tagInterracial LoveRough around the Edges Ch. 05

Rough around the Edges Ch. 05


James sat in his office relaxing back into his chair. He had a lot of stuff on his mind earlier today, but it seemed like every worry was starting to slowly fade away. He gritted his teeth, feeling his body tense. His eyes closed tight as he gripped the seat, exploding.

"Oh shit." he moaned, licking his lips.

He finally opened his eyes and met Jade's eyes as she crawled back into his lap. He grabbed the back of her head, kissing her roughly. He couldn't wait to kiss those lips, he didn't even mind tasting himself on her lips. He was starting to really enjoy these lunch dates when she come over to the shop or when he comes to the restaurant.

"Feel better now?" she asked pulling away from him.

"I feel very good." she smiled at his comment and kissed him again.

"I have to stop coming by here, you make me late going back to work."

"Babe, you say that every time and you still come back over here."

"Well, I come with the intentions of bringing you lunch and you take it to another level."

"Okay then, I'll take the blame for this one time." he smiled and she couldn't help kissing him again.

Jade was getting addicted to kissing him. Even though he had said that she got the lips, she loved the passion that he had for her. Every since Valentine's day, they had been spending a lot of time together. It hasn't all been peachy, since they still argue like normal, but when they makeup, it's would be explosive. Jade would still hear from Dante asking her if she had gotten over everything yet and she would just hang up in his face. She really didn't feel like dealing with him anymore. She was focusing her energy on the restaurant and on James. She made a promise to herself not to rush into anything with him, but with the way she was constantly spending time with him, she couldn't stop her feelings for him.

James was just content to have Jade near him. Even though she was spoiled rotten and stubborn, he liked being around her. His life was less stressful since he hadn't heard from Deborah, maybe she had gone back home finally.

"Thank you for helping Scott move some of the chairs and tables around yesterday."

"You thanked me last night for that one. Hope that's a good enough dance floor." he smiled and she nodded.

"It did well, last year. So, you still coming to the party tonight?" she said in between kisses.

"Of course, as long as I don't have to wear any stupid monkey suit."

"James, I would expect you to look nice. You don't have to be in any suit."

"Why exactly do I have to look nice?" he said putting his hand on her thigh.

Her breath quickened at the touch, "Because it's my party and you have to look nice on my arm."

"Oh, so I'm just a trophy guy?" he smiled.

"Whatever James, just make sure you look nice." she said pushing herself off his lap.

"Don't I always look nice." he said fixing his pants as he got up.

"I think so, but you come in smelling like cars and cigarettes."

"Can we please stop with the anti-smoking campaign?"

"What? I'm just saying my sheets are starting to smell like smoke."

"You can put an end to that cause I don't smoke in your house."

"But you leave cigarette butts on my patio and your bed smells..." he pulled her close to him and branded her lips with his.

He knew just what to do to make her melt. He knew and she knew that too. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as he pulled her in closer. He always left her head foggy and disoriented, but it was a delicious feeling that she craved.

He finally pulled away, noticing the lust in her eyes. He decided he would do something about that later.

"If I said I will look nice, I will look nice. Okay?" she could only respond by nodding.

She shook her head clear, "Alright then. I know that I have been bitching and complaining too much." she said nibbling on her bottom lip.

"I know you have. Now, you have work to do, so I will see you later on tonight, right?"

"Yea, I'll meet you here and then we can decide on my place or yours."

"That's what I like to hear." he said kissing her again, "Now get out of here, I got a business to run." he said smacking her ass.

She playfully hit his chest before walking out of his office. He followed behind her and watched as all the guys worked with smug looks on their faces. James guess they have been noticing Jade has become somewhat of a permanent fixture at the shop. They would always wave at her as soon as she come in and there were some guys who would even whistle at her. It didn't bother James, because he knew that they all knew to look and appreciate, but don't touch.

Ramon was the first one that came up to him, "Hey boss, we have a car here that a woman is saying she only wants you to work on."

"See, I told you I wasn't the only one to notice how hot you are." Jade whispered to him and he pinched her side.

"Have I worked on her car before?" James asked trying to recall him working on a woman's car.

