tagRomanceRomantic Weekend Day 01

Romantic Weekend Day 01


Day One:

I watch as the cars drive by on Hill Street, in my own little world. Waiting for him to show up. I've been talking to this guy for a year and this is our first meet. I'm anxious, excited, and very, very nervous.

He's been on my mind a lot. Not always sexual, but he makes a great friend, definately someone I can talk to when my life is going to hell. We have a lot in common and our relationship isn't based off of sex. Yes, we want to and yes, we are sexually attracted to one another. But, friendship comes first.

It's chilly outside and I am in a dress with nothing on underneath, but I have my jacket on, though. I'm cold yet I am burning up, I wonder why? I reach to my left for my smokes and lighter, taking one out, I light it as soon as it is between my lips. I slowly inhale then exhale after removing it from my mouth, of course.

I start fidgeting, messing with the buttons on my dress. Which is pretty, blue with white flowers. Makes me look very feminine, which is weird for me. As I smoke, I stop messing with my buttons to start fiddling with my bag, making sure I have everything I need for this weekend, and by now my cigarette is gone, so I "kill" it and toss the butt next to me.

Let me tell you about this guy;

He's a little taller than I am and I am 5'5". He has short blonde hair, almost dirty blonde. Eyes to die for, I could stare at his picture all day long, but that's kinda creepy, right? He's thin, but not scrawny.

Which is good, I don't exactly like scrawny guys. But, whatever. Like I said, he and I have a lot in common, we met in a chatroom and didn't immediately hit it off. He kept asking me to marry him and I kept saying no.

Jokes on me, who knew that he actually cared? I had a crush on him the whole time and after a certain event took place, I let my feelings known. He and I will never be together. Although, he did apologize for not giving me a chance, which I am used to.

I am now staring at the house across the street as movement caught my eye. I have been watched, as I always do when I am outside. I shrug it off, dipping my head down so my chin is on my chest. I am now actively huddling into myself to keep warm when I hear the sound of a car I have not heard come down Hill then my street before.

Looking up and to my right, I see it. I know that car, but from where? Then, I remember that I have seen pictures of it from Dave. I almost jump up and start running down the steps, but at the last second I change my mind.

I DO get up, grabbing my stuff, I walk down the steps, and point my finger to the empty spot in front of me. I watch as he pulls up and my dog is at the living room window going totally insane with this stranger who happens to be near me, her mistress. He stops, parks, shuts off his car, opens the door, and gets out. I bite my lip, unsure what to say or do at this exact moment and from the looks of it neither does he, so looks like I'm in charge!

"Hi, gorgeous. It's finally nice to meet you face to face."

I'm looking down as I say this, cause we're both shy and he's extremely hot and I can already feel myself getting wet even though that might not even happen.

"Let me try this again, hi Dave, I'm Laura. It's finally nice to meet you face to face."

Now, I'm looking at him. Go tiger, I'm thinking.

"Nice to meet you too, Laura."

"So, since this isn't a hump and leave situation, what do you want to do?"

"Do you want to go to the hotel?"

"Let me think about that for a minute. Yes."

I go around to the passenger side, opening it, I toss my bag inside first before I get in, closing it behind me as I reach for the seatbelt. I smile at him as he starts his hot ass car and goes off, knowing he needs me to tell him where he's going. I'm tempted to just reach for his hand, just to stroke it, hold it. It's not weird, this is a romantic weekend, that we both want and deserve.

He's at the stop sign on my street, waiting for me to tell him which way to turn, but I am too focused on if I should just hold his hand or not.



"Left or right?"


So left he turns and he goes straight, now I'm paying attention to where we're going. After stopping a lot at the stop signs, we come to the part where we have to turn left, which is on Cass Street.

"Turn left." and he does.

Back to my original though process, I made up my mind, but I don't grab his hand. I reach over and place my hand, tentatively, on his thigh. I sit and wait for him to remove my hand, when he doesn't, I silently cheer. I draw slow, small cirlces on his thigh as I pay attention to where we are going, which is at the stop light at Stitt and Cass.

I'm trying to discreetly look at him, study him. He really is gorgeous, like mouth watering and I am spending the weekend, alone, with him. I shift in the seat and he looks at me. I smile at him and nod at him.

