tagRomanceRiver Boat: Day 01

River Boat: Day 01

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Preface: The River Boat was created between Annora and My Erotic Tail. This tale of Abby and Sam on a house boat on the river grew from a small idea (SRP) into a wonderful tale. Thanks for the wonderful co-write Annora. I hope everyone enjoys the read as much as I enjoyed the write. A special Thank you to LadyShianne for editing.)

(Chapter One) The Cherry

The ride from the airport was long and quiet. They exchanged views of their expectations of this vacation get away. But the travel had already taken it's toll on them. The truck pulled up to the marina and they got out stretching.

She was an erotic breeze, as she out reached her arms way above her head and stretched. Her frame was silhouetted against the shining water and showed her beauty in a bursting way. She settled back on her heels and tilted her head while her hair glistened with sunbeams bouncing from its strands thru the thicket pines. Her curves could move a man in many ways.

The Bull Frog marina was painted all green and tainted with age but the boat slips were new and the hatches off the main pier were full of boats. Moss hung off a large oak tree at the entrance door. The parking lot was mostly vacant for this wasn't the busy season for tourists.

The water was calm and the sun at mid afternoon hung over the tall pine trees. The weather was at it's best, a cool 70 degrees and a light warm breeze embraced them as a welcoming hug. The aqua bluish green color of the river was the panoramic vale. There it was, natures beautiful bounty the "Old and Lost, Trinity River."

Sam put his arm around her and leaned into her, gazing upon the river's awe. He gave her a little squeeze and said, "Here we are, dear." Raising his arm a bit and pointed to their home for the next 10 days.

The River Boat was pearl white trimmed with blue and the railing was stained red oak. Sanded smooth as a baby's behind. The two level cabin and quarters were forward leaving a large rear deck and sitting area. Offering another lounge area on the roof. As the main room was mostly the mid section a combination of kitchen and the "day" room, separated by a large and sturdy ebony wood table. The two long plush cushioned couches ran along both walls and the entertainment center ended its spacious flooring. The lower quarters was one spacious bedroom with the bathroom and shower just beyond the large bed. The walls were made with Washington Cherry wood giving it a deep hue.

A bright orange life buoy hung off the back wall as a beacon. And silver trailed all along it's under rails. The well house that housed the motor and generator was under the deck slatted with slick stained cherry wood. Wonder if that's why they named this house boat..."Cherry."

"The reservations have already been taken care of and the keys are here in my hand. Are you ready?" Sam asked. "Need any thing from the store?" As he pointed to the marina. "I'm going to load her up."

He leaned in and gave her a kiss, then turned, opened up the truck and began unloading the suitcases and supplies. He had already been here the night before so every thing was...ready to go.

"Mmm what did you say, Sam?" She was lost in the serenity of this place. Smiling at him, she could see his back. He was well muscled, "Must be from living in the country," She thought.

"Need any thing from the store?" He said very drawn out, very slowly forming the words. It made him seem even more southern.

Looking at the river out stretched before her, she knew the trip would do her wonders. Abby was in need for a trip without modern conveniences, getting away from phones and the rat race. Sam promised her silences broken with nature, the beauty of the river doing it's magic.

They had spoken online for a very short time, when she had heard once again the beauty of the river. Abby was joking with him a few weeks earlier about coming down.

"Sam you make it sound so peace filled. Packing my bags, will be there in a few." After she typed those words, he was on them quickly. Selling his river to her. Kidding back and forth, they flirted about the way they would share a river boat.

The night ended with their usual good nights. She walked into her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Abby didn't like the dark circles she was seeing more each day. Looking at her reflection she saw somebody she shivered from. She was seeing her own mother, screaming out, she ran to the computer and turned it on. She caught Sam while he was still online.

"Please reserve a house boat. I am coming there." The words glowed brightly.

Sam typed excitedly back, "Are you kidding? " His words made her feel even more sure.

"No! I need to shake up my life. This will do that won't it?" The words typed across the screen. When she saw his smiley face, she felt so sure of it. It also was when AOL died.

