Role 42


"You did what?!" There was no shame about her and that's what angered Reg. "This better be a fuckin' joke!"

Senna tossed her long dark blonde hair defiantly. "oh, it's no fucking joke, Reg, "at all." Malik and I had lunch together. I gave him a hand job right at the table while we ate lunch. Then we snuck into a stahl in the mens room, and he bent me over the toilet and fucked me silly with his huge black cock!" She provoked him with her stare, her eyes quickly dropping to his crotch. "wanna know what is a joke?" smiling wickedly back at him, her eyes meeting his once again. She leaned against the kitchen table, her impressive cleavage framed by her arms, defying her low cut top.

"Be careful, Senna, or..."

"Or, what?! What are you going to do, Reg?! Huh?!" Her voice raised an octave. "What could you do... to any woman... with that thing you call a dick?!" her head motioning to his groin, again.

Reg quickly moved around the table, grabbing her bicep forcefully, pulling her to face him, then grabbing the other. He held her there studying her face. "Why I ever chose a no good, dirty, little, trailer park tramp like you, is beyond me," his voice seethed, his eyes sizing her up.

"Chose me? Chose, me?! That's a laugh! I took pity on your pathetic ass!" She pulled loose from his grasp, pushing him in his chest. "That night in the bar, you standing in the corner drinking your beer – alone – afraid to make a move on me - watching me like a scared puppy!"

Reg welled up, chest thrust forward. He moved toward, grabbed a handful of her hair, twisting it, yanking it down, his other hand gripping her throat. "I wasn't afraid. I was just waiting for the line of guys to get finished with you!"

Senna's head went back, chin up, "ah!" Her breaths coming in pants. "This gets you off, doesn't it?" she accused him through clenched teeth.

"I'm gonna show you what gets me off, you little slut." Reg pulled up her blouse exposing her tits. His hand gripping a tit, mouth engulfing a puffy silver dollar sized nipple. His breath hot against her flesh. He released her hair, his hand under her short skirt, finding her panties, slipping fingers beneath them to her pussy. He released her tit and gripped her face, his other hand fingering her moist pussy.

"You're scum! Limp dick, motherfucker!"

"Shut up, cunt!"

"Shut me up!" Her eyes burned.

Reg covered her mouth with his, his hand now at the back of her head, forcing her mouth to meet his.

Senna threw her tongue into his mouth, punching his, wrestling with it. Her hand fell down between his thighs rubbing his growing girth through his jeans.

Reg lifted her onto the table, Senna let out a grunt. Their eyes furiously searched one another. Her hands unbuckled, unzipping, sliding down, finally freeing him. His cock stood strong, throbbing to her strokes, its' head swollen. She lunged toward him, bringing her mouth to his, again, tongues tumbling over one another. Senna moaned into his mouth, as he pushed his dick all the way in. She wrapped her arms around his neck, his arms went around her waist, thrusting upward from his waist, forcing her down with his bear hug.

Her hips bucked against his thrusts, over and over, furiously and urgently, quickening with each stroke. Reg grunted, banging hard into Senna, bouncing her back up into his arms, which quickly pulled her back down onto his cock. Over and over, her wet pussy swallowed his raging pole. Reg drove it deep, drove it hard, drove her wild.

"Uh!" Senna felt the force of his explosion. Reg released his load into her, grinding his hips into hers, her legs squeezing tightly around him, locking him in, his cock pumping warm cum, she took it all.

When he finished, Senna slowly let one bare foot touch the floor, then the other. Squatting down, her hand tracing the front of his body resting on his dick, her other hand massaging his balls. She licked the whole of it clean, Reg's dick softer, but still swollen. "All better, baby?"

Reg smiled down at her, as she lovingly stroked his cock, smiling her beautiful smile. "All better," he said. Senna continued to lick, suck and stroke his dick, gradually returning it to its' fullness. Her mouth followed her hand, both of them sliding over his shaft. Reg took her head in his hands, enjoying Senna's mouth. "Next time", he thought, "we'll do her Wonder Woman role." It wasn't one of the ones Reg liked as much as some of Senna's favorite roles, but Senna indulged him with this one. He would do the same for her.

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