tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRock Star Ch. 02

Rock Star Ch. 02


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The show progressed; all eyes were on Cara as the band played even those of Rick's band members. The girlfriends noticed from their table in one of the corners and eyed the red head carefully, they knew her from work she did with other local bands but they really never got to know her. Cara and Melissa worked their way from the back of the bar up to where the band was playing; Cara figured that they would get less attention from the locals if she were closer to the band.

Rick watched as Cara made her way up to the banister that surrounded the performing area and smiled at the fact that her friend never left her side willingly. He also noted that they had chosen a spot by his girlfriend, convenient, he could look at Cara and Crystal would think he was looking at her, maybe. Crystal had been suspicious as of late, and things weren't working out very well. They had been together so long that neither wanted to let go, even though it was becoming torture making the other happy. He was grateful for Cara's lighthearted and spirited ways. She didn't mind being goofy around him, and just wanted to make friends and have fun.


After the show Cara said her goodbyes to the band and made small talk with the girlfriends as they made their way to vehicles. Giving a quick hug to Rick she climbed into the car.


Rick watched as Cara and Melissa drove down the road. His girlfriend Crystal livid watching him as he blatantly ogled his friend. She had wanted to make things work but it just wasn't going to happen as he obviously had feelings for someone else.


Days turned into weeks, and Cara had only gotten a single e-mail from Rick stating that things had gotten crazy between him and Crystal and he wouldn't be able to talk to her for a while. Cara was about to chalk this up as Crystal pulling a "her or me" and though saddened by the thought, she'd been through it before with other guy friends, girlfriends who weren't comfortable with other women in their boyfriend's lives. Life moves on and so had Cara until she had received e-mail from the bands lead singer saying that he'd like her to come to their next show at the same bar as before. She agreed, she just couldn't say no to the bands, she just had to support local music it was her nature.


Cara pulled up to the bar, alone this time as none of her friends wanted to make the hour and a half trek to the small bar. This time dressed in jeans and a green t-shirt with "Lucky" on the chest, there was no way that she would dress up for this place again. Getting out of her car she noticed Rick, standing behind the groups van.

"Hi" she said approaching.

"Hey! What are you doing out here?" Rick asked with a huge grin on his face.

"Jeremy asked me to come tonight, not sure why though."

"I'm glad you came actually, I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Really? What's that?" She questioned tilting her head up to look up at him.

"Crystal and I broke up a couple weeks ago. We've been arranging for her to move in somewhere, its been crazy. I'm really sorry I haven't gotten to talk to you."

"It's ok, what happened though? If you don't mind my asking."

"Things haven't been well for a while, but she saw that I was interested in someone else, and she called it quits."


"So I have a question for you. How do you feel about guys in bands?" He said with a grin and sitting on the back of the van bed.

"Dunno, I'll think about it and tell you later." Cara said with a chuckle then turned as if going to go into the bars rear door. Rick stood up and grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. The force landed her mere inches from his large frame and her breathing and pulse quickened at their closeness. He took his hand from her wrist and cradled her face, leaning in he crushed his mouth to hers. Forcing his tongue into her mouth she joined in the forceful joining of their tongues, and brought her hands up to his chest to help brace herself. Rick brought his hands from her face and planted them on her ass, dragging her body ever closer to his, her hands digging into his chest for a moment before loosening their grip and traveling up to his shoulders.

Rick, never letting his mouth leave hers moved their bodies to the side of the van so no one would be able to see them. Forcefully pressing her into the side of the van, Rick grabbed her breasts in his hands and squeezed and kneaded her globes. Cara moaned as his fingers found her taught nipples through her shirt, teasing them and pinching them, fire erupting in her core. Rick pressed his groin into hers, his growing member pressing into her through their jeans. His hands left her breasts and traveled to the hem of her shirt then lower to the snap of her jeans. Undoing the snap quickly and unzipping her pants he pulled the material down her hips a little. Sliding his left hand up and under her shirt he attacked her breast again with his large hand, his other hand gliding under her panties and down her neatly shaven mound. His fingers found her center and caressed her folds making his fingers slick with her juices.

Cara, caught up in the heat of the moment pressed her mound into Rick's hand allowing better access to her center. She gasped as he slid one finger then a second into her dripping hole almost lifting her off the ground as he began to finger fuck her on the side of the van. She felt herself beginning to reach a climax when Rick removed his fingers from her and using both hands pushed her hips back into the side of the van.

Breaking the kiss Rick looked into Cara's eyes, passion and lust consumed them both and Rick opened the door on the side of the van. "In" was the only word he said as he went to the back of the van to shut the hatch, then came back to the side and climbed in. There was only one bench in the van, and with all the equipment loaded into the club the back was bare. Rick reached to the seat and folded it forward. Cara just sat in amazement in how Rick was acting. He grabbed a hold of her and pulled her towards him. Kissing her with and increased passion Rick made quick work of the button on his jeans and unzipped them, in seconds his pants were around his knees along with his boxers. Not wasting anytime Rick pulled Cara's jeans and thong down in one swift tug, bearing her shaved pussy to him in the dim lights cast from the bar. His fingers once again found her moist center and her hands reached down to grab a hold of his hard prick stroking him and his fingers slid back up into her.

Quickly he removed his fingers from her and removed her hand from his shaft and turned her over the folded bench seat. Holding her down on the seat with one hand on her back he spread her thighs as far apart as possible through the confines of her jeans, her rear end pressing into his fingers as he moved closer to her pussy. Not wasting anymore time he positioned his cock at her entrance and slammed into her.

Sending her torso scratching on the fuzzed side of the vans seat as Rick slammed into her dripping wet hole Cara screamed. In one swift movement he had filled her with his large cock. Only waiting moments for her to become comfortable with his girth, he pressed into her with his hips then began to work out of her. Feeling her relax a little he began slamming into her in short thrusts that had her rocking on the back of the seat. Stopping he reached up with his cock buried deep in her snatch and removed her top and undid the clasp of her bra. "Take it off" Came his gruff voice as she lay there trying to catch her breath. Doing as he said she took off her bra with her breasts crushed on the back of the scratchy surface of the seat. His large hands reached under her and cupped her full breasts as he began to pound into her again. Rick gripped her nipples and began to pull and twist them roughly. Taking his right hand off her breast he brought it down to her shaven mound and began to caress her clit, eliciting loud moans from Cara as she began to press herself into his hand and onto his cock as it impaled her. Rubbing her clit with his strong fingers he began to feel her pussy tighten on his cock as she began to climax. Panting one long drawn out word escaped her lips, "Gggoooddd!" With that Rick pumped harder into her tight hole, never letting up his ministrations on her clit and with one final trust he came deep inside her pumping his cum into her hot body. Slumping over her torso resting his weight on his arms beside her sweaty body, he gently kissed her shoulders and her neck.

Sliding out of her, sweat covering their bodies he pulled his boxers and jeans up into place. "Holy shit." Cara murmured watching him pull himself back together, still leaning half naked on the seat. Reaching for her bra and shirt and putting them back on. Rick grabbed her by her hair as she went to pull up her underwear and pants, lifting her face to his, and crushed his mouth back onto hers. Quickly dipping his fingers into her dripping pussy, gathering a mixture of their secretions until he heard her moan and brought the tangy sweet liquid to her lips, without him having to tell her what to do she took his fingers into her mouth and licked them clean.

He watched grinning as she fixed herself and they exited the van.

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