tagGay MaleRough Tongues and Sharp Teeth Ch. 04

Rough Tongues and Sharp Teeth Ch. 04



Ivan was just part of the family now, and we were beginning to settle down into our new rhythm when interesting things started happening again. Ugg, I hate interesting things. All of us underlings were called to Jared's office yet again for an "emergency meeting." Once we were all in his office he un-steepled his fingers and stared at us.

"As you all know, I am not only the owner of this bar, but in charge of this quarter of this city. And as all of you know, as my compatriots are also reasonable for the welfare of this quarter." Well, whatever this was, it was a big deal, and we were going to have to do it. "At the moment there is a problem in this quarter that we must deal with. We have been instructed to deal with it." He re-steepled his fingers and sighed. "Usually the werewolves of this city keep pretty much to themselves. However, something is causing a disturbance among them, and they are becoming quite violent. Our job is to find out who or what is causing this disturbance, and remove it. Now, we're pretty sure that it's a living creature, and we've been instructed to bring it in alive." That was a surprise. Usually they just asked us to kill something, not take it in alive. Interesting. "We know the general area that the problem is in, so lets get moving." And get moving we did.

We drove to the area. It was a particularly grubby part of town, of course, and we were paired up to search. Jared went off on his own. Makiel and Alicia took off down an ally, and Ivan and I took a sharp turn to the left.

The entire area was like a maze of dirty alleys and it was easy to get lost in. There was an utter lack of homeless people here, probably because of the recent activity of the weres. Speaking of which it was just then that we heard barking, screeching, whimpering, yowling, thudding, squishing, and crunching all from just around the next corner. We dashed towards the scene and found a mass of writhing fur.


As we came around the corner I saw what might be described as a dog pile. It looked as if twenty or thirty "dogs" were all trying to rip something underneath them to shreds. Apparently, by the sounds of dogs in pain, the thing was doing a pretty good job of defending itself.

Rose and I jumped in and started grabbing wolves and throwing them away. They would slam into the ground or a wall; lie for a second then limp away, or just lay there. We did not worry for them. Soon we were able to see what they were trying to kill. Well, sort of. It looked like a slightly lighter writhing mass of fur. We finally pulled the last of the dogs off it and knelt down beside the bleeding animal. It was a Panther, a Wildcat, a Mountain Lion. Apparently it was a Were-panther by the way it was turning into a beaten, bruised, and bleeding, young man. He was huddled up in the fetal position, shaking and holding his eyes closed, waiting for it all to end.

I reached out to him; I couldn't help it. I laid my hand on his shoulder and he flinched.

"It's all right. You're safe now. We'll protect you." I thought it was the right thing to say at the time, but apparently I was wrong.

"I don't need protection." It was hoarse growl, but man, it was sexy.

"Yes you do, you're naked, covered with blood, and bruised in I don't know how many places." I stroked his shoulder and he growled.

"It's not my blood." His eyes shot open and he was suddenly standing, hair bristling, fangs and claws extended, tail whipping. He took one swipe at my head and I felt my skin rip. I fell back in surprise and pain. Rose was on the ground too, four bloody gashes in her stomach. I saw a flash of gold fur disappear around the corner and jumped to my feet. I wiped the blood out of my eyes and I ran after the beast.

It may have been a were-panther, but it was still just a beast, I was a supernatural being. I caught up to it momentarily, and sprang at it. I landed on its back and dug my fingers in. I, simply out of instinct, also clamped my teeth onto its neck. I felt it's blood spilling into my mouth and it howled. He stumbled and fell. I had almost drained him; that was one big bight. It was moaning, returning to human form. I was laying on top of him, in case he didcided to jump us again. My wounds were almost fully healed, and his was beginning to close. He groaned and closed his eyes.

"We don't want to hurt you. We just want to house you, we can't have you causing trouble amongst the werewolves. Please, let us help you." I didn't get up. I even stroked his chest. He was panting, still tired from the fight. I felt like kissing him. He tensed for a moment, then his body went limp.

"All right. I'll go with you. I don't think I can move though. You took a lot of blood there, buddy." I could tell by the strained voice he was speeking in that he probably had some broken ribs. I got off of him. All he did was turn his head to look at me.

