tagErotic CouplingsRock Star Ch. 03

Rock Star Ch. 03


**This is the third story of "Rock Star," all characters are fictional, though many are based on close friends who have been informed they are part of my stories. Thank you so much to everyone for their comments and suggestions. Don't forget to vote and leave comments I love to hear from you!**


Cara couldn't believe what had just happened, she certainly hadn't thought anything like that would have happened, not tonight anyways. He'd been so forceful with her, slamming his body into hers. It was like one of the fantasies that he'd described to her. Her breasts ached from being crushed against the seat, and were tender as she put her clothing back on, aware that Rick was watching her intently as she dressed. They exited the van together, and Rick took her hand in his as they walked into the back of the bar.

A couple of his band members stood inside the back door, waiting for their bassist to enter the bar so the show could begin. They took one look at Cara's flushed face, and a look at Rick's grin and knew that they should be "careful" loading equipment later on. Rick took a moment to bring Cara close and kissed her in front of his friends, and making a point to press himself against her. One of the guys cleared his throat and brushed past them.

"I have to get on stage now. Why don't you sit at the table over there." Rick said breaking their kiss and smiling down at her.

"Ok," she said and standing on tiptoe to whisper in his ear. " I'm just going to freshen up a bit" and walked in the direction of the ladies room.


Cara looked in the mirror and took a paper towel from the dispenser and ran it under cold water. Her face was flushed and warm, and the cool towel felt good. She took a few minutes to clean herself up before heading back out to the bar. She knew, that everyone knew what she and Rick had been up to, but she still didn't want to feel clammy. She could hear the music begin through the door, and made her way out and walked to the table that Rick had asked her sit at. She noticed while sitting down with Rick's brother that the guy's girlfriends weren't there, probably a good thing, because they were friends with Crystal.

Rick watched as the red head came out of the bathroom and sat at the table with his brother. He had informed his brother on how much he liked her; he hoped that his brother and his girlfriend would be nice to her. He shifted uncomfortably in his shirt as his guitar strap settled into place. His skin was tacky as the sweat dried into his shirt and it was only bound to get worse as the band played.


Cara was grateful as the band ended their set, as Rick kept looking at her from under his cowboy hat, which he had donned sometime during their set. She took the last swig of the Black Cherry Bacardi Twister she was drinking, and silently wished this place had alcohol and not just beer products, she would have been grateful for a shot of Jagermeister during the show. Instead she had to settle for the twister, and peeled its labels off.

Rick watched as Cara drank her Twister and remembered why he hadn't offered her the Jagermeister he had stashed in the van. He hadn't had any himself; he had figured that they would need to be sober for what he had planned for when they got back to the apartment he rented, if he could get her to come back with him. He grinned as he watched her peeling off the labels on the glass bottle, they came off almost effortlessly and then she folded them over so they stuck to one another.


After they had finished packing up the equipment, Rick went to the table that Cara and his brother's girlfriend sat. They were chatting about school and majors and whatnot, as he got closer both girls looked up at him.

"Ready to head out?" He asked.

"I'll be outside." The other girl said getting up and walking out the back door of the bar.

"Yeah, I should be going. Long drive home and all." Cara replied, standing up.

"You know you could stay at my place. It is a lot closer." He said wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close.

"Mmm, I could. What's in it for me?" She asked, grinning at her cheesy question, and putting her arms around his neck.

"A whole lot of where earlier came from." He replied in a husky voice and leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was gentle and teasing, and his hands found their way from her waist to her ass. He pulled her close and pressed his body hard into hers, letting her know exactly what was to come. Releasing her from the kiss he said, "Follow me, ok?"

"Ok" Was all the red head could muster, feeling Rick's semi hard cock pressing against her. She didn't know where this was coming from: her need, her want for someone to take control and tell her what to do. All she knew was that Rick was doing a good job so far, maybe it was the inclusion of alcohol that made her want him more but she was wet again just thinking about what would happen back at his apartment.


Driving behind Rick's van was torture to Cara as her jeans rubbed her panties into her wet slit. The drive wasn't long and Cara rolled down her window to get some fresh air, and to help ease the heat that was rising back up within her.


