tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 03

Rose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 03



(Rose and Torrie had been childhood friends but when Torrie's mum married into money their friendship fell apart. As Torrie fell in with rich friends, Rose became bitter and twisted. Upon finding hardcore pornographic images of Torrie's mother on the internet she began to blackmail and humiliate Torrie, forcing her to fuck the loser of the school and videoing it, then using Torrie to take down her two snobby friends Angelina and Jenna. For a final humiliation Rose intended to make Torrie a prostitute but unknown to Torrie, Wendy, her mum had found out, and to save her daughter and keep the secret she agreed to take Torrie's place).


Wendy Webster took one last look at herself in her vanity mirror. She could hardly believe what she was going to do tonight, she had strained her brain for a way out of this that would let her off being a whore for the night and making sure her husband Herb never found out about her hardcore pornographic past but had come up with none. She was helpless, like her daughter before her, to go along with Rose's twisted plans.

She pushed her long, straight blonde hair back from her face. Damn, she looked good for being 38 years of age, the last couple of years with Herb spoiling her taking sure of that. Normally that was a source of great pride to her but not so tonight, tonight it was likely to work against her, looking so hot and walking the streets in search of business. She stood back from the mirror to flatten the clothes Rose had instructed her to wear tonight and once again cringed at their crudeness. Her big, firm breasts were covered in just a leather black bra top and that was the only thing Wendy wore on the top half of her body. She had a short, black leather skirt, fishnet tights and knee high sexy, black boots and the whole ensemble as well as making her look like a whore made her feel like one as well. She took her long black coat from the wardrobe and wrapped it tightly around her body and prayed that Herb would not look up from his paperwork as she left.

She walked carefully on the high heels of the boots down the hall and briefly popped her head around the door to Herb's study and called to him.

"That's me off honey, remember I may be late."

She had told him an old friend from school was in town and she was having a girls night out with her, he had easily believed her.

He barely looked up from reading a report to say.

"Sure babes, have a good time."

Wendy hurried out the front door and around to the garage where Rose stood, arms crossed and tapping her foot.

"I thought maybe you had decided to bail on me Mrs Webster. Decided you weren't going to do it. I thought I was going to have to show your darling husband just what a depraved slut he is married to"

Wendy didn't trust her voice not to display her emotions and just settled on shaking her head at the teenager who was blackmailing her. Rose, herself wearing a long, dark coat and her dark hair piled sexily on her head, just smiled a cold smile, she had no remorse over what she was doing.

"Good! Give me the keys, I'm driving."

"Rose, isn't there some other way, please I'm begging you! Plea-"

"Shut up bitch! This is the way we're doing it, you earn the cash tonight and I keep quiet. Now give me the fucking keys!"

The girls voice was so hard and cold it almost frightened Wendy and she obediently handed over the keys to her treasured Porsche sports car. Rose laughed out loud as she unlocked it and got in., patting the passenger seat for Wendy to get in beside her. Rose knew exactly where she was taking Wendy and what would happen when they arrived.


At exactly the same time as Rose was speeding through town to deliver Wendy to her horrible night of whoring, Torrie was walking up the drive towards the front door of Rose's boyfriend, Jazz. When Rose had called her up to tell her that she had changed her mind about making Torrie prostitute herself for Rose's enjoyment, Torrie had been overcome with relief. Had Rose finally come to her senses and realised how wrong all the things she had done had been? Not likely, when Torrie considered how her bitch of a childhood friend had made her fuck Gilbert McMaster and filmed it, had made her sell out and help humiliate her best friends Angelina and Jenna, there was no reason to believe Rose had suddenly had an attack of regret. And that was borne out when Rose had instead informed Torrie that she could help her in another' special' way. Torrie remembered the instructions and could only speculate at what they meant.

"Rather than whore that slutty body of yours for me Torrie, you can help me in another way. You see the rent is due and once again my mum can't make the payment. And do you know what happens if that is the case? No? Well let me tell you, I have to make a visit to our landlord and make 'payment' in another fashion, if you get what I mean. It's been that way for some time now, so to keep me quiet about you and your mothers antics all you are going to have to do is take my place. You keep Mr. Ramirez (the landlord) happy for another month and I'll consider your debt for my silence paid."

