Room Service


From his view, he could see that Ms. T. was completely shaven and very wet. Her long session with the young woman obviously aroused her. He noticed Ms. T.’s sex get larger as she lowered her crotch onto his face. Soon all he saw in front of him was her sex.

“Now, room service, you are going to perform one of my favorite activities. You are going to lick my pussy hard and fast while my pussy fucks you. If I am not satisfied within the next hour, then we will do this for another hour without pause,” Ms. T. told him.

He tried to nod between her legs, but could not move much. From behind him, he felt Candy’s hot center against the top of his head. He was effectively wedged in between the two women without any place to go.

Ms. T. rocked her hips back and forth and his head with them before she started rubbing herself against his face. Not wanting to disappoint her, he began to lick her clit furiously. As he licked her up, she thrusted her sex towards him. As he licked her down, she pulled her sex backwards. Within minutes, Ms. T. had smeared his face with her juices. His ears began to feel warm from the tight clamp her thighs had around his head. Ms. T. stared down at him as she gyrated into his face.

“Oh…yesss….keep going….,” Ms. T. hissed at him.

In between her forceful movements against him, he managed to get her clit between his lips and sucked on it. Ms. T. responded by moaning louder and moving back and forth with her clit still between his lips. Before long, Ms. T. began to climax. As her moans started to increase in volume, her thighs tightened even more around his head. Soon her body began to buck violently into him and a short stream of her fluids exploded into his face.

“Yea, drink her cum, swallow it, swallow it,” Candy shouted as she watched Ms. T. climax in his face.

Reaching behind Ms. T., Candy grabbed Ms. T.’s ass and pushed it hard and downward into his face. Ms. T. closed her eyes and had entered her own world by now and continued to release her ejaculation upon him. As he tried to suck her clit into his mouth again, Ms. T. released another stream of her fluids into his waiting mouth. He swallowed as much as he could and tasted her fluids. It reminded him of sweet wine. Ms. T. reached down between her legs and pulled him by his hair upwards and into her crotch. Candy leaned forward slightly to get a better grip on Ms. T.’s rear. As she did so, her crotch pressed against the top of his head. Seeing Ms. T.’s large nipples before her, Candy alternated between each of them, sucking them into her mouth and licking them.

The trio continued in this position for an hour. As Ms. T’s climaxes subsided, he was able to lick more of her. When her climaxes intensified, he could do little else but lay still while she satisfied herself on his face. Ms. T.’s climaxes eventually began to soak the bed sheets underneath his head and splash onto Candy’s crotch. No one seemed to mind.

Finally, Ms. T. stopped and breathed out a long sigh.

“You have done very well, room service,” she said to him in a relaxed voice. “However, I have promised Candy that I would share you with her.”

“Mmmm, yes, you have and I want some of that tongue action between my legs,” Candy cooed.

Ms. T. stood up and moved beside him on the bed. He felt cool air hit his face immediately. After being between Ms. T’s hot thighs for over an hour, the normal temperature in the room seemed cool. He sat up and faced Candy. At the same time, Candy removed her soaking wet bikini bottom and placed it next to her. She wrapped the gold leash around her hand and pulled him closer as she spread her legs.

“Eat me, baby,” she said simply.

He laid down on his stomach before her and began gently licking her sex. Her scent filled his nostrils as her juices began to fill his mouth. She was incredibly wet and nicely shaven. Only a tiny bit of hair remained above her clit. Using his tongue, he traced an outline of her sex before lapping firmly against her clit. She looked down at him and sucked her lower lip into her mouth. Short moans escaped her as his attentions focused on her sex. Next, he made his tongue pointy and pushed hard against her clit. He then sucked it into his mouth before letting it go and then taking it completely between his lips and sucking it even harder. He felt Candy put her hand on the back of his head and draw him nearer to her.

“Make me come, make me come hard,” Candy instructed.

He responded by licking her faster. He alternated circling her clit with licking it up and down and then side to side. Before long her hips were bucking into his face as the first of her orgasms started. At the same time, she pushed his head harder between her legs. He frantically licked her as her climax and moans increased. Once she subsided, her hand relaxed its grip on the back of his head.

“Fuck me with your tongue, stick it in my pussy like it’s your cock,” Candy told him as she smiled down at him.

