tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRip in Time Ch. 06

Rip in Time Ch. 06


Rip in Time 6: Kiss is Just a kiss

Willow knocked on the door to Giles’ apartment. “Giles! Are you home?”

“He’s not here, but you can come on in, luv.”

“Ripper?” Willow hoped her voice didn’t sound too wishful.

“Bloody hell! No. It’s Spike.”


Spike bristled. Was that disappointment in her voice? “I’d open the door for you, but the sun’s kinda in the way. I’m not in the mood to burst into flames. You don’t mind, do you, Red?”

“Oh. No, of course not.” She hesitated. Did she want to be alone with Spike? A couple of days ago, she might have been afraid of him. But after last night, a whole new component was added to their bizarre relationship. She wasn’t sure she was ready to see him again.

“Look, are you coming in or not?”

“Of course.” She said airily. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

She walked in to find the blond vampire relaxing on the sofa. He had a bowl of popcorn on his lap and mug of blood on the coffee table. “Want some popcorn?”

“No thanks.” She reached into her backpack and retrieved her laptop. “I thought I’d do some research for that spell book.”

Spike moved closer to her. “Mind if I look over your shoulder, pet? You being a hacker and all, I thought I could get a few computer pointers.” And sit close to you while I do it.

“Uh, sure.” She said, trying not to show her discomfort. His shoulder brushed her own. “So, what did you and Ripper do last night?”

“Talked a bit, that’s all. You still mad at me?” She gave him the “duh” look. “Well, really you should be mad at him because he started it.”

Just because the two of you treated me like a piece of meat? She didn’t feel up to an argument. “No, I’m over that.”

“Glad to hear it, pet.” He put his head on her shoulder. “Mmm. This feels nice, doesn’t it?.”

“What are you doing?” She was trying to ignore the shock of excitement that went through her body at his touch.

“I’m only being friendly, luv.”

“We’re not friends. Until yesterday you never even noticed me. Why are you doing this?’

“That’s not true at all. I’ve noticed you for quite a while, luv.”

“Whenever you’re hungry. You keep telling me that I’m the first one you’re going to kill when you get the chip out. But I don’t think that counts.”

“No, pet. Well, yes, I want your blood. But that’s not all.”

“Ewww. So you want to. . .snuggle before you kill me? Is that supposed to make me feel better or something?’

“What did I say to you when I visited you in the dorm room?”

“I think you said ‘I’m going to kill you.’”

“No, I offered you a choice. I said that I could kill you and let you stay dead or I could sire you. I was just being polite though, I was going to turn you no matter what you chose. There was no way I could part with you.”

“So you’re saying you lied to me?” Willow was flattered that he wanted to turn her but was uncomfortable expressing it, so she lashed out instead.

Spike sighed. “No, I’m saying I wanted. . .want you for a childe. I’ve never turned anyone, luv. You’ll be my first.” A devilish grin spread over his handsome face. “Know how long it’s been since I’ve said that to a girl?”

“Really?” She couldn’t help but smile.

“Really.” He put one cool fingertip on her neck to trace the path of her blue vein. “I bet a vampire’s never given you his kiss before.”

“Actually, and I’ll be darned if I know why, I must be like the Snapple of blood, made from the best blood types on earth, but I get bit a lot, it hurts-“

”No, pet, a kiss.” His voice lowered as he pressed his thigh between hers. Then he leaned down to put his mouth to her neck. “It’s a sharp kiss.” He tongue darted out to lick the pale expanse of her throat and she shivered. “And it’ll hurt, but it’s a good pain. Soon, that line between pain and pleasure will be blurred, both sensations feel good to you. And after that happens, only ecstasy. You’ve never felt anything like it in your life. I can promise you that, pet. “ His blunt teeth nipped at her, he could feel her life’s blood humming through the tiny vein.

He ached with the need to bite down, taste her hot blood, and make her his. Her heartbeat increased in both fear and anticipation. He moaned as his demon’s mask covered his face. Maybe he could bite her. If she wanted it. . .and he knew she definitely wanted it. She was lying in his arms, her neck tilted at just the right angle, a slight moan escaped her lips. Perhaps his chip wouldn’t go off, if he brought her pleasure. He scraped one fang along the vein.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!?” A voice roared from the open doorway.

