tagLesbian SexRoomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 01

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 01


"Yeehaaaaaaa!" whooped Kim McCall as she ran down the steps of the dorm, a sound that was echoed all over the sprawling college campus as students celebrated the end of the Spring Term. Jerking open the passenger door of the battered Dodge Dart before her, she threw the bags she carried into the back seat. Leaping into the front seat, she pulled the door closed and looked at the driver.

"Let's go!" The black-haired coed demanded.

"Your wish, fair maiden, is my command," replied Kim's roommate Pam Maguire.

"How long is it going to take us to get there?" Kim asked.

"We'll get there before dark."

"How about the others?" Kim pried off her tennis shoes and curled up in the seat.

"They'll meet us there. The map is in the glove box by the way. try not to get us lost."

"Why do they call this the 'glove-box'?"

"Goodness, Kim, how would I know?"

This was going to be fun. David Woods and his girlfriend Beth Robley, fellow Theatre students of Pam, had found an old rambling house for rent at the shore. Two hundred dollars a week was a fairly big chunk in the mid-60's so they had looked for others to share the cost. Two male friends, Brian Wright and Stan Thompson had signed up as had Sherri Middleton and Laurie Daniels. All were known to each other and all got along. Their rental actually ran from Saturday to Saturday but the owner had told Dan that he had no problems with them coming down on Friday as no one was currently in the house. The group had been so pleased they had dug deep enough to afford to stay for two weeks.

The two girls settled down for the trip. Kim opened Pam's tape case and popped an 8 track cartridge into the player. She braced her feet up on the dashboard as the sound of one of Pam's Broadway musicals came through the speakers.

One, two, three, four," she crooned as she tapped with her left foot. "Five, sex, seven, eight," followed the right.

Pam grinned. Her friend always claimed the reason she could perform so well as a cheerleader and a dancerette was because she put the music and movements into mathematical formulas. Well, whatever it was, it worked. Pam had nearly tumbled more than once during a track meet because her attention was drawn to the swaying body of her roommie and lover. In fact, she had a bit of a time keeping her eyes on the road. Finals for both of them had been challenging and kept them from doing much more in bed together than just sleeping when the opportunity arose.

The drive took hours, but the girls enjoyed it, swapping drivers every so often and keeping the music going. They had brought a cooler with soft drinks and sandwiches, stopping once at a roadside park to picnic. They had also enjoyed the rapt attention paid to them by a carload of Northern college boys but drew the line at accepting the groups invitation to go off into the bushes somewhere. The guys had been good-natured about their refusal and offered them a six-pack of beer "for the road".

It was just about dusk when the girls swung onto the island. Kim peered up at the road signs and down at the directions and brightened. She gave rapid-fire commands that Pam followed until they pulled up in front of a rambling old two-story house.

"There's Dan's car." Pam pulled up in the side yard beside the other vehicle and parked. By the time they got out of the car Beth was standing on the front porch and waving to them.

"Come in! You are going to love this place."

Pam and Kim grabbed their bags and followed Beth into the house. Both girls blinked and shared a long "Ohhhhhhhh" as they stood in the hallway.

"The house dates from before the turn of the century." David joined the three girls. "Isn't it great?"

All three girls agreed. Beth had already seen the house but Pam and Kim walked slowly through the lower floor, admiring the high ceilings, the plastering and the hand-crafted woodwork of the doors, the wainscoting and the floors.

"This is gorgeous!" exclaimed Kim.

"Yes." David smiled. "This place belongs to a friend of my Father's, which is how we were able to rent it. We'll have to cover some ground rules later when everyone is here. In the meantime, there are four bedrooms upstairs and you all might want to pick one out. Beth and I have the one farthest away from the stairs but you're welcome to any of the other three." A smile tugged at his lips. "I do assume you'll want to room together, unless one of you has developed something recent with Brian or Stan."

Pam laughed. "Nope." She winked. "But who knows what the future will bring?"

The pair scampered up the stair and started examining the bedroom. Kim was in favor of the one next to David and Beth's room as it was closest to the bathroom. Pam pointed out that it was pretty small and they should look at the other two before making a decision.

Kim was studying the next bedroom. There was one disadvantage she spotted immediately that it shared with the first one. Twin beds. True, they had them at their dorm room, but she and Pam had long ago pushed them together. Even on nights when the pair didn't have sex they both preferred sleeping close together. It was comfortable.

"Kim, come here," Pam's voice echoed down the hallway. Following her friend's voice, the young Canadian found herself in a corner room, her roommate throwing open windows and all but dancing around a huge bed, covered in a flowery quilt.

"Look at this," crowed Pam, dragging Kim to the front window. "There's the beach right down there. And we might not be near the bathroom but we're right at the top of the stairs. Its perfect!"

The girls rushed to get their bags and claimed the room for their own. Not long after that the other four arrived, having driven two cars but convoyed together. Everyone settled in and then wandered down together to the small living room in the front corner of the house.