He obeyed her immediately. Spreading her lips with his hands, he made his tongue hard and began thrusting it as far as possible inside of her. In addition to greatly pleasing Candy, this had the added affect of bringing more of her juices into his mouth. Her taste had quickly mingled with Ms. T.’s juices and produced an exotic combination that only made him lap at her more quickly.

As his attentions to her sex brought Candy to another climax, she began rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples. He looked up from his position and saw her pinching her hard nipples between her fingers. Pressing his tongue against the contours of her clit, he reached up and grabbed Candy’s breasts. Using both hands, he began massaging them and pinching her nipples gently and then firmly as he continued to please her sex. Candy responded by moaning even louder.

“Ohhhhh…baby….ohhh....,” Candy moaned as she placed her hands over his.

Within minutes, Candy exploded into his face again and then continued climaxing in short and long bursts.

Ms. T., however, had been watching all of this and smiling. Walking over to the couch she passed the young woman who had since fallen asleep. Ms. T. bent over and retrieved the bottle of lubricant and returned to the bed. Candy did not notice as she had entered into her own state of pleasure. Ms. T. opened the bottle and poured some lubricant into her hand. She rubbed it between both of her hands and made her fingers especially slick. Ms. T. then repositioned herself between his legs and parted his cheeks gently with both hands. He tried to turn around and move, but Candy’s grip over his hands on her breasts was too strong. Candy also had the leash tightly wrapped around her fingers to prevent him from moving. She opened her eyes between hisses and moans to watch Ms. T.

Ms. T. continued and began to lick the insides of his cheeks. While he was passed out previously, she made sure that her servant was properly cleaned and bathed. Ms. T.’s tongue then began exploring his rear. It darted to the space between his testicles and anus and tickled him gently. She licked long, slow strokes from the bottom of his rear to the top, licking his anus each time. Ms. T. then repeated the pattern and went from top to bottom. As she did so, he flinched slightly, but received a sharp reprimand from Candy to continue pleasing her. He continued licking Candy and rubbing her breasts as best he could.

After teasing him with her tongue for several minutes, Ms. T. focused her tongue on his anus. Pushing against him gently, she attempted to insert it inside of him. He felt her facial cheeks pressed against his rear cheeks as she did so. Ms. T. then tightened her grip on his rear and quickly swirled her tongue around his anus. She then flicked it back and forth and alternated. He felt all of her long nails pressing hard into his flesh. He let out occasional moans, but they were muffled by Candy’s sex.

Suddenly, Ms. T. stopped licking him and he felt her right hand release its grip on his cheek. That sensation was replaced by her lubricated finger pressing firmly against his anus.

“Open up for my finger and you will enjoy this more,” Ms. T. told him.

He could do nothing but try not to flinch too much. He stopped licking Candy for a moment because the sensation from Ms. T.’s finger soon became somewhat uncomfortable. Candy responded by wrapping her legs around his head and increasing her grip on his hands. As he lay there, he felt trapped by Candy’s sex in front of him. He inhaled the scent of her strong sex as its wetness rubbed against him. He felt her thighs against his ears and head and began to feel warm. At the same time, Ms. T. exerted a persistent, strong, and continuous pressure against his anus. She watched her first finger sink into him up to her first knuckle. Slowly, she began moving it in and out inside of him. She used her left hand to keep his cheeks spread.

“Does it feel good? Do you like having my finger inside you? I know you like being used for my sexual pleasure, slave,” Ms. T. said.

He responded by moaning into Candy’s sex. Candy rocked his head back and forth between her legs in an attempt to rub him against her clit. She succeeded and he soon felt her wetness and hard clit grinding against his face. Ms. T. noticed this and matched the tempo of her finger to Candy’s gyrations. He continued to moan between Candy’s legs as Candy began to climax again.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!,” Candy shouted as she exploded into his face.

From his perspective, the entire world consisted of gratifying Candy’s sex and inhaling her scent or being used by her sex for her gratification. He could only see her shaven sex in front of him and felt her strong, soft, and warm thighs all around him.

As Candy continued to pleasure herself on him, Ms. T. reached underneath him with her left hand and grabbed his testicles. She squeezed them firmly while she continued to thrust her finger inside of him. She then searched further and found his manhood.

“I see you are still hard down here,” Ms. T. said seductively.

