Rising From Nothing


His sexy body moved and flexed, and the six-pack abs seemed to develop a rhythm of their own. He moaned and sighed as I touched him. His image made me so turned on. I couldn't stop him if I had wanted to. I began to gasp as he tightened around me. The feeling was too much, and I came inside him.

He came with me, a low moan on his lips. He wilted on my chest, and my cock slipped out of him, now softening slowly. We lay there in the sun-drenched bed for a while, our strength slowly returning.

I carefully got both of us up. "Care to join me for a shower?"

"Glad to, dear."

We walked into the bathroom, and I prepared the shower. Letting it run for a while to warm up, I asked, "What size of shirt and pants do you wear, babe?"

"Same as you, apparently." I looked at him, and he was holding a pair of my pants, and looking at the tags.

"Really? That makes things easy," I said. "You can look in my closet for anything you'd like to wear."

"Thanks, babe."

We showered together. It was a sensual affair. We were not hard, but we were mentally aroused by this kind of closeness. Careful to touch each other tenderly, we cleaned every inch of each other.

Shower complete, we dried each other, then dressed ourselves. I smiled and said, "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Waffle House." I smiled, and took his hand. I led him to the car, then kissed him.

I asked him gently, "Will you stay? Forever? Will you be my husband?"

He leaned back in and kissed me. "Nothing would please me more than being yours. The answer is yes, and always was."

That's all I needed to know.


Life hasn't been a bed of roses, it's true, but I have someone now, that I know is going to be around for a while. Kailen took my name. We married about two years ago, and it's been nothing if not the most love-filled life I could think of.

When Kailen's sister found out about us, she was surprised, but supportive. I think she has been the single strongest supporter of our relationship that we could have asked for. Our company supported us. Kailen is still in sales, and I am still in my position. So, there's no real issue with us working for the same company. He is now a regular visitor to the studio, always keeping me stocked with my favorite energy drinks.

And, my dad, the only family I have other than Kailen, has revealed that he is happy that I am happy and successful, a thing I never thought I'd hear from him.

So, if life has dealt you a hard blow, I urge you not to lose heart. Love will come your way.


Author's Note: This is my second work of fiction, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed telling it. I want to thank those that commented on my work. Thanks for the critiques and honest opinions. Much love, Aragon.

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