"So, what's your name?" I asked him, kneeling beside him. I rolled him over onto his back to give his ribs a rest.

"Feral, you?" He grunted.

"Ivan, nice to meet you, Feral, welcome to our family."


I came into the ally with the blankets Rose had told me Ivan had asked for. Ivan had said that the boy was still a little skittish, and since he was okay with Ivan for the moment, Ivan should probably be the only one to see him. As I turned the corner I saw Ivan with the boy in his arms. The kid must have been no more than nineteen, I felt so sorry for him. I put the blankets beside Ivan, he was stroking the sleeping boy's blond hair. I was glad that the boy had a protector as caring as Ivan. I couldn't think of anyone more suited for the job.

Ivan smiled up at me and began to wrap the sleeping form in the blankets. It was fall, and the air was nippy, especially for a skinny naked boy. Come to think of it, the boy did look like it could use a good meal. Living off the streets of Boston, with the wolves to compete with, must have been hard. Again my heart panged for the beautiful little boy.

Ivan picked him up and carried him out to my car. He sat in the back seat, with the boy in his lap. Ivan held him close the entire way back to the mansion. I would let him have some time off for a while, to help our newest friend settle in.

It wasn't long until we were in front of the manor. I parked my car and Ivan carried the still sleeping boy up to his room. And by "his" I do mean Ivan's. Ivan wanted to keep a close eye on him for a while, and despite his love for his nest mates, he was still suspicious that they might try to do something to him in his weakened state. I wasn't going to say anything about what Ivan himself might do. I trusted the look in his eyes when he gazed at the were. You can't rape someone you love.


I woke up in the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I was surrounded by softness. I felt like I was lying on a cloud. Then a piece of the cloud shifted.

I opened my eyes and saw very little. The room was almost completely black. The only light came from a small, heavily shaded window in the top of the wall to my right. It sent an eerie blue glow in to barely illuminate the scene around me. I was laying on a four poster bed surrounded by cushions, one of which, as I mentioned before, was moving. I paid close attention to this cushion and realized that it indeed was not a cushion. It was a man.

Yah, there was a guy in bed with me. Usually this would be a good thing except that I didn't know who it was, or where I was, or how I had gotten here. The last thing I could remember was falling asleep in the arms of that cute vampire... Oh. I took a closer look at the guy again. Yup. It was him. And he was naked. I was still naked to. Well, how about that. We were naked in a bed together. I wondered if he had taken advantage of me. My butt didn't feel sore; my dick wasn't raw. I didn't feel exhausted. In fact, laying next to this guy was doing something good for me. Paying him would not be difficult.

I turned to face him entirely (I had been lying on my back before) and stroked his side. I made sure that we were as close as we could be without our dicks touching before I stroked his face. His eyes fluttered open and gazed into mine. He had startling blue eyes, with silver streaks that made them look like ice.

"Thank you." I whispered at him, my mouth a millimeter away from his.

"Any time." He just looked at me. I stroked his side, marveling at the cool softness. "If you're wondering, I didn't take advantage of you." I smiled.

"I didn't think you did. But I wish you had." I ran a single claw down his spine. I tended to stay half transformed for ease. Besides I thought it was cool to have short hair in a line along my spine, and slightly pointed ears, not to mention the tail and claws. I didn't have a problem with the slit-eye look either. It just fit my image, and my namesake. Feral was exactly what I was. I was a rogue. I hadn't had a home since my family had been killed by the werewolves in our town ten years ago. I had been wandering the US, hunting wolves since.

I pushed those thoughts aside and continued to stroke Ivan, yes I remembered his name.

"You're gay. I think god gave me a break for once." He smiled.

"Fate not been good to you?" I scooted closer, causing every inch of skin between us to touch. He wrapped his arms around me and ran his own claws down my back, I assumed that he just liked keeping his nails long.

"Not particularly, I was almost killed by a drainer back in England, that was after my nest sold me out, which was after they beat me, almost to death, which was caused because I told them I was gay. Naw, fate hates me." He chuckled and continued to stroke me.

"Well, you're probably my lucky break too. Ever since my famly was killed by werewolves I've been hunting those damn dogs, and trust me, revenge is not a healthy business." I had never told anyone that before. Well, I hadn't really talked to anyone since I started out on this rampage, at all, actually. "So I hear that you guys are planning to keep me under house arrest, your house, for a while."

