioned?"

"Maybe she did, I was working pretty late here most of the night."

"Don't you ever take a break? All I ever see you do is work, work, work, ever since Mrs. M passed."

"I do take breaks every now and then but this is a very important account I am trying to get so I have a lot of research to do before I can send in the proposal. If I get it right this will be a big boost for my company."

Trying to quickly change the subject I asked, "Hey are you busy today? I could really use some help around here and I would pay you? I know its Sunday but if I get this done I could relax a bit."

"Sure" Rina responds, "On one condition, you turn on the hot tub later?"

"You got it. So first get your butt off those papers and file them in the bottom drawer over there. K?"

"Sure thing" she replied.

You must know that I choose that pile for that drawer for a specific reason. Rina took the pile of papers and dropped them on the floor next to the cabinet. At which point I was greeted to a very delightful view of her ass as she bent over to open the drawer. The shorts she had on rose up into her ass cheeks as she bent down and I could swear I could see the seam pull tightly into her pussy. Rina then sat cross legged on the floor facing me as she sorted through the pile. As I glanced up I could see up the entire length of her legs right up to her crotch. It took her all of about fifteen minutes to get them all put away so I gave her the next pile.

"I'll be right back I need to go to the bathroom. Can I get you something from the kitchen? It's hot in here." Rina asked

"I could use a glass of water if you would thanks." I reply

I know what she means; even though I have the AC set to 74 watching her has me starting to sweat.

"OK be right back." And she bounced away.

She was taking a bit longer than I expected so I went to the kitchen to see if she was there.

Not here, where is she? I thought. While I was there I went out to the back deck and pulled the cover off of the hot tub and started the heater. I was walking back to my office when just then she came around the corner in a bounce and nearly knocked me over. I had to put my arms around her so we didn't fall on the floor in a heap. I couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of her body against mine. It's been a while since I had a woman in my arms and she felt real good. My hands found the bare skin of her back just at the waist band of her shorts. Slowly I slid my hands up her back feeling her delicate skin, so soft. I got a whiff of her hair it smelled so sweet.

"Oh shit, are you ok?" I said as I snapped back to reality. I loosened my hold on her as she push away from me but as she stepped back my hands were still on her back. As Rina took another step back my hands lightly slid along her back under her arms and the sides of her breasts.

I felt her breathe in sharply letting out a slight gasp.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. D I didn't mean to startle you like that."

"It's ok, as long as you're not hurt."

"No I'm just fine." She says

She seemed to extend the word fine a slight bit longer than you would normally think. I wondered to myself if she actually enjoyed my touch? Did she feel me brush across her tits?

"Ok I need to use the rest room myself now I will meet you back in the office." Mostly to readjust my increasing hard on I think to myself.

"Sure see you there." She replies.

Rina worked straight through the morning all the while I was greeted to a flash of tits, ass or crotch every now and again.

I was concentrating on the computer and did not notice her coming around behind me until I felt he hands on my shoulders. I feel her start to gently massage my shoulders and neck. Kneading her thumbs in to the tense muscles it feels so good that I stop what I am doing and slightly lean forward exposing more of my upper back. Rina takes the hint and moves her kneading hands down to the center of my exposed back putting just the right amount of pressure on the center and working her way outwards.

"Oh my, that feels wonderful" I groan. I feel her lean over my back and she gives me a soft peck of a kiss to my right cheek.

With a gentle slap she snaps me back to reality "OK Mr. D I'm done now and you promised."

"Your right Rina I did and I am just about done."

"Why don't you go get your suit on and I'll start up the hot tub."

"Great!" she squealed as she ran out the door and I guess to my daughter's room to get her suit.

As I sat there I wondered which she would choose. I've seen her in a few different ones the past few days she was here. And one was so small I could tell she shaved clean. Not that I was looking. Ha, yea right.

I shook my head trying to get the cobwebs back into place and my mind back to the final few changes I needed to make before I shut down for the remainder of the day.

I shut down my work and slipped into my bathing suit. To my surprise and additional excitement, 10 minutes later she came bouncing in with that exact one on. It was a pink thong with only a small triangle patch covering her slit up front and a thin string in back which fit tight up in her ass crack. The top didn't hide much either, each patch that would suppose to cover her tits barely covered her nipples. I could see the edges of her areola's peaking from the edges of the material. Judging from the size of the material and how much nipple was exposed they were about 2" across. Nice mouthful I thought to myself.

"All ready", she giggled with a perfect smile stretched across her face.

All I could do is stand there and stare at her most perfect body.

"Mr. D?"

"Damn, sorry but WOW that suit is just..... WOW!" is all I could get out my mouth. What I was thinking was, why wear anything? That suit definitely doesn't leave much to the imagination.

"Aw thanks, I hoped you liked it I wore it for you."


"I saw the way you were looking at me the other day when I wore it. "

"I was staring that bad?"

"No, not bad at all, I liked you looking. I don't think you should feel bad about it. I felt kind of self conscious about it the other day but since it is just us today I feel better already."

"So is the water ready? Or are we going to stand here and look at each other. "

'Yea the water is fine now besides there is not much to look at in this direction. I say pointing my self in the chest."