Torrie had kept quiet and listened to the dark haired bitches demands, she was in no doubt what she would have to do for the landlord but it was no worse surely than what she had to do previously. Could this finally be the end of her torments? Apparently not as Rose went on with an apparent afterthought.

"Oh and the car hire, mum's late with her payments on that so you can sort the guys at the garage out too. They're real charmers, let me tell you! So it's settled, next Friday you come round to my house at eight and I'll make sure Jazz can chauffeur you around for your 'chores'. OK?"

By now Torrie was more than aware that whatever Rose said and did was OK and she just nodded meekly.

"And be sure to dress sexy Torrie, the guys like that!"

Of course, Torrie had no idea that her own mother had agreed to replace Torrie as a whore that very same night. And Rose had chosen not to let either know what the other was doing for her.

Torrie had dressed sexily too. Her sexy body (she really was just a younger version of her sexy big busted, blonde mother). She wore a tight white jumper that emphasised her big boobs and a sexy little tartan skirt and knee high socks. She knew exactly what Rose meant by 'dress sexy'. She advanced along the street and as she approached Rose's house she shivered at the memory of her last visit there when that slug Gilbert had fucked her so humiliatingly. What a nightmare it had all been. Her head was down thinking those black thoughts when a piercing whistle cut through the still night air.

"Alright Torrie! Looking fucking foxy as ever babe!"

It was Jazz. Rose's sick boyfriend. Torrie's mind flashed back to his brutal face fucking of her at his house on the day the party to set Jenna up (and boy was she set up!), could it only be two weeks ago now? She hated him, had done before he had used Rose's blackmail to force a blow job from her and was not looking forward to this twisted pervert driving her around town to her 'jobs'. He slid off the bonnet of his car and grabbed Torrie by her hand, pulling her towards him until her chest met his.

"Hey babe, wanna get to know each other again?"

Torrie tore herself free of his clammy grip and told him in no uncertain terms to back off.

"Fuck off loser! You touch me again and I'll rip your nuts off! Plus I'll be sure and tell your bitch of a girlfriend you want me more than her. I'm sure she'll be pleased by that!"

Jazz tried to act unconcerned but it served it's purpose and he backed off and pointed her into the passenger seat.

"No need to be like that bitch. Guess you're just after older cocks tonight, eh? Let's see what Mr. Ramirez makes of his rent shall we?"


Across town Rose parked the sports car at the end of a lamp lit street. She wrenched on the hand brake and pointed forward, through the windscreen.

"Down there Mrs Webster, that's where you can ply your trade tonight. That street leads onto the main dock road so you'll get plenty of trade I'm sure. You earn enough money and I'll keep quiet about your past and leave your darling daughter alone."

Wendy looked at the teenager with pity. How could she be so fucked up? But Rose didn't care and just pointed Wendy to the door.

"Come on the quicker you get started the more cash I get!"

Just as she exited the car Rose called her back.

"Hey Mrs Webster! Why don't you leave your coat, you don't need it, do you? (Wendy reluctantly passed the long coat to Rose) And tell you what, not that I don't trust you to try and mislead me but why don't you leave your bag, any cash you've got at the end of the night will definitely have been earned, eh? Oh, and as an extra little precaution to keep you 'straight' as it were, I've got someone watching you tonight to make sure you're legitimate and I've also got someone who'll pose as one of your customers, it's just that you don't know who it'll be so you'd better just make sure you're a good whore all night and not get any smart ideas, hadn't you?"

Rose had thought of everything it seemed and as she closed the door and crossed her arms over her bare mid riff, Wendy was suddenly very scared about what the night would bring for her. She tried to put some confidence into her walk as she tottered down the sidewalk but was aware of how she must look in hooker heels, a tiny skirt and just a bra top. Rose chuckled behind the steering wheel and started the powerful car up again to race off and set into motion the next part of her evil plot.


