tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRip in Time Ch. 07

Rip in Time Ch. 07


Rip in Time 7: Temptation

"Woah, so it was Giles that just held a knife to my throat?” Xander shook his head as he pulled into Willow’s driveway. “Intense.”

“Yeah.” Willow pursed her lips and nodded. Xander had attacked her with questions the minute they got into the car. They hadn’t even turned the radio on. At first she wasn’t going to tell him anything. After all, Giles had said that anything Ripper did could have consequences on their present, and she knew from personal experience how different a shift in time could make things. So she had pinky-sweared him into secrecy. He wasn’t even allowed to tell Giles that he knew.

“Hold on a second here. You were making out with him.” He scrunched his face up. “Ew.” He twisted around in his seat. “Uh, why? Why would you do that?”

Willow rolled her eyes. “I’m not talking about this with you.”

“I’m your best friend, right?”

“Of course!”

“But, I mean its Giles. I realize that he’s got this whole cool, dangerous look going, but he turns into Giles.” Xander said this slowly, just in case she wasn’t putting two and two together.

Willow took a deep breath and counted to ten. “So what? Giles is so. . .I mean, I used to have a crush on him when we were in high school.” His jaw dropped. “Well! He’s so smart and he’s funny.” Xander snorted. “Well, in a sarcastic British way. And he sings!”

He looked over at Willow for signs of mental illness but saw none. Xander shrugged. “I blame all of this on Oz.”

Willow smiled impishly. “I’m okay with that.”

“Good. Are you sure I can’t tell anyone? Of course you are the first person I would tell, but not even Anya?”

“Xander, we discussed this. Not a soul. You pinky-sweared!”

“And I will hold true to the most sacred of all vows, but Anya and I have sex, I can trust her-“

”Ok, three things. I know. Ew, yourself. And, no.” She put on her “resolve face”. “Xander, do you remember VampWillow?”

Xander grinned. “Oh, yeah. Do I!” He shook his head and put on an upset expression. “I mean, oh yeah. That would be bad.”

“Bad.” Willow’s tone held an element of wonder. “She was very bad. You might even call her my ‘bad side’.”

“Yeah . . .Willow, where are you going with this?”

“Xander, as soon as we get inside call Anya and Buffy. I’m going to need some help. I just got a wonderful, awful idea.” Willow rubbed her hands together in a perfect Grinch imitation, that would have made Spike proud. Didn’t have a bad side? Believe it when he saw it? He’d see it. ***********

Giles glared at his younger self. He really couldn’t have been this stupid. “Do you remember ANYTHING else about the spell? Did you use any herbs? Or some candles, perhaps?”

“I told you! It’s all a blur to me.” Giles resumed his pacing and Spike and Ripper met eyes.

Spike crossed his and was gratified to see the young human suppress a smile. If he had to listen to the Watcher grill himself anymore he’d go insane. “Rupert, don’t you remember anything?”


“About the spell?” Spike prompted. “You were bloody there, right?”

Giles took off his glasses and tried to recall such an incident. “Nothing. How much marijuana did you smoke you imbecile? How could you do this to me?” They had checked all the magick shops in town. Willow had found nothing on the web, this was quickly becoming hopeless.

Ripper smirked. “Don’t you mean me?”

“Enough. I’ll call tomorrow and make some inquiries.”

“In the meantime, why don’t I go see if Willow has managed to find anything else out?” Ripper started to get up. Giles stepped in front of him and with one hand pushed him back.

“Don’t.” He turned towards the phone. “I’ll call her and see.” He dialed a number and waited. Finally, he slammed the phone down. “Damn. Where could she be?” **********

“Alright, Will. We’re ready for the ‘test drive’ anytime you are.” Buffy called up from downstairs. She and Anya had arrived an hour or so ago with all the make-up and leather they possessed. Willow had decided that she needed to get back at Spike and Ripper for arguing over her like two dogs over a bone. And talking to Xander she had realized exactly what, or rather who, could help her with that. She knew better than to actually bring VampWillow back, but with a little glamour, she could impersonate her. The fact that Buffy, Xander and Anya had their doubts only spurred her on.

“Give me five minutes.” She called out the door. She closed it behind her and sat down in front of her mirror. On her left were three rosebuds floating in rain water. On her right were three red candles. She lit them with a stick of lavender incense, then set the stick in a burner in front of her. She stared in the mirror and called on Venus to empower her. “This is to feel, this is to see. Make it look real, so mote it be.”

The power flowed through her. Her candles flared and a burst of red lights sprinkled over her. Her skin glowed a shade paler than usual. Her green eyes shone with a new light. Her hair darkened to a blood red. She rolled her neck luxuriously and grinned at her own image. Willow licked her lips, the power still rushing through her veins. This was addictive. She reminded herself that this was just Glamour, but it was hard. A part of her was very much like VampWillow, whether she admitted it to the others or not. And that part was ready for a night out.