A few nights later he wrote her with the time and the date. Abby kept thinking that somehow she would be stopped. Yet, here she was with Sam being asked, "Was there anything she needed." Abby's stomach was flipping upside down inside. She didn't know this man. Which was a fair statement, he didn't know her either. Ten days stretched before them. Would they make it as friends or lovers?

"What are you smiling so broadly about, Abby? " Sam turned and looked at her face. She knew he would see her inner thoughts. "Sam this is a perfect river and the perfect boat." She said it with strength and excitement.

Abby put her hand on the rail as his brushed against hers. He became electrified by her touch and her smell sent his sense's sailing. Alluring and sensual to the touch his heart raced with desire as he looked at his new found friend. They were fixing to learn a whole lot about each other and the next ten days was just the beginning.

Sam unlocked the door and let her enter first. He sat the bags on the deck and took the supplies to the table in the center of the kitchen area. Went back and put the suitcases in the bedroom. Started the motor and let it idle. Fixed the ties and set the bilge. The house boat was ready to go...

She looked at him and realized her situation. On a river and had no idea where. With a man that moved her to laughter and tears, only by words. She broke out into a chatter, asking about the stove. "So Sam you do this often? Rent a house boat? Go out on your own, here on the river? " She blurted as her eyes glanced upon the single bed in the other room. Her face turned beet red and her hands shook.

"Abby, yes there is one bed in that room. It's the smaller of the two rooms. I thought you might enjoy it. I was going to give you a choice." Sam's face was honest in his speaking. "Abby, to be honest with you I thought you might snore. You might talk in your sleep. Why you might even..." His voice was straining, his words were just silly thoughts. He made her relax completely with his generous manner.

"Oh, Sam I am so embarrassed. You got this beautiful boat, sharing with me. Bringing me to this beautiful river, and I act like a school girl. I am so sorry. Of course you would offer me the right to sleep alone." Smiling at her, they did connect on a level. "Oh by the way, women don't snore. Men snore, some animals, but women do not. So therefore I do not snore," his eyes twinkled and she caught a glimpse of a little boy smile.

Abby was organizing the kitchen and bedroom getting acclimated. As

Sam went to the deck and untied the house boat from its slip and went to the helm. Revved up the engines and set the throttle. The boat was churning water as it began moving out. Steering it out and set it on course as he made his way to the back and secured the rail and checked on Abby.

She was as giddy as a school girl but her joy was recognized instantly. She wasn't sure of Sam and he wasn't sure of her, but they seem to be fairly sure they were going to enjoy the next 10 days on the River.

The house boat made its way down river as the islands of tall pines passed and the pockets of coves and pools of lagoons with cypress trees and moss were as if they were waving as they slowly glided by.

Sam caught Abby's glance upon him several times till he finally went to her and asked. "We getting hungry yet?..Got some great gourmet river life meals planned." He said and winked at her.

The sun was setting on their long ferry, the colors danced thru the timbers and sparkled on the water as the splashing of the wake made a melody of sounds. The first large cove they came to at the disappearance of the sun they set anchor.

Sam went to the kitchen and started the steaks and potatoes. Abby got changed in the bedroom as they negotiated the turns at the rain closet. (The Shower) Sam made ready the couch for his evening lounging. "My bed," Sam thought with chuckle.

Sam set the running lights then the spot lights over the water for an early evening of catfishing. As the steaks were cooking Sam was eyeing this princess that had agreed to be his company on this River Boat.

Slipping into the bedroom, Abby shut the door. Feeling more at ease she slipped her dress off. The evening's cool air came through the window, blowing her hair back as she slipped into a short sundress. Pulling her hair up, she tied it with a ribbon. Knowing that dinner would be done soon, she turned the door knob. Stopping where she stood, she saw the muscular chest and arms of Sam. He was turning the steaks that were perfectly grilled. She noticed his facial features, they were tender and handsome, his eyes seemed to laugh.

As she was walking out of the room, he turned to see her. His eyes registered his approval. Breaking into a grin, Abbey turned to show him her dress. She knew her curves were being highlighted from his admiring eyes.

"Oh Abby, what a beautiful dress. Is that the whole dress, though?" Abby looked down and wanted to fall through the floor, her dress had gotten caught in her panties. The sheer fabric left nothing to his imagination. His eyes were feasting upon her upper thighs.

