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River Spirit


I need to start this story by saying that I am no one's idea of an outdoorsman. I hate hiking and I have no interest in bike trails or bird watching. My idea of roughing it is when my TV is broken. I have only one exception to this rule. Fishing.

I love fishing. I can stand with a pole in my hand for hours. On a bank, in a boat, it doesn't matter. I just love to fish. My absolute favorite kind of fishing is trout. Every year I join a buddy of mine in Colorado and we go fishing for rainbow trout. He's got a little place up there right on the river. We start first thing in the morning and don't quit until well after sunset. The view is gorgeous, the river is wonderful, and the fish are delicious.

By the way, my name is Charlie, Charlie Adams. I own a car dealership, and my friend Brian runs a hardware store. It's Brian who has the place in Colorado.

Everything was looking great. We had bought our plane tickets, and we had both scheduled our vacations, when Brian got sick. The flu was going around, and my buddy caught it two days before we were to fly out. I was sure that the trip was off, but Brian told me to go without him. At first I refused, after all it was his cabin we were using. But Brian just said there was no point in both of us missing out, so he gave me the keys and I decided to go ahead and go.

The trip to Colorado was fine, and I got to the cabin in the evening. I unpacked, got everything working and ready, and went to bed. I wanted to get an early start the next day.

By 5:00 the next morning I was already on the river. It was still a little dark and I couldn't see much yet, but something was definitely wrong. After a couple of hours, the sun was up completely. Now I could see the river and I didn't like it. Normally, our little river was sparklingly clear, but today it wasn't. It was cloudy, and the water was a funny color. Also, there was a strange odor coming from it. Well, I waded up and downstream over the course of the day, but I never found a better spot, and I never got a bite. In fact, I never even saw or heard a fish jump.

That night I called Brian. I asked him if he'd heard anything about any water problems, but he didn't know any more than I did. The nearest town was about three miles upstream, and we both figured if I was going to find out anything it would be there. So the next morning as I fished, I began to gradually work my way towards Longville.

I don't know how far I had gone. Probably more than a mile, but less than two, when I heard a scream. It was awful. The scream was obviously that of a woman, and it sounded like someone in horrible pain. I thought it had come from a little farther upstream, so I took off at a trot and tried to follow it.

I'd just turned a bend in the river, when I heard the scream again. This time it was close, very close. I looked all around, but I still didn't see anything. But if I listened closely, I could hear what sounded like a girl whimpering or sobbing. I followed the sound, and examined the area very carefully. Finally, I saw it. The far bank was very steep, and there hidden by the shadows, was a small cave. It was hard to see, but it was definitely there. And the sobs were coming from inside.

The opening was too small to walk through, but I could crawl through it easily enough. I have to admit I was a little scared, but I had to find out if someone was hurt. I did have a good flashlight, and as I shined it in the cave, I could see that the place opened up quite a bit very quickly. In fact, I only had to crawl a hundred yards or so before I was able to stand quite easily.

It was a cavern. Quite a large one actually. There was water on the ground, maybe ankle deep, and stalagmites rising from the floor. Crystals sparkled off the walls when my flashlight hit them.

For a moment, I still couldn't find the source of the sounds, but then I saw her. She was lying at the far end of the cavern. It was a girl, and she was face down. Her long hair was just splayed out around her. At first my heart sank as I was sure she was dead. But then I saw a leg move, and I dashed over to her as quickly as I could.

The girl appeared to be a teenager. Or maybe early twenties. I'm not good at telling that sort of thing. She must have been into some sort of punk thing, as her hair was colored a bright shade of blue-green. I knew I wasn't supposed to move someone who might be hurt, but her face was in the water and I had to make sure she didn't drown.

I lifted her up and turned her over. She was a tiny thing. Just a bit over five foot, and thin. Her body was probably the athletic type, although it was hard to tell at that moment. Whoever she was, she was breathing and managed to get to her feet with a little help. When she was able to walk, I led her back to the cave opening. I wanted to find out who she was, but I thought it was more important to get her out of the cave while she could still walk.