Ms. T. grabbed him and held him tight, cutting off the blood flow, but maintaining his erection. He felt her nails against the skin of his shaft.

After Candy had climaxed several more times, she slowed down and opened her legs. Once again he felt the cool air hit his face.

“I want to fuck him,” Candy declared. “I want to ride that big cock of his.”

Ms. T. seemed a little disappointed at having to stop fingering him, but she relented and removed her finger and her grasp on his manhood.

“Roll over,” she instructed him.

He did as Candy stood up and straddled him. His manhood stood straight up and pointed at her. Candy lowered herself slowly and rubbed his head against her sex. He felt some precome dribble out, which Candy smeared into her clit. Pushing his head between her lips, Candy accepted him between her legs. He felt her incredible hot tightness surround him. Within seconds, she had taken his 8 inches all the way inside and was beginning to raise and lower herself on his shaft.

“Mmmmm…what a big cock,” Candy said as she bit her lip.

He placed his hands on her hips and began thrusting into her faster. Soon the familiar sound of flesh slapping against flesh began to fill the room. Candy slowed down slightly and rocked her hips from side to side. He tightened his grip on her cheeks. Candy then resumed her pace, but this time raised herself up quickly, but then lowered herself down at an agonizingly slow pace. This caused him to feel like her sex was forcing its tight self down on him at the speed of a glacier. He began moaning and tried not to climax. Candy looked down at him and smiled. She leaned over and took his head between her hands. She kissed him deeply and passionately, her tongue exploring his mouth as her sex swallowed his shaft. She rode him gently for a while in this position. He moaned into her mouth as she kissed his face and tasted her own juices. Candy then reached down between her thighs and began rubbing her clit. Even though she rode him slowly, she still climaxed in waves against him. She was an expert at bringing him right to the edge of climax, holding him there, and then bringing him back. All the while she continued to climax and moan into his ear.

“Do you want to come, baby?,” Candy asked him as she slid down him.

He nodded and his eyes narrowed from the pleasure she gave him.

“Do you want to come inside my hot pussy?,” she asked him as she slid up.

He moaned and grabbed her rear tighter.

“Do you want to feel your come explode into me as I milk you dry with my pussy?,” Candy inquired as she slid down his shaft and rotated her hips.

He tried not to think of the pleasure she was giving him, but it was impossible. It was as if she rode him with the deliberate, measured pace of the second hand of a clock. One definite motion per second. Out the corner of his eye he saw Ms. T. doing something by the couch, but couldn’t tell what.

“Do you want to fill my cunt and make me come again?,” Candy asked as she sized him up. She continued to rotate her hips. She then reached behind her and felt his testicles.

“I know these are full of cum……….” Candy said as she slid up him, almost to the head of his shaft.

He could no longer concentrate at this point.

“……………so empty them into me,” she hissed erotically to him and slammed down onto his shaft. Candy then rode him at a manic pace and he exploded within seconds. As her sex rode him hard, his semen exploded out of him as if a dam had burst. He held onto her hips as best he could, but it soon became impossible because of the speed at which she rode him and the intense pleasure that flew threw his body. He moaned loudly while what felt like an endless stream of semen flew out of him and into her. Time seemed to stand still as the climax she brought him to became his entire existence. After climaxing inside of her for a full thirty seconds, his body began to flinch. Candy continued to ride him mercilessly while he was still sensitive. Finally, she stopped and kissed him gently as his body convulsed underneath her.

As they embraced passionately and Candy worked her tongue inside of him, he felt her grasp on his shoulders tighten and her nails dig into his flesh. He opened his eyes to see Ms. T. standing behind Candy beginning to insert the strap-on inside of her. Candy raised herself up slightly so her anus could more easily accept Ms. T.’s strap-on. This caused his manhood to slide out of her sex and then become trapped against her stomach as Candy lowered herself down onto him again. As more and more of Ms. T’s 12 inch strap-on entered Candy, the volume of Candy’s moans increased

“Stick it all the way in….yea….,” Candy said as her rear wriggled to accept it and her nails dug into his flesh sharply.

