tagGay MaleRising From Nothing

Rising From Nothing


I stopped caring the moment the divorce became final. She divorced me when I came out to her as bisexual, leaning gay. Fact was, I had not known had any leaning, other than being straight, until about three years after our marriage.

I had married her after she told me the baby was hers. I stayed with her after a DNA test proved that the child was not mine. I wasn't intending to have what relationship we had destroyed by anything that I did. In fact, other than what little sex I'd had with her, I was practically a virgin.

Then, about three years into our marriage, I started getting some strange and scary desires. I wanted nothing more than a hard male body pressed against mine, and the musky taste of man on my lips. This was exacerbated by the fact that I was now working with what I considered to be the single hottest individual, man or woman, that I had ever encountered, or had seen in any picture, and this person was male. VERY male.

His name was, I found out quickly, Dr. Kailen Erik Moran, and yes, he was a Doctor. Not a medical doctor, he made clear to everyone, but a Doctor of Divinity, and Ancient Religions. One would think that the fact of his learning would make him a stuck-up, over-moral ponce, but nothing could be further from the truth. He was a worldly-wise, honest, forthright man, with not a hint of religion-inflicted stiffness.

He could easily laugh, and was quick with a snarky retort whenever he was teased, or when the jokes flew at high rates. Often, his way with words would have his fellow workers practically paralyzed with laughter. To be frank, I was quickly becoming infatuated with this vibrant personality.

Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name, for what it's worth, is Sean Leigh Cleburn, and I am a professional recording engineer, one that owns a small recording studio. But that is not my regular job. During the day, I am the purchasing and logistics agent for a major musical instrument dealer in my city.

I'm a bit tall, at 200 centimeters, and 95 Kilograms. I do my best to keep myself healthy, so what little fat is there, is kept somewhat in check. I have to admit, though, I do enjoy the occasional beer and pizza. I also love to cook.

But enough about me.

About five years after the marriage, it ended in me losing everything I owned EXCEPT the studio and my car. I was reduced to sleeping, eating, showering, and practically spending all spare time at the studio. At least, because of not actually being the child's father, I was not subject to child support. What little alimony would usually be paid, was waived by the judge, bless him.

Now, I said earlier that I stopped caring the moment the divorce became final. That's true in everything except my studio and my job. Into those I put every ounce of energy I could muster.

After about two years of this, I had an apartment built off the back of the studio, one that was large enough to do a small amount of entertaining. I was elevated to my current position as logistics agent of the Dealer, in addition to my purchasing agent position, something that really was not a change, as I was already doing the job. They just gave me the extra title, and recognized this with additional pay, almost double what I had started the position.

Through all this, I had one small (read that as fucking huge) thorn in my side. I still was infatuated with one person. And that person was Kailen. Beautiful man, he was. He was still vibrant, and almost too handsome. I got to where I feared every time he and I met, as I would almost certainly develop a massive hard-on, and doing so was not a good thing, to my mind. I feared he would see, and it would jeopardize what little friendship I had with him.

To this end, I poured myself deeper into my work. But this really did not help at all. I would wake up early in the morning, with the darkness surrounding me, realizing I had just had a wet dream of Kailen. This was all the sexual activity I could be said to be getting, and it really did nothing but make it worse.

One afternoon, I was running some figures through the inventory computer's lists, when I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. I looked up, and there was Kailen. He smiled at me, and said in his beautiful singer's voice, "Hey, Sean. What are you doing tonight?"

I really had only one answer, because I had no work in the studio. I was all caught up. So, being an honest individual, I said, "Nothing. I had been planning to go get a six pack, and a pizza, and chill in front of a space movie."

Then, Kailen threw a wrench into that plan that had me sweating underneath my t-shirt. "Why don't you join me and my band at the 'Salty Dog Saloon' tonight? There's a jam, and we host it. You and your keyboard talent would be welcome." He then said something that had my heart racing a bit. "Besides, when we aren't playing, it'll give me a chance to get to know you. I've worked with you for eight years now, and I know next to nothing about you."

I sighed, and looked at him, forlornly, I am sure. "That was a bit of the point, Kailen. But, yeah, I suppose. Do I meet you here? And when?"