Crawling out of the cave, and pulling her at the same time was tricky, but I managed it. The girl never said a word, but she let me help her out of the cave. Finally, we were back out in the sunlight, and that was when things really got strange.

As I helped the girl from the cave, I got my first good look at her face. She was beautiful. Amazingly so, actually. In fact, once my eyes met hers, I couldn't tear them away. It was like my soul was being drawn in. I don't know what might have happened, but thankfully, she lost consciousness and her eyes closed.

I blinked and cleared my head. Then I took a closer look at the girl. Aside from being fascinating, her eyes had been bright blue-green. In fact they had been almost exactly the same color as her long hair. And as I looked at that hair, I realized that it was not dyed. That blue-green color was its natural shade. There were no roots showing, and the way it shimmered was like no coloring I had ever seen.

Finally, though, there was her skin itself. It also had a bluish tone to it. True, it could have been that she was just cold or weak, but I didn't think so. I had a feeling that the blue color was simply her natural skin tone. It was tempting to leave whatever she was there, but I couldn't do it. Somehow I did know that without help she would die, and I just couldn't let that happen.

I had a pair of sunglasses with me. I didn't know if they'd protect me from her eyes, but I put them on anyway. Then I gently tried to shake her awake. Gradually, she came to and her eyes opened. I don't know if it was the glasses, or just that I had seen them before, but while they were still strikingly beautiful, I wasn't trapped in them. Then, a minute or so later, she passed out again.

There was nothing I could do where we were. We were in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, and the mountains were between me and any city. I couldn't get any signal on my cell, and I couldn't just leave the girl where she was. So I scooped her up and began the long walk back to the cabin. The little girl was tiny and not much of a burden. It was less than an hour later that I was carrying her inside and lowering the mystery girl onto the bed.

Once again, I gently shook her awake. Her eyes opened, and she moaned, but she didn't seem to be able to really wake up. I had poured a glass of water, and I held it to her mouth so she could sip it. When the first drop hit her tongue, her hands grabbed onto the glass and she drained it in an instant. A moment later, her eyes popped open wide, and I could see that she was absolutely terrified.

I put my hands up to show that I wouldn't hurt her. I tried asking her who she was but she just shook her head. I was just about to give up on that, when I heard her speak to me. Except her mouth wasn't moving. She wasn't talking, I was simply hearing her in my head. It wasn't her voice, it was her thoughts. Whatever this girl was, she was telepathic.

What she was, was a river nymph. She said her name was Nixana and she was the nymph of my little river. As she continued to "speak" to me, I learned that normally nymphs live in their bodies of water. Since they can turn their bodies into water, people never see them. Which brought me to wondering why I had found her lying in that cave.

Nixana tried to tell me, but she wasn't completely sure either. She had been swimming, when she'd come across a large barrel at the bottom of the river. It was leaking something into the water, and all the fish were dying. Nixana had tried to move the barrel, and a drop of whatever was in it touched her. It had seared into her. The burning pain had been terrible. And worse, as she had jumped back, the nymph had knocked the barrel over and its entire contents had spilled out.

A second later, the whole river had become poisoned. Normally, if a nymph was hurt, simply entering her water would heal her. But it was the river itself that was now hurting her. Panicked, Nixana had tried to swim anywhere to escape the burning, but the whole river was dying. Then, as she was dashing upstream, she had found another of those barrels. It was leaking too. Nixana had realized that she had to get out of the river or die. The nymph had crawled out of the water and into the cave.

There she had lain until I had found her. A nymph can't live out of water long, but there was just enough on the floor of the cavern to keep Nixana alive. Except that she had become so weak, that she would never have been able to crawl back out. If I hadn't found her, she would have just laid there until she finally died.

After that, I could feel the nymph begging me to tell her what those barrels were and why they were in her river. I told her I wished I knew, but I had no idea. Tears came to her eyes, and I could feel an overwhelming grief in her thoughts. Nixana knew that very shortly her river would die. All the plants, the fish, the other animals, they would all soon be dead. A nymph couldn't survive the death of her river. If the water died, the nymph died with it. Nixana didn't want to die, but even more than that, she didn't want her beautiful river to die.

