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Rise-1:00 AM

So, as I said it's been a year since The Change and I spent most of that time learning about the world and the rest of it I spent training myself to fight. I know my skills will never be as good as someone professionally trained but a year of almost nothing but training myself with whatever weapons I could find has made me, at least, capable of using these weapons without hurting myself. I'd like to train more and I will when I can, but every second I wait more people are dying so today's the day. I'm going out and I'm going to start fixing the world.

When I woke up in The Midnight Hotel that first time I was still wearing my school uniform minus my socks. I'm still wearing it though slightly altered. Katherine's effect only seems to affect sentient beings and she's apparently a very good seamstress. She took my school uniform and some extra fabric and made me a new outfit more fitting for fighting monsters.

The shirt was changed into a heavy hood attached to a hoody made out of a material that, probably isn't but, really looks like and feels like burlap. The front pocket, however, is specially made to be double holsters for my dual handguns. A pair of Beretta M9's I found on a dead body. At least Sera says they're M9's I don't actually know. All I know is they use pretty easy to find ammo and they kill things pretty easily.

My skirt has been lengthened and then changed into two pant legs. They're baggy but comfortable and I have a solution to the possibility of people grabbing them.

As for my weapons, I already mentioned my guns but I also carry a broadsword. It was a bitch to find one that was actually useful for combat but I eventually did. I'd always had a soft spot for swords. Scythes too but I'm aware they're impractical as hell for actual combat so I'm sticking with the sword. It's kept in a sheathe Katherine made for me that attaches to a belt, also made by Katherine. So, those are my short and medium range weapons what do I have for long range?

A Sniper Rifle. It's strapped onto my back with a leather, at least I hope it's leather, harness Katherine also made for me. Now, admittedly, I didn't train much with the sniper rifle or the guns. Most of my training time was spent on learning to use the sword appropriately. How hard can it be too use guns though? It's just point at the enemy and pull the trigger, right? A Sniper Rifle is even easier just look through the scope till you can see the target in the center of the cross hairs and pull the trigger.

Now that I'm done talking about myself let me tell you my plan. The world has been split up into territories. All ruled by different Illustrious. My old school is one of those places. It's referred to as The Nest now. See, turns out I wasn't the only illustrious there. There was another.

When the change hit I was being raped and then devoured in my bedroom and the headmaster gave into his own urges and began trying to fuck as many girls as possible. Unfortunately one of them was the other illustrious and her special power is the ability to give birth to horrific monsters.

After The headmaster raped her she got pregnant and in a short time, I believe it was a week, she gave birth to a monster. The monster started slaughtering people throughout the school and grabbing girls. The Illustrious is now called The Brood Mother and she spends her every waking moment in labor giving birth to more monsters and the monsters have gathered up many of the students and made them into more breeders.

The entire place is just a huge monster factory at this point. So, the plan is to go back to school. Kill all the monsters, Mercy kill everyone else and stop the spread of these creatures into the world. Sound like a good plan? Yeah, I thought so too.

The Unchanged headquarters coincidentally isn't too far from The School actually so the trip there was pretty short and uneventful except for a small scene that occurred on the way. I came upon a large group of unfettered and quickly hid before they saw me. There were a ton of them. At least fifty. As I hid I heard the roar of flames and a female voice yelling obscenities. I peeked out of my hiding spot and noticed that there was a woman in the centre of the unfettered who was wielding flames and using it to fight them off.

She was doing pretty well. Her flames were downing quite a few of them but I could see her flames growing dimmer and I could hear exhaustion in her voice. I could also see quite a few scorched bodies and realized she'd been doing this for some time. I wanted to help her. I knew what was likely to happen to her.

Unfettered basically come in three forms. Those who become consumed by rage or merely sadistic enjoyment and are violent. Murderers and torturers. Those who become consumed by sexual urges and become rapists and those consumed by greed and become thieves and scavengers. There were probably some of all three in the crowd. As I said I wanted to help her, but... Logic stepped in.

