tagGroup SexRoad Trip: Beach Blanket Anal

Road Trip: Beach Blanket Anal


Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.


Looking for the entrance to the nude beach was frustrating. I had driven by this same heavily wooded area twice now and all I had seen was a little dirt road, and a small, faded sign that was nailed to a tree. The sign said 'Private Property'.

On my third trip by, I reluctantly pulled down onto the dirt road. I was going to find the nude beach come hell or high water.

My passion for adventure and new sexual experiences went deeper than just the pleasure principle. It was my joie de vivre...my self-actualization.

The dirt road had many curves and there were several potholes, so I couldn't help but drive slowly and cautiously. I would have anyway.

Besides 'running' into the wrong crowd, I just hoped, I wouldn't meet anyone coming out. There really wasn't any room to turn around.

Several anxiety-filled minutes later, I rounded a curve and drove right into a large makeshift clearing. I immediately saw several parked cars and motorcycles. Beach crowd! Voilà!

After I parked my car, I walked around the area. There were several walking trails leading out of the parking lot. I was somewhat stymied.

I assumed all the trails led to the beach and that some were probably more scenic than others, and, possibly, a couple were even jogging trails. All that was great, but I just wanted to get to the beach and not spend half the day admiring pine trees!

Eventually, I decided to take the trail that looked the most used. I went back to my truck to grab my backpack.

I had heard that the nude beach was a good walk from the parking area, so I had prepared. I'd packed a few essentials for a day in the sun, including a full canteen, and I was wearing my trail runners.

After only about thirty yards down the trail, I came into another clearing. It was very small and contained two old park benches. I also saw another sign.

This one was handwritten in red paint. It said 'NUDE ONLY'.

I sat my backpack down one of the convenient benches, pulled off my shorts, jock, and tank top, and stuffed them into my backpack. I then spread my legs, grabbed my smooth balls, and as I shook them joyously, I said, "Yes! Freedom!"

For me, it didn't get much better spiritually than taking the time to enjoy Nature's creations and the great outdoors. In addition, if I could do this au naturel, even better!

It was very relaxing and refreshing -- to not be constricted by clothing or even body hair. Yup.

I was not only completely naked, but also hairless. I'd shaved what little body hair I had off, from the neck down.

After my liberation reaction, I applied suntan lotion to my shoulders, neck, and penis and then proceeded down the trail. I felt exuberant.

After about fifteen minutes, the pines began to thin out, and I could make out the beach up ahead of me. I was thinking it was about 200 yards away, when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed movement in the woods. I stopped to look.

A black guy and a white guy appeared to be looking down at something. The white guy also appeared to be holding onto something brown. Curious, I slowly approached them.

When I was about twenty yards away, they saw me and I stopped. The white guy gave me hard look and then waved me over.

As I entered the little clearing they were in, my eyes opened widely. Jill was naked, on her hands and knees, sucking on Bill's cock as Leroy watched.

T, the other black guy, was energetically fucking Jill from behind. His thrusts were causing her low hanging, full breasts to swing freely and, occasionally slap together. Although I was keenly fascinated by the slobbering blowjob, I couldn't take my eyes off Jill's boobs. I wanted to reach out and cup her ripe breasts. I wanted to feel their weight in my hands.

One disturbing aspect to this erotic sex scene was Jill's hard to ignore, huge belly. It didn't seem to fit her physique.

When I heard Jill gag, I looked at her mouth. Bill's large nuts were on each side of her chin and her mouth was stretched wide around the thick base of his cock.

Bill gave me a triumphant look. I nodded slightly.

"Now that's how a bitch should cock suck!" T happily exclaimed.

I smiled, admiring Jill's nerve. Despite the tears streaming out of her blue eyes, down her cheeks, and around her cock-filled mouth, she continued to look up at Bill, as he savored the pleasurable sensations of her undulating throat muscles around his cock.

Bill and Jill repeated this scenario a few more times, before he finally withdrew his cock from her mouth. As he wiped her tears away, he said, "Don't worry Honey...you're going to get more cock to suck."

Knowing Bill was next; T started pumping Jill with long, deep, rapid strokes. Thirty seconds later, he grunted loudly as he tensed up and began filling her pussy with his cum.

When T's orgasm had subsided, he pulled out, got up, and stood in front of Jill. She obediently opened her mouth, as Bill moved behind her round ass.

