tagErotic HorrorRise-2 AM

Rise-2 AM


When I woke up in The Midnight Hotel things were different there was someone there. He was signing out and I went up and confronted him. "Who are you?" He glanced up and smiled.

"Oh hey. You're the other one who stays here, huh?"

"Yes? You too?"

"Yeah. What's your name?"

"... Rise"

"Rise huh... Fitting... You can call me Gates."

"How many times have you died?"

"Just once. You've died a few times though."

I blushed. "Yeah..."

"Try not to die too much. There is a limit."

"There is?"

"Look at the sign out book. There are only a set number of times..."


"Do you know what you're meant to do?"


"Do you know why you have these revival abilities?"

"No... Wait... To help fix the world right?"

"That might be yours... I know mine."

"What's yours?"

"To stop a horrible catastrophe."

"What catastrophe?"

"Can't say."

He smiled at me and then finished signing out and handed me the pen.

"Good luck saving the world."

I smiled and wished him luck as well. His smile faltered and he nodded and left. I signed out and headed back to the unchanged.

Alyce was there and was wearing a white cloak with a black cowl and a red stripe going down the front where the zipper was. Apparently Katherine made it for her. It looks good on her and, despite it being at most a day or two since I last saw her, she already looks much happier. I spent a little time training with the sniper rifle after how badly I screwed up with it last time. I had Mark help me.

I'm still not very good but I can at least hit a large target from about 10 yards... I still suck with the sniper rifle is what I'm saying. With time maybe I might actually be able to find a use for it. For now substituting a shotgun.

I would have spent more time training, but assholes won't wait forever. To the south of our headquarters is an area called the Deadlands. Unlike the rest of the world, when the change hit, this area was infected with a deadly plague that killed the population of the area. So, basically everyone who lived there is dead and though for the most part the plague is gone the area is still harsh and dangerous... So, of course someone has set up shop there and is apparently creating an army of some sort that is spreading towards us. I'm going to deal with it.

Alyce offered to help, but Katherine refused to let her go with me for, admittedly, logical reasons. So, all alone heading into the Deadlands to deal with an army... Should be fun.

I should probably talk about The Order now. Some of you might have gotten the opinion that The Unchanged were the only people left in the world trying to fix things. That's not true. There's also The Order. The Order is a church militant group, though what church I'm not sure, who scour the world trying to destroy the monster's and evil bastards who now plague it.

We stay separate from them not because they're dangerous or anything but simply because the religious angle seems weird to us and they don't like Illustrious very much for understandable reasons and so wouldn't approve of Katherine, Alyce or myself. They won't kill us on sight or anything they understand there are some good Illustrious but they just don't like them.

I tell you this because I spotted a member of the order as I ventured into the Deadlands. A woman with black hair and wearing armour. I was watching from behind so I can't be quite sure but it looked like a breastplate and greaves over a leather bodysuit. She had a pistol at her side and a strange purple sword in her hands. She also seemed to have something strapped to her head, possibly goggles or a face mask or something but I couldn't tell what from behind.

She was advancing cautiously towards the border, which is helpfully set by the immediate change from wasteland to mossy, decayed ground.

I moved closer cautiously and suddenly she moved. Her hands swung up the sword cutting a swathe through the air and for a moment there was a figure floating in front of her. It was an ethereal figure and I couldn't see much of it before it let out a scream like the howling wind and seemed to split in two before disappearing again.

I bounded over to her. "What was that?" I asked and she turned, shocked by my presence. I could see now that she was in fact wearing a pair of goggles that were shaded green. She opened her mouth to speak but then stumbled forward with a gasp as if something had collided with her from behind and I saw her arms move as though being suddenly yanked backwards. She struggled for a moment but then stopped her mouth twisting into a grimace of pain and then her arms snapped and she screamed, dropping the strange sword.

As I watched confused and unsure what to do I saw her neck suddenly get wrenched to the side and she tensed up and then I saw two holes puncture her neck and blood began to leak down. Her vision went glassy and she fell completely limp. At this point I saw a number of holes suddenly puncture her breastplate and then pull down slicing through the metal like it was nothing until the breastplate was in pieces and then it began clawing through the rest of her gear until she was naked.