“Xander!” Willow screeched. She scooted away from Spike and stood up. “We were just, he was, uh, I think I need to-“

”No need to explain, Willow. He’s had this coming for a long time.” Xander grabbed a stake from his back jeans pocket and advanced on the vampire.

“Now, hold on just a second you sod. Red and I were -“

”You were thinking about making a meal out of my best friend. I know you’re chipped and that you can’t do it right now. But I don’t really care at this point. I’ve had all of you I can take. Move Wills.” Xander gestured with his free hand.

A knife appeared at Xander’s throat. “I think you better put that down, mate.” Ripper closed the door behind him as he stepped inside. “Now, I don’t know why you’re so upset with my chum here, but I just can’t let you stake him without a proper explanation.”

“Who the hell are you?” Xander had never heard a sound. His first hint that someone was behind him was the steady touch of the cool blade.

“Giles’s nephew.” Xander dropped the stake. “That’s better.” He lowered the knife and gave the shook up young man a moment to step away and collect himself. Then he tucked it back into his boot. “Now, how ‘bout telling me what’s going on here?”

Xander turned and looked at Ripper. This was Giles’ nephew? Since when did Giles have family? And what kind of messed up gene pool was this? The young man stood at Giles’ dimensions, perhaps a tad heavier on the muscled side. He had the same face with less wrinkles and no worried expression. There the similarities ended. He was dressed in jeans, a white tee-shirt with cigarettes rolled in the sleeves, and boots. The way he stood. The look in his eye when he wielded his blade. The way he winked at Willow . . .he just winked at Willow!

“Hello, luv. Have you missed me?” Ripper crossed the room at a leisurely stride that was somehow savage. Willow backed up quickly but ran into the breakfast bar. He stopped with the tips of their shoes brushing. “I know I missed you.” He threaded his hands into her luxuriant hair and leaned in to kiss her. Xander and Spike both looked for weapons to kill humans that might be lying about.

Willow could barely breathe. She shouldn’t be enjoying this. It was Giles! But, different. She hoped Spike or Xander didn’t kill him before he kissed her. Then three things happened all at once. Their lips met, Xander picked up an expensive vase (Giles’ nephew, my tookus!), and a very loud voice yelled, “Hold it right there!”

Xander, who had been programmed to listen to the command inherent in that particular voice, put the vase back. Spike smirked, and sat on the couch. He was only going to threaten the young human. Ripper however was not the kind to listen to orders, no matter who gave them. So he kept kissing Willow. Willow never heard the voice. Giles strode across the room, in a different version of the cocky stroll Ripper had used, grabbed said young man by the back of the neck and propelled him across the room through the doorway they had just entered. “I said stay away from her.”

Giles peered down at Willow. “Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh.” she squeaked. Then she turned bright red as she realized that Giles could remember in detail every moment of that kiss. Giles’ eyes widened and he turned away quickly as he remembered kissing her. He walked over to Ripper.

Willow turned and backed toward the couch, keeping her eye on the confrontation between the Watcher and the man he had been. She sat down on the couch. Well, actually, she sat down on Spike who was sitting on the couch. “Hey!”

Willow jumped up and stared accusingly at him. Spike shrugged. “Hey, what? You sat on me, pet. It’s not like I was the one trying to make out with you in front of everyone right in the middle of Giles’ apartment. Of course, then, in a way, I guess it’s Ripper’s apartment, too.”

“Spike . . .” Willow reprimanded. Xander was looking very interested in their conversation..

“Ooh, that was interesting. Getting ready to show us that infamous bad side of yours?” Spike grinned.

Ripper looked up from the stare down he was having with Giles. “You have a bad side, luv?” He gave a disbelieving chuckle. “I’ll believe it when I bloody see it.”

Willow frowned and turned, she had to get out of there. “Xander, will you take me home?” Xander jumped at the chance to talk to Willow alone.

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