As Jill began to lick T's cock clean, Bill hunched down and pressed the head of his cock into her pussy. Almost immediately, her eyes shot open in shock. I was startled because it appeared she was in terrible pain.

Moments later, Jill gasped and began loudly moaning, "Oh god, oh god, oh god," over and over as she orgasmed. Bill only had half of his cock buried in her! She was certainly a sexually charged woman!

As Jill's body jerked, Bill chortled as he crammed the last couple of inches of his fat cock into her. He then grabbed her hips and forcefully fucked her right through her orgasm.

Bill's powerful thrusts continuously jolted Jill's hindquarters, causing her meaty breasts to begin swinging back and forth, again. Mesmerized, I began stroking my hard cock.

When Jill's orgasms subsided, I began to step forward, but Leroy, who had moved closer, immediately began to force-feed her vacant, subservient mouth, his already hard, black cock. He had a much easier time than Bill and smiled broadly at us as he slowly impaled her pie hole.

Jill had a look of pure bliss on her face as she was able to swallow the biggest cock in the group. That is, until Leroy reached down with both hands, grabbed her swinging titties, and began milking her large, erect teats like you would a cow.

Initially, Jill discretely tried to pull away, but quickly discovered that pulling back, only caused her breasts more pain, because Leroy did not let go. In fact, he did just the opposite. He pulled forward, severely stretching her breasts and nipples.

As Jill's breasts reddened, she began moaning and bucking up and down, as if encouraging both men. Bill, thinking his wife was about to cum, again, decided to join her.

"I'm cumming, Baby. That's right. Fuck it out of me! Show me you want it! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!"

Leroy added, "I'm gonna breed you, too!"

He quickly pulled his glistening black cock out of Jill's mouth and scurried behind her. Bill pulled out just in time for Leroy to ram his cock into her pussy and cum.

I am not sure Jill even felt them cum in her. She was gently rubbing her throbbing teats.

Suddenly, Jill turned to me, sat up, and said, "Put your hand between my legs."

I quickly slung off my backpack and as I approached her, I wondered how I could get my hand under her big belly. I'd never been a around any women with bellies like this.

Jill saw me staring, put her hands around her belly, and leaned back. That's when I saw the butterfly wings tat around her smooth pussy. It was very colorful, yet discrete.

As I bent down, I couldn't help but pause to look at Jill's tat. I decided not to say anything, even compliment her, for fear of saying something stupid and eased a finger into what felt like a warm bucket of custard.

When I began to withdraw my finger, Jill grasped my hand, pulled it her to her mouth, and sucked the cum off my finger. Her soft, warm mouth made my balls tingle.

"Would you like a taste?"

That is when I did say something on the verge of stupid. Not wanting to act tongue-tied, I said the first thing that popped into my mind, "That's a lot...of cum."

"You can have it all," Jill said.

Before I even had time to think about what Jill was implying, she added, "Why don't you lie down...on your back, Honey... The boys look like they need a few minutes...to recuperate."

Seeing the sexual heat in Jill's eyes, I obeyed without hesitating. I squatted down, stretched out on my back, and looked up at Jill.

Despite her belly and heavy tits, Jill had an athletic body. She had a curvy, small ass, and slightly flared hips. Her legs were long and her calves showed a little muscle.

When my eyes refocused on Jill's face, I was rewarded with a charming smile. I felt like she had read my mind.

As Jill straddled my chest, she commented, "I hope you like eating pussy, Honey. I love a good mouth on my butterfly...almost as much as a hard cock..."

Jill braced her hands on either side of my hips, leaned back, and began erotically sliding her runny gash up my chest. For some reason, she was purposefully leaving a wet, slimy, sticky trail of sperm and pussy juices on me, as she edged her warm, sloppy, twat closer and closer to my face.

"You do a really good job, Honey...you'll get a very special treat..."

The guys, who were resting around us on purple and orange colored beach blankets, made some catcalls when they heard that, but neither Jill nor I responded. I was too busy watching Jill's heavy breasts wobble and fantasizing about sucking her milk out of them as she finger-fucked my horny ass...

When Jill's pussy came to rest on my nose and mouth, the sexual aroma of her feminine juices and the men's sperm, quickly brought my mind back to the task at hand. I licked my lips in anticipation. Since Jill's cunt lips were already splayed like the butterfly wings above it, all I had to do was insert my tongue, wiggle it, suck, and swallow. It would be as easy as licking dripping butter off a warm biscuit.

