tagLoving WivesRoad Show 09

Road Show 09


Road Show 9 = Road Home 0

After a night of sex, first pulling a train followed by an out-of-control gang bang Michelle and Randy face the future .

This is both a wind down of Road Show and a wind up for a new series Road Home.

When Mickie opened her eyes the morning following her marathon session as a prostitute, her husband, Randy was in the other room on the phone. And although his tone was serious, Mickie could hear no anger or malice so he wasn't talking to a divorce lawyer, at least not yet.

"I am a real dunce!" She mentally chastised herself. "I could not resist teasing Randy and when he teased back I just had to one-up him! Then letting that room clerk guy eat me was the height of folly! Once a guy gets his head between my legs, I really lose control. They say that a man thinks with his cock, well my pussy seemed to be in charge of my decision making process yesterday morning. Randy sure stepped up and took a number of steps to protect me. I just love the guy! Some men would lose it if their wife announced she was going to hustle truck drivers in a strip club so they would pay to screw her. Randy knew I needed the adventure and was secure enough to go along, He did realize I was not thinking clearly and so he took control. He made sure I was protected when the owner of the book store / strip club / motel complex 'auditioned" me as a sex worker."

"I wonder if he got as big a charge out of my debut as a prostitute as I did? When I paraded my body in those 'nothing covered' club dresses he starred like any other guy. Maybe I should not have stripped out of that last ensemble, it did not cover anything anyway, and playing with my new glass dildo was over the top. Capitalizing on all the sexual energy, Randy auctioned my ass off to the book store patrons and got top prices for my first few tricks. Once started though I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I loved the fucking and just could not keep to a schedule so most of the johns took my substitute up on her fifty dollar fuck offer. That slutty Jill offered a money back guarantee she would get the john's off."

"After dinner, at the Road Show club, dancing with prospective johns, my dress was so revealing I might as well have been naked, I encouraged the guys to feel me up and did as Randy directed and told them I was a slut wife whore who was flaunting myself to drum up partners for a gang bang later at the motel. Then Alexandra drew me up on stage and stripped and fist fucked me. That really was crazy risky, but it sure generated interest in the gang bang. Studs lined up and took numbers even before we got to the room."

"I know about half way through the evening someone said I had been fucked by two dozen guys, but the room was still full of johns waiting their turn so I wonder what total I finally screwed before I passed out from sexual overload."

Michelle heard Randy finish the phone call. "Here it comes!" She worried. "What was an adventure the night before probably looks sordid in the cold morning light and Randy can't be pleased I shattered our wedding vows..."

"Well sleeping beauty, you are finally awake! You needed a lot of rest after taking gold in the gang bang Olympics. You looked like the sex symbol of all time, and I can't wait to show you the videos I recorded at the adult store and back here in our room which seems to be your personal porn studio. You have no idea how these thirty-six hours have pushed fantasy buttons I never knew I had." Randy beamed. "I will be sorry to call a halt to our adventure, but we should take a breather and consider our options. Since the club is open all weekend they close for the day today." He finished.

Michelle was relieved that Randy both seemed to approve of her antics but also seemed to share the adventure as a full partner. "The club is closed today!" she absorbed the information. "I am not sorry! I hurt a bit, but the memories of this stay warm me up inside. I do believe that I could use a breather to recharge my batteries and let my lady bits rest up." She spoke out. "Randy, so what is our schedule for today?"

"I'd like to check out and take a leisurely drive home. We can talk and share our feelings without other interruptions and distractions. How does that sound to you?"

"Wonderful!" Michelle replied. "I still don't have much to pack...." She teased calling attention to her still naked form. "So you are saved schlepping my suitcases out to the car."

Back on the phone Randy called the motel office. "We have decided to check out today. I expect we could be out of the room by noon, but we would appreciate the courtesy of a late check out..... Yes we do have to settle accounts.... You can come by any time in the next 20 minutes... No Michelle will still be washing up.... Yes I said Michelle. OK! See you in a quarter of an hour."

