tagLoving WivesRob and Amy

Rob and Amy

byJust Plain Bob©

The gate clicked closed behind me and I started walking toward my sister's car. I took a deep breath. The air where I was walking was the same air that was on the other side of the wall, but some how it smelled fresher and sweeter. Marci gave me a hug and said:

"Before I take you home is there anything you want to do? Any place in particular you want to go?"

"Yeah. I guess there is. I'd love to have a cold beer."

"You got it. Bud's Bar do it for you?"

"You bet."

As we drove away from the gray stone walls I thought back to what put me there. It was a divorce. It was a very, very nasty divorce; an event you would never have imagined on that beautiful July day when Amy walked down the aisle toward me on the arm of her father.


Amy and I were a pair since the second grade. There was no doubt in any ones mind that wouldn't end up married. We were forever. It was a storybook romance that was supposed to have a fairytale ending – "and they lived happily ever after" – attached to it. We agreed to wait until after we had graduated college to get married and we also agreed to hold off on having kids until we were thirty. We wanted to go places and do things before we settled down.

It wasn't all 'pure story book' of course. Twice, once in eleventh grade and again in our sophomore year in college, Amy felt that she should know what other guys were like. The period in high school only lasted three weeks. Amy came back and said she was sorry and what she did was dumb."

"I dated five guys and they were all assholes. I had the best and I almost screwed it up."

I was so busy with classes and sports that I gave no thought to going out with other girls.

Both times it hurt, but when she did it again in college I got my back up and said to myself, "Okay! You want to find out about other guys I'll just go out and find out what other girls are like." I quickly found out that a lot of other girls were not as insistent as Amy that they walk down the aisles as virgins.

In a five week period Bev Holbrook relieved me of my virginity, Nancy Neubert introduced me to the joy of blow jobs and Harlena Collins introduced me to anal sex. Pauline French taught me the proper way to eat pussy and then demonstrated how best to do 'sixty-nine' (woman on top according to her). The only fly in the ointment was the thought in the back of my mind that Amy was receiving the same education. It was 'double standard' thinking and I knew it, but I still felt that I should have been the first one to do those things with Amy.

One night, about six weeks after Amy went off to see what other guys were like I came home from class and found Amy sitting on the front porch steps. It was a repeat of the high school episode.

"I had the best all along and didn't realize it. Forgive me?"

I loved her – had loved her damned near forever – so of course I forgave her. We never spoke of what we had done while apart, but when I tried to 'get sexual' with her she told me she wanted to wait until we were married and I didn't push it. Still, it was no surprise to me when she didn't turn out to be a virgin when we went to our marriage bed. I didn't mention it, but I could tell that she was aware that I knew I wasn't her first.


We both found good jobs in our chosen fields and the next four years were pretty good ones. I had to travel some with my job, but it wasn't all that often and the trips were never longer than three days.

It was the day after her twenty-sixth birthday when Amy told me that she was pregnant. I was surprised since we had agreed to wait until we were thirty to start our family. She told me that according to her doctor the drugs she took when she had the flu had negated her birth control pills. Nine months later Brian Louis joined us.

Amy was only off work six weeks. The place she worked had a day care center in the building so she started back to work and took Brian with her. Nine months later she said that now we had started the family she wanted to have the next one so the two would be close together and easier to raise. I didn't much care so I said okay and six weeks later she told me I was going to be a daddy again.

In her eighth month she said that she thought two kids were enough and would I mind if she had her tubes tied. My attitude was that it was her body and if she didn't want to spend nine months walking around pregnant who was I to say she had to. A month later we were blessed with Susan Marie. As with Brian Amy was only off work for six weeks and then she went back to work taking both babies with her.


Over the next six years Amy and I were both promoted twice and we were making pretty good money between us. We seemed to be the perfect couple. We rarely argued over anything and we were still pretty active in the bedroom. We were averaging three times a week which I was led to believe was pretty good when compared to other couple with children married the same length of time. We had similar likes and dislikes, enjoyed going places and doing things with each other and were happy to see each other when we got home from work every day.

