Ringing The Changes


This passed the time for me until the month was up. After breakfast, I called Blossom to me and order her to stand. I then fetched an item that I'd purchased after deciding to have her ringed - a four foot thin silver chain with a carbiner on one end and a ring on the other. I attached the carbiner to her clit ring and gently pulled the ring end. She squealed in surprise and walked forward to slacken the lead. I told her to try to keep the lead loose and walked her around the room. At first she was hopping and jumping until she fell into the rhythm with me encouraging her to keep moving. After a few minutes I stopped and dropped my end of the chain and walked to the side of the room. "Blossom," I said "When I drop the chain like this, you must treat it as if the chain was fastened to the floor. You stop moving and stay still until I pick up the lead or tell you to."

She nodded "I understand, Master, still as a mouse".

"Exactly. Let's try it again." I picked up the lead and started walking. As the chain tightened, Blossom quickly started to move. I walked her around the room several times, then dropped the lead and kept moving. Blossom took a few steps, realised I'd dropped it and stopped, looking at me to see if I'd noticed. I had. "Blossom! Pay attention. Now I want you to pick up the other end and pull it tight. Then, keeping it tight, walk to me and hand me the chain - now!"

Blossom sniffed, bent down and picked up the chain. Pulling it hand over hand until it was tight to her clit. She screwed her eyes with the pain and slowly walked to me. She handed the end over to me and took the display position.

"Turn around." When she did, I pulled the chain tight then gave her a quick whack on the buttocks with the loose end. She jumped and then quickly stepped back with the pain in her clit. I held up the ring end and said "open your mouth." I put the ring in her mouth. "Grip that in your teeth and don't let go until I tell you." I certainly enjoyed the new sensation of leading her by her clit, especially when accompanied by the tinkling of hawks bells. Before if I wanted to keep her under control, I'd clip a dog lead to her collar and she would follow me. However, it made my arm ache having to hold my hand out roughly at chest level. With the clit lead, I could have my hand hanging down and still have full control. No doubt it would pall after a while but I'd enjoy it until then.

I turned away, called her to heel and led the way into the living room for some enjoyable sex before lunch.

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by Anonymous

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by Wombat0508/10/15

Really enjoyed this

I would have liked to see some anal involved, I really enjoyed this whole story! Great job. Do you know any other stories like this one?

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