tagMatureRina Ch. 02

Rina Ch. 02


I pull her up on top of me again, "now what to do for the rest of the day?"

Then from the doorway I hear, "Yea what to do? "

Startled I look over to see my daughter Tia standing in the doorway.

"You couldn't wait could you, you little slut?"

"Wait Tia, I can explain." I say as I try to push Rina off to the side and grab at something to cover my self with.

"What is there to try and explain?" She starts, "I come home from work to hear a mind numbing scream, thinking someone is hurt only to find my best friend on top of my father in the middle of an orgasm."

As she is talking I feel Rina grab tighter to me, as if she is going to cry she buries her head into me shoulder as Tia moves toward us. When is close enough she raises her hand and sends it sailing down onto Rina's exposed ass cheek.

"That's for not waiting as I told you to"

Rina lets out a soft cry as she feels Tia slap her again.

"That's for making a mess" "Do you know what it takes to get cum out of sheets?"

All of the sudden Rina lifts her pussy off of my softening shaft and rolls over onto her back. Lying next to me she looks right at my daughter and tells her, "Well then you better get over here and make sure none of it gets that far."

What the fuck am I hearing? I think I just heard my new lover tell my daughter that she needs to eat my cum out of her pussy? I am lying there totally dumbfounded I don't move. I can move I don have the mind control to wrap my head around what is about to happen.

With a giggle, sounding like the little girl I raised, Tia jumps on the bed landing square between Rina's legs and plants her lips on to her pussy.

Shaking my head and snapping myself into the present I look over to my right and I am greeted to a sight I never in a million years I thought I would see. My sweet little girl who I knew wasn't a virgin but never thought she swung both ways. Her lips were clamped down on her friends cunt lips sucking MY cum out of her.

Rina by this time is moaning up a storm. She grabs her legs behind her knees and pulls them to her chest. This position opens her even more to my daughters eager sucking.

Tia meanwhile sticks out her tongue and jams it into Rinas open hole. I see each lick yield a glob of cum which she willfully swallows.

Tia uses her fingers to spread Rinas pussy wider opening her up where she is gapping.

I hear Rina speak, "Are you enjoying that you slut?" "Do you like eating your daddy's cum from my gapping hot hole?"

"Oh yes, it tastes better that I thought it would. It's so sweet mixed with your juices."

I continue to lie on the bed taking it all in and think to myself, for some reason I think they have done this before. I don't know what would make me think that?? Maybe the fact that they are really enjoying it so much!

Tia continues to scoop up my cum that is still leaking from Rina's hole with her tongue load after load she is swallowing. Damn I didn't think I came so much but it has been a while. When I see the globs of cum start to lessen in volume Tia raises her head and look directly at me and says," So Daddy, did you enjoy fucking this little cunt?" "Did you enjoy breaking her in for the first time?"

I still couldn't speak straight all I could do was the nod my head in the affirmative.

Still looking straight in my eyes, "What did she let you do to her?" "Did she let you eat her sweet little cunt?"

As she is speaking I can see she takes her two middle fingers and pushes them into Rina's still sopping pussy.

"Yes" is all I can stammer.

"She must have cum real good I haven't seen her this wet in a long time."

Then Rina jumps in the conversation, "I came so hard I passed out he had to carry me here."

Whack Tia's hand came smashing down on to Rina's ass again, "Did I say you could speak?"

"Just for speaking out of turn,"

Tia takes her two fingers out of Rina's pussy and jams them into her asshole making Rina nearly jump right off the bed.

"Daddy be a dear and hold her down while I teach her a lesson."

I see Tia stab Rina's ass with her two fingers, fucking her as if it was a hard cock. Jamming her harder with each thrust.

Rina at this point is panting and thrashing around on the bed. Her arms are flailing around as if she is looking for something to hold onto. Mind you she is not telling Tia to stop but again and again she is saying "More, more, fuck me deeper, oh my GOD I am going to cum again." "Fuck me harder you BITCH fuck me!" "That's it fuck my ass!" "Come on fuck me I know you can do better!" "Eat me baby eat my cunt while you fuck me."

