tagGay MaleRudy's Romps Ch. 07

Rudy's Romps Ch. 07


Ronnie Gets His!

Ronnie Brown was one of those college guys who always wanted to get the last word in. The young man would without fail become loud when he started losing his arguments, if only to drown out his opponent's voices. He also resorted to calling names when somebody boxed him in, or when somebody tried to force him to produce any real research into the subjects he pretended to have a Master's Degree in. Of course, our dear Ronnie had no degree at all; that's why he was in college and majoring in Gender Studies.

Ronnie had it in for one of his professors, too. This was Professor Rudy, who would sometimes bring up government complicity in major news stories. False Flags, the Prof called them. Of course, there were no such things as False Flags, because Ronnie was a man of the world and knew better. The mainstream news backed him up; anyone who questioned the official narrative was obviously a nut and a conspiracy theorist. Because Ronnie hated that anyone in class would even entertain such fallacies, he would heckle his professor whenever he brought one of those subjects up.

"Oh, stop with your bullshit!" Ronnie called out, as his instructor stood by the chalkboard and wrote down the temperatures at which jet fuel burns. This was the professor's attempt at swaying the class over to the viewpoint that 9/11 was a fabricated event. "Everybody knows that planes hit those buildings!"

"What about building seven?" The Prof returned.

"A plane hit it, of course."

"No, Ronnie-boy, a plane did not hit building seven. The planes hit the twin towers. Building seven was over a football field away and started burning by magic."

"Then fires brought it down."

"Are you so sure about that, Ronnie? This is a game the media is playing with us. It is a deadly serious game because it shifts public opinion one way or another. If you feel so strongly about your claim, then refute it with evidence we can all verify. Just saying what the news told you won't cut it here. If you cannot prove your side, then you lose."

"I don't need to prove my side, because everybody knows what happened that day."

"Just like CNN said it did?"

"That's right."

"I'm not here to try to convince you of anything, Ronnie-boy. What I'm doing here is introducing an alternative viewpoint. My evidence comes from twenty-two hundred architects and engineers from all over the world, all of whom are much smarter than you are, Ronnie. If you disagree with that, find twenty-two hundred professionals presenting an opposing point of view."

"I don't need to do that." Ronnie refused.

"Then go play in your little sandbox, and leave the conversation to the adults in the room."

This caused some of the students around Ronnie to chuckle. It burned him enough that he got twice as vocal while the professor continued his lecture.

"Enough, Ronnie." The Prof said, some ten minutes later. "You're becoming a nuisance to the rest of us. Will you stay after class for a few minutes so I can discuss the matter with you in private."

That's right, Ronnie thought. The Prof couldn't take any more ribbing, and so he was going to plead with Ronnie to stop with the venom. Smugly, the young man thought, yeah, I'll stay. I want to see the professor squirm.

Once class was over, Ronnie watched the rest of the students filter out, while the professor sorted through his various papers and folders.

"Do go over and lock the door, Ronnie-boy." The Prof requested, once the room was empty. "I'd rather not have anyone accidentally coming in while we have our little talk."

Ronnie grinned. The professor was squirming already. He just didn't want anyone to see how badly Ronnie was about to embarrass him. The young man went and locked the door. After that he went over to stand beside the professor's desk. "So what do you want to talk about?"

"9/11 was an inside job, Ronnie."

"Oh, bullshit. You haven't proven anything! I've got the facts on my side, and all you've got is bullshit!"

"Is that so?"

"That's right."

"Show me your facts. I've already shown you mine."

"I don't need to show you anything."

"Show me, Ronnie-boy." The Prof repeated.

It had been some time since the professor had started calling him that. At times, the Prof called him son or kid as well. The older man did this with other students too, when he was trying to get a rise out of them, but mostly he did it with Ronnie. The strange thing was that Ronnie had never brought this up in public; he'd never told the Prof to stop referring to him that way. Now, the way the professor said it sounded... he didn't know how to explain it. The Prof's voice was low, and maybe, ugh, seductive.

"You know what I see?" The Prof asked, his voice, thankfully, back at its normal pitch. "I see a young man desperately trying to be an alpha male, when clearly he is not."

"I am an alpha male."

"You can say it all day, if it will make you feel good about yourself." Rudy replied. "I happen to know a little bit about psychology and how distraught people project their inner emotions on outer targets. You jump on my back every time I bring up subjects you don't want to talk about. You call me names, you ridicule my findings, you ignore my evidence..."

