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Rocky Gets Some Sunny Delight


In the locker room of Madison Square Garden, the WWF's newest rookie sensation, Rocky Maivia is doing some cool down stretches. He was the sole survivor of an eight elimination tag team match that was also his very first official match for the World Wrestling Federation. Rocky sits down on a bench and starts to untie his wrestling boots when there's a knock on the door.

"Come on in, I'm decent..." Rocky says as he pulls off one boot then he starts on the other. The locker room door opens and in walks the sex symbol of the WWF, Sunny walks in.

"Hey rookie." Sunny gives him a big smile as she closes the door. She skillfully locks it with out even looking at the door knob as Rocky takes off his other boot. He looks at her and returns the smile.

"Hey Sunny... what brings you in here?"

"You, of course." Sunny skips over to the bench and sits down next to him. "You looked very good out there tonight."

"Thanks... but I don't think I need a manager... at least not yet..."

"I was paying you a compliment silly," Sunny laughs, "I wasn't trying to offer you my services, although they are open to you if you want them." Sunny gives him a week.

"Oh... ok... then thanks, on both counts I guess..."

"You're welcome," Sunny giggles and pats his leg, "Hey... did you get the rookie bonus yet?"

Rocky raises an eyebrow, "Rookie Bonus?"

Sunny jumps to feet and acts shocked, "You didn't get the bonus yet?! You should've gotten it before you match, damn that idiot, the arrangements must've gotten crossed up."

Rocky laughs nervously, "What's the bonus?"

Sunny puts her hands on her hips, "Me."

Rocky gets a confused look on his face, "Come again?"

Sunny laughs as she starts to pull off her halter top, "I didn't cum yet... how could I cum again?"

When Rock sees her tits bounce freely after the top is removed, his eyes go wide. "Is this some kind of joke?"

Sunny shakes head, "Nope... it's tradition, well it has been since I got here. All the new yummy guys get some personal time with little ol' me."

"You're kidding right?"

Sunny smirks and kneels down a bit and runs her hands over his chest as she licks her lips, "Do I look like I'm kidding?"

Rocky cracks a smile, "No you don't..."

Sunny stands up and starts to swivel her hips, "Good... I'd hate to thing I'm losing my touch..." She unzips her mini-skirt and it falls to her feet. Sunny steps out of it, and turns around. She looks over her shoulder at him, smiles and starts to bend over, at the same time pulling down her thong. Sunny spreads her legs apart and looks at Rocky though them and waves at him.

"How's the view Rocky?"

Rocky's eyes are locked on her perfect rear-end, "The view... is simply... fabulous..."

Sunny slowly rises up and turns around to face him, "I'm glad you like it... but I think something else want to see me too..." Sunny kneels down in front of him and runs her hands over his crotch, feeling his hard cock through the material of his wrestling trunks. "Mmmmm... feels like someone wants to come out and play..." Before he can say anything, Sunny gets a hold of a good grip on his tights and pulls them down. When Sunny finishes taking of his trunks, she lefts her head up and it bangs against his cock. Sunny actually has to move back a few inches as Rocky's cock rises to attention. She gets a "hungry like a wolf" look on her face as she gets a very good look of the "Brahma Bull" like dick.

"My goodness... how the hell did you fit that into those shorts?" Sunny asks as she grips his dick with both hands.

"Very carefully..."

Sunny looks up at him with a smirk, "Cute..." She uses both her hand to stroke his cock, using a hand over hand technique. Sunny looks back at the man-steak in her hands and judges that it's about as long as her forearm, and probably a little thicker. "This looks yummy..." Sunny then stops talking and puts her mouth on his cock and starts to suck on it. Sunny struggles to go down on it, but manages to get half way down on it. She drags her tongue along the bottom side of his shaft.

"Damn girl..." Rocky moans as he places his hands on his knees as Tammy backs away from his cock. She angles it straight up and licks up and down the shaft, coating it with her saliva. She stands up a tad and spits down on it adding more of her own oral-lubricate to it.