She picked up the red lipstick Anya had give her. It was called “temptation”. She slicked it over her lips and smiled again. Oh yeah. More than just ready for a night out. “Alright, ready or not,” she whispered as she walked to the door. “Here I come.” ********

“What can be taking her so long? I thought Glamour was rather simple for a witch of her strength.” Anya was bored. She wanted to go home so she could have sex with Xander. Not to mention, thinking about VampWillow reminded her of her past vengeance demon days. She walked over to Xander and put her arm through his.

“Now, An, I’m sure it takes a while to completely change yourself into a –Oh. My. God.” Xander stared open-mouthed at the creature descending the stairs. The last time he had seen this, he had thought his best friend in the world was dead.

Willow slunk down the stairs. She was wearing leather pants and boots, a skin tight red shirt and a leather lace-up vest. She had straightened her hair and it waved about her face in crimson strands. She tilted her head to the side and sighed. “Bored now.”

“Um, Will? That was just Glamour, right? You didn’t accidentally bring her back, did you?” Buffy asked, concerned.

Willow didn’t answer, she just crossed the living room towards Xander and Anya. Willow had a grace to her walk. But this walk was distinctly predatory. Every step was a sexual invitation. Xander’s eyes grew wide. VampWillow had been into naughty touching. He didn’t think that would be a good thing in front of his girlfriend. “Wills?”

She stopped in front of them and stretched out her hand. He dropped Anya’s arm and moved to back away. But Willow didn’t touch him. Instead, she stroked her hands through Anya’s hair. “Pretty.” Then she ran the back of her knuckles over her face. Anya smiled. She had used a new conditioner today. Evidently it was noticeable, and did make her hair super shiny and manageable. Xander didn’t know what to do. He knew that Willow had said her alter ego was kind of gay, but he had never thought . . .well, he’d never thought of this.

Willow smiled. “We’ll play later. I’ve misplaced all of my toys.” She pulled a pack of smokes she had pinched off Spike at Giles’ today. She lit a cigarette. Xander was terrified. What if they couldn’t get the real Willow back?

Willow exhaled, turned and walked over to Buffy. She put her arm around her shoulders. “Ready now.”

Buffy let out a smile of relief and smiled. She could feel the warmth of her friend’s body. This was Willow. She was just a better actor than they had thought she could be. “Then to the Bronze we go.”

Xander didn’t move an inch. He was still in a little bit of shock. He knew Willow backwards and forwards. But he didn’t know about this. Anya touched his cheek, confused. “Xander, what’s wrong. You like leather on me.”

“Wills?” He swallowed hard. If he had known that she could be like this, so confident, at ease with the effect she could have on men, there would have been ‘fluking’ a lot sooner. And a lot longer.

“It’s ok, Xander.” Willow said, though she couldn’t keep a slight purr out of her voice. She was terribly impressed with how well she had pulled this off and with the reactions that she was getting. She would make Faith look like Rebecca of Sunny-dale Farm. “It’s me. Really.” She sounded confident and calm. Inside, she trembled. Yes, it’s me. The real me. And it feels so good, it’s scary. ********

“Mate, why are we going to the Bronze? Rupert said there was very little chance that Red would be out dancing when there was work to be done. And I’d have to say that I agree with him.” Spike looked at Ripper out of the corner of his eye.

“Trust me. She wasn’t at any of her friends’ houses. She wasn’t at the library. She wasn’t home. How many places are there to hang out in Sunnydale?” Ripper smiled. Not to mention after that comment I made, I’m sure she feels like being unpredictable. He couldn’t wait. He would walk into the Bronze and she would be sitting alone, at a table, sipping coffee she didn’t like, watching her friends dance to a song whose lyrics she didn’t get. She would see him, they would dance and that would be that. He would just recreate the magic of their first encounter. He looked at the vampire beside him. Spike didn’t stand a chance.

They walked through the double doors. For a moment they stood, scoping the crowd, the band and the bar. The band was taking a break, so a D.J. had stepped in for a moment, the crowd was pumped and in full dance mode, the bar was busy. Ripper searched the tables, but couldn’t find his favorite red head. Still, he was enjoying the music. They were playing a remix of Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride.

“Holy Hell.” Spike breathed.

“What is it . . .it can’t be.” Willow was in the center of the dance floor. She was dancing with two guys and a girl, her arms twisting above her head in abandon as she sang along with the music. Every other beat or so, she would reach out to stroke the face or hair of one her companions. They kept trying to touch her, pull her close, but she would squirm away and shake a finger at them. And she was decked out in leather.

“Told you she had a bad side, Rip.” Spike patted him on the back and went to the bar to get them some beers. It looked like it was going to be a long night. He looked over his shoulder. Ripper had sat down at one of the tables. No longer did he look bewildered, though. He was studying the girl intently. A crafty grin spread over his face. An interesting night indeed.

Spike turned to the bartender. “Two beers, mate.”