"Oh I don't know about that". Rina says as I see her eyes gaze down towards the now prominent tent in my swimming shorts.

"I think we better get in the water now." I say.

As we were walking out the door Rina was walking a bit slower than I was. I was hoping to get in the water to hide my very obvious arousal. Instead I bump right into her again and I can feel my cock poke her right in the back.

"Oh...... we need to watch that thing someone could get hurt." She says.

As she starts to walk away she turns slightly where I can see her smile. Not a happy smile but a conniving smile, coming from someone who has thoughts running thru her mind. I am hoping those thoughts are about me and my cock.

OK, I think, I am going to have some fun here today. This little chic has got me so horny now I am about to burst right where I stand. I think to myself, I am going to see how far this will go.

"We may just need to see about that." I say to her.

Now my hot tub is really not that big. It's made for four people but for the most comfort it fits two. With my height I can stretch my legs over to the opposite side. When I am alone that's what I do in order to get my shoulders in the water. Rina on the other hand is short enough where she is almost up to her neck as soon as she sits down. All I can see is the slight rise of the top of her breasts. I lean over the side directly behind me to the control panel and turn the water jet on, good I think to myself, maybe I can use the bubbles to hide the fact that my now fully erect cock is peaking out of the top of my shorts. The water will hide that fact I convince myself.

As we settle in I am fidgeting to find a comfortable position. With my shoulders out of the water I am half hot from the water and half cool from the steady breeze coming across the deck.

Rina sees my obvious situation and tells me to stretch my legs across and scoot down.

"If I do that" I say "I will be right on top of you."

"No you won't", as she says this she stands up and moves to my side, "see?"

As she stood up in the water I could clearly see this suit was NOT in anyway made to be wet. It was completely see thru. I was looking straight at her fully erect nipples standing proudly from the center of her full breasts. Continuing to take in this exquisite sight, looking down I can clearly see the slit of her pussy.

Yea she is testing me I think. And I am in a losing battle.

"Um," I say, "I don't think you should be wearing that suit in the water."

Looking down I can see the surprise look in her face. "Wow" she responds, "doesn't hide much does it?"

"Little enough where it almost doesn't make much sense at all", I say.

"Well in that case what harm would it do, it is a bit uncomfortable any way." As she is saying this she turns her back to me reaches back and pulls the ties holding her top together. She pulls the top up over her head and tosses it to the deck.

Being as bold as I am I reach out and pull on the bottom strings. I see the front of the suit fall forward and she grabs it and tosses that part too. All I can just see is the top of her ass over the bubbles. I reach out for a feel. So smooth and firm her ass is.

"Ah ah ahh" she says as she slaps away my hand and turns and sits back down. "Obviously from what I saw earlier I am not the only one uncomfortable." "You know what? It's only fitting if I'm nude that you should be too."

"Rina are you sure? This could get to where you might not be ready yet." I try to say in my best concerned voice.

"You go ahead and lose the boxers and then maybe we can see about the fitting part."

I stand up and to me the water is only as high as the bottom of my crotch. As I reach in to pull open the draw string and I feel her grabbing for the bottom of the pant legs and yanks them down. I guess she did thast just in case I was going to try and back out at the last moment. Not likely. Because I was unable to adjust myself before hand my cock springs up and swipes past her chin and nose bounces off my abdomen then splashes back in the water popping her in the forehead.

"Wow, not what I expected." I hear her say

"What exactly did you expect yanking them down like that? "

"Its just, wow you're big."

"Not really, about average"

"I've seen average that is not average. That is wow!"

"Really just how many have you seen?"

"A few, not many. "

"Would you like to touch it?" I ask.

"Never thought you would ask?" She replys.

Rina reaches out and she could barely wrap her hand around the girth. She is staring at it in amazement. This is my chance to see how far we can take this. I start to lean forward coming closer to her hot little mouth. What was probably instinct she sticks out her tongue and licks the bottom of the head. She leans in for a closer inspection and licks again. This time I can see some pre cum attaching us, from my tip to her lips. At once I see her eyes grow and she opens her mouth seemingly to say something but my hips took the queue and I shoved my cock in her mouth. Catching her by surprise she tries to pull back but again instinct takes over and she starts sucking. Back and forth her head moves. Grabbing my rod with both hands now she slides her hands back and forth massaging what her mouth can't fit. Getting in the rhythm I push my hips forward as she sucks down forcing more of my cock in her mouth on each stroke. After a few minutes of this she takes away one hand and cups my balls. Sucking harder now Rina is taking a full 5" of my cock in her mouth only her other hand and her throat is preventing her from taking more. As our rhythm becomes faster I start feeling like I am about to cum. I warn her but I am not sure if she heard me or ignored my warning. I grab her head to stop her from moving and I feel my spunk spray the back her mouth and down her throat. Swallowing hard and fast she tries to keep it all but it is clearly too much for her to handle. Droplets slide past the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand Rina brings the remnants back to mouth and licks it clean.

"Holy shit that was amazing, where did you learn to suck like that?" I say as I fall back into the seat.

