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Roomate Knows


This is my first attempt at a story, and clearly I wasn't an English major. Please be nice! --

There I stood, no shirt and boxers down, in my girlfriend's roommate's green satin panties wrapped around my erection. "What on earth are you doing?!" I can explain... I am sorry

How was I going to explain that for the past two weeks since my girlfriend let me stay at her place over the summer for college classes that I had been using her lingerie to relief my needs. My need for those silky/satin gems. The bright colors, the fabric, the smell. I don't know why these things had such a hold over me, but now I was in real trouble.

I am sorry with Katie gone I needed something to... help?

Man that sounded stupid, but I quickly pulled up my boxers and dropped the panties. Her face lightened up a bit. Maybe a understanding? Forgiveness? Anything but the feeling that she was going to call my girlfriend and tell her I was some crazy perv.

"Well, I guess it has been two weeks, but certainly you have been going through my top drawer right? I notice some of my things had moved from one side to the other..."

Busted. No going back now.

"Do you do this with Katie's lingerie too? Is it some sort of fetish?" Yes. Well I mean I don't know about a fetish, but... "We read about this in my Psychology class. Does Katie know?" She doesn't and I hope we can keep it that way. She would flip out. Heck she doesn't even like wearing the stuff to begin with. "I guess so. Last time we were out shopping she was complaining how much you beg her to wear anything satin for you. Poor guy. I actually love wearing it. It makes me feel sexy." You certainly have a great collection of it. "Is that your favorite pair? Is that why you are using them?" I suppose with green being my favorite color these would be, but I love all of them.

Her face changed yet again. Now there was a flash of confidence, almost adventuresome "Well, I won't tell Katie. To be honest, it is kind of hot thinking that my panties are getting you that excited. Those are my favorite pair as well."

My mind was swimming and I could feel the blood racing back down to my cock. I picked the panties up off the ground and held them out to her.

She gave me a sly smile and says "Why not, hold on". She grabbed the panties from my hand and went over and fished out the matching green satin bra from her top drawer and went into her bathroom. Was this really happening? Was she going to model the outfit me? A few seconds later she walked out. She was amazing. The green satin hugged her curves.

"What do you think?" It looks amazing on you. You are a real beauty.

She walked over to the bed and laid back. I didn't even thing, just moved to her and started to moved my hand down the bra strap and circled her breast. She let out a gentle moan and I continued to the other side. I played with her breast making her nipples rock hard. Seeing her getting turned on more and more I got bolder and started to move my hand down to the panties that I had previously had around my cock. My hand stopped at the top of the fabric. I looked into her eyes and she softly said "Yes". I started to gently trace the curves of the panties.

I jumped up and reached for her drawer. She opened her eyes with a Why did you stop expression but then nodded when she saw me rap a pair of her black satin panties around my cock.

"Do you want me to rub my pussy for you while you jerk off in my panties?" No, stay there, watch

I took the tip of my panty covered cock and started to slowly drag it down the front panel of her panties.

"oh god yes! That is so hot" she leaned all the way back on the bed and spread her legs wide when I made it to the top of her clit I made sure to press into her and traced down. Slowly I followed back up and started to get into a rhythm.

I was in ecstasy and judging how Britney moving her hips with me she was into it too. It didn't take long for that familiar feeling to start welling up in my balls.

I am going to cum! "Cum on my panties!"

The first bit hit her stomach, but the next two jets of cum was right in the middle of the front of her panties. I let out a moan and bent forward. I don't think I have ever had a blast like that. There I was on top of my girlfriends' roommate. Her panties soiled and me completely spent. That was the first of some of the most amazing sexual experiences life.

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