There were too many. Even if I helped her out we'd eventually both be overwhelmed and she was an illustrious judging by those flames and that means it's very likely she's crazy and even if I helped her and we managed to survive she could just turn on me and roast me alive. I wanted to help, but I knew I couldn't afford the risks.

Instead I stayed hidden and made a plan. Some of them would spot me if I tried to move forward now. I'd have to wait until they were all completely focused on her before I tried to sneak past. After a few minutes of waiting I saw her try to summon a flame at the most recent wave and all that came forth was some smoke and probably some hot air. She slumped to her knees letting out a weak whimper as the unfettered descended on her.

The first to reach her were the greedy who started to tear off her clothes and any items she may have had. I could see her struggling weakly to hold onto her possessions as they were stripped from her then as the greedy ran off with their new prizes the rapists stepped forward to claim their prize. About five of them grabbed her pulling her to her feet and arranging themselves around her.

You might find this strange teamwork thing weird especially if you read my last entry, but while early on the unfettered were wild and animalistic and attacked anything they saw. As time went on they started to become more intelligent and began working together instead. Large groups like these consisting of multiple types aren't exactly common but they're not unheard of either.

She was bent over and I heard her scream as one of them forced himself into her ass. The scream was muffled as another entered her throat and another slid under her. Still being fucked by the other two she was lowered down until he was pushed into her pussy and then her hands were grabbed and wrapped around the cocks of the last two. I saw her strain momentarily and heard a loud moan. I figured that she had desperately tried to burn the cocks in her hands but had merely managed to warm her hands for them. They availed themselves of her for some time and soon it was time to make my move.

I apologized silently to her in my thoughts and attempted to sprint past. Apparently at least one noticed me as a hand suddenly caught on my hood and started to yank me back.

Remember how I said I had a plan for if people tried to grab my clothing? Well, this is it. I had Katherine weave shards of sharp glass into my clothing. They're harmless to me as long as I move carefully but someone grabbing and therefore squeezing the glass-laced fabric is in for a bad time. So, was it here.

As I started being yanked back there was a cry of pain from the man and he let go. I quickly turned, drew my sword and decapitated him then took off running before many more of them could take notice of me.

After that I eluded any who might have still been following and I reached the school. I caught my first glimpse of the enemy here. The school was a two story plain white brick building that stretched off on both sides but was pretty narrow from the front entrance to the back entrance. The front entrance was a simple set of two steel doors and steps under a small balcony extending from the second story. There was a monster on the balcony.

It looked almost like a spider but made out of tar and leaking some strange liquid from beneath it. Three sets of six eyes peeked out from it's head gazing over the horizon. It must have been a guard or something.

It wasn't moving so I figured it hadn't seen me yet and I stealthily approached. As I got within a certain distance though it suddenly acted. It's mouth opened spitting out a glob of warm tar that hit me in the chest knocking me to the ground. The tar slid over my chest and then solidified fusing me to the ground. The spider monster began to climb down towards me and I tried to reach my guns but it spat more of the tar stuff catching my hands just as I reached the hilts.

It crawled over me and then began to drool the tar stuff over my body. It hardened quickly creating a disgusting cocoon that held me in place. I looked up at the monster fearfully.

I hoped it would kill me. If it did I'd just wake back up at The Midnight Hotel. The alternative was likely to be made another breeder. Fucked by and forced to give birth to these disgusting creatures.

The creature moved forward till it was positioned right above my face. The tar suddenly split open releasing a foul smelling liquid that dripped onto my face followed by what I can only describe as it's penis. I stared at it in horror. It wasn't quite like one would expect from a penis. It was segmented in three parts and curled forward slightly almost like a hook. I struggled violently in the cocoon but that only seemed to make it tighten. It's phallic object straightened and plunged down towards my throat.

I kept my mouth closed and it hit like a rock. My jaw ached from the impact and I think it broke a tooth. When it reared back for another one I opened my mouth fearing more pain. It's member slid into my mouth and it tasted terrible and felt like it was covered in tiny hairs. I wanted to gag but somehow it was making me unable to. It then began to curve again sliding down my throat and down into my chest. I couldn't breath, but then it got worse.