"Light's green."

"How'd..you know?"

"To save you from the real explaination, I know these lights well, love."


"Yeah. So, did you already go to the hotel before you went to my house?"



I'm still drawing circles on his thigh, now barely touching, but still there's a reaction from us both. I'm starting to puddle,I'm not wearing any panties, and there's a slight bump in his pants. Which excites me even more, driving me to continue and move closer to that bump. So much for being shy, right?

"I thought you said you were shy?"

"I am shy, I don't know what's gotten into me. Except for the fact that I've wanted to fuck your brains out for a year."

"I've really wanted to fuck you, too."

"Mmm, I know. This is a romantic weekend, right? We can always do the romantic stuff later, I just really, really want to feel that cock that I've been fantasizing about deep inside me."

We're in the hotel parking lot, having this conversation. I unbuckle my seatbelt and try my damndest to not pounce him in his car. I do, however, move closer to him and kiss his cheek before scooting back over to open my door and get out. Closing the door behind me after removing my bag, I stand there and let the air cool me down, or try to.

We make it inside and once that elevator door closed, I had him pushed against the wall and bent down with his lips on mine. I kiss him, passionately and he returns it just as passionately. I break off the kiss that I had started and smile at him, once again.

"I've wanted to do that for so long and I am not going to apologize for it, either."

Before either one of us can speak again, his lips find mine again, this time HE did it! Yummy! I break it off as soon as the doors open, grabbing his hand, I tug him out and let him lead me to his room, since I had no idea where. We get there, he fumbles with the key card, I giggle, he fumbles again which causes me to giggle again, he finally gets it, opening the door when the light turns green, he goes in before me, I grab the "Do Not Disturb" sign, and place it on the door.

We're completely alone now. He's on the bed, unsure of what to do, and since I have already started this, I may just as well finish it. I walk to the bed, pushing him down onto the bed as I climb on top of him. He does not yet know that I am naked under this dress, but soon he will and that excites me even more!

I plant my puss right on top of his crotch and start rubbing against him. He's getting hard, I can feel him, and so I start grinding against him, hard. That doesn't last long before I dismount him to get his clothes off, which come off quite quickly. Leaving him, naked, I take my sandals off as I go turn the bathroom light on, so I can turn the rest of the lights off, prolonging it just a bit and I have this thing about fucking in the dark.

I make it back to the bed, putting my glasses on the table next to the bed. I start climbing back on top of him, but not exactly mounting him, just yet. I stop at his cock. What a nice cock it is, I start stroking him once, twice, three times before he's in my mouth. I suck him hard and fast a few times, he's moaning, fucking my mouth, I deep throat him a couple of times before stopping and mounting him.

I reach down, grab his cock, aim it toward my wet, tight pussy, and when a moan I slide down, inch by delicious inch. Once he's balls deep I start riding slowly at first, but I know what he wants and start riding him hard, harder, and soooooooooo hard!

I lean down to grab ahold of the bed so I can go even harder, grinding into him just as hard. My clit brushing against him with each rotate. I'm moaning pretty loud for someone who is quiet. Still in my dress, I sit back up, lift it up and over my head, tossing it on the floor, and I start laying back down he has access to my nipples.

I pretty much squeal when he starts sucking on my right nipple while playing with my left. His tongue feels so good and it's becoming hard to concentrate on anything except for the electricity he is sending throughout my body, my nipples are highly sensitive to the point where it will hurt. I back away a little, he lets go, and I continue grinding, riding, gyrating him as hard as I possibly can go. I sit back up, putting my hands on his chest while he's electrocuting me by continuing to play with my nipples.

"Oh my god, I haven't felt that in a long time!"

I start using kegels, he's been a trooper but now it's really time for both of us to cum, so I slide my hand down to my clit, lifting up slightly, once I'm there I start going really fast as well as hard. Doing kegels more often, but I want him on top, so I stop rubbing my clit, grabbing him, I start rocking to my right, once I'm on my back I lift my legs up, wrapping them around his back.

"Fuck me hard, baby!", I say as I snake my hand between us to rub my clit once more.

And fuck me he does, my orgasm close. He takes me to the edge and over.

"Ahhh! Cumming!"

