I woke up early that Friday, well I woke up early for a Friday when I didn't have to go to work. Anyway, with everyone still asleep, I took advantage of the solitude to do a little reading. Stepping out onto the porch I felt the cool morning air roll over my arms and legs. It wasn't quite chilly enough for a sweater, but it was still a bit cool for my shorts and tee-shirt. Fortunately, the chair on the porch was sitting in the sunlight, so by the time I settled in and got ready to open my book, I felt comfortable.

The sun had just peeked over the horizon and filtered nicely through the newly opened spring leaves. The faint breeze turned the sun's rays into a colorful flickering show that distracted me from my reading for a few minutes. The wall of the house blocked the breeze, so I could enjoy the sounds and sights of the breeze in the trees without feeling too cold.

When I did finally focus my attention on the book it wasn't long before things started to heat up a little more. I had heard the author was pretty adept at portraying some vivid sex in his books, but having read nearly half the book without so much as a glimpse at a breast, or ass, I wondered if I was guided wrong. Well, almost from the start of this chapter things heated up and before I flipped over to the third page I had to reach down and adjust myself.

I continued reading, oblivious to the beauty of the spring morning as the sun continued to rise. Over the next hour I had read through three incredible passages that had me aching for relief. Glancing around, I considered simply taking care of myself right there on the back porch, but I noticed a light on in the kitchen. Looking in the window I could see it was my sister who had come home early from college this weekend. She had mentioned something about Earth Day or whatever.

Anyway, I closed my book and waited a while for my erection to subside. Once things were back to normal I opened the door and stepped inside. My sister was already dressed so I said, "You are up and at it early."

"Yes, it's April 22nd."

"So," I replied.

"Come on, April 22nd, Earth Day."

I nodded, "Yeah you said something about that. I just figured you found a good excuse to skip home from school early."

"No, you're the one who did all that back when you were in school. Actually our Ecology professor gave us the day off as long as we did something for Earth Day. So get ready, we are signed up for clean up along the old coast road."

"Is that 'we' as in your class?"

"No, that's we as in you and me."

"You and me?" I asked pointing to my chest, "So we are going to the beach?"

"Not quite, I drew for locations. We have along FM 102, about a half mile from the beach."

"Well, at least we'll have shade. It's cool now, but come this afternoon and it will get pretty hot," I said.

"Look, we have about a mile to cover on both sides of the road. I think if we get out early enough we can finish up long before it gets very hot."

"Isn't there a picnic or celebration or something?"

"On the beach after the sun goes down. I wasn't sure you'd want to go, it will be mostly kids from school there I think."

"Whatever, not sure if I really am up for hanging with your sorority sisters and all," I replied, heading back to the bedroom to get dressed. I guess I should have given her a little more grief about Shanghai-ing me into doing some clean up work along the road, but what the hell, it's not like I had anything else to do. Besides, I figured I might meet a hot friend of hers.

In a little over an hour I had parked the car on an abandoned drive alongside the roadway. We decided to split up, with each one of us covering one side of the road. We both pulled on some bright green vests, grabbed some garbage bags and after I crossed the road, we got started.

The roadway was lined with trees and some light underbrush along each side, with an area of grass about twenty feet wide. The grass had grown up about to our knees but fortunately there wasn't a great deal of trash along this stretch of road. With the opening of the new freeway, the traffic along this lonely roadway fell way off, a big difference from when this was the only way to get to the beach. Anyway, over the mile stretch of road, we both filled up a couple of bags of trash.

I shouted across the road, "According to the signs here, we apparently have finished."

"Okay, they told us just to leave the bags along the edge of the road. A truck will be by to pick them up."

I crossed the street, took her bag and stacked them neatly by the sign. "So what do we do now for Earth Day?"

"It's a little early for the party, but the beach is nice. Do you want to head over there early?" she asked.

"Look, you figure it out, I need to make a quick pit stop," I said, pointing up at the trees. I turned and walked up to the edge of the tree line and then found a small path. Stepping back into the trees, I found a spot out of the view of the road and unzipped. Aiming at the base of a tree I began to urinate.

