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Ringing The Changes


Note from the author (added 20th Jan 2013): This is a work of fiction, nothing in this story should be taken as gospel. I have no real knowledge of piercing, so if you intend to pierce or be pierced, please consult an expert before proceeding. Following comment on my descriptions, I've added this disclaimer and altered some of the detail to respond to the comments. I hope my revealing this information won't spoil your enjoyment of my tale. Now read on:


I slapped the bare rear and said "Up and at 'em, Blossom. We have a special appointment today."

A sleepy face appeared from under the duvet. "Master?"

"Come on, stand up. I'll take your ornaments off so you can get into the shower." She climbed out of bed and stood to attention. I enjoyed the view. I had owned her for several months now but still got a thrill out of seeing her, naked with my stainless steel collar locked around her neck and her hands chained behind her back. Standing to 'attention' as she was meant, still, straight with legs apart, showing her shaven mons. Mouth slightly open, her shoulders pulled back by the restraints on her wrists and elbows, making her breasts 'lift and separate' - as the adverts say. Definitely a delight to see and all mine.

I toyed with the idea of taking her now. She was ready, I could see the wetness on the vagina lips. Why not? "Present!" I barked, she immediately turned away and bent over, legs wide apart giving a clear unobstructed view of her sex, open and waiting. I stood up, grasped her breast with one hand while I guided my willing and fast engorging penis into her. Getting her other breast in my, now, free hand I began to move, slowly thrusting in and out, letting her sway with my rhythm. I went faster as I neared my climax. I could feel her tense, nearing her orgasm. "Wait." I grunted and then as I came "come now!" She shook, juddered and came. I continued to pump until I had finished then withdrew and released my grasp. Following her training, she stepped forward, turned and dropped to her knees taking my penis in her mouth to clean it. When she had done this , she sat back on her heels and waited for my orders.

"Stand up and turn around." She did so, staggering a little with having her arms fastened behind her back. I removed the straps, placing them on the bedside cabinet, ready for tonight. "Go get the shower ready." She walked into the en-suite as I followed.

I stood in the doorway watching her preparations. After laying out a couple of bath towels on the rail, she turned the shower on and adjusted the mix to my satisfaction. I say satisfaction because she knows full well the punishment if she gets it wrong and she is very careful not to fail.

When she was sure of the temperature, she turned to me and said "Master?" gesturing towards the shower. I stepped inside, she followed, picked up the soap and sponge to begin washing me. I stood, luxuriating in the pleasure while she performed her duty. When I finished, she picked up a towel and held it out for me to step towards and allow her to dry me. She helped me into a bathrobe and waited. "Dry slave, and then go to the kitchen and make the breakfast. Find me when it's ready." She started to dry herself as I went downstairs to check for mail.

Picking up the mail and newspaper from the hall, I went into the lounge to read the paper. Soon I could smell the smoked bacon cooking and the aroma of fresh coffee.

I was less than half way through the paper when I heard her bare feet slapping on the wood floor outside the room. She entered and walked up to me, knelt and murmured "Breakfast is ready, Master. I have laid it out on the breakfast bar as you prefer. May I ask if you will come for it or should this slave bring it here?"

" I'll come. Pour the coffee out now." I went out to the kitchen and sat down at the bar, re-opening my paper. Laying it on the counter, I picked up a piece of toast and laid it on my plate. She stood on the other side of the bar, waiting. I picked up my cup and drank some coffee. "Good. You may eat your breakfast. Put it in the usual place." I took up my knife and fork and started to cut into a piece of hot juicy bacon. As I started to eat, she put her dog dish of thin porridge on the floor, knelt and began to feed. I had selected the dish specially because it was shallower than most dog dishes which meant she didn't make such a mess, trying to lap up the porridge.

I finished reading my paper, eating my bacon, eggs and toast and drinking several cups of coffee to the accompaniment of my slave trying to lick up her food without spilling it. She then finished licking the dish clean and sat up. I looked up, and said "Fetch me a napkin." She stood up and got a napkin out of the drawer. She offered it to me. I took it and wiped her face. "Go wash your face and hands, then return to the bedroom."