The entire member convulsed in my throat and the same foul liquid was sprayed directly into me. The smell and taste of that disgusting liquid suffused both my senses to the point of overload. I spasmed and then felt myself slipping out of consciousness.

When I awoke my first sensation was the lingering stench and taste. My second sensation was a cold breeze against my skin. This led to my first realization, that I had been stripped naked. The third sensation and second realization occurred almost simultaneously as I felt the soreness of my wrists and realized I was handcuffed to a wall by my wrists. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in one of the classrooms. The desks were all pushed to one side of the room and mostly smashed. Chains and handcuffs were welded to the walls of the room and I wasn't the only one hung up there. I could see about 4 other women in the room. Two of them were obviously pregnant and I figured the others were probably as well or going to be soon.

There was a moment of twisted satisfaction as I realized one of the heavily pregnant women was that bitch who ate me a year ago. The door opened and a weird imp like creature entered on all fours. It had a single horn and cat like ears on a ghoulish face with sharp fangs and red eyes. It's arms were double the length of it's body while it's legs were about half the size of it's body as a result it seemed to walk on it's hands and drag the rest of it's body along. It looked at me and began moving towards me raising it's body up and revealing a massive erect cock, well massive compared to it's body anyway. It reached me and I tensed knowing this was the moment. This creature was going to impregnate me.

It's arms reached up grabbing my shoulders and it easily pulled itself up it's legs wrapping around my thighs. I squirmed and bucked but it held tight and I felt it slowly push into me. I screamed as it's large cock pushed deep into me. Once it had apparently satisfied itself as per position it began shifting back and forth rapidly it's cock plunging in and out of me with a speed that burned the walls of my pussy. It was agony. Each thrust it felt like my pussy was tearing apart. I was almost relieved when I felt his warm seed shoot into me. My head fell as my mind instantly started imagining the kind of horrific monstrosities that would some day spring forth from my womb.

It was at this moment that the creature dropped from my body it's arm rubbing against my foot instinctively causing me to kick out. My foot connected with it's head and my final realization kicked in. My legs weren't bound in any way.

The imp rubbed it's head and glared at me lashing at me with it's claws. It's claws cut large gashes in my shins but I kicked out again grabbing it's arm and pulling it's light body into the air catching it's neck with my hands. It was a difficult maneuver and I was surprised as hell that it worked but it did.

I then used it's horn to cut through the chains before it could respond. My hands freed, I dropped to the ground and slammed the creature head first into the ground. I repeated this until it was dead at which point I tore it's horn off to use as a weapon.

I was heading for the door when suddenly one of the women started screaming. It was the one who killed me in the past. Her eyes were open. Tears dripping down her cheeks as her feet kicked wildly. Then, with a much larger scream she became still as a surge of liquid poured out of her pussy creating a pool on the ground followed by tentacles which wrapped tightly around her thighs and slowly began to pull out the rest of the creature.

She wasn't screaming anymore but occasional twitches told me she was still in pain and was just in too much shock to react. The creature finally pulled itself the rest of the way out. It looked like a pterodactyl kind of but with tentacles for wings and a tongue like a lamprey. It writhed around on the ground as I watched and after a few seconds I went over and crushed it's head under my foot. Since I didn't have shoes on that was extremely gross and I immediately regretted it. Should have stabbed it.

I did decide to end the woman's misery though. Stabbed her in the brain with the horn then decided to do the same to the rest. I'm not sure it was the best idea. Some of them might have been normal, but they've all been here for a year. Constantly being raped and going into labour. I'm sure they'd prefer death.

My target was The Brood Mother and I figured she was probably in The Head Master's office. I got my bearings and began to sneak through the building. I almost made it all the way without a problem. Right in front of the door though there was a man. I was confused at first but then I realized what it was. It was an Abhorrent. The first I've ever seen.