Here it comes, Ronnie thought. The Prof was about to beg for Ronnie to stop making fun of him in class, because he couldn't take it. Ronnie smirked, because he knew he'd finally gotten on the professor's nerves. That's what he'd been after all along.

"Are you homophobic, Ronnie?"

"What?" Ronnie asked. That question had come out of the blue. "What are you talking about?"

"It was a simple question, Ronnie-boy." The Prof got to his feet. "The funny thing is that you flinched when I asked it."

"No, I didn't!"

Rudy took a few steps toward him, causing Ronnie to take his own step back and away. When the professor reached out to clasp his arm, Ronnie jerked it away.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ronnie asked.

"Are you a homophobe?" The professor repeated.

"You're a fucking faggot!"

"Am I?"

"Fuck you! I am so out of here!"


"Fuck you!" Ronnie cried out, curling his hand into a fist. He was about to nub the professor right in the mouth, even if it meant he'd get kicked out of class for good.

"You're getting very defensive, for another man to put his hand on your arm. I wonder why that is."

"I'm leaving."

"Then go. But if you leave now, you lose."

Those two words always rubbed Ronnie the wrong way. It was the way the Prof said them, so smugly and so self-assured. During class, Ronnie could hurl a thousand insults at the professor, but when the Prof said 'you lose,' his insults were rendered meaningless. It felt as if Ronnie had to start all over in insulting the professor. No matter what, he could not let those two words go, because Ronnie always had to have the last word in an argument, even if he'd already lost.

"I'll leave when I'm good and ready." Ronnie affirmed, both to himself and to his instructor.

"Am I threatening your masculinity?" Raymond countered. "Are you an insecure alpha male? You do understand that is a contradiction."

"Fuck you."

The professor was close enough to reach out for his arm again. Ronnie cringed, but because he wanted to prove to the Prof how tough he was, he didn't pull away like before.

"You're so tense, Ronnie-boy." The professor quietly slid behind him. "You should let some of that stress go. I can help you with that. Would a shoulder massage threaten your masculinity?"

"I'm leaving." Ronnie decided.

"Then leave."

Ronnie didn't move, however. He simply stood there as the professor put his hands on Ronnie's shoulders. Part of him wanted to run out of the room, but another part of him didn't. Fine, he thought. Let the old bastard massage him. Maybe it was the Prof's way of softening him up, so he could start begging later. Leave me alone; stop embarrassing me in front of class. Yeah, Ronnie would gloat over that, when the Prof got to that point.

"I know you have trouble answering direct questions, Ronnie-boy, but when is the last time a woman gave you a shoulder massage?"

Ronnie frowned. He hadn't been getting much action lately, because he was as loud with his girlfriends as he was with everybody else.

"You tensed up again." Rudy said, from close behind him. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Why don't you pretend, you know, that I'm a woman giving you a massage?"

"You're a fucking fag." Ronnie replied.

"You think? Why would you possibly say something like that? Are you saying that one masculine man can't give a completely platonic shoulder massage to another masculine man? A fag would do something like this." The professor's hands went around Ronnie's waist, causing him to shudder. "Is it possible for one man to give another man a hug from behind, and not be called a fag?"

"Let me go, because I'm leaving." Ronnie said.

"I'm not holding you that strongly, Ronnie-boy. You could have left ten minutes ago."

This time, the professor left no doubt as to what was going on in his head. He pressed close to Ronnie's back, with his breaths landing on Ronnie's neck. Only a couple of seconds later, the professor's lips were grazing against his skin.

This was not what Ronnie had been expecting, not at all. He wanted confrontation, conflict and turmoil, because he was good at stirring that shit up. Ronnie didn't want to be felt up by the guy he hated most in the entire world. He stiffened up when the Prof started kissing him, and running his hands under his shirt to touch Ronnie's bare chest.