"Hardly. My boss, Jared's his name, told me to get you settled as quick as possible, he wants you to come work at his bar with us."

"Are you two involved?"

"Hardly! He's my boss, and in charge of this quarter of the city. He may be the most beautiful thing in fifteen hundred years, but he has no intest in boys." The look on his face was almost sad as he said it, but then he looked back at me, and grinned. "Nope, I'm all on my own. Which is an odd thing to say to the man in bed with you, I suppose." I grinned back, showing of my teeth. He grinned wider, flashing rather impressive fangs. I growled playfully. "Hungry?" he thought it was my stomach, either that or his mind was just on food, as in me.

"Yah, actually." In more than one way, stud. I licked his neck and sat up. "I don't suppose that you vampires keep any people food around here?"

"Normally, no. But since you came, we've stocked up on steak. We didn't get much else because we didn't know what you liked, but we thought steak was a safe guess." I smiled, barring all my razor sharp teeth.

"Hit it dead on the head. I only eat steak. Well actually I've been living off rats and raccoons for the last couple of years, but when I have a choice, it's only steak for me." The look of pity was only momentary in his eyes, instantly replaced by mirth. You didn't find many mirthful vampires out there; I was lucky.

"Great, medium rare?" He was beginning to head for the door.

"Actually, more medium well, I've been eating raw meat for too long." I rubbed my stomach. He laughed.

"I'll be right back then." I nodded, and lay back on the bed. I was really exhausted. I'd been running for the past four years, practically without rest. And I had just had most of my blood drained. Yah, I had a right to be tired. I slipped into a catnap and woke to the sweet, sweet, smell of cooked meat.

I shot out of bed and Ivan nearly dropped the plate. I grabbed it from him and placed a quick "Thank you" kiss on his lips. I whorled back to the bed and started cowing down on the slab of beef. It was amazing. I had no idea how much I had missed steak. I devoured the whole thing in less than five minuets.

When I was done I looked up to find Ivan just staring at me. I started to clean my face and watched him back. He blinked and sat down next to me. I shifted so that we were facing and put the plate on the floor. I leaned back on the bed, part of my hunger sated. I looked into his eyes, allowing my hunger to show through.

"You still hungry?" I grinned.

"Not in a way that steak will sate." I saw his eyes gleam and he slid up the bed until he was straddling one leg, and his head was level with mine, elbows by my sides, and his arms under my shoulders. Our bodies were pressed fully together and I could feel his hardness pressing up against a large portion of my thigh.

"Hmm. I think I know what would sate that hunger." He bent his head and licked my neck. A shiver ran through me and a moan escaped my lips. I had never put clothes on. He was wearing a robe and silk pants, and apparently nothing else. I slid the robe off his shoulders and he removed his arms from under me so that I could take it fully off. Then I grabbed his pants, at about the back of the knee, with my toes and yanked them off. I suddenly felt his cool length pressed up against my hip and couldn't help but growl. I flipped us over and straddled him, just below his groin.

I looked at his massive stick and just had to have it in me. I put one hand on his lower stomach and pressed, to get him to relax. I wrapped my other hand around his base and squeezed. He let out a low moan that made my cock twitch. I stroked my way up his length, feeling every vein, every nerve. Then I got to his head. I pulled the foreskin down and ran the pad of my finger around the sensitive exposed area. Suddenly, I thrust one claw into his tender hole.

He screamed and his back arched. As I slowly fucked his pee-hole with my claw he started groaning in earnest. His mouth remained agape, his fangs on display. He was totally beyond words, but I knew when he was close to climax, and pulled my claw out. He groaned in protest, but I flexed the hand that was still on his stomach and sank five claws deep into his skin. He shrieked and trembled, so close to the edge, I would not let him pass.

"Please..." He groaned. I removed my claws from his flesh and smeared some of the blood on my hand. I spread it over his tool, using it as lubrication. I took the liberty of licking a stray drop off of his balls, and he groaned again. I slid forward, until I was in perfect position, rose up, placed his head at my opening, and slammed myself onto him.