"Oh Sam, I am so embarrassed." The tears started to swim in her eyes. Abby's lips were quivering now and her voice shaking. "Sam I don't know what..." His long legs took two strides and he pulled her to him. Holding her tight, he let her arms pull onto the dress. He was so kind, so sweet. Abby fell for him in that one moment. He never laughed he just gave her a graceful way to get out of this.

"Abby, I don't have my eyeglasses on, I didn't see anything," his voice spoke with softness. "Abby, come on over here if I didn't burn dinner let's eat." His chuckle was contagious and they both began to laugh.

They sat down and ate as the sun set. Fruit was for dessert, and somewhere he found a box of thin mint cookies. "This was just glorious, he was so like his personality online." Abby thought. The evening flew by with much laughter. "Sam I am so glad I came, here." Abby's said tenderly.

The frogs sang their nightly songs along the river, with the crickets as there back up singers. Not exactly Smokey Robinson, but peaceful as they played their tranquil melody. In the distance you could hear the distinct sound of the loons calling out in the crisp night air.

Abby was beautiful and refined. The hardest part of online relationships would be the little things, like the flicking of the loose strands of hair or the tilting down of the head and looking up at you with doe like eyes. People tend to get the mentality of another right away, but to actually see them in their repetitious personality trademarks is a whole other story.

Her little dress mishap triggered a bond of trust and friendship that they had hoped would grow. It had been a long time since either had held another that they weren't sure if they would ever again. Or even to open up to a stranger but they were whittling away at the barriers of mistrust.

Her sensual ways intrigued Sam, such as the way she stood with her weight on one leg and hip curved out as an obvious eye catcher to any man. Her little summer dress was a garnish on her beauty. The pulling of the her shoulder straps backwards and the look she would give when she looked at you, then looked away shyly then looked back again with focus and total eye contact as you can tell something was running through her mind, just wasn't sure what that was.

"Care to do a little catfishing, Abby?" Sam asked as they went to the back deck. Sam told Abby of how he had caught a 72 LB op-catfish one Easter weekend many years ago, not to far from their spot. He told her that most of their catches would be throw backs and to let them get a little bigger, but that it was a lot of fun.

Sam assured her of their safety, that he had been a guide on this river for hunting and fishing in his youth and it was a Tom Sawyer life of easy breezes and flowing water. With fancy tales of mystique and intrigue combined with the best natural portraits of nature all along the river.

"Well, there's a Cajun quartet with dancing on the back deck later too if you like." Sam said laughing as he pointed to the entertainment center. She gazed upon him as he gazed upon her, each soaking up the other's little ways and the bond of their friendship grew stronger with each sentence. Sam ran the lines on the fishing poles and set them in there holders and designated her pole to her.

"Now when the pole bounces and they're biting at the bait, jerk the rod back and set the hook, then reel 'em in. You do like to eat fish right?" Sam asked.

"Of course," Abby replied. Then shot Sam a look with a girlish giggle.

The flood lights off the back deck lit up the whole cove. And the river's banks glimmered off it's shore line wakes as the night air was refreshing and peaceful. The white house boat glowed in the moon light as the night crept upon them. They seemed to be even more sure of their decision to come out here the more time ticked away.

Sitting there looking at the fishing pole, Abby recalled a very early fishing lesson. "I remember when I was younger my father took us girls fishing," Abby said smiling. "My father had four daughters, and he took us fishing one day. I was quietly sitting there as the fish kept biting at my sister's lines. He walked over looking puzzled why I wasn't getting bites. As young as I was I just shrugged my shoulders. He brought the fishing line in. I remember his smile, it wasn't a cruel smile it was one of amazement perhaps. I was the stubborn headed one of his daughters. I told him I would fix my own, he could help my sisters. So when he brought the line out of the water he immediately knew my problem. I had forgotten to put a hook on my swivel hook." Abby snickered then continued. "He smiled and placed a hook upon my line, he never mentioned it to me or my sisters. I caught a fish immediately and my sisters were jealous." Abby began laughing even louder as she recalled the memory.

"Abby what is so funny?" Sam asked as she continued to laugh.