"I knew a girl once," The professor whispered into his ear. "Her name isn't really important. I had a girlfriend at the time, and this other girl was a friend of hers. Well, this other girl always made faces and disparaging remarks at me. Why is that, I asked myself. When I ignored her, she started calling me names and would actually come up and shove me out of her way. Later, she would reach out and pinch me and glare. Not your typical pinches, mind you, but real twisters. Then, I figured it out. This girl didn't know how to get my attention in a gentle way. She went about it in a roundabout, aggressive manner. Once I knew that, I waited until we were alone. When she came at me with her snide remarks and her simple violence, I took her. She didn't say a thing about it to my girlfriend. As long as I took her every once in a while, this other girl was happy. Is that so different from what you've been doing to me, Ronnie-boy? Haven't I given you enough space to let your embers smolder, and yet you stoke at that same fire over and over again. I guess you've got my attention now, don't you, Ronnie-boy?"

Ronnie stayed quiet, as the Prof kissed his neck and nibbled at his ears. He didn't say a thing, as the older man's hands coursed over his chest and stomach. When a hand hovered over his crotch, Ronnie took a deep breath. The button on his jeans was popped open, and the zipper drawn. Soon enough, the Prof had his hand on Ronnie's cock. The younger man never had a woman give him a reach-around like that, and here a man was doing that to him.

"I don't think you're the kind of guy who's going to say anything, Ronnie." The Prof whispered, as he gently stroked the young man's cock. "Just like that girl I told you about. But you are the kind of guy who likes control. Isn't that right, Ronnie? I know what I want to do to you, but I'm willing to let you have the first crack at me. What do you want to do next, Ronnie-boy?"

Ronnie tried to stay quiet, he really did. What the professor was doing to his cock was too stimulating, however. He was enjoying it, enough that his breaths were becoming raspy. More weakly than before, he said, "You're a fag."

"I understand that, just as I understand what a big, tough, alpha male you are." The Prof replied. "You're about to show me, aren't you, just how big and tough you really are. Do you remember that time I called you Ronnie-boy, and you said you had my boy hanging? You thought that was so cute, to say that in front of the class. You were talking about this boy that I have in my hand, weren't you? Is it hanging for me, Ronnie?"

Rudy stepped around him, staring directly into his eyes. The professor's hand was still stroking his cock. His fingers felt so warm and snug there, as warm as Ronnie's cock felt. Ronnie wished it were a girl doing that to him, and not a guy. Since he hardly got that kind of attention from anybody except himself, he could let it slide. Already, he was thinking of how he would turn the situation around and brag about it later.

"You've been attempting to dominate me for weeks, haven't you?" Rudy told him, in a soft, sultry tone. "Here's your chance."

Anxiously, Ronnie watched the professor slide down on his knees. Rudy stroked his cock a couple of more times, before he put his lips around it. This made Ronnie groan out loud. Here was the guy he'd been fighting with, sucking his dick! Oh, everybody was going to hear about this! He was going to rent a bullhorn and blast it all over campus. He was going to... Wait... Nobody was going to believe him, because nobody ever believed him. That's why he was always being a cut-up in his classes, because nobody ever paid any attention to him.

Throughout all of Ronnie's uncertainty, Rudy kept sucking him off. The older man kept mostly to the tip of his cock, while his hand held it steady. It wasn't so bad, Ronnie thought, to have a guy doing this to him. He'd be damned if the professor wasn't good at it, too. When the Prof raised his cock up and sucked in one of his balls, Ronnie nearly stood up on his tiptoes. Despite his misgivings, he put his hands on the Prof's head and shoulder to brace his body, even though this was another man like him. He groaned, as the professor's tongue went to work on him. Ronnie's girlfriends never did that, and even if they did, they never did it so good!

The aroused student did have a moment of insecurity, when the professor's hands tugged at his pants. Ronnie's jeans slipped down his thighs and past his knees. He would have to put a stop to things, if the Prof tried to fuck him. The massage and the blowjob, those were fine, but there was no way Ronnie would let another man fuck him.

He felt he had to say something, when Rudy's mouth abandoned his cock. His instructor was prodding for Ronnie to remove his shoes, so he could take Ronnie's jeans off.

"We're not doing that." Ronnie said, trying to sound bold. "We're not going all the way."

"I just want to take a good look at you, Ronnie-boy." The professor coaxed him. "I promise I'll be gentle with you. You shouldn't have anything to worry about, because you're the big alpha male in town, aren't you?"

"That's right." Ronnie agreed.

"And you're dominating me right now."

"Yeah, I am." He confirmed. That made him feel right about they were doing. No, it made him feel right about what was being done to him. Ronnie was in control again. He was in charge, enough that he lifted his legs and let the professor undress his lower half.

