tagLoving WivesRoberta Gets An Education Ch. 04

Roberta Gets An Education Ch. 04


Day Six – Final Exams

Roman's appearance has changed today. Instead of his regular brown suit, he now sports a full-length white lab coat. He is carrying a small clipboard under his arm. He looks like quite the distinguished professor. He walks through the front door to see Roberta sitting on the couch with her hands clasped together, on her lap.

"Good morning, Sensei," she says, "I am anxiously waiting to take my tests. I have studied very hard. I hope that I get a passing grade."

Roman responds, "I'm sure that you will do just fine, Ms. Jackson. You have been a very good student. Shall we go to the bedroom to begin your test?"

As he walks to the bedroom, Roberta follows. Not wanting to make a mistake in judgment, she asks, "Shall I remove my clothes, Sensei?"

Roman acknowledges, "That would be good, please do that now."

Roberta also remembers the advice that her teacher had given her the day before. Slowly dancing in place, she removes her red button down blouse. Then, seductively swaying, she removes her white cotton bra and throws it on the chair. She begins sweeping her hands across her belly and then up to her breasts. She massages them a few times and then playfully twists her dark brown nipples. Her hands then move to her still swaying hips, as she slowly begins to lower her black slacks. When they are half way down her hips, she turns around and bends completely over. As she lowers them to her feet, she wiggles her ass.

Roman picks up his clipboard and makes some marks on it. "Nice touch, Roberta," he says. Roberta now stands before him.

"Today's exam," Roman says, "is on oral sex."

Thinking quickly, and wanting to please her teacher, Roberta pipes in, "Oh, then we will need the jelly dong, Sensei. I will go and get it from the living room."

As she makes a move toward the door, Roman raises his arm to stop her. "That will not be necessary," he tells her.

Confused by this; Roberta questions, "Then how can I take the test to show you how I can put 10" of cock down my throat?"

Roman instructs, "Roberta, the ability to deep throat was just one of many details required for a proper blowjob. What about all the things that we covered in your studies?"

Still confused, Roberta questions once more, "Sensei, I do not understand. How will I be tested to prove what I have learned?"

The moment Roman has been waiting for. "Well, that is very simple, Roberta. I have brought an assistant with me today. You will perform your entire test on him.

Roberta suddenly looks very surprised, "I am to suck the cock of a stranger, Sensei?" she shyly says.

"Why of course not, you know this young man quite well. However, I want you to begin to relax as I go get him.

Roberta is still a bit confused but will not question her teacher, he leaves the bedroom and returns a few minutes later. Roberta's face stills with amazement and shock as her husband, Tony walks into the room behind Roman.

"Sensei that is my husband...How did you...when did you?"

"He's been watching your progress all along. He came to me about a month ago and asked if I would help you, however, I had to wait until you were ready in order for this to work."

Roberta did not know if she should be angry or happy. She was just relieved to see her husband and could not wait to try all her new skills on him. She smiled and looked at Tony. His eyes were full of lust looking at his wife and knowing all the things she would be doing with him.

"Sensei, are you going to be watching me and my husband?" Roberta now said with a confused look on her face.

"Who, as your teacher, is more qualified to know if you are proficient enough to pass the test? Is this a problem, Roberta? Are you bothered by this?" quizzes Roman.

"Well, no, Sensei. I was caught a little off-guard by it. I will not make it a problem. I am still very anxious to get a good grade. Shall I begin right now?" Roberta nervously asks.

"Take a moment to catch your breath and get yourself focused. I want you to be completely at ease for the exam," Roman tells her. "You can start by sitting down on the bed. Now Tony, go stand in front of your wife. Roberta, when you are ready, I want you to follow your instinct and begin."

Roberta does as she is instructed to do, and sits on the edge of the bed; trying to calm herself. Tony walks over to her and stands in front of his wife with a reassuring glance.

Roman turns away from Roberta, gets the chair, and brings it closer to the bed so he can see what she will do. He un-does the five or six buttons of his lab coat, takes a sit and nods to Roberta.

Tony is dressed in the same lab coat as Roman. She lifts her hands to undo his buttons and to her surprise, he is not wearing a stitch of clothing on underneath. Her attention is fully focused on the white anaconda that springs to life.