It doesn't take him long, not with my throbbing pussy and his need to cum, soon he's filling me. I unwrap my legs from his body and slowly lower them. Panting, trying to catch my breath. He collapses on top of me, panting and trying to catch his breath. He is going soft, I wiggle my hips a bit, but it doesn't revive him.

I gently roll him off me with whatever energy I have left anyway. He falls onto his back, his breathing almost back to normal. I roll onto my side to face him.

"I told you I wanted to fuck you. I knew I couldn't wait any longer, you're just too irresistable."

He's breathing slowly, like he's sleeping. I reach over and poke him, no response I think he is asleep. I wore him out, I cheer! I slowly sit up, scooting off the bed, I put my glasses on, grab my dress, and put it back on.

I lay back down, moving closer to him, I put my hand on his chest, and start drawing my little circles again before I scoot even closer. I'm not what you call a cuddler, but for some reason cuddling with him seems like a great idea, so that's exactly what I do. I lay there and listen to him breathe, he's so sweet despite being an asshole in the chatroom we met in. I let him sleep for a couple of hours before waking him up.


No response.

"Dave.." this time I nudge him.

Still no response. He's passed out. So, I do the only thing I can do, I bite him..hard. He's awake now!

"OUCH! Why'd you bite me?"

"I called your name twice."


"Yeah, well, if you really want to sleep you can. But, it's getting late and I need to show you around town, right?" "I'll show you around my body later.", I say as I flash him a wicked smile.

"Uh, yeah."

"You're not much of a talker, are you? Or are you still shy?"

"No, not really."

"Okay then. Neither am I really, but I don't want a one side conversation. I already talk and answer myself enough as it is." "C'mon, love, get dressed. We have places to see and people to do..just not literally."

I'm off the bed by now, grabbing and tugging him off the bed. As much as I like the fact he's naked and he's even hotter naked, BUT he needs to get dressed so we can really start this weekend. Not a bad start if I say so myself. As tempted as I am, I let him get dressed without attempting to strip him...again.

Both now completely dressed and ready to go. I grab his hand, intertwining my fingers through his, and we walk out the door but not without making sure he has the key card. We make it to the elevator, to the first floor, and on our way out.

"If you're hungry, we're on restaurant row or if you want to go some place better, there's one on the 'other' side of town. If you want to go bowling, it's on Cass, near the stop light, across from Village Pantry. There's not much here besides eat, go to church, get drunk, or go bowling and that's very, very rare. Although, we do have a movie theatre. Two, actually, but one is closed for the season."

I say this as we're walking to his car, I stop suddenly and I turn to face him.

"Do you really want to do anything? Because, we can turn around and go straight back to your room. Your cum is slowly sliding out and luckily enough this dress is long enough to hide it, but it's also turning me on..even more so."

"No, not really."

"Are you hungry?"


"There's a grocery store right there. Take me home and I'll grab candles, hit the grocery store, and eat by candlelight..How romantic is that?"

He's staring at me, trying to figure out what to say.

"What? I don't eat much. May look like it, but I really don't. Though, I am a night feeder. I eat mostly at night and that's if I am even hungry."

"Have I mentioned that you look hawt in that dress?"

"No, and that's changing the subject. But, thank you."

"No problem" and he smiles.


"On second thought, I do believe I have candles in my bag. I didn't think we'd leave the hotel much.. So, we can just go to the store OR get pizza..It's been a long day and it's dark already, so what do you say, darlin?"

"What do you want to do?"

"Pizza. Candlelight?"

"Sounds good to me!"

"Me too."

I grab my cell from a pocket in my dress, flip it open, scroll down to the number, hit call, and hand it to him.

"Your call, darlin'!"

We're actually standing next to his car, I drifted there during this conversation, I can't stand still for long. He just kinda followed me. Why wouldn't he, he's in a town he's never been in and I'm the only one he knows. While he's on the phone, I push him into the car, turn around in front of him and press my ass into his groin before grinding my ass slowly.

His breath catches, but he continues talking. I grab his free hand and place it on my breast, making him squeeze me hard. I let out a soft moan. He's off the phone now, I lean back against him.


"I know. Do you want to see how kinky I can get, baby?"


"Nice answer.", I say as I turn around to face him.


"Almost always. However, I would say that you are too from the bump in your pants." I reach down and rub him, right here, in the hotel parking lot.

