tagLesbian SexRoomies: The Trackmeet

Roomies: The Trackmeet


(This is the first in a series of stories I've been planning. No drama, no massive emotional upheaval, just the fun of a couple of uninhibited coed college roommates in the middle 1960's. Not actually based on any real persons. Well, maybe a little. Okay, maybe I did once know a couple of girls kinda like Kim and Pam and maybe they... Kim, what are you doing? Kim, stop that. I said, I said, oh golly. Sorry to cut the introduction short but... KIM!)


Isobel Ford closed her eyes for a moment. The swaying of the old bus on its worn-out springs as it rumbled down the road was almost soporific. Only almost, because it wheezed and creaked and the engine knocked. Her eyes popped open seconds after they closed. In front of her, Mr. Stanton from the college's athletic trainers' office wrestled with the wheel, his eyes fixed on the dark road ahead. Good. He was awake and driving carefully. But then he generally slept in the bus, probably had the entire time the meet had been going on.

Damn it, the 35 year old sharp featured woman grumbled to herself, none of the boy's teams, except maybe the chess squad traveled like this. The football team was even flying to out of town games now. The baseball and basketball teams and yes, even the men's track team, went in the new air-conditioned Greyhound style buses, not this old rattle trap. It was 1966 for god's sake. When was the administration going to wake up about women's sports?

Of course those old fuddy-duddies in that ivory tower called the College President's Office hadn't realized that it was a new day and new ideas were sweeping the country. Even the demonstrations and the sit-ins hadn't alerted them to the idea of the equality and importance of women's athletics.

Her eyes traveled around the dark interior of the bus. She really couldn't make out much of anyone but she knew where all of her girls were piled up. She knew them and fussed over them. She knew who most of them were dating and how their grades were as well as subjects like which events they shone at and who ran the best relays together. She knew that at least one of them was having sex with one of those very higher up males she was silently complaining about. She smiled to herself. That was okay. Her eyes searched down to locate both girls who enjoyed certain games they played with her in her office with the doors locked.

She snorted. That was another thing. That not-to-be-named girl could discreetly spend the night at a certain male Professor's off campus apartment and no one would say a word. But let Rhonda or Daphne spend the night at her place and she would be out of a job the next day. Free love didn't extend to Lesbians even in this modern day.

The night clouds parted and the bus was illuminated by the half moon. Isobel could see clearly the members not only of her team but also the rather unfamiliar members of the cheerleading squad that had accompanied them to the meet. That was nice of them, she acknowledged. They weren't required to do that, even though most of the ones along were the back-ups. She strained her eyes towards the rear where two girls were sleeping on the same seat.

Pam Maguire was one of her girls. The slender, long legged brunette was good over the hurdles but even better for long distance. She wore her hair long for an athlete and loved to let it fall in soft curls around her shoulders. She was a theater arts student, a rather unusual field when most of her teammates were Physical Education majors. Isobel briefly enjoyed one of the fantasies that involved her; a fantasy involving her desk, her strapon and the young woman's long legs.

She really didn't know Pam's roommate, Kim McCall. The other girl was from somewhere up in Canada, living with American relatives to allow her to go to school here. She was, of all things, a math major. Not exactly what one thought of when the word "Cheerleader" came to mind. Isobel snorted again. What a silly thought. Sometimes the hardest things to spot were your own prejudices, even as you complained about other people's. She shifted to a more comfortable position and closed her eyes.

The two roommates in the far back were huddled together, but they weren't asleep. Pam had showered and changed clothes after the track meet, but the young brunette had donned her customary outfit of shorts and a loose sleeveless shirt to go with her white socks and running shoes. The slightly shorter, black haired Kim was still wearing her bright red and yellow cheerleader outfit. She leaned her head against her friend's shoulder and studied the coach at the front of the bus through the lashes of her seemingly closed eyes.

"Miss Ford was looking at you again," she whispered without moving her lips. She giggled softly. "She wants to throw you down on that leather couch in her office and fuck you."

"How do you know its me?" Pam replied, her lips resting against Kim's hair. "I saw her watching your legs while you were cheering. Every time your skirt went up she licked her lips. I've heard she has one of those harness type things that lets her fuck a girl like she's a man. I'll bet she's thinking of a sexy cheerleader stretched out on that couch with her skirt up and her legs spread wide."

"Really? She really has one of those whadda-call-its?"

"Strapons, I think they're called. I heard Rhonda Kelly talking about it with someone in the gym shower room one day. I wonder how many members of the team Miss Ford has had already?"