Small cuts decorated her skin where the creature wasn't careful enough. Her body twitched occasionally showing that she was still alive but other than twitching she didn't seem to be able to move.

Moments later I noticed her pussy lips beginning to part and open as something I couldn't see pushed between them and she began making a low whimpering noise. The invisible object continued pushing into her until I could see her pussy gaping around the object. Her body jumped once and she let out a sound like a halfhearted attempt at a scream and then she was bouncing on the invisible object fucking her.

Multiple scratches began to appear on her breasts and stomach as the creature apparently cut her in it's excitement and suddenly it's claws dug into her chest and her eyes momentarily widened the glazed look disappearing for a moment but then quickly being replaced with the cold dead eyes of a corpse as the creature tore open her chest and a strange shimmering liquid began to drip out of her pussy onto the ground where it quickly disappeared. Her body dropped and I backed away realizing the creature might come for me now.

I remembered the other creature she seemed to of killed and on a hunch I dived forward, at the same moment feeling a claw dig into my right arm, and grabbed her strange sword turning and slashing at the air. I got lucky and the figure appeared momentarily where the sword had passed through and let out a howl like the wind then vanished. I checked the gash on my arm but it wasn't too bad.

I knelt by the body feeling terrible that I couldn't or hadn't helped her. I also realized it was likely her goggles served the purpose of helping her see these creatures and so I took them and the sword and after paying my respects I continued on into the Deadlands.

The goggles worked and I dispatched a few more of the ghostly creatures. They seemed to roam around the borders and as I made it further into the Deadlands I stopped seeing them. Speaking of seeing them. Through the goggles I got a much better view of them. Figures in flowing robes and hoods that dipped low over their faces. Out of the sleeves of their robes came gnarled hands tipped with dagger like claws and I saw another one grow a second pair of arms as it charged at me. I don't know what they are but they remind me of ghosts... Well they do call it The Deadlands.

As I ventured deeper into the deadlands I became enveloped in a strange fog. The goggles helped me see through the fog and I began to notice something weird. When people talked about The Deadlands one thing they spoke of was large pools of toxic or corrosive substances and floors littered with ghoulish corpses and occasionally, a mixture of the two, viscous pools of mostly melted human remains. I encountered lots of the first and one of the third, and trust me when I say the description does not do it justice at all, but I haven't seen any bodies just lying around ever since the woman I saw get killed. Where are all the corpses?

Eventually I found out the answer as I came upon a building, long abandoned and in disrepair but still recognizable as a church... Actually, Cathedral might be more accurate. There were people milling around the entrance and at first sight I could tell they were dead.

Corpses moving, with purpose, converging on this cathedral. Something, or more likely someone, was raising the dead. This was the army we had been warned about. An army of the undead. I needed to get a closer look.

I moved stealthily toward the cathedral, trying not to alert any of the assembled undead when one of them just randomly walked into me. It bumped me from behind as I was peering around a mass of craggy rock and sent me sprawling to the floor. I turned over, raising the sword protectively but the lumbering being didn't seem to even notice me. It just recovered from the impact and continued in it's original motion.

With the realization that the creatures were either unaware of me, or just did not care about my presence, I strolled towards the cathedral without a care and reached the wide open doors.

The first thing I heard upon passing through the doors was the moaning. Pleasurable feminine moans, a rare delicacy these days, reverberated off the high domed ceiling and flooded the chamber. It didn't take long for me to spot the source.

Where the altar would have been, there were two thrones. One was occupied by an uncomfortable looking young man with black messy hair and wearing a black robe that hung off of him loosely, the other was unoccupied, it's intended occupant was instead straddling a zombie. She had shoulder length black hair and bright red lips over pale skin. She was not currently wearing anything.

Her hands were in front of her pressing down on the zombie man's chest as she gently rose and fell on it's cock. The zombie seemed uninterested as they very often do, the man seemed to be unwilling to look, but the woman's face was the picture of bliss.