"Yeah. Meet here, and we pack into the trailer. Bring your keyboard and amp, and be ready to jam. Rock and blues, mostly. Meet us here at about six. You get off at four, right?"

"Yeah. What dress code?"

"We usually dress in black. I'll get a t-shirt for you. And, by the way, what size do you wear?"

I told him. Then, writing it down, he smiled, patted my shoulder, and said quietly, "Thanks, hun. See you at six." Then he walked away.

I was really sweating now. I knew it wasn't really a date, but the man of my dreams had just asked me to go to an event with him. That alone was a bit more than I could handle.

Four O'clock couldn't come sooner.


I got home and as soon as I stepped into the apartment, had my clothes off. I went directly to the shower and began to wash up. As I did, a rather powerful image of what I believed was my dream man, Kailen, naked, rubbing up against me, entered my mind. I couldn't stand it, and for the first time in years, I reached down and grasped my hardened shaft. I began to slowly fist it.

The sensations were stronger than what I had ever experienced. I imagined his hand on my member, and his lips on mine. I imagined his voice in my ears, his breath on my skin. My eyes were closed, but I am sure if they were open, one could have seen them rolled back into my head.

The heat in my body climbed, and I began to stroke faster. I braced myself against the wall, and panted with need. It was as if electricity had been applied to every sensitive spot, and I was shaking and stiff.

Then, stiffening further, I came hard, with Kailen's name on my lips. Great ropes of cum hit the wall of the shower, and I shuddered as the intense pleasure rippled through my wet body. Never had I cum so hard. It was then that I knew what I wanted more than anything in the world. I wanted Kailen.

Cleaning myself up, I finished my shower, trimmed my goatee, and shaved the rest of my face. I clothed myself, and checked the clock. Surprisingly, it was only 4:45. I packed my two keyboards, a Roland RD-700, and Hammond XK33c with my two amps, a Roland KC-500, and a Leslie 3300 (Look them up if you are curious, those of you who are into music). I had paid dearly for them, saving up for several years, and finally getting what I wanted. I also packed my double stand, my bench, and my small suitcase full of cables.

When done packing, I checked the time. It took only fifteen minutes to pack, because this was my gig rig. I had a similar rig set up in the studio as well. So, I ate a quick snack, and headed for the store, a simple 20 minute ride.

I must have looked a bit scared, because when Kailen saw me, he asked, "Something wrong, hun?"

-Yeah, there is. I'm going out with you,- I thought, but instead I said, "Not really. Just a bit nervous, is all."

Then, he did something which threw me completely off balance. He leaned down, stuck his head into my car window, and very gently kissed me on the lips. Then, while I tried to get my breath from that slight touch, he whispered. "Hun, you do not need to be nervous around me." Then he walked back to his truck, and opened the doors of the trailer.

In order to calm my now frazzled nerves, I jumped out, and began to unload my gear from my car. My encased keyboards and amps found places in the trailer, which was partially loaded with sound gear, a drum kit, and several guitar and bass cases.

Once my gear was strapped in, I stepped out of the trailer to see a site that imprinted itself on my mind. Kailen had stripped his shirt off, and was unfolding a t-shirt. And, in response, I stumbled. He looked better than my dreams and imaginings had been. Luckily, I got my footing, and my shirt was long enough to hide my "tent".

Kailen pulled the shirt on, and looked up to see me staring, and smiled. He threw me a shirt, and said, "Get that shirt off, and put this one on."

I did, conscious of his eyes on me. He smiled at my blush. He then said, "Sean, what ever you do, please don't hide from me, even behind your work. I want to know you. I already know you exercise at least three times a week." Then he leaned in, and grazed my exposed midriff with a finger. "Nice." I nearly came from that touch. I made sure to put my shirt down, and went to lock the door of my car.

The "Salty Dog Saloon" was an amazing place. I'd not been there up until that evening. I really knew nothing about the place. But what I found out had me in a deep quandry, when combined with Kailen's words, and his touch. On several walls, I saw rainbow flags of varying sizes, and some of the neon had rainbow elements as well. The Salty Dog was a Gay Friendly establishment.