I hoped Jill would taste as good as I stuck my tongue in-between her pink cunt lips and slowly began slurping up the fuck juices. I was in no hurry, but Jill was.

Jill pushed her pussy hard into my mouth, forcing it wide open. My tongue had nowhere to go, but deep into her squishy vagina.

Almost immediately, small gobs of cum began sliding over my tongue and into my mouth. At first, I was able to savor their taste, but the harder Jill pushed, the faster the cum came out. I had to start gulping cum down to keep pace with her.

As I ate Jill's throbbing pussy out, Jill had the presence of mind to reach back and begin stroking my hard cock, although somewhat frenetically. I appreciated that, especially, when she managed to swab the precum off my cockhead with her fingers and then suck them clean in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, I'd lapped up all the men's sperm and cum juices that I could find. I had been hungry and in more ways than one.

Sensing Jill was not about to move, I began licking her semi-erect clit. In no time, Jill was forcefully riding my face and crying out, "Don't stop! Don't stop! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!

"I hope she doesn't pop it in his mouth."


"I'm just saying..."

That's when I knew for sure Jill had a bun in the oven. I guess I knew that deep down. I just didn't want to accept it. I was jealous that it wasn't mine.

My thoughts were re-focused moments later, when Jill's pussy stopped contracting. She reached her hand back, below my balls, and pressed a finger into my tight anus. My cock, which was already hard, stood straight up as my anus automatically clenched her long, slender finger.

Whenever my anus would unclench, Jill would determinedly push her finger deeper. She kept at it, until she had two fingers up my ass. That was not mission accomplished.

As Jill began to wave her fingers in my rectum, I began to writhe underneath her. I didn't care that I was being publicly cornholed. I was enjoying it too much to even think about that.

"See that," one of the guys said. "She's ass-fucking him...gonna make him cum, too!"

Although I had just dined on Jill's delectable, cum-filled pussy and had sucked her clit for desert, I returned the favor. I grabbed Jill's loose ass cheeks, lifted her up a bit, and lowered her puckered asshole onto my stiffened tongue. The angle wasn't great, but my tongue managed to penetrate her warm, wet anus.

As my tongue probed and wiggled in Jill's anal hole, she let the world know how good it felt. I certainly did not mind. It was my tongue that was in her ass - making her go gaga.

"Aaahhh! Lick it. Lick my asshole. Yes, that's it. Deeper. Fuck it. Push your tongue deeper."

"She's gonna shit right in his mouth..."

"That would be nasty..."

Eventually, I had to stop because Jill's ass cheeks were smothering me. Not only that, her pussy was flooding my face. Jill's anal pleasure had completely consumed her.

When Jill felt my lungs heave, she nimbly wheeled her ass around on my chest, grabbed my cock, spit on it, raised her haunches up, and then as she lowered herself, guided my rigid meat right up her hot ass. None of the guys said anything cute now.

While I sucked in air, I had a great view of my swollen cock going up Jill's asshole. Her rectum felt remarkably warm.

Jill guided about six inches of my cock up her ass and then began to fuck me. We had no rhythm. We were just butt-fucking with complete abandon.

After a couple of minutes, Jill began frigging her clit as she grinded her ass on the base of my hard cock. The more her abdominal muscles tightened in response, the harder her rectum squeezed my throbbing cock. I was not going to last much longer.

Jill came moments later. She unabashedly squealed and shrieked as more of her girl cum ran out her pussy, soaking my balls and thighs.

After Jill caught her breath, she surprisingly lifted herself off me, turned back around, scooped up my tight scrotum up in one hand, and re-inserted her fingers into my puckering anus. Surprisingly, my erection immediately began to fade.

I needn't have worried, because Jill's soft, wet mouth quickly enveloped my cockhead. It didn't feel as snug as her rectum, but her active tongue made up for that.

As if that wasn't good enough, Jill began milking my nut sack with her free hand, as the fingers from other her hand found my prostrate and gently began massaging it. The stimulation was so intense, I tried to force her whole hand up my ass.

"Like that, Honey? Your cock sure does! Look how big it is now. I bet you could cum without me even sucking on it."

My state of euphoria was somewhat challenged, when Jill said, "I'm practicing. It's called edging, Honey."

Jill then snorted at her hubby's response, climbed back up on me, and impaled her rectum on the full length of my cock. I could actually feel her anus on my pelvic bone.

Jill then turned to the guys and said, "Watch this."