As she continued impaling herself on the zombie's rigid cock she leered at the man in the throne. "Mmm... Oh god... Brother you... Mmm don't know what you're missing..." She exhaled between breathy moans.

"I'm not interested, sister." The young man replied closing his eyes. The woman replied with a shrug and a sudden jump of ecstatic pleasure as she bore herself down, forcing the cock deep into her.

The young man opened his eyes and began looking around and then his gaze snapped into my direction. Not quite looking at me, but just taking in the entirety of the area that included me and, luckily, a number of undead I could hide behind.

"Sis... There might be a problem..."

"Ahh... Mmm... What is i- Ahh!" She began to respond before suddenly letting loose a loud scream of pleasure as she came. She then slumped forward onto the body below her and lay there panting for short time before raising herself off of the zombies still erect cock and rolling onto the floor beside it, her breasts heaving with her laboured breaths. "S... sorry... what is it?"

He gazed upon her, her naked breasts moving slowly with her breath and her pussy coated and practically dripping with her juices. A look of disgust momentarily flashed over his features but quickly disappeared. "The problem, dear sister, is we seem to have an intruder."

At those words the undead around me suddenly became animated and without any time to react I was grabbed by hands like steel vices, clamping onto every bit of me they could, and marched forward into the centre of the cathedral.

The woman raised herself to a sitting position and watched me, her eyes moving over my body The man however stared directly into my eyes. There was a moment of something then he looked confused and looked away. The woman waved her hand vaguely. "She's wearing those stupid goggles. She must be with The Order. Have the undead strangle her and then raise her as part of the army like the others."

The young man didn't react at first but then spoke. "There's something different about her I don't think she's from The Order... She seems to be..." He stopped, looking thoughtful then the hands gripping me let go and I turned attempting to seize this opportunity, raised the sword and then felt, not heard, a voice addressing not me, but my body directly. A voice never intended to be heard merely obeyed.

"Turn to me" Unable to resist I slowly revolved where I stood until I was facing the young man. "Kneel to the Lord of the Dead," the voice commanded and, though I tried to resist, my legs folded beneath me dropping me down to my knees and my body felt heavy slowly beginning to slump forward until I was kneeling.

"I can control her... She's dead. She's dead but still thinking, not mindless... She even tries to resist me," the young man stated with excitement. His tone suddenly serious, he questioned, "What are you?" Before I could reply the woman got, shakily, to her feet and advanced toward me.

"She's dead you say?" The woman asked.

"Apparently... It's like she is dead but isn't... I don't know how to explain it..."

"It doesn't matter to me as long as she's dead..." the woman stated then reached out and grabbed me by the hair pulling my head up and then kissing me deeply.

I tried to pull back and she instantly let go causing me to fall onto my back. She was smiling.

"The one problem with the dead is they never react. They have many positive qualities, far more than living partners anyway but their lack of reaction does get a little dull at times... You, however, react. I'm going to have so much fun with you," she said grinning as she began to move over me.

I swung at her with the sword but the voice spoke to my bones and I felt my arm stop and my fingers uncurl, the blade dropping to the ground beside me. "She just tried to kill you," the young man informed her and she scowled.

"So, if she tries again you can just stop her again," she answered and straddled me her hands moving to hover over my breasts.

"Please don't do this, Sis," the young man said pleadingly.

"I want this!" she replied turning on him angrily. "Just stay quiet and let me have my fun!"

The young man sighed and turned his attention away, but, unfortunately, I could still feel him watching me, making sure I didn't try to harm her or escape.

She turned back to me grinning and then reached her hands down roughly grabbing my breasts. I squirmed slightly but otherwise didn't react. The heavy material of my clothes negated a lot of the sensation. She seemed to realize this as well and changed her tactics beginning to tear apart my outfit.

I tried to struggle, but she had the advantage and any time I tried too hard that damn voice would interfere with my actions. It wasn't very long before I was lying naked on the cold floor, my clothes a pile of shredded fabric nearby. My only joy in this is that she managed to cut her hand quite badly on some of the glass sewn into my outfit before becoming aware of them and being more cautious.