“Make it three.” A husky voice whispered in his ear. “I’m thirsty.” *********

Giles sat down in his favorite chair. He was exhausted, but he just couldn’t sleep. He didn’t know how to send Ripper back to where he had come from. He had thought it was devastating when Buffy had first found out about his past. Now she had the chance to meet it. This was not good. He didn’t want to face the youth he had been. Because every time he did, he was tempted.

Inside of him, a voice was whispering. You can fool them. But you’ll never fool yourself. This isn’t the real you. And you know it. Giles shook his head and downed another brandy. He wouldn’t listen. He had enough blood on his hands. He didn’t want to think about what would happen if Ripper were turned loose with the power and experience of an adult. The Hellmouth not only brought out the worst in people, it also presented one with unique opportunities. Give up. You are who you are. And you cannot change. You cannot hide forever. Dangerous animals will not stay trapped forever. And you are dangerous. You have the bloodstains to prove it. Giles clenched his fists. He would not give in. He could hold onto his control. But the voice didn’t go away.

Ripper . . .

Giles stood up and walked to the door. He was going insane locked up in his house. He rubbed his tattooed bicep. He needed to take a walk; he could patrol tonight. He had some frustrations to work off. As he walked out of the door, he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his hands. ***********

Willow threw her head back and chugged down the beer. “Thanks. I needed that.”

“Luv? What are you doing?” Spike met her eyes as he sipped his beer.

“Dancing. With you.” She took his beer, threw it back, then took his hand and tugged him out onto the dance floor. She felt a little dizzy as the alcohol hit her, but she ignored it. The music was pounding around them, lights were flashing, and bubbles of glitter were being released over the crowd. She clasped her hands behind Spike’s neck and pulled him closer. “Dance now.”

Ripper was enjoying the spectacle his little Red was making. All the way up until she started dancing with Spike. He glared at the two. “Bad side. Huh.”

“You should have known better than to provoke her.” It was Buffy. She was tired and hot, so she had decided to take a break when she saw ‘Jim’ seated at a table, staring daggers at the dance floor.

“Tell me about it, Betty.”

“Buffy. It’s Buffy.” Wow, he really was smitten.


“So, you’re kind of like a young Giles, huh?”

“How’s that, pet?” He turned to her. Did she know?

“Well, I know that Giles was kind of wild and crazy when he was young. I kind of got to see that side of him once. He ate too much chocolate–it’s a long story. But the point is, he was kind of like you. “

”What are you saying?” He asked carefully.

“That you remind me of Giles. I can see the family resemblance. That’s all.” Buffy reassured him. “It’s ok. I know you don’t like being compared to your uncle. But don’t worry. We’re all kind of fond of him around here. Even Willow.”

Ripper let out a sigh of relief. She had no clue. Now, he had to get back to more pressing concerns. Like how to get Willow away from Spike. She may be dressed in leather, but she was still Willow. He was sure that he could intimidate her into backing down. ***********

Spike swayed with Willow to the music. She grinned as she brushed her hips against his in a provocative manner. She trailed a finger down his chest. “Luv, do you know what you’re doing?”

“Shush now.” She leaned up and licked his lower lip. “Or I’ll get cranky.”

Spike fought against the urge to vamp out. He couldn’t believe this was his shy little hacker. He knew she had a bad side. He had seen her whack demons with a vengeance. He had seen her take control of situations. And he knew the power she had as a witch. But this, this was beyond his imagination. He took her hand and spun her so she couldn’t face him. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist and cuddled her to his chest.

Willow nestled into the vampire’s body. She ignored the stares from Xander and Buffy. Goddess, this felt good. Spike was nuzzling behind her ear, and as he pressed her closer she could feel how much fun he was having. But she couldn’t stay long. The idea was to teach him and Ripper a lesson. Not bump and grind with vampires. Spike’s lips touched the outer shell of her ear as he spoke again, “Aren’t you worried about what your mates will say when they see this?”

“Bad puppy. I said shush.” She shrugged. “Bored now.” She spun and pushed him away hard enough to knock him off balance into another dancing couple. Then she nonchalantly walked off the dance floor. She walked over to the bar. Ripper was claiming the beer that Spike had bought him earlier. She smiled.

“Willow.” He acknowledged, trying hard not to show his shock as he saw her up close. “Like the leather, pet. Suits you.”

She smiled and tilted her head to the side. She remained silent. He started to feel a little nervous. But he knew better than to show it. She stepped closer to him. He held still and held her gaze. She reached behind him into his back jean pocket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes. She placed one in her mouth and looked up at him expectantly. Gamely, he lit it for her.

She inhaled twice. Then she cupped his face in one hand. She took a hit off the cigarette, then pressed her lips against his and exhaled. He took the hit and blew the smoke to the side. He went to reach for her and she twisted away. She backed towards the dance floor, crooking a finger at him. He followed her the way Spike had. “Something you want, luv?”

“Yeah. Want to be naughty.” She placed a hand on his chest. “Want to help?”

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