I was nearly finished when I heard a noise back up the pathway and when I looked up I saw my sister standing there, staring at me. I tried to turn a bit, but couldn't without getting it all over myself, instead I held up a hand and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I used to watch you when you did this. You never shut the door to your bathroom and I'd sneak in and watch."

"You did?"

"When I got older I'd watch you do other things."

"Other things?"

"Oh yes, when I was old enough to understand what you were doing, when I first turned eighteen, I watched you as you watched porn on your computer. It amazed me as much as it grew and wow, what happened after you rubbed it for a while, how it spurted out."

"You watched me."

"Oh yes, it got so hard... uhm, just like it is now."

I was stunned. This was my baby sister, like seven years younger than me. Just a kid, and yet, damn, now she was nearly nineteen years old. I hadn't seen her a lot. I mean she was young when I moved out and got a job and then when I moved back in to my parent's house she was off at college. I'd see her in passing but I really didn't notice anything.

I didn't notice anything until just now. There in the forest I found myself looking over a woman, a beautiful, hot woman wearing a cut off tee shirt that accented her breasts so nicely. When we were in the car coming over she wore a jacket but now, seeing her in just the tee shirt I realized she wasn't wearing a bra.

Her breasts were small, but nicely shaped and the impression her nipples made on the tee shirt certainly impressed me. Looking down I saw her firm stomach and nicely curved hips. Her shorts were tight and her thighs looked so smooth. By the time I looked back up to her face, my cock was fully erect.

"You know, I've wanted to do this since I turned eighteen," my sister said as she moved to me and pushed me back against another tree. Before I knew what was going on she was kneeling in front of me with one hand cupped on my balls and the other firmly grasping my shaft as her mouth, ever so slowly, eased down over the head of my cock.

"Sis, what are you doing?" I asked looking down at her.

She didn't reply but she gave me a look that clearly said, "What do you think I'm doing you dumb ass?'

At that point all I could do is stare and enjoy the sensations as my cock slid in and out of her mouth as she gently kneaded my balls and worked her hand up and down my shaft. I wanted to reach down and grab her breasts, but couldn't quite get that far so instead I ran my hand through her reddish hair. My mind raced and for the first time I wondered what color her pussy hair might be.

It had been a while since I had had any sex, a long, long while since it was with someone other than myself, so it didn't take long before I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I tried to pull her head away but she moaned and shook her head, "No."

"But I want to do something for... ah, oh yes." It was too late. I arched my back and came as my sister pulled her head back slightly and took every drop of my cum, swallowing several times without letting my cock slip from her lips.

When she finally backed away she smiled and said, "Oh damn that was fun. You don't know how many times I thought about doing that."

I eased my cock back into my pants and as soon as she stood up I immediately reached out, slipped my hands up under her blouse and grabbed both breasts. Moving her over against a tree I leaned forward and kissed her mouth as my palms slid over her breasts feeling her firm nipples rolling through my fingers.

I then kneeled, moving my mouth to her stomach, where I kissed downward as I hooked my fingers over her shorts and pulled downward, grabbing onto her panties too. As her shorts and panties slid down over her thighs my nose and lips meandered through her strawberry blonde curls before my tongue found her beautiful, tight slit.

I moved her shorts down to her ankles and she stepped out of them, opening her legs wide. My head dove between her legs and my tongue splashed up into her pussy, which was wonderfully wet. Her tart, earthy flavor flowed over my tongue as I gasped for breath before plunging deeper it into her.

I continued working my tongue inside her as my hands slid up the back of her thighs and grasped her ass, squeezing. Feeling her trembling I eased my tongue out of her and moved upward until I found her clit, where I circled the tiny nub with my tongue before taking it between my lips and sucking. Moving one hand from her ass, I slipped two fingers into her and worked them in slow circles as I felt her begin to move her hips, pressing herself against my face.

She moved her hands down and was running her fingers though my hair as she moaned, "Oh yes, on my clit, yes , yes."

My face and chin were soaked with my sister's juices as I could feel her body begin to tense up. She threw one leg over my shoulder and used it to pull me against her as she shoved her pussy hard into my face. I turned my head, quickly gasped for air and then splashed back into her, sucking her clit into my mouth and working my fingers in and out of her.

