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Rose Plus Two


Authors Notes and Disclaimer: All works are drawn from my own experience or imagination and are the sole intellectual property of the author. Names have been changed to protect the parties involved. Reuse of these stories is limited to reposting; any edits or changes are not authorized. Read this story at your own risk. The subject material is of an adult nature and is not appropriate for minors. Do not download this story in violation of any applicable laws in your locality. If you are under the age of 21, you are not authorized to view this material.

This story depicts unsafe behaviors and is only a fantasy.


Rose and Sue were talking outside of the locker room when Rose saw him. He was just coming through the door, his dark hair still wet from a shower, and she found herself unable to take her eyes away from him. He was both tall, around 6'4", and very muscular, and it was obvious that he was with the university baseball team that had just finished practicing. Her staring was too obvious to go unnoticed and like any red-blooded college-aged male he homed in on her immediately. Sue, a perfect wingman, knew when to make a quick and graceful exit.

"Hi, I'm Steve," he introduced himself.

Rose was a bit at a loss for words at first. Although she was quite sexy, with long dark hair and a fabulous ass, for some reason she had a hard time seeing herself as the object of a man's desire. Perhaps it was simply age and inexperience, but the college junior had not quite come into her own as a seductress. Nevertheless, she was able to give him her name and ask how the team was doing.

"It's going great!" he replied enthusiastically. "The first home game of the semi-finals is this Friday and I think we have a chance to take the division. You should come!"

Rose felt a little flurry in her stomach. Steve was not the most subtle man she had met, and he was checking her out from head to toe with an approving smile. She wasn't sure whether to be mildly offended, or flattered, by the once over. But the tingling in her pelvis suggested the latter.

"I'll try to make it," she promised. "I have a big exam on Monday though, so I'm going to be really hitting the books."

"Great, I can't wait – I'll see you there!" Steve gave her a big grin and headed off to join his teammates who were waiting to head to the bar for after-practice beers.


Rose felt awful. It was 11:00 on Friday night and she was finally closing the books. For some reason organic chemistry was just not clicking for her as easily as inorganic chemistry had the prior semester. Carbon this, nitrogen that... She had been studying chemical formulas and molecular diagrams for nearly seven straight hours. Of course, going to the baseball game had been right out.

She wondered if Steve had noticed her absence. Probably not, she decided at last. The stands had to be very crowded for a big game, and their meeting a few days earlier had been so brief that he probably would have had a hard time picking her out if he passed her in the gym. But she remembered him quite clearly – his muscular chest and arms in particular.

She felt wetness in between her legs. What the hell, she thought, I've been working hard all night and I deserve a little fun. She tiptoed to her bedroom door and locked it quietly. She wasn't even sure if any of her roommates were home, and they all had separate bedrooms in the shared rental house anyway, but it wouldn't do to be disturbed.

Then she moved back to her bed and reached a hand under her pillows. Underneath was her trusty vibrator. It wasn't fancy – just a black plastic and gold metal device with a speed control on the base. But it was plenty powerful enough to get the job done, and she had bought it on a whim with her girlfriends when she first moved out of her parents' home to go to school.

She pulled down her sweat pants and underwear and slid under the sheets, tapping the play button on the bedside CD player to create some background noise. As the pop music came on, she turned on the toy and pressed it against her warm waiting pussy. Instantly her nerves tingled with a warm pleasant sensation as the vibrations coursed against her clit. She let out a low moan.

Closing her eyes, she imagined Steve's hands groping her breasts. They weren't particularly large – a smallish 34B – but they were very sensitive. With her free hand she squeezed them somewhat roughly, imagining it was him doing it. She pictured herself in the locker room late at night, after a game. He hadn't cleaned up yet and was very musky and masculine, and upon finding her there, wordlessly pressed her up against a bank of lockers and began taking her.

She alternated between rubbing the buzzing toy against her swollen button and pushing it down through her gooey lips and dipping it a couple of inches inside of herself. Her cunt had become extremely sticky and she could feel the juices clinging to her thighs. She continued tweaking her nipples aggressively as she imagined how thick his cock would be as he put it against her slit and opened her with it. In just moments she was gasping out an intense orgasm, trying not to let the moans escalate into screams, in case anyone else was in the house.