Tony's body has been blessed by nature. Hanging between his legs is a 9" cock that has to be 2" in diameter. Roman moves closer to Roberta and she is snapped out of her snake-induced trance. She tries to remember the last time she had been so close to Tony's penis. She frowns when she cant remember, ever seeing it up-close. Roman encourages her to remember everything that she has learned.

"I have not sucked on a real cock sensei. What if I cannot do as I have done on the dildos? What if I hurt my husband?"

"Yes, I realize that, Roberta. I am sure that you will do just fine. As a matter of fact, if you can completely deep throat your husband as you have learned to so with the dildos, I will give you an A+ for the exam."

Roberta reaches out to grab Tony's cock about midway of its length. "I will do my very best, Sensei," she replies.

As she begins to stroke Tony's cock up and down, it gets fully rigid and reaches its total length and width. Roberta's hand is so small that her fingers barely touch together while wrapping her hand around his shaft. She starts stroking his cock up and down with both hands. She then takes one hand and reaches down to fondle his balls gently. Moving her other hand back up toward the top of his cock, Roberta opens her mouth and sucks on the head. "I have been waiting for this for a long time," Tony thinks as he sucks in air at the touch of her mouth on his cock.

Roberta now is staring back up at him with her beautiful brown eyes. She sucks a little more of his cock into her mouth. "Am I doing this right, Honey?" she asks.

"At this point, Roberta," he says, "I can only tell you that you are not doing it wrong."

With a little giggle, Roberta keeps sucking the end of Tony's cock. Roman can see that the width of his cock is causing Roberta a little problem. Her lips are barely able to get all the way around Tony. As saliva builds up in her mouth, it is providing enough lubrication that Tony's cock now glides easier against her overly stretched lips. Pulling out his cock, Roberta now begins to run her tongue up and down the 9" length. In no time at all, she is stroking the shaft and moving her head down to Tony's balls. She takes one of his balls into her mouth and lovingly sucks on it. She then moves to his other ball. Once in her mouth, she starts to hum. "She must have picked this up from the videos," thinks Roman.

Tony throws his head back and opens his mouth in a small "o". "Baby, this is heaven." He moans.

Roberta now goes back to sucking his cock. She knows, in her mind, that his deep throat challenge is not completely out of her reach. Concentrating on getting more, Roberta's throat opens up and now she is easily taking 6" in her mouth. She makes more saliva in her mouth and soon has 8" down. It doesn't take long before Roberta is bobbing her head up and down, working 6" to 8" of Tony's cock down her throat with every stroke. Her eye contact with Tony's and then Roman's at this point is incredible. Her gleaming brown eyes tell them that she is enjoying herself very much. Suddenly, Roberta reaches around Tony's sides with her hands and takes a firm grip on his ass cheeks. In a series of three down strokes, she consumes the entire length of his cock. Holding her nose to his pubic hair for about five seconds, Roberta withdraws his cock from her mouth. She looks at Roman and very provocatively says, "Like that, Sensei?"

Roman has a beaming smile on his face. "Yes, Roberta. Just like that."

Tony, says "Fuck! Babe do it again and this time don't stop."

Roberta returns to repeat her now accomplished feat. Once again she is running all 9" of Tony's cock up and down her throat. She continues this until she suddenly feels his body twitching. His body shaking makes Roberta remember one of her early lessons. "He must be ready to come," she thinks.

Roberta feels Tony's twitching start to increase. Sensing the moment, Roberta wastes no time and engulfs the entire 9" of cock down her throat. As she is holding her mouth tight against Tony's pelvis, his cock explodes with a thunderous blast of hot come. Roberta's startled by the huge amount of sperm and her eyes grow as big as silver dollars. Roberta also doesn't have to worry about swallowing because this is shooting right down her gullet. A few more huge blasts of come and Roberta goes back to bobbing her head up and down his shaft. When she feels the last bit of sperm ejaculated, she slowly removes Tony's cock from her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head of his cock and licks the very last drop of come from the tip of his dick.
"Did I pass the exam, Sensei?" she inquisitively asks. She looks at Roman to find him now stroking his own 12" inch cock. He is about to shoot his load and she watches in total satisfaction, while she stroked Tony's cock.

Roman has to take a moment for some blood to rush back into his other head. "A+ Roberta. That was most definitely an A+. Do you agree Tony?"

Tony smiles and leans down to kiss his wife. "Fucking A."