As she went over to the sink, I stood up and went up to the bedroom to get dressed. I also had a little search to conduct. She hadn't worn clothes since she came here, several months ago and I had to find something for her to wear. I would be quite happy to lead her, naked, through the town but others might object. After a few minutes, I dug out a baggy sweater and skirt that would do. She could wear sandals and, of course, I'd leave her collar on.

I had an appointment with a ringer, one who specialised in piercing interesting places and fitting rings to them. After long thought, I had decided to get Blossom ringed. I had not yet decided whether to just have them fitted to the nipples this time or whether to include others while we were there. I'd discuss it with the ringer. Naturally Blossom had no say in the matter.

I had just sorted the clothing out as Blossom came in. Pointing to the clothes, I said "Get them on, also put the sandals on, the ones by the front door. I won't fit any toys on you today because I have a surprise later. One I will like, at least."

Blossom quickly dressed and went down to get the sandals. I followed and put my jacket on. Then I fitted her with cuffs and padlocked them, before leading the way to the car. I opened the passenger door and gestured her in. As she sat down, struggling a little with her hands behind her back, I clipped the seatbelt and told her to be silent until I said different. I climbed into the driving seat, started the car and drove off to the town.

The ringer worked in a small studio on the outskirts. I had first met him when I was looking for a stainless steel collar for Blossom. He made one to order for me and it turned out very well. At least I liked it. I'd never bothered to inquire whether Blossom was happy with it

When we arrived at the ringer's place, I was able to park directly outside. I released Blossom from the seatbelt and she followed me into his shop. It was smarter than I remembered with a receptionist and a back office. I introduced myself and the receptionist rose and entered the inner office. After a few moments, she returned and ushered us in. As she shut the door and returned to her desk, Joe (the ringer) came forward to greet me. Shaking hands, he gestured me towards a seat and returned to his desk. I noticed the other occupant standing behind him. She was dressed in a nurse's outfit complete with cap. The only other thing was the silver collar padlocked around her neck. She remained silent as Joe spoke.

"You spoke about having some rings fitted but you didn't say where."

"Yes. I hadn't decided exactly what I wanted and still haven't. I thought we could discuss it before deciding, if that's alright?"

"Certainly. We're in no hurry. Best to get it right first time rather than having to get them cut off and more fitted. First what sort of size are you considering? Here, perhaps I'd best show you the size range. Nurse, fetch the sample case." At this the nurse opened a cupboard and withdrew a small leather case. Placing it on the desk, she lifted the lid and returned to her place.

"Here we have the usual range. Others can be made if these don't suit. This one is the smallest." He lifted out a ring suitable for a little finger and handed it to me. He then took out several other of various sizes and placed them on the desk. "Now, that one could be used for nose or nipple when you need discretion. You could also use it for a tongue ring or fitting to a clit. However as it is so small, it would be no use for clipping a lead or chain on. For that you need rings like these (pointing to the ones on the desk). I assume you will need to clip a lead or chain on?"

"Most certainly. As for size, perhaps these?". holding up one about 2 inches in diameter.

"About right . You can use small rods or even sleepers like you'd use for ears with no problems but you couldn't use them for control. However if you put a ring actually on the nipple you could have problems. First if you use excessive pulls when controlling her you could rip the ring right out. Then you'd have a tricky operation to repair the damage and you couldn't put anything in then. Also, if you decided later to breed her, she may not be able to suckle any offspring. The ring can interfere with the milk flow." Joe shrugged his shoulders then said "That's my two pennyworth, for what it's worth."

I turned to Blossom, released her arms and said "Strip, come here and let's see." After she had come over, I held the ring under her left nipple. "What do you think? Big enough?"

"Always difficult when they are not pierced. I know. (turning to the nurse) Get here and strip." She did. Laying the uniform on a chair, she stood straight showing that she had been ringed on nipple, belly button, labia and clit. "I'd have put one in her nose but it might look out of place with the uniform. But if I need one, I just clamp it. Those over there (pointing to some in the case) they are spring loaded and don't need any piercing. Now, that ring you're holding is this size (pointing to her navel) The nipples rings are one size bigger. Those (indicating the size on the desk)." Slipping a finger into a nipple ring he pulled several times. "Useful size. Easy to clip on to and, as you can see, you can steer her with them. Here try it."

I leaned over and grasped both rings and pulled. As her nipples stretched and pulled her breasts, she stepped forward to ease the pull.