Exhausted from both the schoolwork and the powerful climax, she found herself drifting off into a pleasant sleep.


The following Monday Rose was picking up a tray in the cafeteria when she felt a tapping on her shoulder. Assuming it was Sue or another of her friends, she started turning around with a smart remark on her lips only to find Steve before her. She instantly blushed from face to chest upon seeing him, recalling the fantasy from a few evenings before. Rose was also surprised to see him since she had thought he wouldn't even remember her.

"You didn't make it to the game!" he exclaimed, crestfallen. "I was really hoping to see you."

"I'm so sorry," she gushed. "I wanted to, I really did – it's just that I had this big exam this morning and I studied all night for it. Maybe I can make up for it and come to the next one?"

He grinned from ear to ear. "Why wait for another game? What are you doing Friday night – we could go out for drinks!"

Rose got that tingling feeling again. She eagerly agreed and they exchanged telephone numbers.

The rest of the week went by in a blur for her. Although she dated occasionally, it had been a while. And not only was Steve handsome and built, he was also a senior and a starter for the baseball team. Not a bad catch at all, she told herself.

She had no classes on Fridays, so she was home when he called at around 10:00 that morning.

"Hey Rose, it's Steve. We're still on for tonight, right?"

"Yes, I can't wait. Where are we going; what should I wear?"

"Something sexy," he responded instantly. "Just teasing – I'm sure you'll look great in anything. Listen, a roommate of mine is kind of stuck for the weekend and I don't want to just leave him sitting around the house. Do you have a girlfriend that might want to double? That is, if you don't mind having the company of course."

Rose immediately told him sure, no problem. She was confident that Sue would back her up. He got directions to her house and told her he would pick her up at eight.


All the luck in the world seemed to have deserted Rose. Not only was Sue already going out on a date of her own that night – some best friend for not sharing that little tidbit – but every one of the five other girls she called had something going on that they couldn't get out of. She was starting to panic a little. She didn't want Steve to cancel because of his friend, but it was becoming clear that there was simply no one else she could invite. At last, she gave up and called his number.

The phone rang several times but there was no answer. She glanced at the clock – 7:15 – and the answering machine picked up. Rose left a brief message telling him how sorry she was, but it looked like it just wouldn't work out to find a date for his friend after all and she hoped he wasn't too disappointed at staying home instead of going out.

Realizing the short time before Steve would pick her up, she jumped into the shower and quickly shaved her legs. Then, without quite knowing why she did it, she shaved her pussy as well. Normally she kept it closely trimmed, but she had never actually taken all of the hair off before. And besides that, she wasn't the type to fuck on a first date...was she? All of a sudden she had second thoughts – if she was the type to fuck on a first date, then wouldn't he think she was a slut for obviously shaving before the date?

Before her quandary could get the best of her, she pushed it aside and quickly threw on a sexy black thong. She the pulled on a short jean skirt that ended just above her mid-thigh and a halter top that accentuated her small, ripe tits, which she decided to leave braless. She dried and brushed her long dark hair and was just getting ready to do her makeup when she saw headlights out front. She hurriedly put on a coat of dark red lipstick and pumped a few squirts of her sexiest perfume onto her wrists and chest, then dashed for the door.

Steve was just getting ready to knock when she opened it, and she had the distinct pleasure of watching his jaw drop at the sight of her. It was the reaction she was looking for. As before, he made no attempt to hide the full body once-over that he gave her, but it didn't offend her; college guys all were pretty much the same in that respect. It pleased her that she was able to get him a little excited. He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, then took her by the hand to lead her out to his pickup truck, idling at the curb.

"I hope you don't mind; I got your message as we were heading out the door," he apologized as he pointed to the cab. His roommate was sitting inside. "I told Stu he should come anyway. Maybe he can meet up with someone at the club. Is that okay?"

Rose was a little disappointed to not have Steve to herself, but she didn't let that show. "Sure," she said cheerfully. "Let's go. Where do you want me to sit?"

