tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRoxie & Erica: Blair's Victory Pt. 01

Roxie & Erica: Blair's Victory Pt. 01


This story is a spinoff from my series Prison Pet. It depicts an alternate reality where Erica chooses Blair as her Mistress instead of her true love Roxie. If you haven't read Prison Pet Parts 1 through 6 yet, I recommend you read those first so you can better understand the full context of this story. If you are just reading for the sex, then the story can be enjoyed on its own.

WARNING: This story features graphic sexual content. If you find pissplay, scatplay, prolapsing, hardcore lesbian domination, or stories where the villain wins offensive, read no further.


Roxie & Erica: Blair's Victory Part One

Erica opened the door the sewing room and saw Blair working at a sewing machine with her back facing the entrance. It was a small room with just enough space for a few tables. Without even turning around to see her visitor Blair spoke, "I thought you might be visiting me soon, pet."

Erica declared, "This ends now, Blair."

Blair turned around and asked, "Oh does it? And why is that?"

"You basically gave two guys permission to rape me. This has gone way too far. It's over."

"I figured that since you are such a whore you would love the special attention."

"I do not like men," Erica said emphatically.

"Really?" Blair asked. "Did you not spend last night with a cock in all three of your holes when you were sleeping with that freak?"

"Don't you dare talk about Toni that way!" Erica yelled. "She is more of a woman than you will ever be!"

"Easy there, pet. You had better watch that tongue," Blair said as her eyes flashed with anger. "What are you doing standing up in my presence? Get on your knees, cunt."

Erica's legs trembled as she felt an almost irresistible urge to bend her knees and kneel before this woman. Erica barely managed to fight the compulsion, but the effort left her entire body shaking. "Never again, Blair," Erica said acidly.

Blair laid a hand soothingly upon Erica's face and rolled her eyes as she said, "Oh, come on. Don't act as if you didn't enjoy being my dog. You love being my little fucktoy."

Erica closed her eyes and sighed as she felt Blair's hand brush her cheek. She tried to fight against her body's unnatural urges as she admitted, "I won't lie, I get really turned on being your pet. But you have taken it too far. I've decided I belong to Roxie, and no other."

Blair's perpetual grin that she wore ever since becoming Erica's owner dissolved into a scowl. She pulled a frosted doggie treat covered in sprinkles out of her pocket and waved it in front of Erica's face. "You are going to lose your treat if you don't start behaving, puppy."

Erica slapped the cookie out of Blair's hand and it slid across the floor. Blair growled and stepped menacingly close to Erica. With Her face inches away from Erica's Blair snarled, "You had better check yourself, bitch. Don't you dare turn your back on me."

"I can take care of myself," Erica said, "Besides, Roxie will protect me."

"You really think that?" Blair laughed. "Well, news travels fast in this prison, and I have a breaking development for you. Roxie is in a world of trouble. Assaulting a guard? Tsk tsk. She will probably be in iso for days, if not weeks. Who do you think will protect you now? There is nothing to stop me from taking control of this place while she is gone."

Blair moved behind Erica and began rubbing her hands against Erica's neck and shoulders. Erica's muscles relaxed and she felt herself becoming weak. Blair whispered, "Things are going to be very different when Roxie gets out of there. First of all, you are going to begin wearing the leash permanently. You wear it day and night so everyone here will know who owns you. I'm going to walk you around the prison to all your meals and other activities and you will obey me like a dutiful little pet. Maybe when you are outside I will take the leash off and let you run around a bit."

Blair stuck her tongue out right into Erica's ear and licked. Erica bit her lip to keep from moaning. Blair continued, "You will be spending every night with me. I am going to have to wrack my brain to come up with newer and more depraved acts for you to perform for me. I shouldn't ever need to use a toilet ever again since I own your mouth. You are going to be the depository for all my piss, shit, and cum."

Blair worked her hands up Erica's neck which caused tingles to travel up and down Erica's body. Blair's experience as a masseuse meant she knew all the right spots on a woman's body that could generate the desired reaction.

Blair whispered with her mouth right against Erica's ear, "You are going to be my little prison whore. Anybody who wants a taste will have to do a favor for me first. I'm going to loan you out to any prisoner or guard who will pay up."

Blair kissed and nibbled on Erica's neck causing Erica's self-control to break down. An involuntary moan escaped from her mouth. "It seems like no one around here can get enough of that pussy. I'm going to spread you around until everybody in this prison will do anything just to touch it."