My immediate concern, though, was Nixana. She was still very weak. I gave her glass after glass of water, and that seemed to help some. But the nymph needed to be in water. Then, I got an idea. I ran into the bathroom, and started the tub filling. It took about ten minutes, and I let it fill as deep as I could. When it was ready, I scooped Nixana up and carried her into the bathroom. Then I carefully lowered her into the bath.

The beautiful girl perked up immediately. This incredible smile crossed her face, and then she just sank down into the water. A second later, she scared me half to death as she just disappeared right into the water.

I didn't know what to do. One moment she was lying there in the bath, the next she was just gone. I was just about to reach into the water, when she appeared again. Just like that. One second she's there, then she's gone, then she's back again.

Nixana was really smiling now. And she looked much better. Her skin was still that bluish-green color, but it was shiny now. It didn't have the sickly, gray caste to it that it had had earlier. The nymph continued to smile as she climbed out of the tub.

She had been naked this whole time, but for some reason up until now, I hadn't really noticed. Maybe it was because I was so worried about her, or maybe she was projecting some thoughts that stopped me. I didn't know and I didn't care, but I was certainly noticing now.

My nymph was tiny, just over 5 foot and less than 100 pounds. Her hair was beautiful and long, stretching about halfway down her back. Her breasts were small, but very firm looking. And her nipples had that same aqua coloring to them that the rest of her body had. Her stomach was absolutely flat, and she had no bellybutton. Between her legs, her fur was the same blue-green as the hair on her head. And it did look like fur, not really like human hair.

As she walked back over to the bed, Nixana, or Nixie as I was starting to think of her, began to laugh. It wasn't so much that she was laughing at anything, as it sounded like she was just happy. Then, I got another surprise as she turned to me and began to talk.

Nixie thanked me for saving her, and asked if she could please rest. I said of course she could, but I did ask why she was talking now and hadn't earlier.

"Telepathy as you call it, doesn't require language. I could just sense your thoughts and send my own. I have to read a person's mind for a while, before I can actually speak to them. We nymphs can learn languages from the thoughts of people around us, but it takes time."

I told Nixie that she was welcome to stay as long as she liked, but I was worried about her. I didn't know how long she could live out of her river. The nymph smiled at me, and then she explained a great deal.

It seems nymphs are not born. They come to life when a new body of water is formed. Not just any body of water, it can't be a puddle or a mudhole, or something like that. It must be big enough to sustain life. Then, as life grows in the water, a nymph comes to life as well.

The nymph helps sustain that life. She can heal fish, plants, and animals. Also, a nymph can actually breathe oxygen into the water if it needs it. The life in the water is crucial to the nymph as well. If the life in her water dies, the nymph dies.

Generally, a nymph stays in her water forever. However, if a new body of water forms near her, and for some reason the nymph likes it better, she can move there. In that case, her original lake or river will give birth to a new nymph. No body of water can have two nymphs, and a nymph cannot go into any water where another nymph is living.

Nixie's powers though were very limited. She could heal a sick animal or two. And she could clean up the water a bit. But she had nowhere near enough power to undo the damage that whatever was in those drums was doing. And she was scared. The life in her river was dying. And with it, her.

I hugged Nixana and assured her that I wouldn't let that happen. The nymph wrapped her arms around me and just nuzzled into my neck. Nixie simply accepted that because I had said that, it would be true. And I intended to make sure it was.

Meanwhile, my nymph could live outside her river for a very long time. But she couldn't live out of water long at all. If she was kept dry for even a day, Nixie would become so weak that she wouldn't be able to walk. Within a day after that, she would die. Living water was best, but the bathtub could sustain her. It wouldn't give her quite as much energy as water with life in it, but it would keep her alive and moving.

I did ask her why she had disappeared in the tub, and Nixie told me that when a nymph is in water, she can turn her body into water as well. Not only does it make her part of her river, but it heals her as well. When she reforms, her body is renewed; fresh and whole.

It was getting late, and I needed to sleep. I told Nixie that she could have the bed. There was a sleeping bag in the closet, and I could get that out. Nixie, though, didn't want that. She was still scared, and just didn't want to be alone. The nymph asked me to please sleep with her and stay close.