"Jimmy was a bit disappointed that we are leaving, but he will be even more crestfallen later when the Sheriff visits Arny. I called my old university roommate, Reggie is now Deputy Attorney General, and he will be calling the sheriff to explain that all electronic or other records of our stay here better vanish before they are discovered by a corruption task force that could result in all Arny's business licenses to be revoked. Blackmail even when the target is willing is nasty business you see. I was able to get all of Alexandria's records included in the purge so all the leverage the family have left will be our fantasy life and so we will repeat when we want to recharge our fantasy memories. That is another reason why I want to get some distance from this spot for a bit of time. "Randy explained.

In 15 minutes Randy opened the door to Jimmy's knock. "I have an accounting of the proceeds from last night right here. I think you will be pleased.

The first dozen guys paid $125; Mickie's take is $75. By the time I had collected from the first bunch there was a line outside the office. I was honestly concerned that Mickie might not be able to handle anyone beyond the first group and warned the guys waiting about the uncertainty. At that point a couple of guys a bit back in the line offered $150 for the next spots, and that set off a real frenzy. The first dozen guys were being offered $175 - $200 for their tickets a few took the offer the cash and then got back in line. I imagine they had faith that Mickie would be a slut with phenomenal endurance"

"The long and short of it is Mickie is credited with $75 for the first lot, and an average of $125 for the next two dozen. Total $3900. Arny promised Randy a 5% commission from the rental of motel rooms. We rented 20 rooms to the johns and that added another $100 so we owe you four grand which sets a record that beats any other single night take by almost one thousand dollars. I can't believe that you would not want to hang around, even though the club is closed for the night, Mickie's fame should bring six to ten guys down from the interstate."

"Jimmy, we need some down time." Randy said. "So we are going to check out later today. Did you set up our late check out? Now let me look at the premiums you collected over the rack rates. You know that I agreed with Arny that Mickie was going to keep 100% of the tips she collected, and I do not see how a premium you collected in advance differs significantly from the tips johns gave her after the fact, They are both due to Mickie's efforts and not due to the contribution of the overall management or the motel accommodation."

After some further discussion Jimmy got clearance to kick another $250 into the Jarema account. At that point Michelle re-entered the sitting room, still completely naked. "Hi Jimmy! Hey can you answer some question about the store and the club?" She asked. "You see I saw a bench doubling as a coffee table in Arny's office, another in the peep booth and still another in the 'big toy' display in the bookstore. They were all alike but all were somewhat differently equipped...."

"Our bookstore as a level B franchise of a national supplier, and the national company has a website where distributors can view ers that cover major items since no one can stock more than a demonstrator for the sales floor." Jimmy commented. "Do you have a PC handy, I will log you into the website with my franchise ID so you can look at the variations on the several sex equipment items?"

"Are you looking to invest some of your hard-earned funds Baby?" Randy asked. "Is the store closed along with the club today Jimmy/"

"Usually the store is also closed, but if the lady is looking for a substantial purchase, Joe will come in if I give him a call." Jimmy replied.

"I don't plan to make big purchases on the spur of the moment, so let me study the website while you guys handle the paperwork." Michelle said as she clicked on a series of computer keys bookmarking the web-page and saving the log on information.

There was a knock at the door. "That must be breakfast." Jimmy said. "I had some items from the breakfast buffet at the truck stop sent over."

Michelle sat still naked while a table was wheeled into the room and the food set out. Smiling to herself Michelle thought. "I wonder if Jimmy expects me to 'tip' the room service crew, or he expects me to duck into the bathroom in a panic..." She mused while browsing pages in the online ue.

The room service crew left paid but 'un-tipped'. They did get an eyeful but nothing else and Michelle outwardly seemed oblivious to their attention. On the inside she was preening and squirming in arousal. "Come and get a bite to eat Baby, you have got to be starved." Randy called out.

While they ate, Michelle addressed Jimmy. "I know the store is not your business and I know you guys are not a dominant franchisee, but the ue is a mess. It has all the motivational sales appeal of an auto parts store. Incomprehensible product designations added to assembly instruction graphics make the document useless as a tool to motivate the buyer."