The Prof stood up, running his hands over Ronnie's chest a few times. When the older man pulled Ronnie's shirt up, he let him do that too. Soon, Ronnie was standing next to the professor's desk, naked.

The professor held him by the waist, coming closer to him so the man's chest was touching his. When he started kissing the side of Ronnie's neck, the younger man turned his head aside. He didn't want another man's lips on his, and especially not this guy's. Everything else he could let slide, because the professor was submitting to him. If he, ugh, if he dared kiss the professor, it would be more intimate, like lovers even. There was no way Ronnie would go that far with another guy.

He simply let the professor kiss him, like a woman would. Rudy ran his hands over the young man's chest and sides. Every so often, he'd stroke Ronnie's dick. Ronnie liked that part; enough that he almost wanted to order the professor to get back down there and finish his blowjob.

Instead, Rudy took a step back. As he started unbuttoning his shirt, he asked, "Are you intimidated, Ronnie-boy? Are you ready to run out of here yet?"

Ronnie discovered that his mouth had gone dry. He grunted, before he made his reply. "I'll leave when I'm ready."

The professor took off his shirt. He was a stocky sort, Ronnie saw, expecting to see the flabby arms and saggy belly of a man his age. What he didn't expect to see was that the Prof had strong shoulders and biceps, and a thick chest. Underneath the body fat, the older man had a decent amount of muscle on him. Ronnie's eyes went down to Rudy's waist, when he saw the professor start to undo his pants.

"When you watch pornography, are you the type that looks at the size of a man's penis?" Rudy asked.

Ronnie wasn't going to answer that. He just watched as the professor's slacks and briefs went down. Very deliberately, Rudy lowered his briefs, which caused his cock to get caught up in them. A moment later, it sprang free. The Prof's cock was much bigger than his, Ronnie compared. As the older man continued to undress, Ronnie saw that his thighs and calves were just as strong as his upper body.

"I'd wrestle you down, if we were somewhere more intimate." Rudy said, as he came closer to kiss Ronnie's neck and shoulders again.

Ronnie wanted to convince himself that this was disgusting, or at least awkward. He couldn't do it. He felt like a younger bull being schooled by an older bull, never mind that they both had cocks. Ronnie was a bit intimidated, when that larger specimen rubbed against his, and against his thigh. Maybe the Prof was strong enough to pummel him down and ass-rape him. Maybe Ronnie wasn't an alpha male after all, but a loudmouth.

Rudy stroked Ronnie's cock a few times, while he kissed his student's throat. He whispered, "You keep tensing up, don't you? We're a little past that, aren't we? We're both nude, standing in my classroom and playing with each other. You haven't run away from me, even after making that threat a few times. What does that tell you?" His grip squeezed around Ronnie's cock, not roughly, but firm. "You really do have your boy hanging for me, don't you?"

The professor's hands were all over Ronnie's body. On his chest, his sides and his back. The Prof kept kissing him too, from his shoulder up to his ear. He tried to kiss Ronnie's nipple, but Ronnie leaned back then. This prompted Rudy to rub his fingers along that nipple, softly enough to relax the student again.

Into his ear, the professor whispered, "You can be the pitcher this time."

Rudy turned away, only reluctantly letting go of the younger man's cock. As Ronnie watched, the older man leaned over the edge of his desk and spread his legs apart. Here was another surprise for the initiate; Rudy's ass was plump. It reminded Ronnie more of a woman's ass than a man's. He saw the slit of the professor's asshole, and the way his balls hung down.

"Alpha males don't run, do they, Ronnie-boy? Alpha males take what they want."

The words prompted Ronnie to look down at his cock. He'd been rock-hard ever since the Prof had first started groping on him. The tip of his cock was moist; that meant he was already leaking from his excitement. He considered the professor's fat butt, and his stocky middle, and the muscles of his upper back. If he fucked that fat butt, it would make him gay, but if he didn't fuck it, wouldn't that make him a coward?

Ronnie took a step closer to the desk, trying to convince himself that he was the man in charge. He could dominate women, and he could dominate men too, if he felt like it. And if another man put his ass out like that, that didn't make Ronnie gay at all. That just meant that Rudy was weak, while Ronnie was that much stronger.

The young man took another step, his cock hovering much closer to another man's ass than ever before. He paused, when Rudy reached over to open up a desk drawer. From it, he'd taken out a small, plastic jar.

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