I felt her fingers pulling my hair as she cried out, "I'm coming, yes, I'm coming. Oh god you're good, so good."

She came and I held her tight as her body shuddered and her pussy pulsated over my fingers. Her breathing was ragged and she trembled as I slowly moved my mouth away and then stood up. She immediately pulled herself against me and kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth and then over my lips, lapping up her own juices from my face.

When we finally pulled apart, my sister grabbed her panties and slowly stepped into them as I stared at her, her pussy fully flowered, glistening in my saliva and her cum. The beautiful sight disappeared beneath the lace panty and then beneath her shorts. I wrapped my arm around her and we walked out toward the road and then to the car.

It was odd. We didn't say a word during the drive to the beach. It wasn't like we were fighting or anything, in fact, although we each sat on our side of the seat, we held hands as I drove. I wasn't sure about my sister, but I felt torn. I was elated about the experience, but felt so guilty about it too. This was my baby sister and here I just came in her mouth and then shoved my fingers into her as I sucked her clit until she came. I felt ashamed that I did that to her and yet, all I could think of was doing it all again.

When we arrived at the beach there were already a lot of people there. Apparently, for my sister's friends, the actual Earth Day work was but a quick lead into the long and wild party to follow. At least there were some large drums there where we could recycle the beer cans.

Anyway, sis introduced me to a few of her friends and then quickly grabbed a bag out of the car and ran off with a few. I settled down onto a large piece of driftwood and started drinking beer. I pretty much didn't move from the spot the whole afternoon and into the evening, except to grab my jacket as it got cooler and occasionally to visit the porta-potty. Each time I went I couldn't help but think of what had happened in the woods earlier that day.

Back at my piece of driftwood, I'd settle in with some more beer while the music and singing around me got louder and louder. I guess I was a bit drunk when I finally spotted my sister again, wearing only a very revealing bikini. She was obviously cold as she was trembling and her nipples were about to bore holes through the fabric of her bathing suit.

I stood up and wrapped my jacket around her and said, "Well hello stranger, where have you been all afternoon."

"I went in swimming for a while and then I ran around a bit with some friends."

"Yeah, I just kind of relaxed and drank a few beers."

"Look, I've been thinking about this afternoon and..." she paused, and I prepared myself for the repercussions.

She continued, "Well, it's just that I can't stop thinking... I just, I mean... dammit brother," she leaned her head to rest on my shoulder and whispered, "I need to feel you, feel you inside me."

My knees nearly buckled and my cock immediately began to grow. "Where can we go?"

"Look, while I was walking with my friends I found a place. Up there in the dunes, there is some bushes with an opening in the middle."

"Lead the way," was all I could say.

Taking my hand she led me down the beach and up into the dunes. After about a quarter mile or so, she turned and ducked under some low branches and then pushed aside some brush. We stepped into a nearly perfect circle of sand completely surrounded by a think growth of bushes.

"This is beautiful," I whispered, looking up at the moon. It was about three quarters full so it cast a faint light down upon us. I looked at my sister and then reached out and pulled her to me. Our lips came together and I slipped my tongue deep into her mouth.

After a long kiss I carefully took my jacket from her and placed it down on the sand. I then pulled off my tee shirt and shorts as she quickly unfastened her bikini top and then stepped out of the bottom. I paused for a moment and looked at my sister, seeing her completely naked for the very first time.

Her reddish hair looked dark against her fair skin where it curled down onto her shoulders. Her small breasts were firm and her nipples looked enormous. I hoped it was because I turned her on so much, but it might have been the cold.

I continued looking at her as she sat down on my jacket and then leaned back, opening her legs. Her pussy was so beautiful, the soft, curly hair over the tight slit, which slowly opened as she rain her fingers over herself. Only after her lips opened into a beautiful flower did I move to kneel on the jacket between her legs.

I gently worked my fingers between her lips and then dipped into her. She was already slightly wet but after I dampened my fingers and slid back out to find her clit for a few moments and then slid back in, she was obviously getting very wet.

While still working my fingers inside her, I leaned forward, took one of her nipples into my mouth and began sucking. I worked back and forth between nipples, taking each in my mouth and then rubbing my face over them.