Blair brought around Erica's neck and lightly squeezed her throat. "I don't think I will let you be with Roxie again. Though I might make her watch from afar while you get me off in the shower every day." Blair mouth bit Erica's neck and began suckling on it.

"Please nooo..." Erica whimpered as she felt the last of her resistance melting away. The worst part was thinking of losing Roxie forever. Even worse, still seeing her but having to have sex with another woman in front of her. But Erica couldn't think of any way to stop it. She whimpered.

"Stop pretending you don't enjoy this," Blair said. "I know the truth. You are a nasty slut who gets off on being a slave."

Erica shook her head but she knew that Blair spoke the truth.

"I will tell you what, my little Rica," said Blair. "Let's check and see whether your body wants this or not." Blair's hand creeped down the front of Erica's body and lifted up the bottom of Erica's shirt to lay a hand on her bare belly.

Blair whispered enticingly as she rubbed Erica's stomach, "If you aren't turned on by the thought of being my sex slave, then I promise to leave you alone." Blair scratched Erica with her fingernails before using a finger to stretch open the waistband of Erica's pants and reaching her hand underneath.

"I think we already know how this will end, though. If I find you got wet at the thought of being my little prison whore, I expect you to submit to me forever. Shall we find out?"

Erica cringed with trepidation as she felt Blair's fingers inch their way downward toward her pussy. She already knew what Blair would find. Erica's crotch was drenched with arousal and she could hear a squishy noise as Blair's fingers rubbed the wetness leaking from her vagina.

"Oh my," Blair said as she felt Erica's soaked pussy. Erica's had been betrayed by her own body. "Why am I not surprised that you are so turned on at the thought of being my prison pet?" Blair moved two of her fingers in and out of Erica's pussy causing Erica to begin moaning. Blair's fingers inside Erica felt like a violation. Unfortunately, that was what turned Erica on so much. Erica's pussy was so wet that Blair easily added a third and then a fourth finger before moving her hand back and forth to fingerfucking the pathetic little slut.

Before Erica could get too close to orgasm, Blair removed her fingers and brought them up to Erica's mouth. Blair's pet would have to work for it today if she wanted to cum. Erica opened her mouth wide to take Blair's hand and suck her own juices off Blair's fingers.

"Face it, Rica. You love that I own your body." Erica nodded feebly as Blair took her hand out of Erica's mouth.

"I tried to escape it, Mistress Blair," said Erica despondently. "But I can't help submitting to you."

Blair turned Erica around so they faced each other. She put her hand on top of Erica's head and said, "I think it is past time that you get on your knees and worship my pussy." Blair's hand pushed down on Erica's head, but Erica hardly needed any encouragement to lower herself to the floor.

"Yes, Mistress," Erica said timidly as she got down on her knees and grabbed the top of Blair's pants. Before Erica pulled down Blair's pants she noticed a strange bulge poking out from her crotch.

Erica peeled down Blair's pants and discovered she wasn't wearing underwear but she rather a strap-on dildo that was attached at her waist. "Don't mind that, pet," Blair said. "I thought I might use it on you later. It occurred to me when I woke up this morning that I have yet to fuck you in the ass. I think after you finish licking me I am going to tear your asshole open with my cock and then make you suck on it. Would you like that, cunt?"

Erica took ahold of Blair's fake cock and licked the tip. Erica's anus quivered in anticipation of Blair's promise to fill her ass. Erica looked up at Blair imploringly and begged, "I would like that very much, Mistress. Will you please fuck my ass and then make me taste it?"

"Mmm, I love the sound of that. Will you do anything I tell you to? Will you fuck the guards or the janitor if I order you to?" To Erica's disappointment, Blair detached the strapon from around her waist.

"Yes, Mistress. Anything to please you."

"I would call you a worthless whore, but your pussy and asshole are going to be very valuable to me," Blair said as she removed the strap-on and laid it on the floor. Blair stood over the top of Erica with her hairy bush and vagina sitting right above Erica's face. Through the mass of curly black pubic hair, Erica could spy the pink inside of Blair's pussy peeking out between the lips of her labia. The scent of Blair's sex wafted down to Erica's nose and Erica licked her lips at the thought of tasting her Mistress' pussy. As much as Erica wanted to resist, Blair now had complete control of her. Blair grabbed Erica by her blonde-colored wig and pulled Erica's mouth up to her cunt.