All of this raunchy talk between them I couldn't help but to come back to full attention. That of course gave Rina something to hold onto. She had already let go of her legs and they were now wrapped around the neck of my once virginal daughter who had her lips securely attached to her clit giving it the female version of a blow job.

All at once Rina'a back comes off of the bed and she lets out a scream" I'M CUMMING, DON'TSTOPOHGODDON'TSTOPSUCKMYCLITFUCKMYASSTHAT'S IT THAT'SITYESYES"

Rina sucked in a deep breath and again collapsed.

It wasn't until she stopped moving completely and her legs went limp that Tia stopped eating her and looked up.

"Damn she passed out again?" "I've never been able to do that before."

"Before? How long have you two been doing things like this?" I asked.

"About 4 or 5 years now. We started experimenting on each other just kissing and stuff to see what the big deal was kids in school were saying. Then little by little we started to want more. As we developed we started having feelings we couldn't really explain. So we used each other to try things on. And we got to like it."

"We tried some of them with boys but none could make us feel like we could make each other feel."

"I don't understand Rina told me I was her first? If she tried these things you say how..."

"She would never let any of them fuck her for real. Finger fuck her maybe but never with a cock. She was holding out for you. And now she's got you."

"And you?" I immediately regretted asking as soon as it came from my mouth.

But Tia just laughed.

"No Dad I am not a virgin. I like sex but I am careful."

"Lets leave her for a while."

Still nude I get out of bed and slip back on my boxers, not the easiest thing to do since I was still rock hard, and head out to the kitchen.

Before we leave Rina we pull a sheet up to cover her and slip a pillow under her head. She lets out a faint sigh and again curls up in a fetal position. At least this time I don't need to carry her.

"Would you like something to drink?" I ask "I am going to grab a beer."

"Sure I'll take one I need to rinse my mouth out." She says with a smile.

"So where does this leave us?" I ask.

"What do you mean"

"Well when you first came in the room you said why didn't wait? Rina told me you guys were planning this for a while now." Were you planning on joining in or just watching?"

"Dad are you asking me if WE are going to have sex?"

"Yea I guess I am."

"To tell you the truth I am really not sure. For now I think Rina needs to be on the receiving end form you and your sword there." Pointing at my crotch.

"Who knows what will happen I tend to get pretty randy when I get worked up."

At this point we have been talking for about twenty minutes when we hear a noise coming from the hall outside the kitchen.

"Here you are. I was calling for you. Why did you leave me?" We look up to see Rina still nude walking into the kitchen. She walks right over to Tia and sits on her lap and takes a long swig of her beer.

"Well sleeping beauty you passed out, again." Tia says with a laugh and swats her ass again before turning her head and giving her a deep tongue lashing kiss.

"Very funny you."

"Hey get up off of me you getting my pants wet!" Tia says as she pushed Rina's ass off her lap.

"Fine if you feel that way your jeans are rough on my tender pussy anyway. I don't know why you're still dressed after all anyway." "I have a new place to sit now anyway that's not so rough."

Rina walks around the table and slides onto my lap side ways. She wraps her arms around my neck nuzzling her head against me. I feel her lightly pecking her lips to my neck. Light feather kisses. I feel her tongue stick out and lick around the back of me ear blowing warm air in and around it. I let out a soft moan in appreciation of the feelings. Long lost feelings I haven't felt ever since my wife passed suddenly two years ago.