As Jill's rectal muscles clenched my cock, she began roughly grinding her ass on me in a circular motion. When she reversed her motion, she looked back at me and coyly asked, "Ready to cum?"

Jill smiled knowingly when I quickly nodded. She then turned her head back and said, "Okay Hon!"

I was completely stunned when Jill grabbed my balls and pulled up as T and Leroy each raised one of legs, exposing my vulnerable asshole. Before I could blink, something huge, hard, and slick was sliding up my rectum.

Jill pulled my balls even harder when hubby began porking me. His hard thrusts, along with Jill's vice-like grips on my cock and balls, made me cum quickly.

I hollered as loud as I could when I came. I was feeling pain because my balls were trying to contract, but they couldn't. Jill had them stretched tight. Yet, I was feeling tremendous relief as I unleashed a torrent of cum into Jill's ass.

As Jill and Bill dismounted, I curled up into a fetal ball and like a little bitch; I began rubbing my sore asshole. However, when I realized that the four of them were staring at me, I stopped.

T said, "Damn Sam!"

Thinking she was going to take a break, Jill began to rise up. T stopped her, saying, "Don't get comfortable. Get on your back little girl. I am going to fuck your ass now. Junior, there, got ya all loosened up for me..."

Jill rolled her eyes, leaned back, and gracefully spread her legs wide. T then lifted Jill's legs up and pressed her knees down against her voluptuous breasts with his left arm, as his right hand lined his huge cock up with her sperm-drenched asshole.

When T pushed forward, Jill's eyes must have widened because T laughed and said, "You got that right! I got a much bigger cock."

Although T plundered Jill's ass good, he did not last long. I suspect he was as aroused as any of us by the idea of publicly fucking, especially, another man's wife - in her hot, little, pregnant ass and in front of him.

When T withdrew his cock from Jill's ass, we all looked down at her dilated, sperm-leaking rosebud. I didn't feel so foolish when Jill rubbed her anus, too.

Leroy was next. He gently rolled Jill over onto her side, straddled her ass, and then pushed his huge, black boner all the way up her white, cum-filled ass.

Jill didn't have to have her ass cheeks spread. The girth of Leroy's cock took care of that.

Leroy then grabbed a handful of Jill's long hair and pulled her head up. Has her back arched, he taunted, "Fuck me girl. Ride my black monster. That's right. Squeeze. Keep tryin' to shit it out!"

This scene went on for a couple of minutes, until Leroy rose up into the push-up position and began brutally ramming Jill's ass. He lasted much little longer than T.

When Leroy pulled out of Jill's blasted asshole, her redbud remained open this time. I'm not sure if it was because Jill was straining to shit out Leroy's cum loads or it was due to involuntary reflex.

In any case, Jill's asshole was farting loudly. I guess she was forcing all the trapped air out of her bloated tummy.

Leroy and T chuckled, then gave each other high-fives, grabbed their stuff, and left. No wonder they came so quick, they probably had more ass waiting to get fucked.

Bill offered me a cigarette as Jill laid limp on the ground. Her asshole twitched for a couple of minutes.

When Jill had had enough of swatting the flies away from her sticky rump, she looked back at us and innocently asked if we had been able to see her tonsils. I smiled, not so much at what she said, but at the thought that this girl was not only very pretty and a sex maniac, but she had a sense of humor, too! Bill was a real lucky guy.

Wouldn't you know it; Jill rose to her knees and began crawling toward us on all fours. She got to me first because I was closest.

When she opened her mouth, to line it up with my limp penis, I covered myself with my hand. My cock was still sensitive.

I gently grabbed Jill's head and pointed it to her hubby's cock. She smiled and as she crawled by me and I gave her fleshy tits a little squeeze in thanks.

Right before Jill began working on her hubby's cock, she politely asked if I was still hungry. She added that I deserved a treat after the one I'd given her.

This time I knowingly smiled. Jill took that as a yes, rolled back over onto her onto her side, and began making love to her man's cock with her mouth.

I crawled up Jill's long legs and right before I spread her sexy cheeks open, I indulged myself for a second. I rested my face on her glorious, well-fucked behind.

Jill's ass smelled strongly of sweat, sperm, and pussy juices, but I didn't care. In fact, I relished her sexy odor.

I purposefully teased us both by giving her ass crack long lustful licks. I knew we both couldn't wait 'til I got to her swollen, reddened anus and began making love to it with my tongue.

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