Ms. T. only smiled as she held Candy’s hips and her thighs began to flex in short thrusts. Before long, Ms. T.’s strap-on was buried up to the hilt inside of Candy and she began slow thrusts into her. Each thrust was met with a short moan and alternating expressions of pain and pleasure on Candy’s face. Candy soon began rocking backwards to meet Ms. T. once she became used to the sensation. As a result, Candy’s stomach rubbed against his manhood and quickly brought it to life again. Candy noticed, reached down with her right hand, and inserted him quickly inside of her between Ms. T’s thrusts.

“Take that cock like a whore, you bitch,” Ms. T. said as she increased her pace.

He could hear the sound of Ms. T.’s thighs slapping against the flesh of Candy’s rear. Ms. T. leaned forward and over Candy slightly and caused their combined weight to press down upon him. Ms. T. placed one hand on the bed and rubbed Candy’s breasts with the other. Although Candy was the center of attention, he still felt within her control. She continued to ride him forcefully as she received Ms. T.’s strap-on. He felt her hot breath against his ear as her breathing increased. Candy’s nipples had become rock hard and were digging into his own. He also felt Ms. T’s strap-on rubbing against his shaft while inside Candy. Ms. T. seemed to know this and stared intently into his eyes as she used one hand to push Candy down by the neck. He noticed Ms. T’s red nails digging into Candy’s shoulder and hip.

Before long, Candy was climaxing and exploding against him. Her moans varied in intensity. Each time she climaxed, her thighs clamped tightly around him and she ground her clit against him. He continued to thrust into her without pause and tried to match Ms. T’s increasing pace.

“Come for me, bitch, come on,” Ms. T. yelled as she pistoned into Candy and slapped Candy’s rear each time she climaxed.

“Oohhhh….yes….!,” Candy responded.

After climaxing several times, Candy could no longer move, but only lay between them and continued to take them. Ms. T. noticed this, slowed down, and gently removed her strap-on from Candy. Candy’s thighs continued to tremble as his pace decreased, also. Candy attempted to raise herself off of him, but faltered slightly. Ms. T. held Candy from under the arms and helped her to the side of the bed where she lay down exhausted. Ms. T. looked at him.

“Don’t think I’m finished with you yet,” Ms. T. told him.

As if on cue, the door to the bedroom opened and two women walked in.

The first woman had wavy, shoulder length red hair and was in her mid-30s to early 40s. She wore white high-heels, white stockings that stopped midway up her thigh and ended in a lace pattern, tiny white panties with a blueish-green stripe in the middle, and a white bra with the same blueish collar. She also wore gloves that stopped just short of her elbows and matched the rest of her outfit. She was slightly overweight, but retained a very shapely figure. Her large breasts seemed barely restrained by her bra. The whiteness of her smile contrasted sharply with her dark red lipstick.

“This is Gina,” Ms. T. said, “one of my assistants.”

The second woman followed Gina into the room and was maybe slightly older than Gina. She had shorter blonde hair and wore a see-through body suit. Her nipples pushed against the dark, but transparent material and her sex was completely shaven. She wore black high heels and smiled at him wickedly as she entered.

“This is my other assistant, Debra,” Ms. T. told him as he sat up on the bed.

Gina walked towards him and stood up on the bed with her legs on either side of his shoulders. Her high heels dug into the bed’s fabric.

“Prepare my pussy for your cock,” Gina said as she looked down at him.

Gina moved her panties to one side with her hand and lowered her sex so that it rubbed against his face. He licked her gently and worked his tongue inside of her. Gina’s wetness increased rapidly and began to smear his face. Her juices mingled with Candy’s and Ms. T.’s. Gina looked down at him as he tongued her and held onto the back of his head. Her hips bucked sharply into him as she threw her head back and climaxed.

“That’s enough now, Gina,” Ms. T. instructed.

Reluctantly, Gina stepped backwards and removed her panties. She then positioned herself behind him on the bed and spread her legs. Next, she removed her bra and revealed her large, white breasts. Cupping them in her hands, she smiled at him. He noticed her blue gloves contrasting with her skin color.

“Come here, baby,” Gina whispered to him.

He complied immediately and positioned his head at the entrance to her sex. Gina responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him, her grasp intensifying as he entered her. He started to slowly and purposefully thrust into her as she began to moan. She held the back of his head and closed his eyes. He felt her soft breasts against his chest as he pounded into her.

Meanwhile, Ms. T. had put on a special, smooth, silver strap-on. It was noticeably smaller than the one she had used previously and was about the same dimension as her finger.

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