Jazz drew up at a house that really wasn't all that far away from where Torrie lived with her mother and step-father. She had expected this Mr. Ramirez, as landlord to that dump that Rose and her alcoholic mother (and no doubt half that neighbourhood) lived in, to have lived in similar circumstances. Why she had thought that she didn't know. But what was apparent quickly was that he may own all those near slum flats he certainly didn't live in one himself. The plot of land his house stood on looked to be even bigger than Herb's (and he was a lawyer!), with spacious lawns to front, sides and back and a paved roadway leading up to a row of trees that lined the path to his front door. Next to the house a massive double garage stood open and two big, luxury cars could be seen inside.

Torrie looked at the residence and then at her driver.

"So what do I do?"

Jazz smiled nastily at her before speaking.

"Well whenever I have to drive Rose round here she just walks up that there driveway and rings the doorbell and does just what Mr. Ramirez tells her to."

"You mean you've driven Rose here too? How could you do that? Geez, you're pathetic!"

Jazz snarled back at her.

"I'm pathetic am I? Well it sure ain't fuckin' me that's going in there to that sick old pervert, is it? Now get going he don't like it when the rent is late, you go up there and pay him in full!"

Torrie was glad to be away from him but wondered what fate awaited her in the big house she was slowly walking towards. She turned around halfway up the drive to see Jazz mockingly wave at her, she shook her head and continued onward. Until she rounded the end of the trees and the road was out of sight. Up here the only light was from a lamp over the door and Torrie had to scramble her way to it in the shade of the trees before taking a deep breath and ringing the bell. Almost instantaneously more lamps came on and Torrie had to blink under their harsh glare. She felt, rather than heard. Someone was looking at her from the peep hole in the door and took a step back as the big, wooden door swung inward.

Mr. Ramirez was in his late forties, six feet tall and in pretty good shape. He had thick, grey hair and a bushy moustache that seemed to hide a kindly looking mouth. His green eyes twinkled as they alighted on Torrie. All in all, she thought, he looked pretty harmless. When he spoke that illusion disappeared straight away.

"Huh, what do you want Blondie? Come on, I haven't got all day?"

"Mrs Wilson, Rose's mum, I got told to come here because she can't pay the rent this month" she spoke quickly and nervously.

That previously benign mouth curved into a sinister grin at this bit of news and he stepped out to get a better look at her, taking his time as he circled her.

"And where's little Rosy, that drunken idiot of a mother of hers usually sends her round when she comes up short."

"Um I'm a friend of Rose and I owe her so I'm doing it tonight."

"Oh you'll be 'doing it' alright. Well get on with it, bitch! Get stripped off!"

Torrie stood open mouthed at the instruction and the change in his demeanour.

"Well what are you waiting for young Missy? Get stripping, let's see what you got to bargain with!"

Torrie could hardly believe the words coming out of the old man's mouth but she gave a nervous jump and obediently began to tug off her jumper, then she stopped short with it half on, half off.

"Can't I come inside and do this, someone might see!"

"I don't give a damn bitch! The last time I let that young slut Rose 'pay the rent' in that house she fucking stole a solid gold cigar lighter, so no, you fucking cannot come inside. Now get those fucking clothes off so I can see your teenage body!"

He was clear enough then, and Torrie pulled the remainder of her tight jumper off and dropped it at her feet, her bra went next, allowing her firm young breasts to bounce free (eliciting a low whistle from Mr. Ramirez). Taking the view that she wanted to get this ordeal over as quickly as possible Torrie whipped off her short skirt, socks and white cotton panties and stood before the man's front door stark naked. He leered at her and produced a cigarette which he lit and took a draw on before he deposited it between his lips and blew a swirl of smoke in Torrie's face. He stepped out of his doorway again and this time groped her boobs, gently pinching her nipples and his fingers tracing down to her thin strip of blonde pubic hair.

"Mmmmm! You'll do just fine. But you still ain't getting in the house. You get down on your hands and knees and crawl round to the garage, I'll do you there."

"W-What? No I'm not doing that, I -"

"Shut the fuck up bitch, you're either here to pay the rent, and in which case do whatever the fuck I tell you, how I tell you or you can fuck off and I'll send the boys round to evict Rose and her waster mother tomorrow. So what's it going to be?"