Steve introduced Rose and Stu and ushered her into the middle of the bench seat. It turned out Stu was also a baseball player, and like Steve, in very good shape although not as heavily muscled. The truck wasn't very big and she felt their thighs pressed against hers at every bump in the road. The feeling started to get her a bit excited and she felt her pussy moistening, aided perhaps by the feeling of the lacy underwear against her hairless skin. Boy, she thought to herself, this truck wouldn't really have been big enough to hold four of us anyway, even if I had found someone to bring.

Steve drove them to a popular local bar and ordered a round of drinks after they sat at a booth. Rose was on the inside next to Steve, and Stu was across from them. The cocktail of the evening was Long Island Iced Tea, one of the strongest drinks money can buy. Of course, in college that's generally the point. The first round went down very easily, as did a second round picked up by Stu. Rose was getting a real buzz by the end of the second drink, which she knew from past experience had a significant reductive effect on her inhibitions.

Unfortunately the music at the bar wasn't particularly good, so after an hour they decided to go to a club down the street for some dancing. Rose privately hoped it would also be a better setting to find someone for Stu to connect with, since sitting around a table at a pub hadn't been very conducive. And of course, she might have the ability to grind with Steve a bit on the dance floor.

As soon as they paid the cover charge, Rose was dragging Steve onto the dance floor. The alcohol had definitely loosened her up and she was pressing her body against his as they danced. Steve was clearly interested, and his hands started taking on a life of their own as they roamed across her ass, back, and even her chest. Finally she could take no more and began kissing him wetly, her tongue sliding into his mouth to dance with his.

Eventually Steve came up for air. "We'd better check on Stu," he said guiltily. "I'll get us another round and meet you there."

Rose made her way to the table Stu had occupied. It was clear he wasn't having any luck with the ladies tonight, which shocked her because she thought he was extremely cute. She told him so, and he laughed.

"Well, I wish there was some other girl here as sexy as you that thought so. But I guess you're all taken for tonight. Maybe I'll just get a cab home. I'm kind of bored, and you guys are on a date anyway. I don't want to be a drag."

Now it was Rose's turn to feel guilty. Stu seemed liked a genuinely nice guy and she was disappointed that she hadn't come through with a girlfriend tonight. And he really hadn't cramped her style with Steve either. As Steve made his way back with the drinks, she told him what was going on and suggested that maybe she dance with Stu a little to get him into the groove.

"Sure, go for it," he said. He pushed his protesting roommate out onto the floor with his sexy date, enjoying the sight of her shapely ass moving under her skirt.

Stu was a good dancer and Rose found herself having a lot of fun. They danced to a few fast rock songs, and then the music changed to something slower. They both locked at each other self-consciously, but Steve gave her a thumbs-up from across the room, so she stepped closer and Stu took her into his arms. She noticed that he smelled very good. Maybe it was the effect of the third drink, but she found herself melting into his chest more and more as they swayed, and suddenly she became aware of a growing pressure against her belly. As the seconds went on she realized that he was developing a massive erection, perhaps the biggest she had ever felt.

Unconsciously Rose pressed more tightly against him, feeling his cock swell to ever greater dimensions. There was no way he could have missed it either, as her tits and hips were now wedged tightly against his body. She had to stop herself from moving his hand down onto her ass as they danced. Eventually the song ended and they separated a little shakily. Steve came to the floor and cut in, sending Stu for another round.

"You look like you were having fun," he whispered in her ear. She blushed furiously, but he pulled her close to him and started moving his hips to the beat. Once again she felt a bulge against her stomach, this time from her date. Like Stu, he felt incredibly well-endowed.

Rose was less shy with Steve; after all, she was there to be with him anyway. When his hands slid up under her skirt to touch the bare skin of her ass, she sighed and rubbed his muscular chest. They began kissing again. A few seconds later she looked over and saw Stu watching them intently with a lustful expression. They made eye contact just as her hand was sliding down to cup Steve's crotch and explore the big package that was pressing into her.

"Why don't you have him come join us out here?" Steve teased.