Roberta rises from the bed, still stoking the length of Tony's cock. "I knew I could do it. I knew I could deep-throat you, Love," she says sweetly.

Tony and Roman manage to regain their composure.

Then Roman says, "Very good then. The last day of final exams is tomorrow. If you pass those exams, you will graduate from the course." Roberta smiles widely as Roman fix his clothes and leaves.

Day Seven – Two Exams To Go

Roman walks into the house on the last day. He is again wearing the same lab coat. He's also carrying that clipboard. He doesn't see Roberta, but then she speaks up, "I'm in here, Sensei. I'm ready for my exams."

Roman, hearing her voice from the bedroom, turns to see Roberta lying on the bed along with Tony. They are both naked and tony has her legs apart and her knees in the air. He is licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.

"Yes, Roberta," the surprised Roman says, "I can see that you both are ready."

He moves into the bedroom and stands at the edge of the bed, watching Tony pleasure his wife. "Before we go any further," he says, "I have a special treat to give you, Roberta"

"A special treat, Sensei?" she questions, "What kind of treat?"

Roman explains, "Because you did so well with yesterday's exam, I thought I would give you something beyond your normal course instruction. You see, I have now taught your how to perform oral sex on a man. And my eager assistant has started showing you how a man can perform oral sex on a woman. If your husband is okay with it I would like to show you how, you can have oral sex while another is giving you oral sex."

Roberta raises herself up on her elbows and asks, "How do you do that?"

Roman proudly announces, "This is how."

He quickly removes his lab coat and throws it on the floor. He stands before Roberta with his huge cock dangling between his legs. He walks around the bed to where Roberta's head is and kneels on the bed. Roman begins to kiss Roberta on the mouth, very passionately. She responds in kind and soon the two of them are swapping tongues back and forth. As he starts to massage her breasts, he stops kissing her lips and moves his mouth to her nipples. Sucking on one and then the other is bringing a favorable response from Roberta. She begins to moan softly as Roman lifts himself up and pushes his cock into her face. Looks up at Robert from his place between her legs and nods his approval.
After a few kisses and bites about Roberta's taunt stomach, Tony reaches his arms under her legs and brings them over his shoulders. This puts his mouth exactly where he wants it. His kissing, licking and biting now is up and down her inner thighs. Roberta body begins to squirm below him. Tony wastes no time and puts his entire mouth over her pussy. He begins licking up and down the length of her pussy lips. Roberta body is getting out of control. The licking now changes to his tongue darting in and out of her twitching hole. This causes Roberta to grab Roman's huge cock and grinds her pussy into her Tony's eager mouth. Tony stops using his darting tongue and proceeds to suck on her engorged clit.

Roberta turns attention to Roman's cock and a soft, but insistent sucking on his balls causes Roman to moan. Roberta stopped long enough to look up at him and smile. Then continues sucking on his balls and moves to the head of his cock.

Tony glances up, sees his wife, sucking in Roman's cock inch by each, and moans into her pussy at the sight. Roberta can take no more. She wraps her legs around Tony's neck, trapping him in a vice grip. Her hips rise up off the bed as she succumbs to a tremendous climax, letting Roman's Cock slip out of her mouth. Her body soon falls back to the bed. "I have never received such a wonderful gift," pants Roberta, "Would you say that I face fucked you real good baby?"

Tony, now out of her death grip, laughs; "Yes, you face fucked me really good." He moves to lay next to her and starts to kiss her. As their tongues mingle, Roberta is lost in the familiar feeling of kissing her husband. He cups her left breast and tweaks her nipple.

As Tony, kisses his wife, Roman now moves his body between her legs. She feels something large and bulbous rubbing against her wet pussy.

As Roman watches the lovers kissing and rubbing their hands on each other's bodies, he announces, "Your second exam begins right now."

A huge smile beams from Roberta's angel face, as Tony moves to make his cock available to her mouth.

Roman positions himself so that Roberta's legs are hooked over his forearms. He leans back, on his knees, spreads them wide and sits between his ankles. Roman takes the head of his cock and rubs it along her pussy. She moans in delight, as she takes Tony's cock into her mouth. He keeps rubbing her pussy and now pushes the head just slightly past her lips, not penetrating her yet. Obviously teasing Roberta, he asks, "Would you like this cock inside you?"

Roberta purrs back, "Oh yes. I would like your cock in me. I want all of your cock in me. Please fuck me, Sensei. Please fuck me now!" and returns her attention back to her husband cock, Tony is now kneading her breast.