I really wanted to refuse. As beautiful as she was, I didn't want to take advantage of the fact that she was simply frightened. But there were tears in her eyes, and she just didn't want to be by herself. So I made up my find to be a gentleman. Nixie climbed into bed and I stripped down to my underwear and joined her. Then I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. Within a minute, my sweet nymph was asleep. And I must have been exhausted as well, because I fell asleep very shorly afterwards.

It was very dark, when I woke up. Nixie had rolled over and as my eyes opened, she pulled me to her and kissed me. Then I felt a hand reaching into my underwear and wrapping itself around me. I was rock hard in no time, and that nymph was just gently stroking my cock. Her hand was tiny, but it still felt very nice.

When she could see that I was wide awake, Nixie climbed right up on top of me. She didn't bother to get my underwear off, she just made sure my dick was out. The beautiful girl slid down my body, and my cock nuzzled right in between her legs. A second later, she just reached down again and grabbed it, and then guided it right inside.

The feeling was extraordinary. Being inside Nixie was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Yes, I'd had my share of girlfriends, but nothing like this. Her sheath seemed to mold itself right to me. And when she wrapped her arms around me, it was like her body just flowed against me. I can't imagine how we could possibly have been closer.

Nixie began to move up and down on me, and I started thrusting to meet her. I didn't think I would last long, but that nymph knew some tricks that were unbelievable. For one thing, she could actually change the temperature inside her body. Whenever I'd start to get close, her pussy would actually get cold inside. Then, after the moment had passed, she would warm up and excite me all over again.

I began thrusting harder and harder. I reached up to kiss her breasts. They were so firm, they were almost hard. And GOD were they beautiful. Then I just wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down to me. One last hard thrust took me as deep into her as I could possibly get. A moment later, I felt like my entire body was exploding as I began to fire insider Nixie.

Blast after blast came out of me. I've never cum that hard or that long in my life. When I was finally done, my entire body was covered in sweat. Somewhere, I had heard Nixie cum with me, but I was so overwhelmed I hadn't been able to do anything about it. Now she was just lying on top of me, as wet and as breathless as I was. We fell asleep again that way, our arms around each other with me still inside her. Hours later, we woke up with the sun well up in the sky, and the two of us in exactly the same position.

Nixie began to slide on me again. I had gotten hard again in my sleep. This time, the nymph just slowly slid up and down my shaft. It felt wonderful, and I could see Nixie shiver each time she moved me in and out of her. She kept up the slow pace for a while, but then she couldn't help herself and she began to speed up.

At that point, I began to thrust with her. Then I rolled us both over, so that I was on top. I reached down and just began kissing her beautiful face. I kissed her lips, her cheeks her neck, everything. At the same time, I began driving into her deeper and harder. This time, Nixie did nothing to slow things down. She seemed to be even more eager than I was. Then she wrapped her legs around me and screamed.

The nymph shrieked and shrieked as she came. I could feel her incredibly snug little pussy ripple against me. That was all I could take. I let out a bellow to match her shrieks, and once again began spurting way up inside her. After that, we both just collapsed down on the bed to catch our breaths.

We did have to leave, though. There was business to take care of. We needed to see what was going on in the river. I offered Nixie some clothes, but she said she could travel in the river. No one would be able to see her, but she wouldn't be able to blend into the water in clothes. So I shaved and dressed myself, and then the two of us headed out.

Nixie dived into the river and vanished. I waded in after her. A moment later, Nixie began speaking telepathically to me again. So, knowing she was with me, I began wading upstream. We'd gone about a mile, when Nixie started to have trouble. Whatever was in the water, was really hurting her. Finally, she had to give up. I told her to go back down where the cabin was. I would continue upstream to see what I could find.

It took about another mile, but I did find it. There on the bank was an old pickup truck. There were three of those barrels in the bed. Next to the truck was a man. He was huge and dirty. His shirt had stains all over it, and he was smoking a big fat cigar. I swore that I could smell the stink of him all the way out in the river. As I watched, he knocked one of those drums out of the truck bed and rolled it into the river. It bounced off a rock and then sank out of sight.

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