Smiling, she put a finger to her lips, "Shhh you will scare the fish, Sam." Abby looked at him in the light, not wanting to give away her inner thoughts.

They both heard a loud splash, everything happened so quickly. The water splashed over the boat rail, Sam jumped with one big boost, knocking Abby's arm out from under her. She slipped back and to the left, falling in a full body landing. Sam screaming, "Oh Abby you got him. You got him. The grandpappy catfish we all want so badly. C'mere here take the pole. Hurry! Hurry! Don't lose him." His voice was filled with excitement. He never noticed he had thrown her back.

Jumping up, he'd wanted to get to the fish before she lost him. Sam made a mistake. He swerved only one foot and bumped her again, broad siding Abby straight over the railing. Hearing a new splash and a much louder one. His face turned, a bit shocked perhaps, his voice was so calm as he said, "Abby what a strange time for you decide to go for a swim? " Seeing her face he slowly realized his misstep had brought her to this end.

Dropping the pole he fell upon his knees, "Oh my God, Abby, did I make you fall in? I am so sorry, give me your hand." He stretched his hand out way over the railing. Abby was laughing as their hands touched, she got to feeling mischievous. She pretended that she couldn't quite get his hand. His reach went way past that safety area. Abby gripped his hand and pulled hard. He fell forward in the water with a thunderous sounding splash.

They both began laughing and floating as his arms went around her as hers went around him. Using each other to float in the cold river's water, until they realized they were interlaced into one another.

Sam was embarrassed that he had knocked her into the water. But that was lost the moment she wrapped her arms around him and like a magnet their lips slowly found each other. Their mouths opened and their tongues swirled.

They separated for a moment and caught their breaths as they looked into each others eyes deeply. They both let out a small laugh but the fire of desire had been lit with that passionate kiss. Their bodies together in the water, Sam noticed the coolness had effected her plump nipples that were now protruding. She caught his glance as she noticed what he was looking at, then she fell into Sam again, kissing him.

Sam pressed his lips into hers as she pulled away and made her way up the steps at the back deck. Abby came out of the water dripping wet. Droplets splashed upon the hard wood as Sam began to climb out behind her. He stood erect and standing when she threw a towel at him laughing. He barely caught it as it went sailing at him and she giggled with that little school girl laugh she had.

Sam was ruffling the towel around his head when he felt her hands upon his waist pulling him in for another kiss. Sam kissed her back with heated passion. They now stood on the back deck pressed upon each other with their lips locked and arms intertwined.

His hands left her shoulders and traveled down. Abby leaned forward allowing her hands to drop to his waist. She began feeling him thru his jeans. His moan told her he wanted more. Slowly her fingers unsnapped his jeans and then unzipped them. His cock came bounding out like it was saying, "Hey coach I am ready, play me." Her mind became focused on his rigid organ.

Sam's love muscle was a very weighty size. Looking down, Abby saw he was already with precum glistening on the tip. Slowly she moved down his body until she was eye to eye with his manhood. Licking her lips he waited with anticipation for that first warmth from her mouth's enveloping feel. Abby could feel his body tense making her mouth open wider. She brought him in her mouth in one complete swallow. He moaned, then his body stiffened, she knew he was free falling into ecstasy.

Licking him ever so softly brought more precum to surface. He took her hair in his hands and brushed it to the side. He wanted to see this. See his cock slip down her throat, he started moving his hips slowly. Between that and the boat slowly rocking she felt a little sick, realizing with horror she was going to. She shoved him back and tried to move to the side of the boat. Barely making it, she began heaving overboard.

Sam reached out and pulled her upwards once he was fairly certain that she was thru feeding the fish. He walked her to the lower section, and laid a towel out on the bed then placed her on the bed as well.

"You get out of those wet clothes once you get to feeling a bit better." Sam said with concern. Then brushed her hair back off her flush face. He covered her up with the bed spread.

"Poor honey," Sam said, "a lot for one day." Getting a cool rag and placing it on her forehead. Abby seem to be resting with her eyes closed and yet still a bit dizzy.

He shut the door so that she could get undressed and out of her wet clothes. He went to his bag and got a little bottle. Went back to the bedroom and knocked on the door.

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