"Are you interested?" Kim inquired. The girls shared a laugh inaudible beyond their seat. The two of them had been friends before they became lovers. Neither of them had curbed a roving eye for either other girls or guys, although they turned down only one bed on the nights they were both in their room. "Variety is the spice of life, especially at college," was their motto. Neither of them were LUGS (Lesbians Until Graduation). They just wanted to have fun. Although they cared for each other deeply, they didn't have any real plans for life after graduation together. Of course, right now they didn't have plans for ANY life after graduation. "Right now", was their concern.

"Maybe so. But I think that blonde girl, Deborah, three doors down the hall might be a more interesting project. I've noticed she had like two dates in the Fall and since then nothing. I swear I've seen her turn her head when someone attractive goes past her."

"Really? She is cute. But speaking of girl-watching, I saw the dorm monitor Meredith the other day. You were coming back from practice and her eyes were so fixed on your legs I thought she was going to run into the wall."

"You're kidding. Wow. She's a senior. That's exciting."

Kim shifted around as though she was sleepily trying to get more comfortable against her roommate's shoulder. Her fingers touched the waistband of other girl's shorts. She grinned into the flowing hair and slipped her hand into the gap between the top of the shorts and the bottom of the shirt and onto the taut stomach.

"Kim," came a fierce whisper, "What are you doing?"

Kim didn't answer. Instead her hand took Pam's and drew it over to her. Parting her legs, she tucked the other girls hand under her skirt.

Pam's fingers touched Kim. "Good God," she muttered. "You don't have any panties on."

"Nope, I took them off before we got on the bus."

"One of these days you're going to forget and do that BEFORE you cheer," Pam hissed, even as her fingers toyed with the fine dark hair on Kim's pussy.

"Who's going to complain? You? I know you. You'd be grinning."

"That's because you're the sexiest girl on campus."

"Liar." Leaving Pam's hand between her legs, Kim's fingers crept back up under Pam's shirt. "Left your bra off again, I see." She stroked the small firm globe, her index finger brushing over the stiffening nipple.

"If you don't stop that, Lisette," Pam nodded slightly towards the girl sitting closest to them, "Is going to get suspicious."

"Why would you say that?" Kim suddenly smothered a gasp as two of Pam's fingers found her damp slit and gently eased it open. "And what do you believe she might think, as well as the whole bus, when I start screaming your name?"

"Don't scream then." The fingers slipped deeper inside and all conversation ceased.

Kim buried her face in her roommate's shoulder, muffling an involuntary moan. Pam pressed the heel of her hand against Kim's clit, rubbing it in tiny circles in time with the two fingers she had plunged inside Kim's tight silky walls. Kim's hips jerked to meet each twist of her roommate's fingers. She shifted back and forth in opposition to the pressure of the hand on her throbbing clit.

One of Kim's fingers joined the thumb placed on Pam's nipple. Catching the stiffened nub between them they squeezed every time the other girl's fingers pressed inside her. As the motion of Pam's hand became faster and more demanding, Kim squeezed tighter and tighter on the hard pink nipple. She cupped the breast with the remainder of her hand in a firm hold.

Wetness poured over Pam's fingers. Kim shifted her face once more, her lips pushing the loose collar of Pam's shirt aside. She sought a dark flush on the lower neck, showing where she had marked her roommate recently while making love. As her tight internal muscles locked on Pam's fingers, she closed her teeth on that same place and also pinched the nipple she held even harder. Pam's eyes snapped open and she bit her lower lip as she felt her friend shudder and her fingers suddenly become even wetter.

When the two girls stopped shivering Kim peeked around the immediate area. Still pretending to slumber she barely opened her eyes. Pam remained still but her wide-open eyes also scanned the bus. They both held their breath, trying to see if anyone had noticed the slight commotion in the back seat.

"Whew," whispered Kim. She gave a tiny giggle. "That was exciting."

"I hope that holds you till we get back to the room," her friend whispered back.

"Mmmm, you have plans for then?"

"I always have plans for you and me. I swear, do you slip something in my food?"

"Not since those brownies the weekend of the concert." There was another soft chuckle into Pam's hair. "You didn't mind me not wearing panties that time."

"Neither did the baseball team's number one pitcher. We're lucky the season was over. I don't think he recovered for a week."

Silence returned to the back seat and after a while both girls dozed off. Not long after they did, with a screeching of brakes, the bus pulled up to the gym. The door squeaked open and the lights came on. Everyone stood and stretched. Kim hastily took the towel from Pam's gym bag and patted down the cracked leather seat.

Isobel waved the sleepy girls off the bus one by one, waiting at the bottom of the steps to get them pointed at their luggage and towards their dorms.