Her hands moved back to my breasts again squeezing them tightly causing a gasp and wince and her smile brightened. She was straddling me and her pussy, still wet from her earlier activities, pressed against mine causing more moans. She leaned down and licked my earlobe gently as her hands squeezed tighter on my breasts and she slowly began to grind her wet pussy against mine.

I whimpered and clenched my fists knowing if I struck out I'd simply be stopped. I had never felt this powerless and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I felt so weak and worthless as she spoke breathing into my ear. "Cry for me dead girl."

With that the dam broke and I was sobbing pathetically as my pussy began to become wet unwillingly due to her touch and my quickly deteriorating mental control. She began grinding hard against me and bit my earlobe hard causing me to whimper loudly in pain. Her movements became quicker and she whispered into my ear again. "Do you bleed dead girl?"

After that a moment of panic and confusion passed through me as she began to dip down then her teeth bit down on my neck breaking the skin. I yelped as I felt the skin of my neck being pierced and blood trickling down my neck.

The taste of my blood seemed to excite her greatly and she started slamming down grinding hard on me almost rubbing me raw. Suddenly I felt her gush as she bit down harder her body spasming with her orgasm, her juices mixing with mine and intense pain shooting from my neck where she had torn through the skin of my throat. She pulled back and then raised her head, blood coating her lips and a crazed smile on her face.

"One thing I can't try with the dead normally, is finding out what it's like to kill my partner." Her grin spread and she dived back down towards my throat, but the voice spoke and my hands moved grabbing her and tossing her off of me.

She hit the ground and rolled then glared up at her brother. "What the hell?!"

"I'm not letting you kill her. She's far too interesting and could be very useful," he responded firmly. She glared at him then sighed.

"Fine... I'll be in my room. Better take care of your bitch before she bleeds out..." She flounced out of the main chamber leaving me on the floor and he approached me and I stood unwillingly in response to the voice.

He took me to a room that looked like a minor chapel and made me sit then began to apply first aid to my neck. I sat patiently unable to do otherwise tears still flowing down my cheeks. He mumbled to himself as he worked. "Stupid... She can't understand... She doesn't care about anything but her stupid pleasure..." I watched him work and listened intently as the tears began to dry and the blood slowed.

"You're not happy with her are you?" I asked cautiously.

He glanced up at me. "She's my sister... I love her," he stated blandly, almost robotically. I raised an eyebrow and opened my lips to speak again but then suddenly stopped and the voice made me raise and step out of the chair and he sat down in the chair instead. "She always tells me I should try a dead girl... I have no interest in someone cold and unfeeling..." Worry enveloped me as he spoke and then I was down on my knees in front of him.

He was wearing slacks under the robe and my hands were undoing the buttons and gently sliding them off. I couldn't stop myself as he made me slide down his pants allowing his cock free and my hand began to gently stroke it from tip to base feeling .

"My parents died before all this... My sister raised me after. She took care of me. I love her and I owe her everything. When I got these powers, to raise and control the undead I thought I could repay her. She was so happy. I was happy too. She wanted more though. She wanted a world of the dead to be at her beck and call. I was willing. I raised an army. I was poised to destroy everything for her but she's stupid. She gets in the way of all I'm doing. I do everything for her sake and she does nothing but ruin my plans and pleasure herself with our soldiers."

My hand slid down to the base and my head began to move, my lips opening to take in his tip. His cock slid into my throat soon after my lips brushed against his tip and his hands grab the sides of my head. He was pulling me back and forth slamming into my throat causing me to gag, my eyes closing tightly.

"Stupid bitch! She just can't understand. I'm offering her so much more but she's content with her stupid toys!" he looked down at me. "You're special. Watching her have you was disgusting. Using you like just another undead... You're so much more! Watching her abuse you was, so, so..." his speed increased choking me on his cock and then I felt his cock pulse and seconds later a stream of cum shot down my throat.

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