Everyone took a seat as David explained the house rules. They were pretty simple. Keep everything neat and clean, no drugs, no damage. The refrigerator had a few items in it but they would have to stock it as a group. Arrangements were made about washing dishes and cooking and shopping. The usual deposit on the house was double what they were paying but because David was known by the owner he had allowed them to skip it based on David's solemn promise they would behave. They all agreed, at least as far as the house was concerned. How they behaved with each other was of course a different story.

David also showed them the beach below. They had unlimited access to the public parts, which incidentally included a big bon-fire pit just a few hundred feet down from where they could get to the sand. But there were private sections to be found if they roamed far enough and those were to be avoided. He did give a little grin as he pointed out the nearest house was some distance and that if they kept things down to a dull roar they wouldn't be bothering anyone.

That night the group feasted on pizza and beer in the living room. Carefully. They relaxed and listened to music from the reel to reel tape player that Stan had set up. there was a surprise for Pam. Kim had made a recording of the group's Spring theatre production "Once Upon a Mattress". Normally Pam worked behind the scenes or in bit parts, but the role of Princess Winifred called for athleticism and she had been cast in the part. She had loved it and was touched her friend had taped it for her.

When Pam's songs came up the whole group belted them out. Pam got carried away and reenacted the dance scene from "The Spanish Panic". Kim leaped up and danced it with her, then the rest joined in as they had all worked on the production. Gasping for air and with laughter they all fell back into their seats after the music ended.

Brian produced his guitar and they all sang the folk songs that were so much a part of the times. As the evening wore on, Sherri moved over to sit beside Brian and Laurie shared the couch with Stan. David sat on the floor, his back against that same couch and Beth snuggled against him. And not a single eyebrow was raised as Pam and Kim shared a big over-stuffed orange armchair, with Kim practically sitting in Pam's lap.

The theatre group had a ripe reputation among the general student population for being wild. Kim had discovered that reputation was extremely overblown. Yes, they liked to party, but compared to the run-of-the-mill frat party they were basically sedate. Sure people got drunk and people got high and couples often slipped off together. But there were never bodies scattered all over the place throwing up or half-dressed or anyone screaming "Look at me! I can chug an entire six-pack without taking a breath!" Instead, the party was mellow and relaxed and fun. Eventually the singing faded away and couples began to drift upstairs. David announced he would pick up and turn everything off.

The two girls yawned as they got ready for bed. Both tended to sleep only in a long t-shirt. Pam was ready first. She stood by one of the open windows, her hands on her hips.

"What do you think? Closed, open or maybe half-way?"

"Hmmm," said Kim as she slipped up behind the taller girl. Sliding her arms around Pam's waist she stood on her tiptoes and whispered into her roommate's ear. "I'd say however you think they should be set." Kim's hands reached down, catching Pam's shirt by the hem and pulling it up. "Keep in mind though that you are going to be nude come the early morning." She finished pulling the shirt over Pam's head and tossed it aside.

Pam leaned back against her best friend and reached back. Somehow she wasn't in the least surprised to find that Kim was nude herself. She turned her head, trying to capture Kim's lips. Her roommate giggled and stood on her toes so she could whisper in the other girl's ear. "I have you now." Kim's hands circled Pam and cupped her breasts. Already hardening, the taller girl's nipples responded even as Kim closed her forefingers and thumbs and began to play with them.

"You do indeed," replied Pam as she bent her knees slightly, the better to rub her ass against Pam's wet pussy. "So what do you have in mind now that you do?"

The black-haired girl laughed and spun her friend around. Showering kisses over the other girl's face, Kim pushed her backwards until both tumbled onto the huge feather bed, the covers of which Kim had already turned down. The two girls rolled back and forth but Kim determinedly maintained the upper hand, and the upper position until they came to rest with the cheerleader sitting firmly on the runner's thighs and her hands holding Pam's wrists.

"Say, this IS nice," smirked Kim as she bounced on her roommate's body.

"No fair," replied Pam, whose retort turned into a gasp as the other girl bent over and clamped her mouth on a small firm breast. Anything Kim might have said was smothered as she strove to inhale all of that breast, while her fingers crept down the flat stomach and between Pam's legs. Working from long experience of her friend's body, Kim slid two fingers inside Pam and her thumb dipped under the protective hood and gently stroked the hard nubbin there.

Pam bucked under her roommate's touch. Long experience with each other had made each of them privy to how to drive the other one wild. With Pam, it was not always exactly what she did, although she knew very well how to stimulate her friend. It was how she did it. Pam sometimes got extra turned on when Kim was aggressive and firmly took the lead in their love making. Pam didn't know it yet, but Kim had a secret plan to one day tie her roommate to the bed and make love to her. In fact, she thought before the end of this vacation would be perfect. This four poster bed would be ideal.

Kim slid farther down the body under her. She pulled her legs between Pam's and grabbed those long legs and lifted them enough so she could mash herself against Pam. Once, twice, three times she slapped her pussy against the other girl's before dropping Pam's legs and falling head first into her roommate's pussy.