But the happy home life/loving couple thing was a lie as I found out one day in July.

I had flown to Denver to visit one of our suppliers and see if I could find out why they were having trouble making their delivery dates. It was scheduled as a three day trip, but when I got there I found that the company had been seized earlier in the day by the IRS for non-payment of payroll taxes. It turned out that the company had been in financial trouble for some time.

I turned around and headed back to the airport and caught the next flight home. It never occurred to me to call Amy and let her know I was coming home early which was a good thing because if I had called I might never have found out what I did.

I got home at five-twenty and Amy wasn't home from work yet. I thought about starting dinner, but then decided to take Amy and the kids out for dinner. I was in the room that we had set up to be a home office when I heard the garage door opener start to run and that told me that Amy was home. By the time I went through all of the motions to save my work and then back out of the computer program I was in Amy was coming into the house. I was just opening the office door when I heard Amy say, "Stop that!" and a man's voice say:

"You don't want me to stop it and you know it. Matter of fact I don't even want to wait until we can get to the bedroom. I think I want to do you over the back of your couch."

"Jesus Hal; you have to be the horniest man I've ever known."

"Yeah sweetie and you love it."

"Well, it is kind of nice. Over the back of the couch? Do I get to take my panties off or are you just going to push them to the side?"

"Take them off. I almost rubbed my dick raw the last time when I just pushed them aside."

"We definitely don't want to hurt your dick."

There was a break in the conversation and then, "Oh yeah! Oh God yes that feels so good" followed by, "You know what I love about you? You are always soaking wet when I slide my cock into your sweet pussy."

"That's because thinking about your cock makes me start to drip."

And then there was the sound of flesh smacking flesh along with all the moans and sounds from Amy that I was so familiar with. Sounds that had me dying inside. I took out my cell phone and set it for taking pictures and then headed toward the living room. I knew who I was going to see when I walked in on them. Hal was Amy's supervisor at work and I'd met him and his wife at Amy's company Christmas parties, picnics and other company social events.

Amy had no way of knowing that I was home. I had dropped my car off at the dealership for a factory recall on the brakes on my way to the airport and it wouldn't be ready until the next day so I had cabbed home from the airport. They were going to be very surprised when I walked in on them.

I got five good pictures of them before they realized that I was in the room and I got three more as they frantically pulled apart. I dropped my phone into my pocket and headed for Hal. He read what I planned to do on my face and unfortunately, at least from my standpoint, I wasn't between him and the door. Fortunately, at least for him, he hadn't taken off his pants to fuck Amy and instead had just unzipped, taken it out and shoved it in her. Thus he was able to turn and race for the door before I could get to him. I still might have gotten my hands on him, but as I went by Amy she stuck out her foot and tripped me. By the time I regained my balance Hal was out the door and gone.

I turned and walked past Amy into the kitchen and got the phone book out of the cupboard where we kept it and paged through it until I came to Harold Bartram. I picked up the phone and was punching numbers into it when Amy walked into the room and asked:

"What are you doing?"

"Calling Janet Bartram so I can share the news with her."

Amy hurried over and pulled the phone cord out of the wall socket as she said:

"Don't do that. You will just cause problems."

"You don't think that we don't already have problems?"

"I mean between Hal and Janet."

"It is okay for Hal to fuck up my life, but I have to be careful to not fuck up his?"

"It isn't that. There is no need to hurt Janet. She is an innocent party here."

"I don't see it that way. She is married to a cheating asshole and she needs to know it. If she accepts it fine, but starting now I intend to make his life a living hell. I'll start by telling Janet and offer to show her the pictures if she would like to see them. Then I'm going to get a lawyer and go after him at work. I'm sure that you company has a Policy and Procedures Manual and I'll bet there is something in there about a supervisor having sexual relations with a subordinate and then I'm going looking for him and when I catch him I'm going to beat him half to death."