"She said you use to, it's that blonde chick."

"What blonde chick?" James asked raising his eyebrow but in the back of his mind, he knew who.

"You know who?" Ramon whispered leaning towards James.

Oh fuck, James thought shutting his eyes tight. How can a perfectly good lunch turn bad with just mentioning her hair. Jade was still slightly confused. Why were they being so secretive and why was James so tense? That's when it suddenly hit her, blonde hair.

"What the hell is she doing here? She don't live here so why does she have a car?" Jade blabbed.

"Jade, I don't know. I don't talk to the girl and don't care to."

"Well, I'll go talk to her," Jade said heading in that direction, but James grabbed her before she got too far.

"You don't work here and you have your own job to get to." James reminded.

"So, I'm just suppose to go to work and let her stick around?"

"Yes and trust that I know how to handle this."

"She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, "Fine, I guess so."

"Thank you, now come on."

James walked Jade out noticing Deborah sitting in a chair, annoyingly drumming her clear finger tips on the table. She looked up at them both as he walked her to her car, his hand on her lower back. Her and Jade shared a quick glance before she got in her car.

"I'll see you later." he said and she just nodded.

Jade hoped that he would finally make her leave. She wasn't comfortable with her being around. It just made her think that even more problems were sure to come, especially since Dante is still called. She just shook the feeling off, things should be different now. James just watched her pull off as he slowly turned back to Deborah. She was sitting on the hood of her car. She crossed her legs pushing the short skirt higher. She beamed her cold eyes at him like he was prey. He didn't have time for this.

"What do you want Deborah?" he asked trying his best to bite his tongue.

"So, your little girlfriend came for a visit?"

"What business is it of yours?" he shot back quickly.

"It should be mine. I'm your ex-wife."

"See we are divorced and I pretty much don't give a damn about you. There is no hope of us getting back together. That means, anything that concerns me, shouldn't matter to you. Now, I ask again, what do you want Deborah?"

She bit the inside of her mouth, crossing her arms in front of her chest, "I need you to fix my car."

"It's a rental car, take it back to the center and get it fixed."

"I want you to fix the car." she whined.

"What's wrong with it?"

"I don't know."

"Well, how do you expect me to know?"

"You are the mechanic baby. Pop the hood and take a look inside." she said moving next to him and pressing against his side.

"There was nothing sexy about what you just said." he said.

"Please, you use to help me before that little girl came around, now you playing like you don't care."

He let out a loud sigh and narrowed his eyes. He was ready to explode and she was going to be the target, but he decided to reel it back.

"Deborah, take the car back to the damn shop and drive it back to wherever the hell you came from." he said in a low menacing tone and turned his back to walk off.

Deborah sighed in frustration and followed behind him stomping her feet. She was trying not to let him upset her but he was. James use to fall for any little tricks she had and now he is being difficult.

She followed him into his office and shut the door, "You mind getting out." he said.

"What is your problem?"

"I have a crazy ex-wife that doesn't know how to accept that it's over."

"You think everything is going to be good for you and your little girlfriend."

"I don't have to explain anything to you. Go home Deborah."

"Think about it James, I heard a lot about her around town. She just broke up with her boyfriend. Don't be stupid to not think you are nothing more than a rebound guy."

"Deborah, if this is your way of winning me back, you need to work on your technique." he scoffed.

"Think about it James, I know you are not stupid. Good girl, like Jade, takes a walk on the wild side by messing with a guy like you. Especially since she is coming from a relationship where her boyfriend cheated on her. She'll use you for a good time and then get rid of you for a more professional guy."

James stood there unmoved. He left his face void but he was on fire. This little bitch here is testing him. He knew that him and Jade had not made anything official, but it was obvious that he cared for her. He didn't want to listen to her anymore so he came around the desk and grabbed her wrist, roughly. He dragged her out of his office to her car.

"Listen to me very closely Deborah, stay the hell away from me. Even if she is using me, what does it matte to you? I was only good for a screw according to you."

"I don't want you to get hurt, but you are right. Maybe I should leave, just watch yourself." she said walking over to her car.

