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Roommates Go Further


James and Jordan were roommates. They had just finished high school, gotten jobs and a place to share. They had a female roommate too, Tanya. She was so sexy they couldn't resist when she asked to move in.

The two bedroom apartment was small. They decided to share the larger room and give Tanya her own smaller room. Quickly they realized how much they both wanted Tanya.

One Saturday night, Tanya was working a late shift while the boys sat home and fantasized about her. They went into Tanya's room and got out her thongs to mastrubate with. Naked in their room, they both lay back on their beds jerking themselves.

Jordan came up with an idea, Let's go do this on Tanya's bed.

When they sat on her bed, they realized it was too small to not touch each other. Their legs were touching as they each rubbed their cocks.

Suddenly James looked up, Jordan's hand was wrapped around his dick. He was rubbing him with Tanya's panties.

He decided to do the same for his friend. Each of them wrapped Tanya's panties over the other's dick and jerked up and down.

"Damn, that's so good," Jordan moaned.

Before James could say a word, Jordan's mouth was over his cock. He closed his eyes and thought of Tanya. Jordan's mouth was warm and felt right over his dick.

He let out a moan. With that, Jordan began to bob up and down on his roommates dick. He rubbed his hands over James' thighs and balls.

Cupping them in his hands, Jordan ran his tongue on the underside of the cock he was holding. He lifted the ball sac up and began massaging them with his tongue.

James moaned again. He was getting the best blow job he'd ever had from a dude. And he didn't even care, this dude was good.

He rested his head against the pillow and wrapped his fingers around Jordan's hair. He used the grip on his friend's hair to control his mouth.

Slowly he'd rock back and forth, the tip of his dick touching Jordan's throat. Then he's slip into a faster, rougher pace. His cock banging into the back of Jordan's throat.

He couldn't believe he was really enjoying the best blow of his life, and he was getting it from another man. He's never tell anyone, but he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Soon he was ready to cum. He gave a fair warning but Jordan continued to deep throat him until he was filling his mouth with the salty cum.

When it was over, James didn't know how to react to Jordan's generosity. He did know he wasn't comfortable with giving him a blow job though.

His hand brushed again Jordan's hardened member. He wrapped his fingers around and began to move up and down. He jerked him faster and harder until he too came.

Before they had time to clean up, they heard Tanya's key in the door. Both guys were naked on her bed with new erections.

"Uh, Guys? What's going on?," she asked puzzled.

James smiled at her while Jordan answered. "We think you're hot so we came in here to mastrubate. Sorry."

She laughed, "Why didn't you say so?"

She pealed off her dress revealing her hot, naked body. Each boy stood and moved closer to her. She was an expert at threesomes it turned out.

She was riding James while Jordan stood in front of her and got his first blow job of the night. Jordan's balls smacked off her chin as he pumped into her mouth.

She rubbed his balls, massaging them deeply. This had better be good or their living together could get really awkward.

Soon James lifted himself up further into her. She rocked a few more moments before he came.

Jordan's dick was still rock hard. She kneeled on the bed to let him fuck her. She lapped the cum off of James' cock until he was hard again.

Jordan pounded deeper into her while James wiggled his way under her and ran his tongue across her clit to Jordan's dick and back.

The touch of James tongue was enough to send Jordan over the edge. He was filling her with cum while James lapped her clit til she came.

When they finished, Tanya kicked both boys out of her room. Enough for tonight guys, I need to get some rest.

They went back to their room to plan their next threesome.

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