"Lick my fucking cunt, slave," Blair ordered. As Erica extended her tongue toward Blair's pussy, she realized that this would be the final submission. As soon as she tasted Blair, Erica belong to her forever. It wouldn't be long before Erica was begging Blair to leash her like a dog and desecrate her body over and over again. Erica felt a tear form below her eye and drip down her cheek as her tongue reached Blair's cunt and she knew that this one lick would spell the end of her and Roxie's relationship.

"Get your hands off my fucking pet," Erica heard a voice say from behind her. Erica looked up saw Blair's eyes open wide as the normally unruffled woman stepped back in shock.

Blair's face was aghast as she asked, "What the hell are you doing here? You should be locked up right now!"

Erica turned her head and looked upon the most glorious sight she had ever seen. A haggard, but still beautiful Roxie stood in the doorway glaring at Blair. Roxie's hair had been done up and she was wearing a bandana, a style Erica had not yet seen Roxie employ. She must be trying to cover up the wound on her scalp she had received for attacking a guard. Erica scrambled on all fours over to Roxie and sat on her knees next to her. Erica wrapped her arms around Roxie's legs like she holding on for dear life and nuzzled her head against Roxie's leg. Roxie rubbed Erica's cheek affectionately.

"Hey, Erica. Are you okay?" Roxie asked.

Erica sighed in relief and closed her eyes as she hugged Roxie's legs tighter. "I am now," she said.

"How?" Blair demanded.

"The warden and I have become pretty good friends," Roxie answered with a shrug. "It didn't take much for her to see my side of the story."

Roxie looked down at Erica, "Trina told me where you and Blair were. I'm not sure it was the wisest course of action for you to confront her on your own."

Erica sobbed against Roxie's body, "I'm so sorry, Mistress. I thought I could fight her, but I'm not strong enough. If you hadn't interrupted us my tongue would be inside her right now. I was about to give myself to her forever! I don't deserve to be your pet!" Erica wailed her despair.

Roxie shushed Erica and petted her hair lovingly while she wept. "Don't worry pet, I will protect you," Roxie said consolingly. Blair looked at the affectionate display in disgust with her arms folded across her chest, unfazed as she stood naked from the waist down. Roxie looked up at Blair and said, "This ends now. You have abused my pet long enough."

Blair scoffed and replied, "Is it really abuse if she enjoyed it? You would not believe how wet her pussy gets whenever I snap a collar around her neck."

"That's enough, Blair."

"Haven't you noticed the trend here? No matter much she says she wants you she always ends up crawling back to me. She can't help herself. Erica!" At the sound of Blair's commanding voice Erica looked up in attention. "Pinch Roxie on the ass as hard as you can."

Before Roxie could react, Erica grabbed Roxie's buttock between her thumb and index finger and squeezed the fingers together as tightly as possible. Roxie squealed and slapped Erica's hand away. "Ow, Erica! What the fuck!"

"Oh, don't act like that doesn't turn you on, Roxie," Blair commented. "I know you too well."

"I'm sorry, Mistress," Erica apologized. "I can't help myself."

"Rica, I want you to crawl to the middle of the room, sit down, and await my next command." Erica gently squeezed and kissed Roxie's thigh but quickly crawled away to follow Blair's order. "Stick you hand down the back of your pants and finger your asshole." Erica did as Blair ordered, repositioning herself so she could quickly reach her finger all the way into her rectum. Erica sighed as she felt her ass being filled, it had already been too long since she last felt something probing inside her rectum.

"How much do you love it, Rica?" Blair asked.

Erica didn't even have to lie. "I love fingering my own ass. Thank you, Mistress Blair."

"Take that finger out of your ass and put it in your mouth," commanded Blair.

"Thank you, Mistress Blair." Erica didn't hesitate at all before removing her finger from her ass and putting it in her mouth to suck on.

Roxie stared in shock as she finally realized the full extent of Blair's control over her lover. Erica sat in her spot on the floor and continued licking and sucking her finger as she looked back and forth between the woman she was falling for and the woman who had taken control of her mind and body.

"She is a big girl, she can make her own choices," Blair said. "Let her choose what she really wants. If she truly loves you this should be an easy decision for her. But maybe she loves being my little pet and fucktoy more. Can we agree to adhere to her decision, no matter who she chooses?"

Roxie nodded reluctantly and said, "Fine. You are right, though. She needs to make the choice for herself. I agree to your challenge."