Finally, after a few minutes I heard her moan and then plead, "Please, I need you inside me... now."

Climbing up onto my knees, I leaned forward and let her take my cock and guide it between her legs. With one hand pulling herself open, she moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy and waited. I pushed forward slowly feeling my sister's body open to me, her lips and then pussy walls so gently sliding over me as I slipped deeper and deeper into her.

When I had pushed into the hilt I paused, feeling the absolute depth of her. She then whispered, "Oh yes, I feel so full." I then felt her pussy squeeze on me.

"Did you do that?"

"Of course I did," she replied.

"On purpose?"

"Yes, here, feel this," she said and then I felt her squeeze me again.

"Damn, that's nice."

"Okay, now do something nice for me," she said.

"What's that?"

"Now fuck me like I'm the only woman on earth," she growled.

With that command I withdrew and savagely plunged into her. I repeated with the same motion, the same force and asked, "Like that?"

"Yes, yes fuck me now!"

I slammed myself into her, felt my ball bounce off of her ass and heard the loud slapping sound. I continued as she wrapped her legs around me and lifted her ass to meet each of my thrusts. My cock slid easily into her pussy, "You're so wet," I moaned.

"And you're so big," she cried out, "so big."

Thrusting into her I felt her fingernails dig into my arms and her legs tightened around me. I slowed my motion, pausing as I pushed into the hilt to move just a bit from side to side, grinding my pubis against her clit. She then gasped and pushed up hard against me and came, her pussy pulsing over my cock, squeezing me again and again.

Waiting until her pulsations subsided, I began to move slowly. Now, instead of concentrating on holding out for her, I concentrated on feeling her, on what she was doing to me, my entire body. I felt her soft wetness flow over my cock, her firm thighs squeezing against my ass, her hands and fingers moving over my arms and onto my back, her hot breath washing over my neck, her tongue licking the salty sweat from my skin.

She was wet, so wet I could feel her cum spreading over my thighs, oozing into my pubic hair and running down onto my balls. I could hear our juices with each splashing thrust as I lost myself into her. My cock... my cock... my cock felt so good as it filled her, then left her and then filled her again. Pleasure built up in my balls, then pulsed up and down my shaft until I could hold it no more. Shoving my cock deep into her, I arched my back and groaned. Hot, wet cum spurted from my cock deep into my sister's pussy in spurt after spurt as I collapsed upon her.

My body crushed her breasts as I pushed hard, trying to gain every millimeter of depth I could inside her. My cock throbbed inside her for some time, but then heartbreakingly began to soften. Slowly, ever so slowly I could feel myself recede, feel myself slip from her and finally flop out of her. Suddenly, so suddenly we were no longer one. Yes, suddenly we were so quietly alone, together, but sadly separate.

"Mark," she whimpered, "that was so good, I've never felt like that."

"Me either Jaime, me either," I whispered.

We might have stayed like that, together, naked, in each other's arms forever, but it was a bit too cold. Beneath the moon we both got dressed and I helped my sister pull on my jacket over her bikini top.

"Ooh, it's wet," she giggled.

I reached up and wiped away the excess dampness from the coat, "Mmm, something to remember you by," I said wrapping my arm around her.

"No way," she said, "I'm keeping this jacket."

"Well what will I have?"

"I'll get it for you later," she said, as we began walking back to the party. When we got back to the party, she slipped away for a few moments, reappearing in her clothes.

"You changed."

"Yes, one of my friends has a van. We used it to change into our suits and now I changed back. You ready to go?"

"You want to leave your party?" I asked.

"Well the good part is over," she replied, "besides I have something for you. I'll give it to you in the car."

We walked together to the car and then climbed in. Once inside she handed me a small bag. Opening it I pulled out her bikini bottoms, still soaking wet from the cum that had oozed from her. "Will that help you remember Earth Day?" she asked.

Holding it up against my face and feeling the dampness on my skin I replied, "Oh yes, sis I will never forget." I then started the engine and pulled out onto the roadway. Instead of heading for the highway, we took the old coast road home. When we reached the spot where we had picked up the litter I pulled over and stopped.

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