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Rough Fuck


I'm in no mood for games tonight. I'm horny, and I want to fuck you hard, Kyleen, and make you scream and cry. I yank your shirt over your head and pull your pants off, leaving you wearing just your red silky girly G-string. I kick off my pants, and then I step behind you, pull my cock out of the slot in the front of my boxer shorts, and start rubbing my dick against your silk-covered ass while reaching around and stroking your stiffening cock. Reaching inside, I smear some of your precum over your velvety cockhead, and growl in your ear, "You ready to take it, bitch?"

You wiggle your ass against my cockhead in assent. I thrust my pole against the fabric covering the cleft of your cheeks, seeking the hole that I've fucked so often. You moan. I bite your neck and say, "You ready to drop to your knees and suck my hard cock, slut? You ready to please your man, you fucking pussyboy?"

I slap your ass when you don't answer immediately. "Answer me, bitch. Are you turned on by my roughness? Are you ready to take my hard cock deep inside your throat and plead with me to fuck you?"

You immediately turn around and drop to your knees. Wasting no time you open your mouth just moments before my hands take your head and push your bitch mouth onto my rigid cock. During the respites between being gagged by my dick you manage to meekly spit out, "I know where this mean dick has to go, sir, but it's going to hurt."

I force your head down on my shaft for a few more bobs before throwing you backwards onto the floor. You're sprawled out before me with your abused mouth in a bit of a pout. You're barely looking up at me, timidly waiting for what I'm going to say and do to you.

I grab a tube of lube and say, "Why should I care if it hurts you? It won't hurt me, slut. You're going to let me fuck you hard and fast." I get between your sprawled legs and lift one leg over my shoulder to gain leverage and open your ass wider to take my aching prick. "Now you're helpless, bitch," I say. "You can't stop me. Not that a cumslut like you would resist."

You take the hint and start to weakly struggle, pushing against my chest with your hands, knowing that turns me on. I grab your hands and lift them over your head, holding them down roughly with one hand. I smear lube on my cock, pull your G-string to the side and push at your hole. You struggle, which makes your ass wiggle against my hard cock, increasing the friction. I lean in and my cockhead slips inside your hot, tight tunnel. You start to cry a little with the pain and humiliation, knowing I love that, and I pull out and put more lube onto the tip of my cockhead, then slide back inside my sweet bitch's butt. You clench your cheeks in resistance, heightening the friction and pleasure, and I punish you by slapping your face lightly, not enough to leave a mark or hurt too much.

Your pupils are wide open with excitement as your mouth says, "Oh, please don't," but your hips are calling you a liar, wiggling and bucking and drawing me in deeper. I pull out one last time, and let go of your hands and the leg that I had slung over my shoulder. "You fight me, bitch, and I'll slap you hard this time."

You blink back tears and nod, submitting. I squirt more lube, and then you acquiesce to my dominance by wrapping your legs around my back and pressing your heels in, urging me in all the way. My cockhead disappears in your waiting hole, and then the shaft slowly sinks in to the hilt. My balls touch yours, and I feel a shudder of pleasure run through you. I start to fuck you in earnest, slowly picking up the pace until my cock is pistoning in and out, while your legs grip my back and encourage me to bottom out in your receptive ass.

"How do you want it now, my sweet bitch?" I say. "Do you want me to take you from the front like a woman, or do you want me to spin you around on your belly and fuck you like a dog and slap your ass?"

I pause at the top of a stroke, waiting for you to talk dirty to me, beg me to fuck you until my cum boils out. It's a sign of gruff tenderness that I give you this choice; give you this control over how I fuck you.

Your ankles unlock from around my back and you slowly begin to turn over, feigning reluctance. You sniffle and say, "I know it's your right to take my cunt whenever you need it, but your cock is too big for ..."

I cut you off by saying, "Damn right, this hole is mine when I want it." I roughly finish flipping you over. "Arch up!" You obediently respond with a whimper and push your ass up towards me. Sitting back for a moment I admire your boy's hole straining up towards my engorged rod.

I slap your ass and growl, "I said, arch up!" Your spine strains to arch some more, pushing your rear further into the air. "Much better. That's a good slut, Kyleen." I line up my cockhead with your opening and shove all the way back in. I groan with pleasure. Every time I withdraw completely I have to pierce your hole again as you strain to hold it tightly shut, making it tight for my pleasure.

You cry out as I bottom out again, "It's more than I can take -- you're too big!" Your sniffles are cut short by another swift slap to your ass as I start thrusting in earnest.

"You'll take it and love it." One of my hands holds your shoulders down while the other grabs your hip for leverage between spanks to your reddening cheeks. Between whimpers, grunts, and sniffles, you cry out, "You're in too far! I can't take this much!"

God, it feels so good to be deep in Kyleen's boy hole, his sweet cheeks arched submissively in the air, his red G-string shoved to the side to present his cunt for my engorged, veined cock to plunge into. I slow down a bit, pausing with my cock almost out of your cunt, the tip of my cockhead barely inside your tight tunnel, as you clamp your assmuscles and try to expel this large intruder. I roughly pull on your shoulder and hip, bucking for dangerous penetration, and my love muscle slowly eases inside. I revel in the welcoming warmth and tightness, and I spank your reddening buttocks and growl, "Show me you want my hard cock deep inside your fucking cunt. Let me know you love getting your girly hole fucked by your strong, muscular man."

You push back, and my straining cock slides in until my hairy balls slap against your smooth-shaved ones and my pubic hair is nestled against your sexy, reddened round ass. You wiggle your ass, trying to get more of me inside you, but I've bottomed out in my slutty submissive bottom, my sweaty belly and chest nestled against your back. I pull out most of the way, and my hard is pounding and I feel the sweet rush of sperm and I can't stop now, oh god I'm cumming. I plunge in all the way and yell as I shoot my sperm deep into your hot, sexy ass over and over until my balls are emptied.

I lay on your back panting, gasping for air, then roll off you. You snuggle up with your back to me, my softening cock pressed against your well-ploughed cheeks. I gently kiss your neck, all the pent-up anger and rage from my job, from having to meekly submit to my asshole of a boss -- it's all drained from me. There's only tenderness now. "That was so hot," I whisper in your ear. You reach up behind your head and tousle my hair.

My sweet bitch. It's time to cuddle up and sleep.

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Go caveman on that sub. Male or female, its what they crave.

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