She continued. "Now I know as little about the benches and their variations as I did before logging in to the website. By the way, how does exercise equipment fit into your product line? I found the bicycle / rowing machine..."

Jimmy brightened. "Oh that is the DP model. We actually have one here. It is near the hot tub that is part of this suite you are staying in."

"You have a hot tub in our suite? Where?" Randy blurted.

"On the roof." Jimmy replied. "There is a door at the back of the bedroom that leads to a circular staircase with roof access. The hot tub is on a sun deck and has an exercise shelter where we have the DP set up. It is one of the first models to it lacks some bells and whistles that anything sold today would have. I'll show you after breakfast." He said still hoping to keep the couple checked in to his motel.

"I don't think we will have time and still get out by noon." Randy countered.

"Oh I forgot. You do have a 2PM checkout." Jimmy replied

After breakfast Jimmy led the couple to the hidden staircase and gestured. "Ladies first"

It was a visual treat for the guys to follow a naked Michelle up the stairs where lounge chairs and the promised hot tub looked very inviting. Michelle spotted an enclosed room off to the side...

Inside the room was partitioned so one half had pumps heaters filters and chemical injectors just like the equipment the Jarema's have at home, but on the other side there were several devices that looked a bit like the small gym and a rack where restraints dildos and other sex toys were neatly stored in original packaging. In the middle of the floor was a device that looked like a modified rowing machine.

Michelle challenged "OK I want to use the equipment and I want you to show me how it works and how to get the best workout while using it."

Jimmy looked walked over to the device and grasped the handle that was pointing straight up. He pulled in forward slowly and a rubber dong rose out of the straddle seat, as he pushed the handle back to neutral the dong went back down. As he pulled the handle backwards another dong rose up a bit behind the first, and pulling the handle back to neutral the second dong sunk back down. "It is a rowing machine / rocker type device that you control by how far forward you push it and how far backward you pull it." He said. "Randy help me get this cleaned up because you'll also be expected to clean it up after anyone uses anything." Jimmy said wiping the exposed surfaces down with a disinfectant wipe and then towel dry. Pointing out the display of rubber cock shapes he said "Michelle choose one of each of these two types. These will be yours to keep. They are 'on the house."

Michelle picked up one after the other letting the suspense build before handing two from the larger sizes to Jimmy. "I'll start with these."

With Randy watching carefully Jimmy unpacked and installed the rubber add-ons and gave the saddle a last wipe down. "Climb on Michelle." He said. "I recommend you set the neutral position to be just inside.... Eh! ... Um!..... So neither dildo becomes misaligned... and you inch the neutral position upward with this thread adjustment. "Those dials indicate the degree of charge built up in the battery by the rowing action that is connected to a generator. The battery powers the vibratory action you will feel after you have the rowing stroke established." Jimmy explained "OK push the handles forward slowly .... Now pull back to neutral... and pull back further .... Now push forward to neutral.....OK how did that feel?" Jimmy asked.

"Really good and I could tell this will work my arms shoulders and gut." The naked woman replied

Michelle started the rowing cycle pushing forward and pulling back. The effort was noticeable and after a few moments her eyes open wide in surprise. "I imagine the battery charge is high enough to start the motors that rotate and vibrate those tools." Jimmy observed "Randy, You will have to stay right by her while she rides, because after repeated orgasms riders have been known to become so enthralled they ride past the point of exhaustion and cannot safely dismount." Jimmy instructed. "We actually have a safety harness for solo riders"

Randy turned his attention back to Michelle. She pushed the handle forward leaning into the stroke giving the handle and the front dildo an increased range of motion. On the draw Michelle pulled the handles toward her and then leaned back pulling further sliding the back dildo up and deeply in her ass. Randy could hear the whine of the generator feeding current to the battery which provides the power to vibrate and rotate the two rubber dildos. Cycle after cycle Michelle pushed and pulled bending further forward and back as she drooped into the rhythm until with a distinct thump she hit the front safety stop and a moment later another thump as she hit the back safety stop.

