tagGroup SexRoad Trip Ch. 03

Road Trip Ch. 03


Please feel free to tell me what you think about this story or make suggestions for future chapters in this series. As always, I don't know how to express my thanks to you for reading and rating my stories. A big, heartfelt thanks to My Pet for all his influence.


After a long passionate kiss and a lot of giggling we hop back in the car. I let you drive again. I have plans for you.

"I don't know about you but I need a shower... Care to join me?" I ask.

"Sure but, we're still hours away from the hotel." We both pull out our phones and start looking for a place we can take a shower.

"There is a gym a few miles out."

"Let's go." Throwing the car into drive, we head towards the gym. I can't keep my eyes off you. With the windows still rolled down your sundress shifts in the wind exposing more of your silky thighs. I make no effort to hide my growing erection for you. You look in my lap and laugh,

"Haven't you had enough?" You giggle.

"Of you? Never." I wink and slide your dress strap down revealing your right breast. I lean over and kiss the tip of your nipple. I bring your nipple fully into my mouth and caress it with my tongue. I place my right hand on your right thigh, only an inch from your pussy. I can feel the heat coming from your pussy. I have trouble believing that your sundress hasn't caught on fire yet. I kiss and nibble the underside of your right breast thrusting your chest forward against the seatbelt. You gasp aloud as my fingers brush against your pubic hair.

"Keep your eyes on the road" I tell you.

"Easier said than done." you mumble.

"Lean back a little." You do as you're told. I unbutton your sundress and pull it to the side exposing your amazing breast.

"Be very, very careful." I warn you. I bring my lips back to your breast and suck your nipple. My tongue slowly circles around it. I gently bite. You flinch a little when my teeth make contact. I suck hard and flick my tongue across your hard nipple. My hand slides up your thigh to your hot pussy. I slowly stroke your plump lips. You moan softly, almost a whimper. As I slide two fingers deep into your soft, wet, pussy, you inhale sharply. My fingers are slick with your juices and glide easily in and out of your hot, tight, hole. I pump slowly, making you squirm a little. You're trying not to get lost in the sensation. I look up and see you biting your lower lip to keep from closing your eyes and giving in to the orgasm I'm trying to coax from you. Slowly, my thumb starts circling your clit. Nice big circles around your clit just barely touching it. I bring the circles in tighter until all my attention is on your throbbing clit. I can feel it throbbing and I start wiggling my fingers in your pussy. I can feel your G-spot and I start to rub against it with my index finger. I flick my thumb faster across your clit. I can feel your body tense around my fingers. You continue to listen to and follow the electronic voice from the phone giving you directions and you pull into the gym parking lot. You put the car in park. Your body shakes and you hold your breath, gasping as waves of orgasm tear through your body. As the orgasm subsides you run your fingers through my hair.

"Good boy" you purr and pull my head up to kiss me. I slide my finger from your pussy and bring them to your mouth. Your mouth feels almost cold compared to your pussy. You swirl your tongue around my fingers, making sure to get every last drop from them. As I start to pull my fingers from your mouth you suck on them so they make a popping sound when they come out.

"At this rate, we'll never get to the convention." You giggle.

"Are they that important?" I say nuzzling against your neck gently kissing you.

"We did pay for them" you reply, giving me a mock pout.

We get out of the car and start towards the door. We walk in and the place is pretty packed. Gym rats everywhere. I walk up to the desk and start talking to the cute blonde behind the counter. I explain that we are on our way to a convention but we were in a bit of an accident. No injuries just shaken up a bit. She puts her hand on my arm and squeezes.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asks looking deep into my eyes.

"I'm ok but I think my traveling companion would really like to take a shower to help her relax a bit. Is there any way you could let her use the showers?" She glances over at you and thanks to my help you look a little rough.

"We have a private shower for employees and since I'm the only employee here, I don't see any reason why she can't use it."

I look back at you and smile. You smile back nervously, having heard my story, playing it up a bit. You head back to the car and grab the few things you need. I'm left chatting with the blonde.

"Are you two together?" she asks.

"Sort of, it's very complicated." I reply.

"She's very beautiful, and that sundress looks amazing on her. Does she work out?" I'm beginning to realize the potential of this stop on our journey, and I ask for her name.

"Amber." Her eyes are an interesting shade of hazel. The door opens and you walk in, she's no longer taking part in our conversation. She licks her lips as you get closer to the counter.

"Thank you so much! I think a shower will help me relax a little." You smile nervously.

"Follow me." She says looking back at me "You too." She leads us back through the office closing and locking the doors as we enter the employee locker room.

"I've agreed to help you but you have to do something for me. I want her. And I want you both. I know you're lying about your story, so let's just cut to the chase. Strip."

You look at me and shrug your shoulders. And start unbuttoning your dress.