"Oh God, definitely not fair, Kim," moaned Pam as she looked down at the tousled black hair between her legs that was all that she could see of Kim's head. She almost bit her lip as Kim's tongue slithered inside of her and curled along her inside walls before sliding back out again. A soft giggle came from below and Pam shivered at Kim's breath on her wet pussy.

"So what are you going to do about it?" taunted Kim, before pursing her lips and blowing her breath all over her girlfriend's soaking brown curls.

"THIS!" grunted the brunette, who sat up, reached down and grabbed her lover's hips. Kim grasped Pam's ass and hung on even as the taller girl turned her body around until the two of them were in the classic 69 position.

"Now that's better" breathed Pam, even as she pulled Kim's neatly trimmed bush down onto her upraised face.

"Oh good golly yes" agreed the other girl. Then words became unspoken as lips and tongues found other things to occupy them. Kim ran her hands down the inside of Pam's thighs, spreading the legs wide and caressing those thighs and the firm calves while her tongue parted the labia before her and began to lap up and down. Pam cupped Kim's tight little ass and squeezed it in rhythm to the thrust of her tongue in and out of Kim's pussy.

Pam's head bobbed up and down as she licked and lapped the wide open slit under her. She curled her fingers and dragged her nails along the smooth skin under them. She did keep them trimmed short, but there was enough to make Pam's legs shake under their gliding touch, Juices flowed freely as the taller girl twisted and turned under her lover.

Pam didn't lose her head though. She pushed her face deep into Kim's equally soaking pussy, her rolled tongue driven deep inside of the cheerleader. Her mouth sought and took Kim's puffy lips in and sucked them hard.

The bed creaked alarmingly, shaking back and forth as the two girls lashed at each other. They ignored the sounds. Pam's hands began to rub and then tap on Kim's ass. The girl on top dipped one finger beside her busy flattened tongue, then drug it down to press it against Pam's hidden rose. In response, the girl on the bottom bucked wildly, her hips lifting and falling and presenting Kim with the perfect opportunity to penetrate her roommate's ass.

Squirming wildly under Kim's finger and tongue, Pam searched for and found Kim's hard unhooded pearl and began to wildly lash it. The strokes of Kim's tongue sped up until she had completely opened Pam's slit. At the top of each pass she flicked her tongue at Pam's clit in return. The two girls called out, their cries muffled in each other pussies. Kim pumped her finger in and out of Pam's ass, who dug her fingers into Kim's cheeks, riding the cheerleader's tongue and her own rising orgasm.

Each girl pushed the other over the edge. Squeals were drowned in floods of girl nectar. They each abandoned grips and fingerings to wrap their arms around the other and hold on as each of them drank from the other's fountain. Finally their bodies relaxed and they released each other. Kim clambered up the bed and the duo cuddled together, exchanging soft kisses and giggling as they licked their own juices from the other's face.

"Whew, that breeze feels nice," yawned Pam as the sheer curtains on either side of the window facing the beach fluttered.

"Mmmm yes, although I bet by morning we'll be happy to have that comforter." Kim replied as she pillowed her head on the other girls shoulder, her arm across the runner's flat tummy. She draped one leg over Pam, lifted her head for a goodnight kiss and fell asleep. Pam followed.

The next morning Pam woke with the first hint of sunshine coming through the drapes. She gently untangled herself from Kim and slipped from under the covers the two girls had indeed pulled over themselves during the night. The yawning girl went to the windows and pulled them down, wincing at the squeaks they produced. Pam donned a pair of shorts and a sports bra before scooping up her running shoes and her track team logo sweatshirt. Leaning over, she kissed Kim on the cheek and slipped out of the room and down the stairs.

Pam closed the front door and took a deep breath of the morning air. Even at this hour there was only the slightest touch of coolness. She pulled her sweatshirt on, sat on a bench on the porch and laced her running shoes on. The young athelete eyed the road dividing the row of houses from the beach. On the spur of the moment, she decided to run on the beach itself.

Trotting down the steps she found the boardwalk running from the parking area across the road that led down to the beach. The sand there was firm and still damp from the retreating tide. Pam stretched, working the morning kinks out and loosening her body. She glanced at the old pocket watch that had belonged to her grandfather and noted the time. There were no markers indicating distances, but from long experience Pam would be able to tell how far she had run from the time elapsed and the pace she would set. With that, she clicked the stopwatch she hung around her neck and started running.

The instant the door clicked a dark haired head popped up from the covers. Kim giggled to herself. Pam did that all the time, slipping out for her morning exercise and thinking that she was so sneaky about it. Kim could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she had NOT woken with Pam's first movement. But she always laid still. It was her private joke on her roomie.

But now... Kim threw back the covers and grabbed her jeans and a loose t-shirt. She wondered if there was anything in the frige she could make for breakfast. Barefoot, she padded down the stairs and into the kitchen to find out. After all, this promised to be an exciting two weeks and she might need all the strength she could muster.

(To Be Continued)

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