By now Michelle was panting both from arousal as well as from exertion. "I cannot believe how this combination feels alternating between shoving into my pussy and shoving into my ass. The faster I stroke the higher the stored amperage is in the battery which in turn speeds up the vibrator motors and increases the motion I can feel." She thought to herself. What Randy heard was an increase in the volume of the moans and groans sighs and even giggles as Michelle pumped the machine and pleasured herself.

Randy checked the clock and saw his wife had been riding sixteen minutes when she began to show signs of imminent sexual release. The first warning is Michelle's trademark erolalia both increasing in volume and decreasing in coherence. The second was a pronounced flush covering her skin and the final stage was earsplitting cry of ecstasy as she slumped in the saddle and the handle moved to the disengaged position.

When she recovered sufficiently she looked at Randy "Honey I have found the perfect home fitness appliance. Can we get one of our own?"

"How about it Jimmy" Randy asked.

"Two options. You can order here from the ue or you can take my card and visit the central distributor and see the latest models and options for yourselves. Either way Road Show Inc. will get most of the sales credit." Jimmy explained. The central distribution center is about half way between here and your home and is open seven days 12 noon to 12 midnight."

"There is a retail store is immediately adjacent to the central distribution center, and they have all the marketing folks in that office. I heard from my cousin Joe and Uncle Arny that the ue is a mess just like you say. If you plan to stop, I can phone ahead so they expect you and have new models of the DP equipment ready for a trial run. Since you are now part of the Road Show family, I will set you up with our discount, and the marketing folks are more likely to pay attention to a paying customer's critique of our ue than listening to the whining of a B franchisee." Jimmy pressed on. "So you can do us all some real good."

"I have some price sheets in the office and you will get a 20% discount on those figures. I know the model designations will be Greek to you, but you will have some idea of the eventual cost." He finished. "Mickie, why don't you soak up some sun while I get the papers from the office and then help randy load the car." He finished turning to go down the stairs.

"Honey, I am itching to give that beast another ride." Michelle said. "You have no idea how stimulating that was, and from the muscle burn in my arms and gut, I know it is actually great exercise. I really want one, and I bet I have enough 'earnings' from yesterday to cover most of the price."

"Promise you will call me before you try to use it solo?" Randy cautioned. "You might want to use the downtime to plot a course to the central distribution facility and to look over the ue to see what they have before we leave. If you are going to lay out in the sun, let me apply sun screen –especially to those bits that are usually covered. I do not want to find my fantasy wife sun burned and unable to play later tonight."

Randy and Michelle enjoyed the next quarter of an hour assuring her tender skin was protected, and being careful some areas got extra attention to make certain to square inch crack or crevice when without multiple sun block applications. One really cannot be too thorough.

While Randy and Jimmy took care of settling the bill and loading the family car, Michelle lying naked on the sundeck began to consider the possibilities that lay ahead. "I know a little something about advertising and about sex. The problem with the ue is that it just shows equipment. What slutty women and horny men want is to be able to visualize the equipment in use. That meant a female model naked and available, and for certain shots one or more male models" In her mind's eye Michelle was becoming the female model and she imagined she was demonstrating the equipment while stills and video's recorded her body in intimate detail. The fantasy was both highly erotic and personally compelling

Michelle was wearing big and dark sunglasses and was also wearing a big sun hat. She lay motionless on the chaise soaking up the sun when she noticed a figure on the south second story walkway of the main motel building. He had caught sight of the naked lady sun bathing and quickly rounded up a few others. Michelle feigned sleep while she watch her voyeur audience from behind her sunglasses. After a bit, another audience gathered on edge of the north walkway. The guys spoke quietly among themselves not want to wake the 'sleeping' nude. Michel loved the sensation of being the center of erotic tension separated only by the six foot gap between the motel buildings.

By the time Randy climbed back up the staircase Michelle had worked herself up into a very high state of arousal. The audience scrambled out of sight, but not before Randy saw Michelle was posing as a sleeping nude for a bunch of truck drivers. "You know sweetheart, you could get into trouble if I am not around especially if your fans can actually get to you."

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