"You don't want to do any of that because it will cost you too much."

"How do you see that?"

"You go to Janet and she kicks him out and I'll kick you out and move him in here with me and our kids. You file suit against our company and I'll end up getting fired along with Hal and with no job that just means that I will rape you in the divorce and get huge alimony and child support. You go find him and beat him up you will go to jail for assault. The best thing for you to do is forget all that and we just get on with our lives."

"You have to be kidding! Get on with our lives after what I've just discovered?"

"Why not? Hal and I have been getting together for a long time and it has never hurt us. We have a good life. I've been a great wife for you, we get along great and I do love you."

"You can fuck that asshole and then tell me you love me?"

"Why not. It is true. All Hal is to me is sex. Damned good sex, but just sex."

"Nothing like adding insult to injury. I catch you cheating and you tell me I'm no good in the bedroom."

"I didn't say that you are no good in the bedroom."

"Then why are you fucking other men?"

"I'm not fucking other men. I've only been with Hal since we have been married."

"You know what I mean."

"Look honey, you are a great guy. You are a great husband and father and you are okay in the bedroom, but Hal gives me something that you can't."

"Marvelous, simply marvelous. I'm a great husband and father, but I'm only okay in the bedroom. That is just so good to know."

"I didn't mean for it to sound that way. There is nothing wrong with you in the bedroom. We have a great sex life."

"Not good enough apparently."

"You are fine baby; I swear to you that you are just fine, but Hal offers me something I need that you just can't give me."

"Oh yeah? And just what would that be?"

"Size. Hal has eleven inches and those eleven inches do things for me that you just can't do. It shouldn't matter honey. We've had a perfect life right up until today. There is no reason that we can't continue to have a good life."

"As long as I don't mind you playing with eleven inches from time to time."

"It hasn't hurt us honey and it has been going on for years. We will be okay; I promise."

I just shook my head and said, "You are unreal Amy; just totally out of it if you think we can continue after what I saw. But I do have to admit to some curiosity. You say it has been going on for years. Just how many years and how did it start?"

"It started before I met Hal. It started when I was in college and we split up because I wanted to see what other guys might be like. One of the first I hooked up with had ten inches and it drove me wild. Apparently guys with big cocks share information and the guy with ten inches told some other guys about the girl who went wild over his big cock. I went through five of them and loved every bit of what I got from them before I decided that you were the one I needed to be with."

"That brings up two questions. First, why didn't you marry one of them if you were so hung up on big dicks?"

"Because they were all assholes. They all seemed to think that a big cock was all that they needed and the girl should be grateful that they allowed her the experience. I needed more than a stuffed feeling and I loved you so I walked away from them."

"The second question is why, after you had given up your cherry to a big dicked asshole and fucked several of them for almost six weeks did you tell me we couldn't have sex until we got married?"

"I loved you and I knew I loved you, but I was down on men in general after my experience with the five. I just didn't feel like having sex. It wasn't fair to you, but that was my thinking at the time.

"Things were fine until one of the company Christmas parties you couldn't make because you were on a business trip. To Seattle I think it was. Anyway, I had a few more drinks than I should have and I was feeling a little playful when Hal danced me under the mistletoe and kissed me I felt his hard cock poking into my leg. Like I said I was in a playful mood so I did a Mae West impression and said:

"Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just glad to be with me?"

"Hal said, and remember that he had been drinking also, that it was a lot bigger than a roll of quarters and I laughed and said, "That's what all the guys say." He said they might say it, but he could prove it. I laughed again and told him to prove it. He did and I spent the next two nights with him.

"We hit it hot and heavy until he met and married Janet. We still flirted with each other, but it wasn't until Janet got pregnant and started saying no to sex that we started up again and then we just never quit. Again honey, it hasn't hurt us a bit. I've got to run over to my sister's and pick up the kids."

"You even have your sister covering for you while you cheat on me?"