"Wait," She says. "Let him undress you, slowly." I walk over to you and slowly slide the straps of your dress off your shoulders, kissing them as I do. You sigh deeply and I start unbuttoning your dress, again. My hands caress the sides of your breasts as the dress falls away from your body. I look back at Amber and her eyes are glued to your naked body. I turn back to you, lowering my lips to your erect nipple. As soon as my lips meet your skin you moan, your fingers grabbing a handful of my hair and Amber walks over. She follows my lead licking and sucking your other nipple. Your other hand searches for her body settling on her lower back and sliding into her spandex shorts. You hook your hand between her legs and up to her pussy. You slide 3 fingers in and I hear Amber moan against your skin. Her hand slides down your body, across your stomach, and her fingers find your curls. I decide to follow her lead and do the same. Her thumb is flicking across your still swollen clit and I can only assume the fingers she has buried in you are rubbing your g-spot. Not wanting to be left out of the party, I slide my finger through the wetness dripping from you and slip my finger into your ass. You are now the center of all orgasmic attention. Your knees get weak and you fall into my arms. You pull you finger from her pussy and bring them to your mouth. Amber helps me get you to the floor and she attacks. Before I can get your dress over your head, her face is buried between your legs. Her only goal is to make you cum, the sooner the better. You look at me and I can see the lust in your eyes. I know what you want. I take my pants off and kneel by your head, propping it up more with my jeans so you can have what you want. You take my cock deep into your mouth and my hands find your breasts. Your body tenses as your first orgasm hits. Your moaning around my cock feels amazing. Amber slides up your body kissing as she moves, towards your face. With her palms pressed against the ground supporting her chest, her lower body is pressed against yours, her tongue licking and sucking my balls, while you give me the most amazing blow job. You slide your mouth off my cock and kiss Amber hungrily. Your hands pulling at her tight spandex clothes as you break the kiss and I slide my cock into her waiting mouth. Her mouth feels so different yet strangely the same as yours. Her pace quickens as you pull off her pants and lick her wet slit. You come back up to my cock and she releases my cock to kiss you. Her moan is very lusty, almost like she's eating something sinful. You break the kiss and the two of you take turns licking my balls and sucking my cock. It is an amazing sight. Two gorgeous women licking and sucking my cock! I almost can't stand the sight of it. You both start at my balls, you on the left and her on the right and lick, slowly, all the way up the shaft to the tip. You kiss, including the tip of my cock in the tongue dance. I'm close, but I refuse to cum, I'm not read to end this yet. There is still too much fun to be had. I reluctantly slide my cock from between you both and pull Amber's top off. As soon as her chest is bare your lips are wrapped around her nipple and your fingers assault the other, leaving me to watch. Usually that is more than enough for me but, what kind of man would I be if I didn't participate? If any of my buddies found out they would revoke my Man Card. My face is inches from her shaved pussy. I can see how turned on she is. Her lips glisten with wetness. I slowly lick her lips with my tongue flattened against them. She is already moaning, thanks to you. I push my tongue deep inside her. She shudders and I can feel your body closer to mine. My hand slides up your thigh to your pussy. After our adventure with the "cops" and Amber's tongue, I know how ready you are and I slide 3 fingers deep inside you. My tongue finds her clit and I flick it faster wanting to make her cum while I pump my fingers in and out of your pussy for the same reaction. My timing is perfect, you both cum at the same time, your pussy grasping and pulsing around my fingers and I'm surprised when I feel her cum squirting into my mouth. I've heard that girls can do that and I've decided that I will make you squirt before our trip is over. It was too fucking hot! You know you're going to get me when we finally get to the hotel so you beckon her to you as you lay on the floor. You position her in a 69 and wink at me. I can't believe you're going to share! The two of you are moaning and writhing against each other and I step behind her. I can see your closed eyes from between her cheeks and you look so beautiful, lost in the moment. I can hear you both moaning loudly as you bring each other closer to orgasm. I walk over on my knees and position myself behind Amber. You can tell that I'm there and I feel your hand behind my leg pulling me closer. There's not a doubt in my mind what you want. Amber moans and pushes back against me as I slowly slide into her hot pussy.

"Fuck me hard and pull my hair." She says lifting her head just long enough to demand and dives back in to your pussy making you cum again.

Your fingers are expertly fondling my balls making it hard to keep from cuming. I feel your fingers slide alongside my cock in her pussy, and I wonder what you've got planned. I feel your fingers slide gently between my ass cheeks and my cock gets harder as I feel you slick finger push against my asshole. The feeling is amazing! Your finger slowly twists and I almost can't breathe the feeling is so intense. You fuck my ass with your finger, slowly sliding it in and out while twisting and I can't hold back any longer. I growl that I'm going to cum and I feel you nudge my leg so I pull out and shoot my load across the top of her ass as you slid your finger out. I fall back on my heels, and watch as you bring her to another orgasm. She collapses on top of you, not being able to pass it up, you start licking my cum from off of her ass.

"Hey, that tickles!" She laughs and squirms as you clean her off. When you're finished, you slap her ass playfully.

Exhausted, she leads us to the shower. It's a single so we decide to go one at a time. Amber goes back to the locker room and brings our bags into the dressing room just outside the shower. I step out to find the two of you half asleep snuggled on the small couch. I kiss you and tell you it's your turn. She shifts so you can get up and as I sit she stands.

"I'm not good enough to snuggle with?" I ask faking a hurt look.

"I have to get dressed and get back to work. Who knows what those gym rats are doing out there. Make sure the office door closes when you leave." She walks back through the locker room grabbing her keys.

You finish in the shower and get dressed. We walk out of the office, making sure to pull the door closed, and you walk through the gym looking for her. You spot her back in the corner spotting a very cut, sweaty guy doing bench presses. She sees you and smiles as you walk over. He realizes your presence and benches the bar, smiling.

"Thanks again." You say leaning in giving the body builder a show, planting a very wet, noisy, kiss on her. He's dumbfounded as she walks away with you to the front desk and tells us to come back anytime.

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