She started the car without any problems and sped away. She didn't know what she was talking about. If being in the Marines had taught him anything it was to have nerves of steel. He knew she was just trying to get under his skin, but why? Was it jealousy? Deborah gave no indications she wanted him back but there was no telling what she wanted.

"You alright boss?" Ramon asked standing next to him.

"Yea, just do me a favor."

"What's that?"

"Wait a long, long time before you get married."

That night, Jade was walking through the kitchen making sure all the food was going out. The party was pretty much in full swing and still no James. She was getting a little nervous especially with the restaurant getting packed.

She was going to try and call him again when Katrina came in, "Hey, everyone is asking about you. What's up?"

"James isn't here and I am a little nervous."

"That's so cute. Really it is." Katrina smiled.

"Focus, please. Mr. Davenport is here and you know he loves Dante."

"Oh, he just like him because Dante lets him beat him in golf. The fact that ya'll aren't together anymore shouldn't matter."

"But still he helped us get the loan for this place."

"Does it matter if you two are not together? We got the loan, we got the place, and we are making payments to a successful business. He can't take anything back."

Jade nodded nervously, "You're right, you're right. I will just go out and have fun."

"Good girl, plus when James does get here and sees your dress. I won't see much of you anymore." she laughed and Jade just shook her head.

After loosening up a little, Jade mingled around the party with different people. The food was almost gone and everyone was having a good time. Jade was dancing with Dominique until he came up behind her. She really wasn't expecting to see him, but sure enough there was Dante, with that goofy grin on his face. He had some nerve she thought. She knew he had an invitation but she figured after what happened between them he wouldn't have show his face.

"Hey darling, you look good." he said whispering in her ear.

She turned to face him, narrowing her eyes at him. He smelled like he had doused himself in the cologne that she had bought for him years ago. He was truly blowing her away with the strong scent as it made her gag. He tried to give her a hug, but she blocked it by placing her hand on his chest pushing him away.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Remember, I was invited. I've missed you baby and I am loving that dress." he said raking his eyes over her body.

She knew the dress would be a hit when she first saw it. It was dark purple with a low cut that stopped just below her boobs. The bottom flared out and stopped just above her knees.

"Well, I'm glad you like it." she smiled.

"Really?" he asked returning that same smile.

"No," she said returning to her serious tone, "now you can be here, but you don't need to be around me."

"Come on Jade, honey. I told you that I missed you."

"Dante, stop. I told you it's over. Why are you bothering me like some sick puppy?"

"I told you why. I miss you and I love you. You have to have missed me too, it's not like you are dating someone else."

"Actually she is." she jumped at the booming voice behind her.

She turned to see James staring directly at Dante. Finally, she thought to herself. She was going to say something but thought better of it coming from the scowling look on his face.

"Hey man. You know I forgot your name." Dante said shaking his head.

"Don't fuck with me tonight kid, I'm not in the mood." James warned through clenched teeth.

Dante stared him down and took another drink before walking off. She turned to James narrowing her own eyes. He finally looked down at her once that little shit was further away. He didn't need this from her either, not right now.

"That goes for you too." he said.

"Excuse me? Why do you have to talk to me like that? You are the one that's late. I told you what time it started."

He leaned in close to her face, "Jade, I just spent most of the time searching and fixing two tires on my truck. I'm slightly pissed off that I had to deal with that and my ex all in the same day. I need a drink and food." her mouth opened to say something but shut again.

She moved to the side so he could see the food without a word, "Now I promise after I get settled, I'll deal with you," he raked his own eyes down at her, "and that dress."

"After all that, how do you know I will let you?" she said.

"Oh, you will let me." he countered before walking off.

She shook her head as she watched him grab a plate trying to get Kendra to let him have the little bit of gumbo. Good luck, she thought as she saw Kendra's menacing look. Then it dawned on her, did he say he had to fix two tires? She sighed to herself feeling a nag of guilt. Okay maybe she was being a little selfish. She debated going over to him but decided to wait till after he eats. She walked to the back and grabbed her little stash where she had hid extra gumbo. He went ahead and let Kendra have it thinking it was a lost cause to negotiate with a pregnant woman. Jade came around behind him and placed the little bowl on his plate. He looked over at her and smiled before returning back to some of the guests. Oh yea, he will deal with her later.