-Oh my... Is Kailen gay?- I thought, and that thought didn't fit with the perception of the "typical" gay guy, as governed by what a lot of men considered to be a sign of gayness in my town. This is a sign of how much knowledge I really lacked. I had seen the effeminate types of men before, and that was the only picture of a gay man I had, despite my own preferences.

Kailen explained it this way, "This club is owned by a gay man and a straight man, and their spouses. It caters to everyone, and makes sure that no one is hurt by being gay. Also, it's the only blues club within sixty miles, so it gets a lot of business."

I nodded, and looked around, somehow feeling amazingly comfortable with him. I asked for and received instructions on where to set my gear, and helped the band-mates empty the trailer. I set up and warmed up, limbering my fingers using my ever-present headphones, so as not to interrupt anyone's conversations. Once that was done, I went to the bar and ordered a Guinness and headed for an empty table to wait.

I was soon joined by a happy Kailen. We fell into easy conversation for the next hour, while waiting for time to start playing. My beer was cool and wet, and it helped somewhat to calm my nerves, as did the conversation with my friend.

As we talked, I took occasional glances around the club, and saw that more and more people of every walk of life poured into the place. I became more and more at ease, and was ready to play. I rose, and headed for my rig, and began sound-check with the band.


The night was incredibly fun. It was about the most fun I'd ever had. Music pumped through an amazing sound system. I had so much fun playing songs I'd never played before.

I had long and rambling conversations with Kailen, as well as with other members of the band, and with other musicians in the jam-session. There were many different musicians there, and the random bands that were created by selecting different musicians, made it possible to hear many different sounds and styles.

At the end of the night, I had drunk only two total beers, as well as coca-cola. I was quite sober. Kailen, as sober as I, walked up to me, as I sat at a table, outside, resting my ears, a strained look on his beautiful face. He sat down, and said, "I just got a call from my sister. I can't go home tonight. Their house, which I share with them, just burned down. I have no bed."

This was not good news, as you can imagine. So, I did the only thing I could. "You can stay at my house. I have plenty of room, and an extra bed."

"You'd do that?" He looked up at me with red-rimmed eyes.

"Absolutely, and you can stay as long as you like. And, it would make it possible for us to carpool to work."

He looked at me with a new tenderness in his eyes and smiled, then nodded. "Can we stop by and see what got damaged? And perhaps see my sis?"

"Of course, baby." That affectionate word simply slipped from my lips unbidden, and the second I said it, I knew my face was very red.

"Thanks. And, you can always call me baby."

When the night was through, we helped take down the system and pack it all away. We got our pay, and headed out. We delivered the band-mates and their gear to their vehicles, and I packed my gear into my car.

When the band members had gone, Kailen stood in front of me, and looked into my eyes. "Thank you, Sean. For all you are doing." He leaned in, and kissed me tenderly. I could not help but kiss him back.

We pulled away, and I slipped into my car, and started it up. I watched him go to his car, and then followed him to his sister's house. After talking with his sister, I led him to my home, and indicated that he should park next to my car. I led him inside, and showed him around.

He looked with rapt attention at everything that my house had in it, and at every little detail of its build. I stayed still for a while, silently watching him take in everything in the property. As he looked at a painting, I finally yielded to the temptation, and slipped up behind him, wrapping my arms around him. I hugged him to me gently, but firmly.

I said quietly, "I'm glad you are here, Kailen. I can't stop thinking of you. I hope I'm not scaring you off."

Kailen turned in my arms, and wrapped his own around my neck. "No, you aren't. And you aren't the only one in this room that feels that way about someone in this room." With that, he kissed me again, and this time, I was ready.

The feeling of his body against mine was a heady thing. I loved the taste of his tongue and lips, and savored his musky scent. I was getting more and more aroused by his touch. There was no fighting for dominance. There was just an equal yielding and pressing forward by both of us.

We both came up for air, and Kailen said, gruffly, "One thing... I need to get new clothes, Sean. I don't work tomorrow, and neither do you. Care to shop tomorrow?"

"With you, I would love it." I was sincere, and he could tell. He kissed me on the nose.

"Then, lets get these clothes off, and make use of your bed. I think we both need the same thing."

That offer sounded like the most attractive offer I'd ever heard. I led him into the room, and began to gently strip the clothes off of him. I lifted his shirt, slowly exposing his naked chest, and followed my fingers with my lips and tongue, tasting his skin, and the fine hair on his chest and stomach. I gently nipped and sucked on his nipples, eliciting a deep moan from him, a moan that made me moan as well.