I let out a roar as I felt my walls being stretched to their limit. My head fell back and I clenched and unclenched my muscles around Ivan's thick shaft. When the pain was mostly gone, I began to rise and fall, slowly on his shaft. I looked down at him and watched his body as he spasamed from the pleasure my tight anus was bringing him. I leaned forward, suspending myself by placing my hands on either side of Ivan's head. I started a rolling motion to my hips as I slid on and off of him. He groaned and I slammed myself down on him, grinding my but into his groin in circular motions. I continued the circular motions as I began to ride him again. He was so thick that he was in constant contact, so anything I did was either pressing him further against my prostate, or less, but he was never completely off.

Suddenly his hands clamped around my hips, urging me to speed up. I obliged and started pounding. He grabbed my dick and started yanking. I came almost instantly. I let out a roar that shook the rafters and he sat up under me, yanked my head to the side, and buried his fangs into my neck. With every pull, came another wave of my orgasm, I felt his seed pouring into me and he pulled back. He licked the wounds and fell back on the bed. I collapsed on top of him, panting, his fading member still inside of me. I slid off to his side and draped an arm and a leg over him, claming him as mine, at least for the night. His dick finally slid out of me and lay, sloppily, over his leg. I enjoyed the sensation of my inner muscles clenching around the emptiness where a large piece of Ivan once was. I snuggled up against his cool steadiness and stated to purr. Ivan stroked my back with his thumb and kissed the top of my head. I would have kissed him further, but I was just exhausted. I had made sure that my tail had remained non-existent during the act, but I let it grow out now and I let it swish gently as I fell asleep.


I woke up not long after that tremendous climax. After all, it was evening, and I didn't usually sleep at night. I felt Farel's fuzzy form lying next to me, on top of me, around me. I felt his tail caress my leg. I could get used to this. I let him stay like that for a while, petting his fur, and scratching him behind his ears. I had always had a thing for cats.

"Hello." He purred into my chest.

"Good evening, sleepy cat." He chuckled at the time of day. He licked my chest with that rough tongue of his and snuggled closer. He wrapped his legs around my thigh and his arms around my chest. "Come 'ere." I tilted his head up and kissed him. It was a long deep kiss, but it was not passionate. It was more of a promise, and a "thank you". His tongue felt strange in my mouth. It was flat, and rough. He enjoyed licking my fangs. The tips are very sensitive, so every time he would touch one, I would shiver.

"Ivan, I want you again." He pressed his groin up against my hip, and indeed there was a large lump there.

"All right, as long as we can go under the covers." He smiled, a sweet, appreciative smile. And crawled under the covers with me.

"I want you in me, Ivan. I want to feel you stretch my limits and make me cumm. I want you to pound in and out of me like a piston. I want you to break me open." He had pulled me on top of him and wrapped his legs around my waist.

"As you wish, but first, you must answer my question." He nodded. "Where did you learn to do all those crazy things you did to me a minute ago?" He blushed then looked away.

"I, I was rented out by the wolves that killed my family. You can learn a lot when you're having sex five times a day." He had a right to be angry. I almost started crying for him. The thought of him being raped repeatedly did nothing for me. It just made me hurt for him.

"Oh my God. I'm so sorry." I took him in my arms and caressed his back as he clung to my neck.

"Now you see why I hate them. Now you see why I hunt them. I have sworn to be the death of the wolves that ruined my life. I have a list of the ones responsible for my family, and my whoring. I have been searching them out and killing them, one by one. I cannot stay here. I must keep my word." With that, he pulled away from me. He got off the bed and started towards the door.

"Wait." He stopped but did not look up. "We can help you. You do not have to do this alone." I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. He melted in my embrace for a moment, then pulled away.

"No, I've already paid you for your kindness. I will be on my way." I felt like he had just ripped my heart out.

"You mean, that was, payment?" He turned and looked at me, confused.

"Yes. I have no money. I have no other way to repay you. So I gave you my body." I felt a single tear fall down my cheek. "Why are you crying? Did I not do well? I will make it up, I promise." He came towards me, on his knees. What had this boy been through? I picked him up and held him in my arms.

"You don't understand. I didn't think that was payment." He tried to pull away.

"Then what do you want from me?" He would not look me in the eyes.

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