I rub him harder. I know he's looking around, noone's paying attention nor is anyone really around. He seems nervous, he shifts, so I back away.

"C'mon, baby, let's go to the room and wait."

So, off to the room we go and it seems like we're there in record time.

"Who needs to go anywhere? We can talk, hang out, fuck as much as you want to or I can keep you hard, and just have some company other than family. Sounds great to me, actually. But, the best part is I'm with you, I met you, FINALLY! Damned if I didn't try going there, but shit kept happening and well, you're closer now."


"Yes, it is true.", I say as we enter the room.

I go straight to my bag, removing the candles, after I get them, I fish for my lighter, taking everything out of my pocket. He handed me my cell back while we were still outside. I grab my pj's out of my bag after I set the stuff down, and I change right there in front of him. Not really caring, but I see the look of "what the hell are you doing?" in his eyes.

"Taking clothes off is just as fun as being naked. Besides, it helps build the anticipation even though you've been inside me already. And, as promised, you get me condom free."

"Kick ass!" and he smiles!

"YES! Condoms suck, bareback is SO much better."

"Yes, it is."

I finish putting my pjs on, which consists of a tank and pj bottoms, then I put the candles around the room, light them, and I had just crawled into bed when someone knocks on the door. Prompting me to reach into my pocket once again and get to the door. Upon opening it;

"Hey, what's up?"

"Mmm, lots, fucking like bunnies so, great evening, yes?"

"Yes, so are you new in town?"

"Um, no, I'm not, but he is." I say as I push the door open so he can see inside. "My friend, thanks. Keep the change."

I shut the door, walking to where the table is I set it down, and start laughing.


"I just think it's funny. The look on his face was hilarious, that's all."


"C'mon, the candles are lit and the pizza is getting cold." "Should've thought about this, yes? Although, there's napkins with the stupid coffee maker or there used to be. I haven't been in a hotel room in awhile."

So, we eat and then clean up. I go back to my bag, grabbing my stuff out of my bag, going back into the bathroom and do what I do in there. After I'm done, I blow out the candles AFTER turning the lights (that were still off from earlier) on.

I slip my sandals on, grabbing my jacket, I put it on, then I grab my smokes and lighter. His curiousity has peaked and watches me which causes me to slow my pace, stop, and stare at him.

"Where you going?"



"To smoke. Are you coming or staying?"

"Coming!" and he gets up and follows me out the door, quickly grabbing his stuff.

Following the path to the elevator, waiting for it, and as soon as it comes in I drag him into a corner with me. I pull him down and kiss him again. I stop when the elevator stops and the door opens. Breathless, I walk past him, out of the elevator, down the hall, and out the doors.

I reach into my pocket for my smokes and lighter as soon as I step outside. Inhaling and exhaling slowly, trying to enjoy this, but since it's been awhile I get dizzy. Loads of fun and I don't even lose my balance imagine that. Cigarettes done, I enjoyed it-mostly, but all I wanna do now is go back to the room and fuck him one more time before we go to sleep, so I put the cigarette in the "butt tray" as I call them, walking past him, I tug him, and inside we go.

It's getting colder now, but I know exactly how we're going to warm up. We're back in the elevator and in the room once again in record time. My jacket and sandals came off upon entering the room, I'm now sitting in the middle of the bed, watching him watch me. I scoot back on the bed, leaning against the headboard, and I smile that smile everyone loves yet fears.

"So, you have me in a hotel room. To yourself for a weekend. I'm waiting for you to make the next move, darlin. I made it when we got in here, it's your turn."

Still he stands there, hesitating.

"It's okay, Dave, you can just stand there or you can come sit on the bed, I promise I won't bite too hard."

I watch as he slowly makes it to the bed and slowly sitting at the edge of the bed. I'm mildly amused at the moment, by watching him and at myself.



"How are you?"

"I'm okay, you?"



"Yes, it is."

I move so I'm closer, but not too close.

"Are you scared? I don't know why we've already fucked once."

"Not scared."

"You're not? Are you sure?"


"Okay. "This is different. Being so close, used to talking to you online. You don't do this, do you? Meet people from online in person?"

"Different, yes. I love talking to you, though. No, I don't."

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