Cara pulled into the apartment complex behind Rick, and found a spot labeled "guest" fairly easily. She locked up her car and headed in the direction of Rick's van. When she got there he was pulling out his guitar case to take back up to the apartment. Rick looked up from his equipment as Cara got close and set the case on the ground and shut the door of the van. The two quickly made their way up the stairs of the complex and Rick opened the front door, the guitar case found a home next to the couch.

Almost instantly his mouth found hers, the kiss gentle drawing a moan from Cara. His hands went straight to her shirt and lifted it over her head breaking their kiss for seconds. Their kisses and hands became more urgent as they worked each other's clothes off Rick guiding Cara towards the bedroom. By the time the reached the bed, clothes scattered the apartment and they were left naked and stroking their bodies into painful arousal.

Rick threw back the comforter on the bed and guided Cara onto the remaining bedclothes. Settling next to her and propping himself on one arm, he began to run his remaining hand slowly up and down her torso cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples. He leaned in and kissed her again, this time pinching one of her nipples and drew a gasp from her.

Growing impatient as Rick's slow ministrations aroused her further she grabbed his head and planted a more forceful kiss on his lips. Settling himself more comfortably between her legs he broke the kiss and grinning mischievously began a trail of kisses and nips down her neck and leading to her breasts. Cara bit her bottom lip as his tongue played with her hard nipples and arched her back as he bit down gently and pulled her nipple into his mouth.


At the beginning of the night Rick had every notion to bring her back to his apartment and just fuck the cute red heads brains out. They both needed it no doubt, but after what happened in the van, and how willing she had been, he wanted to have her so turned on she was begging, then he'd fuck her so hard that she was screaming his name. He knew she was close to her breaking point as he teased her nipples with gentle strokes, after she grabbed him in a kiss; he began more teasing with his mouth. He moved from her nipples, which were now red from his biting and sucking to her navel then down to her shaven mound. She had to have shaved that day, as she was so smooth. He smiled thinking to himself that she knew his fantasies all to well, as his tongue snaked along her folds. She was soaked with her juices, and he began lapping them up, enjoying how her body squirmed with every touch of his tongue.

Teasing her clit with his tongue and ran two fingers from the bottom of her slit to her dripping hole and thrust them into her. Cara's breath caught in her chest and groaned as his thick fingers pushed into her tightness. Instinctively she pressed herself towards him as he began to withdraw and repeat the process. "Oh god baby, don-don't tease anymore. Please." She said gripping the sheets.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want you in me,"

"I am in you," he said thrusting his fingers back up into her hot canal and sucking her clit into his mouth.

"Ahhh, fu-fuck me baby. Please, please." she moaned as her hips came up from the force of his fingers inside her.

He positioned his cock at her entrance and ran the head up and down her slit. Amazed at his restraint at this point he brought his lips to her ear, "You want this?" pressing the tip into her opening. "yessss,"

"OK," came his reply and in one swift motion he was buried in her canal up to the hilt and was pressing his pelvis against her. His motions were swift and deliberate as he withdrew almost completely and slammed back into her. Cara's legs wrapped around his thighs and grabbed the pillow under her head. Due to his teasing Cara reached her first climax quickly and shuddered violently as Rick continued to pound into her.


Once her first orgasm began to subside he withdrew his still hard cock from her and turned her onto her stomach and grabbed her ass and rammed himself into her and continued his assault on her pussy. Rick grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist and gently used it to pull her head back so he could hear her moans and quiet screams as he thrust into her. He used his right hand to rake his short nails up her ass and left red marks in their wake. Rick increased his pace as she groaned at his ministrations and pressed her ass back into him. He removed his hand from her hair and gripped her hips with both hands and began to pound into her. His balls smacking into her ass with every thrust, he could feel how close he was with every thrust into her. With one last thrust he spilled his cum into her quivering pussy as they both climaxed.


When Rick had turned her over, she was sure he'd start spanking her. That plus fucking her from behind had come up in regular talks about fetishes, so she was surprised when he thrust back into her and grabbed her hair and just fucked her. Not that she minded, she loved the feel of his hard cock in her tight hole. She was covered in sweat by the time they climaxed together, and felt him begin to collapse on top of her with his cock still buried in her pussy. He withdrew though and moved onto his back next to her breathing heavy.

Cara turned and moved her body closer to Rick and they began to doze and the room began to chill she moved the comforter up to cover their naked bodies.

The could always move them out of the way when round three started...

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