Towards the end of the night, James felt a little better. He hung around Scott, Nik, and Ricky as they talked about how the drunk people were acting. It was mainly this older guy trying to dance with the younger women. He tried that once with Katrina, but Scott instantly put a stop to that one. Nik watched Dominique a little talking to a couple of people before Kendra pulled her away to dance. Dominique caught Nik's glance and locked eyes with him for a minute and she smiled at him. Nik turned his attention back to his glass, deciding that it was better to ignore her for now.

"What's up with your sister man? I need a real drink." Nik complained looking at his glass of wine.

"I'm not claiming her. That's his wife." Ricky said pointing to Scott.

"I'm going to get my wife for this one. I told her I wanted beer." Scott replied shaking his head.

"That's what happens when you let these women run a party. Why aren't you with Dominique tonight, officer?" Ricky asked.

"She isn't my date. There is my date," he said pointing to the leggy blonde dancing with the older man, smiling at Nik, "and her friend." he said pointing to another blonde dancing with the same man.

Scott's mouth dropped, "You wouldn't."

"Italian stallion strikes. I'm just using gifts that I was given. Since you two are married and James is being James, that leaves plenty of women for me."

"What do you mean James is being James?" he said raising his eyebrow, "Remember, I'm still your commanding officer."

"Here he goes pulling rank." Scott said and they started laughing.

"Hey now, let's not forget. He's got that cutie Jade under his belt." Ricky said.

"I have no one under my belt. We are just enjoying our time together." James said looking over at her.

She was talking to her friends and an some older guy. She seemed to know him pretty well since they were are laughing with him. He'd been watching her maneuver around in that dress, watching it mold against her breasts. Her hair was pulled up revealing her gorgeous neck. He took special notice to it when she threw her head back to laugh. He needed to have her and soon. Her eyes cut to him and saw the predatory look in his eyes. She felt the goose bumps on the back of her neck as she kept his gaze blocking out the conversation. She knew that look, that was usually the look he gave her just before he would grab her and throw her down on the bed. She had to control her urges while she was here, no matter how her legs tingled at his intense stare. Then out of no where, Dante stepped into their view, putting his arms around her shoulders.

"Dante, where have you been?" Mr. Davenport smiled.

"Just mingling Harold, how about we play around on the green this weekend?"

"Oh, you know that's the quickest way to my heart." he laughed, "Nice to see you and Jade still hanging on."

"Well sir, we are..."

"More in love than ever before." Dante interrupted Jade before she could get it out.

"Oh, does my heart good to hear about two people still together." he said placing his hand on his belly.

"Actually Mr. Davenport, Dante and I..."

"So, how is Silva? She should be ready to graduate." Dante interrupted again.

"She would have been here be if she hadn't decided to go to graduate school. I'm pretty sure she is okay though. Jade, I love what you and Katrina have done to the restaurant. I'm so happy that I helped you two."

"Thank you we do try our best." Katrina smiled, "And those two are not together.'

Katrina added taking a sip of wine. Jade smiled at her and looked back at Mr. Davenport. Dante dropped his arms from around Jade narrowing his eyes at Katrina as she walked off taking Kendra and Dominique with her. Mr. Davenport looked between the two in shock.

"Is it true?" he asked.

"I'm afraid so, sir. We decided to see other people." Jade said.

"I'm sorry to hear that." he said taking a sip of wine.

Jade looked over at James and saw him heading over towards them. Oh goodness, there was no telling what he might do to Dante, he warned him. James stood behind Jade and Dante moved a step away from her.

"Harold, this is my friend James Conrad." James extended his hand and Harold took it.

"James, how are you doing? I've heard your name before. Are you Sergeant James Conrad?"

"Yes sir, I am."

"You probably know my brother in law. He was Staff Sergeant Donald Kipling."

"Yea I do know him, he was actually one of my mentors." James nodded.

"Yes, he spoke highly of you, said that you gave him a hard time too." Mr. Davenport laughed, "Well son, welcome to the neighborhood. I can't wait to tell Donald, he's going to be on the first plane ride out here to see you."

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