Torrie couldn't meet his eyes but submissively dropped to her hands and knees and slowly crawled across his cobbled pathway towards the garage she had passed on the way in, aware that the harsh lights were lighting her up for anybody to see if they were looking from the road (which undoubtedly Jazz would be). As she got near it Ramirez pressed a remote control in his hand and the big metallic door slowly descended until it clicked shut. She turned her head, her long blonde hair splashing across her bare shoulders as she tried to find out what was going on.

"Hold it there bitch!"

He barked out the order and stepped around her to unlock a push through door in the main door's façade. He stepped inside and reached down to unhook a latch on the inside of what appeared to be a dog-flap in the garage door. He popped his head back through the door.

"What I want bitch is for you to crawl through there."

"What? I'll never fit through there, you're mad."

"Quit your whining bitch, just get on with it, let's just see how far you can get through. Come on, chop! Chop!"

Torrie shook her head but nevertheless crawled forward, awkwardly getting her head through the push through flap and squeezing her shoulders through at a weird angle and just getting her boobs though before it became too tight and despite a half hearted effort she could get no further.

"I'm stuck, I can't get in any more, I'll have to back out."

Ramirez came inside the garage, switched on an overhead light so he could see her head and half her torso, naked sticking out of the flap.

"No I'll tell you what Blondie, you just get yourself comfortable right there, I'll get my little padded mat, kneel down by that pretty mouth of yours and you can begin paying me back right there."

She was too shocked and surprised to think of an objection and just lay there, her naked ass hanging out in the cold night air while the old man collected a mat from the far side of the garage, brought it back and dropped it by Torrie's head and knelt on it and whipped out his stiff dick. He stroked it in his right hand a few times then proffered it to Torrie's face. She closed her eyes in resignation and opened her big, soft lips as he thrust himself forward and invaded her mouth. It wasn't the biggest cock she had sucked but it was certainly in the strangest circumstances and she found that with her arms all but trapped in the flap by her stomach she had very little control as he slowly inched his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth before pulling it back just before she gagged and ploughing it straight back in.

Progressing, Ramirez placed a hand in Torrie's hair and took a tight hold and one hand cupping her chin and top of her throat and used them to rock her face onto his cock rather than do any of the work himself. Soon a pile of slobber and spittle fell in trails from her mouth and went across his slick dick and spilled slowly onto the cold concrete floor below Torrie's face, all the while he fucked her face dictating the pace and power of each thrust by using her head. She despised Rose for making her do this, for blackmailing her and threatening her and her mothers comfortable lives, she despised the old bastard for treating like this, like a slab of meat and she despised herself for being too weak to stand up to the blackmail. Maybe, she thought, she deserved to have to do this for the way she had betrayed Jenna and Angelina, maybe this was her penance

Finally, after ten minutes and more of this treatment Ramirez pulled his cock from .her coughing mouth and slapped it against her cheeks and forehead.

"Yeah you make a good fuck hole baby! Not quite as enthusiastic as Rose but not bad, you'll do. Now I don't know if Rosy told you but I like a bit off ass too, and looking at that fine derriere of yours I really wanna plug it, know what I mean so you just make yourself comfortable while I step outside."

She thought she knew exactly what the old pervert meant but couldn't wriggle herself free in time to do anything before her was outside, knelt down between her legs, parting them and fingering her tight asshole.

"Goddamn you're a tight little fuck pig aren't you. Still that's how I like 'em!"

He showed that by prising her ass cheeks apart and slapping his slippery, hard cock on her anus a few times before squeezing it right up into her shithole. Torrie grimaced and gave a little squeal but she was determined that this bastard would not get a sound out of her. That was not so easily done as once his member was embedded within her ass he proceeded to pound the hell out of her so that with each energetic thrust her body was bounced back and forth in the tight confines of the dog flap. He fucked her like that for a hard and fast five minutes, grunting loudly with each stroke and sometimes even slapping her bubble butt and leaving handprints on her creamy skin. Then he tightened up, his body tensed and he felt his balls contract. Torrie felt it too and knew what was coming. She felt her ass fill with warm fluid, one, two three powerful blasts of the stuff before he pulled out and she could feel the vile load drip from her used asshole.

He came back inside the garage and spoke to her in a low voice.

"Clean me up bitch and we'll call it paid, eh"

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