tagMatureRoommate Seduction Ch. 03

Roommate Seduction Ch. 03


Mr. Kizer was so turned on by the sight of Christine laying helplessly outside Mr. James’ door, smelling the strong mix of sperm and pussy. He withdrew his hand from her breasts and stuck it down his pants, massaging his hardening dick.

Coming to his senses, he remembered he was in the hallway with a young woman who had just been fucked silly. This was no place for him to stroke his cock, or he’d be arrested for sure…and caught.

He quickly pulled her up by the arms, lifted her, and carried her downstairs to their floor. Looking back, he noticed cum stains on the ground in front of Mr. James’ door. He knew he couldn’t take her to his place. His wife and daughter were there. But was there anyone at her apartment?

As he was approaching her apartment, he began to wonder about a key. She didn’t have a purse with her.

Christine began to mumble, somewhat incoherently, something about a plant. Mr. Kizer looked around and spotted the potted plant in the corner a little ways down the hall.

He sat Christine up against her door and walked over to the plant. Mr. Kizer reached inside, and there was the key. He walked back and unlocked the door. Before twisting the knob, he lifted Christine back up so that he could carry her inside.

“Anyone home?” he called, once inside. No one answered.

Mr. Kizer started to lay Christine on the couch but thought better of it. He didn’t want to run the risk of Will coming back and catching them on the couch. No, it would be best if he took her to her room and locked the door.

He hurriedly carried her up the stairs and to the room he remembered catching her and Will having sex in the night before. Inside, he placed her on the bed then sat beside her.

Immediately, he pulled up her skirt and looked at her panty-covered pussy. Her panties were completely soaked. He pushed them aside and saw what looked like gallons and gallons of cum inside and on her pussy, leaking.

No wonder there was cum on the ground outside Mr. James’ door, he thought. Mr. James had cum buckets inside Christine’s pussy.

Mr. Kizer had never tasted another man’s cum, but looking at Christine’s messy pussy was driving him crazy to the point of salivating. He leaned over and stuck his tongue inside her pussy, cleaning her up with it.

At first, Christine didn’t realize what was going on, she was so out of it. But as Mr. Kizer went on, sliding his tongue in deeper and deeper, determined to get every single drop of cum out, she became aware of the fact that someone was thoroughly eating her out.

She looked down and discovered that it was Mr. Kizer from next door! Then she remembered he was the one who picked her up outside Mr. James’ door and carried her back to her room. She couldn’t believe how this day was going! First, she had been tricked into letting Mr. James wildly fuck her, and now the older married man from next door was orally fucking her!

But, of course, how could she say no? For one thing, she was too weak. For another, his tongue was feeling so good and so soothing after the hard fuck she had gotten earlier that day. Mr. James was right--she was little more than a hot slut who enjoyed fucking.

She couldn’t fight. She just layed there and let him do what he was doing.

When she was completely clean, Mr. Kizer stood up and took off his pants. His hard cock sprang forward, ready for some long-awaited action. His wife had been neglecting him for quite a while, and he had nothing to do for relief but look at dirty sites on the internet in private and jack off to the images. So he knew that, no matter what the consequences, he had to have Christine at that moment. Hopefully, she was so disoriented that she wouldn’t even remember that he fucked her. Besides, she hadn’t objected so far.

Christine was laying on her back during the oral sex, but now she was turned sideways, drifting back into a comforting sleep. Mr. Kizer scooted onto the bed and laid down beside her, lifting her right leg with one hand and slowly stroking his dick with the other. He moved his cock closer to her pussy from behind her, pressing his chest against her back and feeling her soft ass cheeks. Slowly, he sank his prick into her well-used pussy, moaning as each inch went in.

Christine’s eyes widened as she realized Mr. Kizer wasn’t done with her. He was trying to fuck her! He was sliding his cock into her aching pussy! She never would have thought it was true, either, but Mr. Kizer had the biggest dick she had ever felt in her life! It wasn’t as long as Mr. James’, but it was definitely thicker. It felt so good, stretching her wide open. She let out a moan as Mr. Kizer slid all the way in.

He pulled out again, almost all the way, then slammed it back in. He did this repeatedly, and Christine was loving it. Soon, he was picking up the pace, bringing his cock back as far as he could without slipping out then slamming it all the way home again as hard as he could.

He needed this badly. He was getting the kind of pussy he needed, the kind of fucking he deserved. He worked hard and was a good, faithful husband to his wife. He did everything he could for his daughter. But still, he never got any relief. He never got his cock sucked. His wife acted like giving up her pussy was a chore. There was no way she could expect him to just settle for that, not when there was a hot young slut next door who loved getting her pussy slammed. As much as she wanted it, and as much as he needed it, he was going to give it to her.

He was going in and out with fury, thinking about how his wife wouldn’t give it up. He felt like he was getting back at her with each hard thrust he gave Christine. Christine was all but screaming. The fucking she was receiving was even better than with Mr. James. She couldn’t believe it from this seemingly boring older man. She never would have guessed he was hung so well and could fuck so satisfyingly. This apartment complex was just full of studly men to fuck.