Once his shirt was off, he did the same for me, but did not stop there. He knelt, and pulled my pants down. I wore some boxer-briefs made of silk, since I love the feel. He leaned in, and kissed my hard, clothed member, and began to mouth the shaft, through the thin material.

Sensations filled my body. Like waves of energy, the feeling of his mouth on me rolled through me and made me shiver and moan. I could not take my eyes off of him. He had me in his power, and he seemed to know this.

He pulled my shorts off of me, as well as my pants and socks, and leaned back in to gently lick my shaft. He took it slowly between his lips and began to suck tenderly on it. I was his, as far as I was concerned. I yielded to the feeling. I moaned deeply, and stroked his head as he moved slowly on my shaft. I saw his free arm moving, and saw that he was stroking his own member.

Seeing this, I pulled out of his mouth, and lifted him up, silently, and pushed him to back to lay on the bed. He gasped a bit, then smiled. I kissed that smiling face, then began to trail kisses and nibbles down my beautiful man's chest. I licked and kissed his stomach, then, giving his cock a miss, trailed kisses down one leg and foot, then up the other.

I took his hard, leaking shaft in one hand, and licked the length of it slowly. He let out a mewl of pleasure, and arched his back a bit. I, for the first time in my life, took his member into my wanton mouth. I gently wrapped my lips around him, and began to suck him, taking into account everything I wanted done on my own cock. I sucked and licked every inch of his shaft and balls. He tasted so damned good, I wanted to savor the taste of his salty, sweet precum, and eventually his cum.

But he would not have any of that. "S-Sean... feels good, but it isn't what I want, babe." I got the point, I think.

I pulled off of his cock, and lowered my mouth, while lifting his legs, and began to lick his musky hole. He involuntarily let out a loud yelp, and then moaned deeply, his body alternately stiffening, and relaxing, his voice coming out in hitches. I slipped my tongue into his hole gently, and began to slowly tongue-fuck the tight hole. As I did so, I felt his body move a bit. Then I felt him press a bottle into my hand. I raised up, and saw that he'd found my jacking lube, the one I'd never opened, but had in case I'd need it. So, I poured some on my fingers, and squirted some on his hole, its chill causing a bit of a flinch in his body.

I slowly grazed his hole with my finger, and massaged the oil in, careful not to hurt him. After a moment of this, I slowly pressed my digit into the palpitating rosette, and began to move my finger in short strokes. He gasped and moaned in rhythm with my finger's movements, and I could hardly bear it. I wanted to dive into him and deeply explore him long and slow.

He let out another deep moan, and taking a deep breath, and said, "Sean, I need you. I need you in me."

"You know I love you, don't you?" I had to make sure.

"Yes, and I love you back." He smiled, and stroked my face. "Now, babe. Please fuck me."

I almost couldn't speak. So, I did not. I lined up my cock with his hole, and gently pushed in. While the hole was tight, I had no issues entering my baby. The warmth and tightness were almost more than I could stand. I forced myself not to explode, and simply slowly pushed forward.

Kailen pushed back, and we soon were fully seated against each other. He wrapped arms and legs around me, and I began to slowly fuck him with long, full strokes. His breath came in gasps, and with each gasp, he spoke my name. His name on my lips made me harder and harder, and I began to move faster.

Shorter firmer strokes seemed to cause him to leak more, and so I kept doing that. I was becoming more and more animalistic in my movements, and I began to lose control.

I heard a cry, and looking at my love, I saw his cock spurting hard and repeatedly. His evident pleasure, and the repeated calling of my name set me off, and with a scream of my own, I came hard and long, filling him up.

I could not move for a while after, and when I began to get my strength back, I slowly pulled out. But, Kailen stopped me, so without fully pulling out, I rearranged our bodies so that we were on our sides. We told each other we loved each other, and then slept.


I dreamed of a feeling of tightness moving on me, a tight warmness that was beyond any other feeling. I woke, and realized it was no dream. Kailen had started riding me while I was asleep. I smiled and let him continue, stroking his cock and his chest and stomach as he moved.

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