"Keep still, bitch, no one said you could move. Any more and I'll stripe you." snapped Joe "Would you be happy with that size? Maybe bigger?"

I shook my head. "No, they seem about right. Perhaps the same for the navel?"

"That would look good. Are you considering labia and clit rings?"

"I'm not sure about that. I've always thought they would interfere with my pleasure when using her."

"I don't find that. In fact usually the opposite. Sheba (pointing to the nurse) get up on the chair so we can see properly." The nurse climbed up and stood upright on the chair. This brought her vagina level with our eyes. "That's better. Saves us bending down to look. As you can see (pulling at the two rings fitted to each of her labias) you need largish ones here, otherwise you have to keep grovelling around looking for them. Whereas the clit ring can be the same size as the nipple rings, maybe even slightly smaller. Usually when you're fitting things there you want to be closer anyway. (he grinned) At least that's what I've found."

I took the opportunity of checking the feel of the labia and clit rings stretching her lips. "I'm still doubtful about getting tangled up when using her."

"Only one way to be sure. Sheba, get down and present to the master. He can try it for size. Go on, try her, see how she fits." He sat down at the desk as Sheba got down off the chair, approached me, turned and bent down ready. I slid my hand between her legs and played with her rings. It certainly felt different to Blossom. I unzipped and mounted her. As I was only testing, I just entered, buried it deeply and then withdrew. "Odd sensation." I said, starting to put it back in my trousers.

"That's no good. Give her a good rodding. Do her good."

"Thanks, if you're sure?" I entered her again and worked her until I ejaculated. Pulling out, I called Blossom "here, clean me." As Blossom cleaned me, I said to Joe "I see what you mean. It's definitely different, quite pleasant. And, of course, you can hang bells from them and play tunes." We laughed.

"One other thing before you decide. Sheba, fetch Rosie." To me "Rosie's the girl outside. She's got a different set-up. You'll see." Rosie entered "Rosie, strip and get up on that chair. I want to show how you're ringed."

Rosie slipped out of her dress (the only clothing she wore) and climbed on the chair.

"Now if you look carefully (putting his finger in her vagina and pulling her forward) you can see the difference. Sheba has clit and 2 labia rings a side. Rosie has clit and labia ringed but also has this (he took hold of one ring and pulled) She is pierced at the end of the slit and it is fitted at right angles, give a 4-sided effect, if you get me. Normally called a 'fourchette' piercing. Nice effect but also handy if you like hanging rings or weights and hanging from here they will be central and not twist together as she moves. I like it myself but, of course not to everybody's taste. Of course, not every female can be fitted with them. It does make it easier to thread chains. You can have them both sides and fed through this one up to her anus. Good effect when showing her as a pony."

I examined Rosie's rings with care. "Well, you've certainly given me lots to think about. If we fitted the lot, I could connect them up with chains. She'd look a picture I should think."

"Hang on a minute. I think (he was rooting in a desk draw as he spoke) Yes, I thought so. Here. (He handed me a photograph) There is Rosie, all done up as a Christmas tree at last year's party. And here's another with a silver chain threaded through." I glanced at the photos. The effect was striking. He'd hung a set of LED lights through all her rings. From one nipple, navel, clit on one labia and back through the other, finally finishing at the other nipple ring. "Funnily enough" Joe laughed, "I don't like pierced ears. I prefer to fit clamps, tightly. Much better, especially when you take them off."

"That decides me, I think. We'll have actual nipple, clit labia -- two each side but skip the little extra at the back. Same sizes as Rosie and Sheba. Belly button, left unadorned for the moment. Now when can we do them?"

"Now, if you like. I can do them in the workshop. For obvious reasons, she'd need to be tightly restrained. I assume you want stainless, rather than chrome, to match the collar?"

"Yes, please, stainless looks nicer. Now is fine, if you can. How long will it take?"

"Difficult to say, probably about half an hour, maybe an hour. You want to help? If so follow me."

"Rosie" He said "Get your clothes back on and go back to your desk. Sheba, follow me." He then turned, picked up the case and rings off the table and walked towards the the workshop. He entered, followed by Sheba. I followed, having called Blossom. As I entered the room I was amazed. I had thought, a workshop? Scruffy room, bench, tool racks, nondescript.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It was spotless with tiled walls, a small stainless steel bench to one side and a large wooden frame in the centre. The whole of each side of the frame was covered with ring-bolts and one wall hung with dozens of leather straps, belts and chains.