I get to sit for only a few seconds before she is sitting in my lap. As we lean into each other I can feel her breath on my lips. We kiss for the first time, as adults. A long passionate kiss. Our tongues dance together for what seems like forever. I wrap my arms around her and pull her into me as if I was going to absorb her.

Rina starts to rub her pussy against my now deflated cock, I guess in hopes of reawakening the monster. But, at my age it takes a few minutes for "Charlie" to come back to life.

I grab Rina by her ass and lift her out of the water and sit her on the edge of the hot tub.

"Your turn" I say.

Staring at me no more than a foot away was this pussy of perfection.

Clean shaven with the exception of a small heart shaped patch just above her clit.

I reach out to touch it. She is hot and wet. Not only wet from the hot tub but wet from her womanly juices. I can smell her aroma and I think; I am in heaven. Rina lies back onto the deck as I lift her legs up. I grab her legs from behind her knees and open her completely to my hungry gaze. Time for admiration is over. I start to slowly kiss the insides of her thigh's working my way around her swollen lips over the top of her mound. As I work my way around I get full circle my lips now resting on her perineum. I stick out my tongue and give her a long slow lick from her anal sphincter to the top of her clit then back down. I can tell she is getting turned on. Her breathing becomes short her leg muscles tense. I open her cunt with my tongue searching for the sweet spot. It doesn't take long before her clit become engorged and sticks out from under its protective hood. I flick it with the tip of my tongue and I feel her jump as she gasps. I insert one then two fingers in to her pussy combining licking her clit with finger fucking her tight hot hole I have her on the edge of an explosive orgasm. I peer down again at her perfection. I twist my fingers into a hook and find her G spot. I dive my face into her pussy alternating between licking her clit and finger fucking her. I feel that she is about to lose control in her own orgasm I take her clit between my lips and mercilessly attack it. Licking, nibbling, sucking it's not long before she screams out in orgasm.

"Oh my god don't stop, don't stop this is amazing" Rina is flailing her arms outword trying to grab onto something. Not finding anything she once again grabs the back of my head and pulls me in.

After a few seconds of this she pushes me back from her cunt and curls up on to the deck panting.

After what seems like a life time her breathing becomes normal and I look over at her and I can't believe what I see. She is passed out and fast asleep.

I cannot believe it she came so hard it knocked her right the fuck out. Talk about an ego boost for an old guy!!

I get out of the tub and wrap a towel around my waist before picking her up in my arms and carrying her inside.

I take her upstairs and just before I go to step into my daughters room to lay her down I reconsider and take to my room. I hold her in my arms and pull back the covers gently laying her down and cover her. She is sleeping so soundly as she curls up in a fetal position.

I lean in to kiss her and whisper, "Rest now little one. There will be more to come."

I leave her to rest and go to the kitchen to try and put my head around what just happened?

I grab a beer and sit at the kitchen counter to contemplate how it happened that I just received the best blowjob I've received in years and ate out the sweetest pussy I've had since I was a teenager all from a girl who I've considered my second daughter?

A few minutes later I went back to my bed room to see if Rina was awake yet. I was greeted to her sitting up with her tits exposed above the sheet I put over her earlier.

"What happened?"

"You kind of passed out; you must have had some orgasm."

"I've never cum like that before. It was so intense. Do I dare ask you to do it to me again?"

"Gladly, I would love to. But let's take a shower first to wash off the sweat and hot tub water from our last go round."

"You are coming with me right?" She asks

"How could I resist? That way I can get you back here sooner, I know how long you can take in the shower remember?" I joke.

I take her by the hand and lead her in to my private bathroom where I have an extra large shower stall. I have multiple jets mounted in the wall and over head that makes the water hit you from all angles.

We step in and I take the shampoo and start to wash her hair. I lather the soap in massaging her scalp. She must be enjoying it because I hear her moaning and leans back against me. I turn her around so her face is up against my chest. I start to rinse her hair as I feel her hands rubbing my chest tweeking my nipples. I pull her face into my chest and tell her "bite". She takes my nipple in between her teeth and nibbles on it. "No harder, suck hard." She bites down and I gasp at the feeling I instantly start to get hard again. Having my nipples bitten is such a turn on for me. I feel her hands traveling all over my body caressing my chest down my sides to my ass cheeks and back up to my shoulders.

Turning her again so her back is to me I take the soap now and begin to wash her all over. Paying special attention to her breasts, her nipples become hard and erect. I continue to massage the soap into them pinching her nipples pulling on them I feel her gasp in surprise.

I rub the soap over her belly around her hips back up to her shoulders. Teasing her I feel her pushing back against my now rock hard cock. I guide my hands down again between us massaging her ass as my cock slides between us. Rina grabs my cock and slides it between her legs rubbing her cunt over the shaft dry humping me. She pulls up on the head pushing it against her clit. Leaning forward with one hand against the wall and one on the head of my cock as it slides between her legs. She is fucking me without really actual penetration. I feel her tense up and let out a loud moan them a little gasp as she cums again. She lets go of my cock and turns to sit on the ledge I have built in.

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