"Okay Rica, you may stop now." Blair said. Erica pulled her finger out of her mouth and sat at attention. "Crawl towards your choice of Mistress."

Roxie couldn't bear the thought of leaving the love of her life in Blair's hands. Roxie would do anything to save her from that fate.

"Wait!" Roxie yelled before Erica had to make a decision. "If Erica chooses you can I take her place instead?"

Blair looked at Roxie incredulously and asked, "You mean you would be my pet in her place? You would do whatever I said?"

"Yes," sighed Roxie. "And I can only imagine the sick shit you would make me do."

"All of your prison contacts, all your special little deals and arrangements would be mine too? I would run this joint!"

"Yes," Roxie said. "I would give everything to save Erica from having to be your pet."

"Roxie, no!" Erica cried.

Roxie looked over at Erica and told her, "I know now that you can't fight her. It's my fault you are even in this position. I will be stuck in here for a long time, but you can still be free someday. Let me do this for you. Or of course, you could just choose me and we won't have to worry about it at all."

This didn't seem like a difficult choice at all to Erica, but she worried about the hold Blair seemed to have over her. Could Erica make the obvious choice? Blair grinned victoriously at this latest development.

"Of course..." Blair said nonchalantly, "There would be nothing to stop Erica from still following my orders despite you taking her place. How about if Erica chooses me, you will both be my pets?"

Roxie looked down at Erica and shrugged, "At least we would still be together."

Blair cackled and rubbed her hands together gleefully. She said, "This is working out better than I could have ever planned. I'm going to make each of you watch while the other gets fucked every night. Maybe if you both please me enough, I will actually let you play with each other for my amusement."

"You are getting way ahead of yourself," Roxie said. "Let Erica make her choice."

Erica felt like a real pet that had to choose between two of her owners. Blair patted her leg and whistled at Erica saying, "Here girl. Come to Mommy." Roxie did nothing to try and entice Erica, she simply looked at Erica and said, "I trust you, Erica. I will love you no matter what you choose." Erica was torn between the woman who held her heart and the one who possessed her mind and body.

Blair locked eyes with Erica and beckoned with her finger. That was all Erica needed to decide. She crawled toward Blair's feet. "Yes!" Blair cheered as Erica crawled toward her. "Roxie, you had better get ready. I expect you to be on your knees and crawling for me in less than a minute. You are going to get an up close view as I fuck your girlfriend in the ass."

Maybe this was for the best, Erica thought to herself as she crawled nearer to Blair. Once Roxie became Mistress Blair's pet too she might understand why Erica found it so hard to resist her. At least they would still be together, Erica couldn't bear the thought of being separated from Roxie. It was worth being subjected to Blair's awful bullying if it meant that Roxie and Erica could stay together. Erica glanced over at Roxie and felt her heart ache when she Roxie with a hand over her mouth, looking crestfallen.

Erica knew she loved Roxie, but she could only have one true owner. Erica mouthed the word "Sorry" to Roxie and crawled to Blair's feet. Blair cackled wildly as Erica leaned down to kiss and lick Blair's feet. Blair amused herself by allowing Erica to indulge herself in cleaning Blair's feet for a few minutes. Blair looked over at a scowling Roxie with a grin and said, "Aw, it feels so good, Roxie."

Blair put her foot underneath Erica's chin and nudged her off the floor. Blair grabbed Erica's fake head of hair and used it to lift her to her knees. Erica's wig came loose and she had to adjust the blonde hair on her scalp as she sat on her knees with her feet folded beneath her.

Blair bellowed, "Strip naked, you cunt!" Erica ripped her shirt off and pulled her pants down as quickly as possible for the pleasure of her Mistress. Erica had given up underwear since her pet training began so doffing her outer layer revealed all her bare skin. Blair stood and admired her pet's body for a moment. With those perfectly curved breasts and athletic legs, Erica had a body made for sex. The short blonde wig that covered the scalp Blair had shaved bare a few nights ago made Erica look younger and more innocent than she actually was. Blair traced the curve of Erica's breast with her finger and made her pet yelp when she pinched Erica's nipple.

Blair brought her hand up and caressed Erica's face. "Such a pretty little puppy," Blair murmurred. Erica licked Blair's hand and nuzzled her cheek against it. Blair tore Erica's blonde wig off to reveal her bald head. Blair ran her hand over the growing stubble of Erica's scalp as Erica looked up at her in supplication. Blair stepped forward so her pussy sat right above Erica's face.

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