I wrap my arms around her waist, gently rubbing her soft supple skin. My left rubbing her back from her neck to the crest of her ass gently rubbing feeling the smooth baby like skin beneath my fingers. As my hand descends lower I start a gentle massage of the part of her ass hanging over the edge of my legs. I can feel the peak and valley of each of the tender cheeks. I stop in the center of the hills and run my finger along the crack of her ass. Gently rubbing deeper with each stroke of my hand I can feel the object of my desire her tender anal opening. Still slick from the cum lubrication Tia used when she was pounding her fingers into it. I rub the lube along my finger to get it nice and wet and slowly gently start to insert it into her. It is a difficult position the way we were sitting but I am able to get it into her to the second knuckle. Soft in and out motions I finger fuck her asshole.

I can feel the heat coming off of her pussy radiating onto my leg and again I feel myself getting hard. Rina feels this too and turns her back to me. With a little adjustment my cock pokes through the pee slit in my boxers and she raises her ass up and spreads her legs just enough to where I stick up between her legs. Rina begins to move back and forth slightly in a dry humping motion. I feel the wetness of her pussy coating my cock. Her pussy lips are so heavy with arousal that the surround me as if it was a hand jerking me.

One arm high and the other low I lightly rub against her breasts and the other her belly. I start massaging her left then her right tit making her nipples stand out proudly. I raise both hands where they are lifting her generous sized melons holding them firm taking both of her nipples at the same time tweaking them making her gasp.

She leans forward laying her head onto the glass table and puts her hand between her legs covering my cock pulling it into her wetness. Using just the palm of her hand to gently massage my cock in an almost petting motion. Rocking back and forth pulling my cock into her up tightly against her clit.

I scoot my ass a bit more forward where I can lean back farther and where I can put both of my hands onto her ass cheeks. I start my own push and pull motions.

It suddenly dawns on me all this while my daughter is sitting at the same table looking through the glass table top taking in the action. I open my to look at her and I see a vision of lust She had quietly removed her cloths and was sitting in the chair opposite us. I could see one hand covering her firm b cup breasts and the other was between her legs pounding at her sopping cunt. I could make out that she had at least two finger jamming into herself. The forceful masturbation scene I was witnessing brought me to my peak. I was going to cum again. I felt my balls tighten up against my groin and I hoarsely grunted, "Rina I am going to cum, don't stop keep moving just like that. That feels so fucking good."

Suddenly the feeling on my cock changed, not a huge change but it felt warmer the friction felt different. I look down and I see that Tia had crawled under the table and now had my cock in the mouth. Now it Tia's turn to suck me and I can tell she has done this before. I feel her take me all of the way down to where her nose touched my crotch hairs. I have only had one woman in my life time to do that to me. But that's another story.

I can't hold it an longer it just feels too fucking good. "Baby I am going to cum. I am cumming NOW!" As soon as I grunted the last syllable my cock exploded in to her throat. I felt her swallow once then twice then pull back leaving only the tender head in between those beautiful lips. Her hand was jerking me off pulling out all of the spunk that my balls could produce.

Just when I am think I am out of any more ammunition she jams her middle finger into my ass touching my prostate and I fire another three times into her waiting mouth.

I collapse into my chair unable to move any muscle in my body. I whole body in tingling with erotic sensation.

Tia crawls up from under the table and I could see she hasn't swallowed all of her dads cum. Kneeling next to Rina the start to kiss. I can see by their mouth movements that Tia is feeding Rina some of her mouthful. The sight of two girls wrapped in each others arms in a soul searching kiss was more than this old guy could take. I pull Rina back around toward me and I se their tongues separate and drip the snowball they were sharing. I press my mouth to hers and immediately we start to swap the cum and spit mixture. I have only read about doing this from stories on my favorite story site Literotica.

After a few seconds I push Rina back and pull Tia into me and copy the same spit swap. After we were all totally spent we walked back into my bedroom and laid down on my big king sized bed. Rina to my right and Tia to my left cuddling up to me and we just closed our eyes and drifted off to dreamland. Before sleep fully took me I kissed each one of them and told them each, "I love you".


Part three? Please comment and let me know. Suggestions, criticisms all accepted. I am still new to this and I value feedback.

Thank you for reading.

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