"No, that way Roxanne, you're headed in the wrong direction. See you at practice tomorrow Tina. Ursula, you're blocking the world there, get moving. Rhonda," the woman's eyes locked with the 20 year old blonde, "See me in my office tomorrow about 10."

"Kim," Isobel smiled as the last pair of girls reached the top of the steps, "You dropped your keys." She pointed behind the girl standing at the top of the steps.

"Thank you Miss Ford," the girl replied. She turned partway, bent and scooped them up. She scampered down the steps, waited until her roommate joined her and the two of them, the last ones off, headed off into the dark. Isobel stood motionless for a moment. She closed the door, waved to Gene Stanton and walked slowly to her office, her bag over her shoulder and her mind in deep thought.

She unlocked the door, snapped on the lamp on the side table and then closed the door behind herself. She looked at her watch. No point in going home now. She pried off her shoes and stretched out on the couch. She rested one arm over her eyes. The other hand crept down to her slacks.

She unfastened the belt and unzipped her slacks. Her hand slipped inside her panties and she touched herself.

Now then, had she really seen what she thought she had? Her fingers parted the trimmed hair on her pussy and started stroking gently in the ready slit. She had, she knew it. Kim had not been wearing panties. Furthermore, her pussy lips had been quite puffy, and wet. Obviously someone had been at it. Isobel curled two fingers inside herself and commenced to seriously frig her own cunt. Perhaps she had simply masturbated. Unlikely. Isobel recalled the way the two young women had snuggled together. There was no other answer. Pam had obviously fingered her roommate on the way back. Isobel bit back a groan as her fingers brought her to the edge she had teetered on all day.

"Well then, young lady," Isobel moaned as she brought herself to climax, her mind fixed on the flashing legs of her long distance runner. "I think you and I need to have a conference here rather soon."

Isobel's hopes and fantasies would have been pleasantly confirmed had she been able to see the dorm room shared by the object of her attraction and the cute cheerleader. The moment the door closed behind them the two girls were locked in each other's arms, showering kisses over each other's faces. Pam unzipped Kim's cheerleader outfit and pulled it down to her waist. Kim responded by grasping Pam's t-shirt and pulling it over her head and throwing it aside before catching the hem of her lover's shorts and pulling them down.

Pam made an ineffectual attempt to stop Kim but the dark-haired girl eluded her. Even as she struggled out of her outfit, Kim went to her knees and began kissing her roommate's mound. Somehow her contortions ended with her clad only in her sneakers and white socks. Her hands helped Pam step out of her shorts while her tongue ran down the inside of the other coed's thigh.

"Kim!" protested Pam.

Kim's voice was muffled as her lips touched Pam's pussy. "What? This is what you were planning on doing to me wasn't it? I just got you first. Its my turn anyway. You had me on the bus."

"But I didn't get to...ohhhh."

Pam had been prepared to argue her case but then she simply sighed happily as her roommate's tongue slipped up inside her. Closing her eyes, she moaned softly as Kim darted in and out of her pussy. The lithe cheerleader's hands slid around until they held the runner's firm butt, pulling her forward. Kim pressed her face between the long slender legs before her and proceeded to tongue lash her roommate.

Still aroused from their secret encounter on the bus, it wasn't long before Pam began to gasp for air and her hips began to grind forward, rubbing her bush on Kim's mouth. Kim tipped her head up under the other girl and drove her tongue as deeply as she could along Pam's inside walls. Knowing her roommate's body, she felt the first spasms run through her lover and closed her open mouth over Pam as the explosion released the flood of girl juices.

When Kim rose, her face wet and shiny, Pam grabbed her in a tight hug, kissing her roommate and savoring the taste of herself on Kim's lips. Arms around each other, they almost staggered to one of the beds and threw the covers off before collapsing to the mattress. There was a moment of confused hilarity as they struggled to get their shoes and socks off, a moment that might have led to more had they not been so tired.

Kim pillowed her head on Pam's shoulder and gently stroked her flat, lean stomach. The other girl kissed the top of Kim's dark hair and wrapped one arm around her.

"Wish we could put a double bed in here," Pam yawned. "As much as I love you against me, I do sometimes wish we had a bit more room."

A soft giggle tickled her shoulder. "I think it might be a little obvious then how we spend the night together. While I don't think either of us care about dorm gossip, or heck, campus rumors, can you imagine what would happened if our parents dropped by suddenly?"

"Oh my."

"In the meantime," Kim snuggled closer, "Are you going to let Miss Ford catch you?"

"Well, of course I will," Pam replied sleepily. "But I'm going to make her chase me before I give in."

"Let me know how it goes."

"Oh, if it goes as well as I hope it will, you'll definitely be the first to get it."

(The End)

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