That's all Roman needs to hear. He pushes his cock in her a few inches and Roberta immediately reacts. Her body jerks back a bit on the bed and her pussy muscles are gripping the hell out of Roman's dick. With a continuous slow pumping motion, Roman manages to get 6" of meat into Roberta's quivering pussy. He holds her body down as he keeps driving his cock deeper. Roberta body is thrashing on the bed as Roman now has 9" of his cock going in and out of her pussy.

Roman now picks up the pace and also pushes his cock deeper and deeper. It takes some time but Roman is now pounding the entire 12" of cock inside her. Roberta's hips are wildly bucking back at his thrusts. "This woman is insatiable." Roman thinks to himself and begins to build up quite a sweat, as he now has Roberta's knees pushed back next to her stomach and he is relentlessly pounding his huge cock into her, until his body bottoms out against her tiny pelvis.

After several minutes of this, Roman begins to tire and decides to let Tony do some of the work. He looks at Tony, who is salivating at the vision of Roman pounding is wife and stroking her head as she is deep throating his cock. Roman gives him a raised eyebrow and nods his head in the direction of Roberta's pussy. Tony smiles and nods, he gently pulls his cock out of her mouth, leans down to kiss her and switches places with Roman. With his cock barely inside her, he looks up at his sexy wife and says, "How would you like to take a ride on the baloney pony?"

Roberta says, "I would love to." Tony then lays next to her on his back while; Roberta straddles his hips; she leans forward and lowers her hips down on his cock.

Roman stands above her on the bed and moves closer so she can begin sucking his cock. He places his hands on both sides of her head and slides his cock into her pretty little mouth.

With one hand against Tony's chest and the other wrapped around Roman's cock, she pumps her hips up and down, driving Tony's cock deeper and deeper. Roberta soon has a good rhythm of sucking Roman's cock and fucking Tony's. Roberta must now squat to keep driving herself up and down Tony's 9" of fuck meat. Roberta is now in total control of her destiny. Her body is jumping up and down like an engine piston. Sucking Roman's cock into her throat, she is a sex-crazed woman on a mission. Tony grabs her luscious breasts and roughly massages them. He pinches her hard brown nipples, just short of it being painful.

Roberta, Tony and Roman are both furious in their fucking frenzy. For every up thrust from Tony, she counters with a driving down force. Roman is pumping his hips and fucking her mouth. She is meeting each thrust of his hips. She took Roman's cock into her mouth and began to hum.

Their moans began to mingle, and their combined sex aroma was filling the room. All three were covered with sheen of sweat on their bodies. Roberta screams in orgasm as Tony blows his load. Roman follows a few seconds later as he shoots his semen onto her awaiting open mouth and tongue.

She collapses onto Tony's chest as Roman falls to his knees and then slinks off the side of the bed. Tony wraps his arms sweetly around his wife for a few minutes. As they separate bodies, Tony climbs off the bed and stands. Roberta gets up and sits at the edge of the bed. She grabs his cock and starts licking all the remaining come off it. She innocently looks at her teacher still sitting on the floor asking, "Did I pass that test, Sensei?"

Roman, definitely pleased says, "You did very well Roberta. I will give you a grade later."

As Roberta still sits on the edge of the bed, she takes notice of something. It has been about five minutes since her teacher had come but his cock was still standing at full erection. "Sensei," she curiously questions, "in my lessons you told me that a man's cock will soften soon after he climaxes. Why is your cock still so hard?"

Roman answers, "Well Roberta, that's because I took some special medication today. The medicine will keep my cock rock-hard for quite a while after I come."

Roberta is now more than curious so she asks, "Why would you want to keep your cock that hard for so long, Sensei?"

Roman looks deep into her angel face once again. He tells Roberta something that has been a long time coming, "That's because it's time for your third and final exam. Now climb up on the bed again and show me that tight little ass of yours." He says while getting off the floor. "Tony, why don't you sit at the head of the bed and position yourself so your wife can suck on your cock."

Roberta shortly stares at Roman's huge hunk of meat. She raises her arm and clenches a fist in her small hand. She looks up and down from her elbow to her fist. Though not nearly as large, Roberta's mind sees little difference in size between the length and width of her fisted arm and Roman's throbbing 12" vein laden cock.

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