It looked almost like a normal human but the more I looked at it the more I could see what was wrong. It's ribs were protruding, through the skin and it's muscles seemed to move beneath it's skin like writhing snakes. It's neck also had two pronounced bones poking the skin outward almost like tusks. It watched me and I started to move towards him. This was the first Abhorrent I'd ever faced. I didn't know enough to fear them yet.

The moment I got within a few feet his mouth opened and a tongue with a stinger on the end lashed out and hit me in the shoulder impaling right through. I stood there shocked until the tongue pulled out and back into it's mouth. I fell to my knees. An icy numbness spreading through me. It approached and grabbed my face with it's hand lifting me into the air. It's mouth started to open again stretching downward until it reached the tusk like protrusion which were revealed to be fangs that slid upwards into it's newly formed massive snake like mouth. It began to pull me towards it's mouth. I couldn't feel my hands. I couldn't tell if I was still holding the horn or if I'd dropped it.

Regardless I took a chance and stabbed my hand towards the creature. It let out a loud sharp sound that I figured must of been a cry of pain and so I assumed I must have actually hit it. It dropped me then, well threw me is more accurate. I hit the ground and rolled to a stop before getting up and looking at the creature. The horn was embedded in it's chest. I hadn't realized I'd let it go after stabbing him. This numbness was a huge disadvantage.

It pulled the horn out of it's chest and it's mouth slid back up over the fangs returning to it's more normal shape. It stared at me for a few moments. I knew I wouldn't survive if it attacked me again but then miraculously it turned and ran off.

I wanted to stay until the effect wore off, assuming they would eventually, but I knew if I just sat in the hall that long I'd be caught so, carefully watching everything I did and every step I took, I made my way into the headmaster's office.

It was not quite what I was expecting. The entire office had been flattened into just a clear room. There was a massive plant like creature. A large stem holding up a sunflower and a bed of leaves at the base. Tentacles came from the central mass and writhed around the room and stuck to it was a woman. Some of the tentacles were holding her to the stem her legs spread and arms bound above her head. Another tentacle was in her mouth pumping something into her throat while two more massaged her breasts.

Her eyes spotted me and looked at me pleadingly. Her stomach was massive and it dawned on me. This was The Brood Mother. Not some evil queen of monsters but a tortured victim of the monsters kept alive just to propagate the species. I looked into her eyes and nodded. It was at this point I realized I had forgotten to pick up the horn and I had no weapon.

I turned to leave, but the door was blocked off by more tentacles. I turned back as a number of tentacles lunged at me. They grabbed me before I could react and pulled me into the air. I struggled, but to no avail. The tentacles placed me spread eagle on the sunflower and unfortunately this is where my feeling started to return.

The sunflower opened and I started to fall grabbing onto the edges to hold myself up but a long slimy appendage wrapped around my waist and started to pull. Eventually it overpowered me and I fell in.

The inside contained a liquid that burned to the touch but the slimy tentacle held me above the liquid letting just my feet touch it. The tentacle... Or tongue I guess it was. The tongue roamed over my body running over my breasts and down to my pussy. It's touch made me squirm but any time I tried to struggle it would lower me further into the acidic mixture. Eventually it's tongue plunged into my pussy causing me to cry out. Much to my shame it was a cry of pleasure.

The slime coating on the tongue allowed it to slide in easily but still allowed enough friction to be pleasurable. I moaned loudly and squirmed more as it slid around inside me. It wasn't long before it's rapid eclectic movements inside me started to bring me to orgasm. As I got closer it suddenly pulled out quickly bringing me over the edge. I experienced one of the best orgasms I've ever had, not that I have that much else to compare it too, my juices squirting out and into the liquid below.

Apparently this was the plan. The acidic substance began to bubble and froth and then began to rise. The tongue dropped me and I screamed as the substance burned at my skin. I thought maybe if I could just hold out the liquid would rise high enough that I could pull myself out but I didn't make it. I tried to keep myself afloat but the pain wore me down. I began to sink. Falling under the acidic liquid. The acid entering my nose and mouth. Burning my skin and my insides. My consciousness slowly disappeared as my body was burnt away and probably digested.

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