She gave Stu a little wave and he immediately came out, sliding in front of her while Steve moved to the rear. The guys made a human sandwich out of her, grinding and rocking along. This time Stu was bolder, sliding his hand around her ass cheeks and even cupping a breast.

"You're so fucking hot. If you weren't here with my buddy I would take you back to my place and screw your brains out," he growled.

Rose gasped softly. There was no way that Steve could have missed the comment, only feet away as he was. And feeling both of their swollen pricks grinding against her body through the guys' jeans was making her light-headed. Ordinarily a remark like that would have earned nothing less than a slap from her, but she found herself being swept up in the moment. She noticed that Steve had a wide grin on his face.

"Fine," she said with an air of defiance. "Why don't we get out of here?"

Steve and Stu found it almost impossible to refrain from exchanging a high-five at her bold statement. Roommates and teammates, they were very close friends and shared nearly everything. Of course, Steve had never shared a date with his buddy before, but he found it very easy to open his mind. He fished for his keys and led them out to his truck.

"Where to?" he asked as he started the engine and shifted into gear.

Rose knew her roommates were all out for the evening and immediately suggested that they go back to her place. She was no longer concerned with whether or not the guys thought she was a slut. After several drinks, and all of the foreplay on the dance floor she intended on nothing less than fucking both of these men before the night was out.

With no time like the present, she slid forward in the seat so she could spread her legs invitingly. Stu, in the passenger seat, immediately noticed and slid a hand up her right thigh until he felt the gooey wetness of her thong bunched up in between her nether lips. After a moment of exploration, he exclaimed loudly. "Holy shit, Steve, her pussy is completely shaved!"

Steve grinned widely and moved one hand off of the steering wheel to investigate for himself. Rose sighed contentedly and squirmed in her seat as she let the two hands roam around and inside her cunt, spreading her labia, touching her clit, and dipping into her. Although there were only two hands on her at the moment, the feeling was completely different than when one man used both hands on her. They moved independently across her sex, sometimes working together and other times bumping. Occasionally one or two fingers from each hand would slide up inside of her giving her an incredibly full feeling.

In turn, Rose felt around in each of the guy's crotches until she was able to unzip their pants and free their cocks. Both were unusually well endowed. Steve had a long, thick cock – perhaps 9", certainly bigger by at least a couple of inches than any lover she had ever had. But even more surprising was Stu, whose prick was at least an inch longer than Steve's and thicker as well. She bit her lower lip in excitement and started stroking them in unison.

"You like this, boys?" she purred. They moaned their assent as she rubbed their shafts with long strokes. "You like having me jack you off together? And when we get back to my place you're both going to fuck me at the same time, right?"

She could feel precome oozing from Stu's cock at her words. She was a little shocked at herself; this was very out of character for her. But she was incredibly turned on and couldn't stop herself. All too soon the car ride was over and Steve was pulling up on the curb in front of her house. She found herself trembling with excitement as they opened their doors.

She didn't even bother to fix her skirt was she took the each by the hand and led them to the door. Her ass and pussy were briefly on display to all of her neighbors while she fumbled out her keys and unlocked the door, and then they were inside and making their way up the stairs to her room. She pushed Stu inside, stumbling against his back and pulling Steve behind her. As she started kissing Stu, thrusting her tongue deeply into his mouth, Steve closed and locked the door.

The door had hardly shut before she was dropping to her knees in front of the guys. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as possible before leaning forward and guiding a huge cock into her mouth with her fist. She wasn't sure which of the guys' dicks it was, which made things even more exciting. She felt hands fumbling at the strings tying her halter top around the back of her neck and then felt the cool air stiffen her nipples when the material fell away.

After that she got serious about the blowjob. It was difficult because she couldn't get her mouth very far down around the thick, long prick so she had to settle largely for sucking on the head and licking the underside of the shaft while she stroked it in long smooth motions with her hand. Her other hand was busy jerking off the second incredible dick in the room. She bobbed forward and backward trying her very best to take the whole cock into her throat but it just wasn't possible for her to get more than a few inches down.

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