"Here we are." said Joe. "This is my workshop and that," pointing to the frame "is the centre of the action. That's where Blossom will restrained."

"Restrained?" I asked.

"Yes. We can't have her moving around when I'm ringing her. Sometimes it hurts a bit. Not me, her. Right, Blossom, up on the frame, Sheba, get her in position and start strapping her down."

As he said this, he went over to his bench, put the case and rings down and started to sort out the required tools. Meanwhile Sheba helped Blossom onto the rack, lay her down and fastened her wrists and feet to the already prepared cuffs chained to each corner. Once Blossom was secured, Sheba turned the ratchet on the head of the rack until the slack was taken up on the chains.

Sheba then began to fasten the many straps across Blossom's forehead, chest, hips and thighs until Blossom could not move. As Sheba stepped back having finished, Joe started the ringing.

He used a pair of pliers with large flattened heads to squeeze part of her left nipple. As he clamped the pliers, he took a disinfected needle from Sheba and pushed it through a hole in the centre of the plier-head. Blossom screamed. "Shut her up will you." Joe muttered to me "It gets on my nerves, all that noise. There are some gags over by the bench."

I selected a large ball-gag and fastened it in Blossom's mouth. She was trying to wriggle out of the straps but with no success. I smacked her on her unoccupied breast and said "Keep still, shut up and it'll be over soon. Make me ashamed by playing up any more and I'll thrash you 'til you bleed." then to Sheba "Stay by her head, stroke her cheek or kiss her or something to shut her up."

Sheba stroked Blossom's face and neck muttering soothing words to her. Joe fitted the first ring. "The worst is over now, or at least until we get to the clit ring." He grinned "Now that can be painful." He swiftly ringed the other breast. Turning to me, he said "How do they look? Nicely balanced?" I agreed.

"Right, on with the motley, what ever that means. I'll need your help here as Sheba will need to stay where she is." As he spoke Joe dug out a marker pen. "I'll have to use this to mark the positions because they will be distorted as each one is fitted. Once they're all in, the tension will be equally balanced." He carefully marked the positions for the labia rings, two each side. Then the rear ring and lastly the clit. Once this was done, I held her thighs away from the vagina to give Joe the maximum space to work in. He punched out the holes for the four labia rings fairly quickly. He then injected a local anaesthetic into the slit behind the clit. While waiting for the anaesthetic to start working, he inserted the other five rings.

When he was sure the local was working, he injected another into the base of the clit. Even with the first anaesthetic operational, Blossom screamed as he did so. We waited for the second one to take then he pierced the clit base and inserted the final ring. Even with the straps, Sheba and myself holding her and two local anaesthetics, it was difficult to keep her still enough for Joe to work. Finally it was done.

"Don't forget to bath them twice a day with disinfectant and turn the rings at least twice a day. All this for the first week. Wait four weeks before using the rings for guidance. Could be a lot longer before they're fully healed, so go easy. Remember patience is a virtue." said Joe, putting his tools away "Any problems, pop her back for a check-up."

I waved Sheba away and removed the ball gag. I wiped Blossom's face with a handkerchief, and praised her bravery. I released the straps and removed the cuffs. I then helped her down and led her over to the full length mirror. She stopped crying and tried to smile when she saw her reflection. "Don't you look pretty, with your lovely rings?" I said "They should make our play much nicer, don't you think?" She nodded.

I looked over at Joe, smiled and thanked him. Once we had sorted out the payment, I told Blossom to pick up her clothes and we left for home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For the next two weeks, I bathed her piercings twice a day, turning the rings as I did so. The first few days, it obviously hurt Blossom but I persevered and each day, as they healed, it became easier. After the second week, I gave way to temptation and dug out some hawk bells. I attached them to Blossom's breast rings and sat back while she waggled her shoulders, shaking her breasts and causing the bells to ring. The sound was so pleasant that I left them fitted and whenever she moved, I would hear the bells tinkle. I also hung some from her labia rings but these got in the way when I used her and I removed them for normal use but added them, usually after dinner, when I'd hang six or seven from these rings and have Blossom dance for me.

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