Mr. Kizer didn’t even have to slow down like Mr. James had to. Mr. Kizer had been carrying on at lightning speed for over five minutes, holding her leg up for better access to her pussy. It was feeling so good to both of them, and Christine found herself cumming on his pistoning cock. With as tight at her cunt already had been around his cock, Mr. Kizer just couldn’t take it once she came. He blew his load all the way up her cunt, replacing the eaten gallons Mr. James had deposited with just as much, and maybe even more. Mr. Kizer wondered if Christine wouldn’t become pregnant from all the cum she had received in the last couple of days. Hopefully, she was on birth control or something. Even though he was angry at his wife for not letting him fuck her like this, he still didn’t need a divorce or a new baby.

As Mr. Kizer was fucking Christine, Will was on his way back to their apartment when the door next to them opened.

“Hi, Will,” Mr. Kizer’s daughter, Hillary, said, smiling at the sweaty older male. Hillary was barely 18 and was still in high school while Will was close to graduating from college.

He barely paid the girl any attention as he walked over to the plant and reached for the key, not finding it. “Hi, Hill,” he responded without even looking at her.

But she wasn’t giving up. Her father was God knew where, and her mother had gone shopping. This was the perfect time to get Will alone. She quickly unbuttoned a few more buttons on her blouse, making her breasts clearly visible, and she raised her skirt some.

“Will and Hill,” she giggled. “How cute…don’t you think so?” she said, walking over to him.

“Uh…yeah,” he said, barely paying attention to the question. He couldn’t understand where the key could have gone. Maybe Christine had taken it and hadn’t put it back out there. Maybe their door was unlocked.

Before he could get up and walk over to try it, Hillary was standing beside him. She began to run her fingers along the back of his neck, making Will even more confused. He turned his head, and he realized he could see up her skirt perfectly. Then he looked up and saw her breasts practically hanging out of her blouse.

Will stood up, forgetting he was looking at someone who was younger than he was by approximately four years. A man is a man, and he felt his cock stirring.

Hillary noticed him staring at her body, and she smiled.

“Wanna come inside, Will? There’s nobody home. I can get you something cool to drink.”

Will knew he should say no, but he couldn’t get into his apartment at that moment, anyway, because the key was missing. Besides, he figured there was no harm in a little making out and copping a few feels. He wouldn’t go all the way with someone in high school, especially since he just had sex for the first time the day before. He was used to only getting to touch a girl’s breasts and sucking her neck, and he was sure that was all Hillary could be used to.

He didn’t even have to answer. He just let Hillary lead him inside the Kizer’s apartment. She left him to make himself comfortable on the couch and went to the kitchen to pour him a glass of wine. She carried the glass to the living room in one hand and the whole bottle in the other.

Sitting down beside him, she placed his glass down on the table in front of them and took a long drink from the bottle before setting it down. Then Hillary wasted no time, moving closer to Will and taking his ear between her teeth, nibbling on it gently.

Will had never been attacked so quickly. Feeling nervous, he refilled his glass to the brim and gulped down the whole thing. Then he poured another, especially after feeling one of Hillary’s hands shift to his cock, which was bulging inside his jeans. Everything was moving so fast for him, but the wine definitely wasn’t helping. If anything, it made his head spin more and more.

After his fourth glass, the bottle was completely empty. Hillary took the glass out his hands, set it on the table, then crawled onto his lap. She was facing him, and with him still in his jeans and her panties still on, she started dry humping him. He slid his hands inside her blouse and started fondling her breasts as she rubbed her panty-covered pussy against his lap.

It wasn’t too long before she was really turned on. She stood up and, before Will knew it, his jeans were down around his ankles with Hillary’s lips engulfing his hard, drooling cock. She wasted no time, rapidly bobbing her head up and down his prick. Pre-cum was oozing out his dick as he felt like he was getting closer and closer.

Suddenly, she stopped and got back on his lap again. Before Will could even object, she was riding his pole. Will sucked in his breath. Her pussy was so tight, it felt so good. Obviously, she had done this before. She slid on his dick with no problems at all and was working herself on it like she knew exactly how to get both of them off.

Like everything else, the ride was very swift. Hillary wasn’t sure how much time she had before her father would come through that door, so she had to get everything she wanted as fast as she could. So she just rode his cock as if she was in a horse race, trying to beat out all the other speeding horses and their riders. She did all the work while Will just sat there, enjoying her tight warmth and feeling her well-developed tits.

She started cumming and thought about getting off Will and kicking him out before her father came home, but she really wanted to feel his cum inside of her. So she continued riding him, trying to get him to cum. She started licking and sucking his neck while she rose and fell on his cock over and over again. Will was getting closer and closer, and right as he started blasting away, the front door opened.

It was Mr. Kizer, coming back from the best fuck he’d ever had. He had just fucked Christine, his neighbor…and here was her roommate in his apartment fucking his daughter. Or rather, his daughter was fucking him. He was just sitting there, shooting his cum deep inside his little girl.

Mr. Kizer flew into a rage. This was the second time he’d caught Will in the middle of fucking. Who would he see Will with next, his wife? No, Mr. Kizer yelled as Will stood up, pulling up his pants after unloading inside his 18-year old daughter. He grabbed Will by the neck and pushed him out the door as hard as he could. Embarrassed, his daughter ran up to her room.

Mr. Kizer stood in the living room, trying to calm himself down. He thought back to the wonderful sex he had just had with Christine, then images of Will inside his daughter came back to him, and he remembered what he had thought about Will doing his wife. Oddly enough, he began to become aroused. An idea occurred to him. Could Will do for his wife what Christine had done for him? Could a young stud like Will be the key to spicing up his sex life with his wife?

To Be Continued…

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