tagInterracial LoveRoad Trip Ch. 01

Road Trip Ch. 01


Hi, it's me Nancy again. Your responses are really great, don't stop writing me. The more I know you like my life experiences the more of them I will write about. Here's another.

I had been in college 3 months before our school's team went out of town for a basketball tournament. Being one of the cheerleaders, I got to go...and was looking forward to the idea of finally being with a black man. During the 1st set of games on Friday, our starting Point Guard Percy (who was black and of average build) was ejected from the game in the first half (for an on the court fight) and sent to the locker room by our teams coach. Karen suggested I go after him to 'give him moral support'. She reminded me I told her I would do it, so I did. Still in my cheerleading uniform: a yellow and black one-piece bodysuit with a short skirt attached, yellow socks, and black and yellow shoes -- I followed a short distance behind Percy to the locker room.

Percy sat on a bench in the locker room and began cussing to no one in particular about how ejecting him was unfair. He took off his jersey, before I got the guts to show myself and speak up. I came out from behind some lockers and told him I thought it was unfair that they ejected him and if I could do anything to help him 'feel better'. He patted the bench next to him and told me to sit down with him. As I walked over to him, I noticed that the sweat on his dark skin made him shiny and glossy. I could feel my nipples hardening as I looked at his muscular thighs, as I sat down. He looked at me and said that 'girls didn't belong in the boys locker room'. His statement caught me off guard, so I started to stand, when he took my hands, placed them on his crotch and told me that, 'white sluts willing to suck nigger dicks' were always welcome. With that, right there in the boys locker room, with a basketball game going on in the gym, I leaned over, yanked his shorts down, pulled his sweaty black cock out and went to work.

I started off just stroking him. Running my soft white hands up and down his hardening black manhood. His throbbing cock felt warm and marvelous in my hands. Percy told me, "I just love slutty white hoes."

This excited me and I quickened my pace as I gripped his black cock harder. Percy tenderly took my face in his hands, lifted it up so I was looking at him and said, "Your whitey boyfriend wouldn't want his little white garden to have a BIG black shovel buried in it. You better figure out just how far you gonna go."

I stopped jacking him off. I didn't think anyone knew I had a boyfriend back home, I was both scared and excited, but the aroma and the feel of his black cock was more than this horny white slut could take. Without saying anything to Percy, I licked the palm of my hand and went back to work. This time I pumped my hand even faster. Percy laid his head back moaning. He groaned about this 'being the best hand job ever'. I loved watching his black cockhead swell up. I used my free hand to feel his dark balls, they were heavy. I was now pumping his chocolate cock furiously with my vanilla hands.

"I want you to do more bitch!" Percy ordered me.

I answered him, by swallowing every inch of his hard black cock. He mustn't have expected me to swallow him whole, as I found him bucking his hips - which only forced his dark cock deeper into my waiting slutty white mouth. I quickly got into a good sucking rhythm. I was using one hand to stroke his shaft as my rosy red lips and tongue toyed with his cockhead. My other hand continued to work on his balls. Percy was groaning and running his fingers through my hair. I swirled my tongue around his thick black cockhead, then down his dark shaft, and back up again.

"God, I love it when a white bitch knows how to service black cock with her mouth!"

Percy said to me, before groaning a bit louder.

I looked up at Percy, gave him a devilish look and begin to nibble and bite down lightly on his cockhead, while starting to tug on his balls. Percy groaned and bucked again, forcing his cock deeper into my hot mouth. I kneaded his heavy black balls, as he placed his hands on the sides of my head and started forcing my head deeper into his crotch. I shoved my white face all the way down into his black lap, deep throating him. I was enjoying the feeling of Percy's big black cock as it throbbed in my mouth. I then surprised Percy by letting go of his cock. POP! Was the sound it made as it left my mouth. A trail of salvia stretched from his black cockhead to my red lips. I ran my tongue down his shaft, to his balls (which had to be dying for my attention). Soon I was attentively licking and sucking his balls, my hands stroking his bulging cock. My tongue swirled around his balls. I nibbled on them. I tugged at them gently. Percy groaned a little. I began rolling his balls around in my mouth. My tongue shifting them from one side of my mouth to the other.

"Ohh God yaa bitch!" Percy said. "Suck my cock again!"

With that, I let his balls go, and swallowed every inch of his hard black manhood. This time, I wasn't going to stop until he blew his load. Percy was very eager to quicken the pace, as he grabbed my head again and began fucking my trashy white mouth with his black piston. I responded by grabbing his ass and yanking him up towards me, digging my nails into his skin as I did.

"That's it you white cocksucking bitch, blow me, suck me off!" Percy groaned.

I quicken the pace of bobbing my head, tightening my suction around his cock. Percy started fucking my face faster, driving his dark cock deep into my mouth with jack-hammer force. His breathing quickened and his groaning grew louder. I was slurping and purring onto his cock as I sucked it. I found myself fucking his cock with my mouth, as fast as he was fucking my mouth with his cock. Percy began twisting my hair up in his hands and announced the 'pressure was building', but that did nothing to slow me down. It actually got me going faster. I was sucking Percy for all I was worth. When it happened, I felt his body stiffen, his hips bucked and.......


He then blew his load into my mouth. His orgasm was unlike any one by boyfriend ever had. He shot 3 or 4 quick loads straight into my throat. I started choking (really), as I didn't expect that much cum in my throat that quickly and all at once. To make things worse, cum started flowing thick and heavy from his cock while I was still sucking. I was now choking on cum and had cum filling up my mouth. So I was forced to pull his cock out of my mouth, just so I could start breathing again. Percy laughed and said "I love it when white bitches choke on my nigger jizz."

He then used one hand to position my face, while using the other to stroke himself off and finish his orgasm. These first few shots of cum, splattered onto my forehead and nose. He then repositioned my head again - while doing this cum was pouring out from the top of his cock. These huge globs of cum were spread across my face, from one cheek to the other. With that, he stepped back, looked at my white face covered with his black sperm and smiled. He tossed me a towel and said he 'was done and that I could go'. I quickly wiped my face up and headed back out to the gym.

Karen questioned me when I got back about what we did. She was a bid sad that I didn't fuck him. To kind of cheer her up, I admitted that my pussy was wet from all the excitement of being with a black man. But, I told her Percy was right, my boyfriend would not approve of me doing anything with another guy (be he black or white), so I felt that giving him the blowjob and leaving was the best thing for me. Karen swore that a black pole would fuck my white hole before this tournament was over, I told her she was wrong.

She simply told me, "Once you go black, you can never go back".

I thought she was full of shit - but that night would prove otherwise....but that's a story for another day.

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