"Fuck... this damn thing is too fucking big..." Sunny laughs as she lifts a leg up and starts to lower herself down on it. Sunny moans loudly as his cock enters her pussy and has to stop while half way down. She makes a face, puts her hands on his broad shoulders and forces herself to take the rest of his cock into her tight snatch. "Ahhhhh shit... oh my god..." Sunny says as she lays her head against his chest for a moment before she starts to bounce on his cock. She rocks her rips a bit as she already breaks a sweat. Rocky tapes a towel that near hip and wipes her forehead.

"Thanks..." Sunny says with a smile as she starts to get her rhythm. Sunny keeps her hands on his shoulders, using them to pull herself up then drops down harder on his rod. Rocky takes hold of her hips and helps her out, lifting her up and down at a decent rate.

"Yes... that's it... mmmm...." Sunny nibbles on her lower lip as she gyrates her hips faster to come down on his cock at different angles. Sunny starts to lean back, still holding onto his shoulders. Rocky takes advantage of this and moves from the bench down to the floor, where he lays Sunny down gently. The beautiful woman wraps her legs around his waist as he starts to fuck her at a decent pace.

"Damn... you a fox..." Rocky says as he grits his teeth and starts to fuck her harder. Sunny wraps her hands around his powerful neck and closes her eyes.

"Ohhh yes... that's it... fuck me good Rocky..."

"I will..."

He pulls out of her pussy and turns Sunny over. He pulls her up till her knees and re-inserts himself into her pussy. Sunny pushes her upper-body up with her arms and looks back at him with a sly smile as he starts to fuck her doggy-style. Sunny pushes back against him each time he thrusts into her and she licks her lips in appreciation.

"Mmmm... god you're such a fucking stud..." Sunny moans as Rocky runs his hands over her ass. She gets a big smile on her face, "You like my little booty Rocky?" Rocky gives her a sharp thrust and nods. "Well... you're going to have to make it really smooth... you're way to big to go in dry..."

Rocky things for a moment as he fucks her pussy for some a few more minuets. He then gets an idea and pulls out her pussy.

"Stand up... and put your hands on the wall..."

Sunny smirks and does what she's told. Rocky kneels behind her, spread her ass cheeks apart and spits on her asshole. He then sticks his tongue inside her, and pushing in as much of his own saliva from his mouth into her ass as possible. Tammy wiggles her hips a bit to grind her rear more against his face.

"Oh baby... that tongue is going to make you so much money..." Sunny takes one hand off the wall, moves it towards her pussy and starts to fuck herself as Rocky continues to lube up her asshole. Sunny starts to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her cunt onto her hand.

"Ohhh... that's enough honey... fuck my ass... fuck it now..."

Rocky stops licking her asshole, and drags his tongue up from her hole to her tail bone and all the way up her spine, sending chills through her body. Rocky slaps her left butt cheek, leaving a red imprint of his hands on her skin. He takes hold of his cock and slowly enters it into her ass, but Sunny pushes back and he's forced to thrust all of his cock into her ass. Sunny then looks back at him, "What are you waiting for?"

Rocky quickly starts to fuck her ass, pulling her back with each thrust to give her a little something extra with each thrust. Sunny continues to finger fuck her pussy, as she clenches her eyes shut.

"Ahhh yes ahhh ahhhh ohhh that's so fucking good... give it to me!"

Sweat drips from Rocky's body down onto Sunny's as he doubles his efforts. The man who the WWF is projecting to be a huge star is showing Sunny exactly how huge he is already.

"Ohhh my god... I'm... there!" Sunny starts to climax under the strain of her own hand and Rocky's cock pounding her ass. Rocky continues to fuck her ass as Sunny licks her own cum off her hand. Rock then pulls out of her ass, strokes his cock for a few moments before he blows his load over her ass.

"Oooo... that's feels so warm..." Sunny says as she reaches behind herself to rub the cum into her skin. Rocky then sits down on the bench and looks at her with a smile.

"That was fun..."

"Was?" Sunny jumps onto his lap and wraps her arms around his neck, "Rocky... with a cock like that... the fun is only just starting..."

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