"Don't be silly Rob. She thinks I'm working late. I asked her to watch the kids when they got out of school. They went right from school to her house and now I have to go get them. When I get back I'll show you that nothing has changed."

I stood there and stared at her in disbelief as she went out to get in her car. Hadn't hurt us? Only because I never knew. Going to show me that nothing has changed when she got home? She expected me to take sloppy seconds after her coupling with Hal? Not bloody fucking likely! I plugged the phone back in and called Janet. She was not pleased to hear what I had to say and she asked me when we could meet so she could see the pictures that I had taken and we made arrangements to meet for lunch the next day. She asked me not to tell Amy that I had called because Amy would be sure to call Hal and let him know.

"I'm not going to do anything until I have the evidence and then I'll confront him."

I went upstairs and started moving my things out of the bedroom into the guest bedroom. I was hanging my suits up in the closet when a very bad thought came to me. When Amy said that she would kick me out she had said:

"He can move in here with me and our kids."

It didn't register when she said it, but thinking about it after the fact it sounded like she was saying the kids were hers and Hals. Could it be? I thought back to when she told me that she had started up with Hal. My trip to Seattle had been about a year before she told me she was pregnant with Brian so Hal could very well be the father of my kids. God help the both of them if I found out that he was.

I was just putting the last of my things away when Amy came home with the kids. She came looking for me and when she found me setting up in the guest room she asked:

"What are you doing?"

"Putting space between us."

"Why? I told you that when I got back I'd show you that nothing has changed."

"Have you forgotten what I witnessed two hours ago? You expect me to take Hal's sloppy seconds?"

"Oh for Christ's sake rob; it has never hurt you before, but okay, I'll take a shower first."

"You just don't get it do you. I don't want to have anything to do with your cheating ass."

"You are being stupid over this Rob. I don't love Hal; I love you. I have sex with Hal, but I make love with you."

"You sure didn't sound like you loved me when you told me you would kick me out and let Hal move in and I didn't detect a whole lot of love when you were telling me how you were going to rape me in a divorce."

"I didn't mean it. I just wanted to make you stop and think before calling Janet."

"Well I did do some thinking Amy and that's why I moved to this bedroom."

"We are adults Rob and we can talk this out and get by it. Nothing has changed. I still love you."

"Just not enough to keep from hanging horns on me. Just leave me alone Amy."

I left the room and went to see the kids. I helped them with their homework and then played with them until their bedtime. Once they were tucked in I went into my new bedroom and got ready for bed. I heard the shower running as I turned out the light and thought back to what Amy had said.

"It has never hurt you before."

God, what a stupid bitch!

I was just nodding off when the door opened and Amy came into the room. She got into bed and I felt her naked body move against me as her hand took hold of my cock. I quickly sat up and pushed her away from me so hard that she fell off the bed and onto the floor.

"What part of "I don't want anything to do with your cheating ass" didn't you understand? Stay the fuck away from me Amy!"

"Damn it Rob; I love you. We can work this out. I know we can."

"No we can't Amy. Not a fucking prayer! Now get the fuck out of here."

She got up off the floor and left the room and I tried to go to sleep.


I had a rotten night and was a bit groggy when I got up in the morning. Amy was up and had breakfast ready, but I just walked past her, got my car keys off of the pegboard and left the house. I had breakfast at a Village Inn and then went into work.

At ten I called Mike Hooper, a good friend who was also an attorney and told him my sad story and then asked if I could make an appointment to see him and talk divorce. He told me he would meet me at Bud's Bar at five-thirty. I plugged my cell phone into my computer and transferred al the photos I had taken of Amy and Bartram and then I printed three sets and put them in envelopes.

At noon I arrived at Mario's and saw that Janet was already there. She rose to meet me and I kissed her cheek and said, "I wish we were meeting under happier circumstances." We made small talk until after we ordered and then I described what happened the previous day. I passed her an envelope with the photos I'd taken and she took them out and looked at them. I was surprised at how calm she was as she went over them. She slid them back into the envelope and said:

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