Roxxana's Story


The beat, the lights... Roxxana's heart pounded with the beat of the loud music. The smell of sweat, pot, and booze flooded her senses. Feeling at one with the dance floor, she felt completely alone in this ocean of flesh. Knowing her short skirt drove every man and woman wild. She purposely chose to wear her crotch less pantyhose tonight, horny as hell, she was looking forward to the release from her boring as hell sales manager job.

Her only hope was to find someone fun to take home and fuck. Maybe this one would last longer than the lazy shit from last weekend. He was cute, but he had a small cock and didn't last very long. The guy from the weekend before that, when he was trying to finger her he couldn't find her clit and ended up rubbing her poor pussy raw.

Roxxana would have even been fine going home with a woman this time. Maybe SHE would know her way around as cute a pussy as Roxxana's. Scouting the room, she found a cute blonde eyeing her. He nodded, shyly. Roxxana walked to the bar, hoping the little puppy would follow her. "Hey baby, you looking for a good time?" Looking over, Roxanna found this small hairy old man grinning at her disgustingly. "Come on, I bet you haven't been fucked good in a while. Wearing a skirt like that, I can smell you from here."

Used to the filth that surrounded the scene Roxxana brushed it off, and looked back out at the dance floor. The beat that started was so sexy she thought she might cum sitting in the chair listening to it. Downing the shot, Roxxana ran back out to the floor.

Shaking her cute little ass, Roxanna hoped she was drawing the attention of everyone on the dance floor. She sure felt like she was the center of attention. Suddenly, she felt a huge cock pushing against her ass, his hand reached around her small waist. "Mmm," Roxxana growled as she ground her ass against this man, his hands reaching up to her perfect breasts. Roxanna felt her nipples getting hard under her thin shirt. "God what it would be like to be fucked in the ass by this huge cock," she thought feeling his shaft run rub against her butt to the beat of the music.

His hands tightened around her, becoming a regular beat, this man took control of Roxxana's ass. His hands wrapping around her hips, she could feel his breath on the back of her neck. His soft lips touched her skin; the smell of watermelon caught her nose. She could feel his breath becoming shallow, "Are you going to..." Roxanna turned around.

His strong arms grabbed her and pulled her in for a tight kiss before she could finish. His rock hard cock pressed up to Roxxana's thigh, she could feel the outline of his giant head as it peeked under her skirt, his hand pushing under; feeling her wet pussy. He let out a soft moan as his cock exploded in his dress! Roxxana stared down at this tight red dress. She felt slightly uncomfortable, but more turned on then she thought she would be.

"Your turn," he smiled at Roxxana. Pulling her through the crowd this red-dressed man lead her off the dance floor and out to the parking lot. There Roxxana couldn't help but watch this beautiful man, who just came against her. "I'm Blair," he smiled.

"You're a..." Roxxana looked curiously at this man.

"I'm a transsexual, yes." He smiled, looking down at his huge breasts.

"You're amazing," she said, reaching out to touch.

"So are you," he looked across the parking lot. "Shall we?"

It was a short ride to Blair's apartment. A ride made even shorter as he sped through town in his red Lamborghini. "You live here?" Roxxana asked, looking up at the clearly expensive condo building.

"Yeah, it's small but hopefully after my operation I will be able to get the job I really want...then you should see where I'll be living," he smiled. She was surprised by how gentle Blair was. "Shall we go up?" He asked, gently putting his massive hand on the small of her back.

"So what kind of things are you into?" Roxxana asked as they went up the elevator. Trying to make small talk, really just anxious to see that huge cock she felt earlier.

"Oh you know, everything," he laughed. "Do you want tea?"

"Umm, tea?" Roxxana asked as Blair unlocked his door. "Is that like code-word for sex? You have an interesting accent. Where are you from?"

"Haha, sex, that will come. Don't worry. I'm American, sorry. I was in the military there, and got called up to do duty. I couldn't go through with it, after everything I had been keeping from myself. So I moved here and decided to be completely honest with myself." He pointed down to his body. "I found out I look much better in dresses than I though."

"And the..." Roxxana looked curiously at his breasts.

"My boobs, they're real. Well...they're fake. But they're mine. That was the last thing I did over seas, my family disowned me shortly after."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said staring down at his massive feet as he took of his high heeled shoes.

"It's ok,'re going to be my last, that ok?" He looked shyly down at her feet.

"Umm, last?" Roxxana asked looking into his eyes, suddenly understanding.

"Yeah, I go in for surgery next week," turning on the television.

"I guess, I haven't ever had sex with a.... a..."

"It's ok, I'm a little different...I'm kind of aggressive. So, shall we get started?"

"Umm, started?"

Blair lead Roxxana into his bedroom, dimming the lights as they walked in. "You will now take a bath," he pointed to the bathroom. She followed, finding a very modern bathroom, a glass shower door, beautiful sink, and a floor to ceiling mirror. He followed her into the bathroom, preparing the bathtub as she looked around. "I have lots of nice soaps, so I want you to choose something very nice. Now undress."

"Ok," Roxxana smiled.

"Master!" Blair demanded. "You will call me master, or you will be punished."

"Yes master."

Slowly, Roxxana unzipped her tight blue skirt, sliding it down to her ankles. Pulling her shirt over her head, Roxxana was left in a black lacey bra, her areola peaking out over the edge. Unhooking it in the back, she slowly released her beautiful breasts allowing the cloth of the bra to tease her nipples.

"Mmm, very good." Blair licked his lips, his penis bulging through his red dress.

Leaning over, Roxxana pulled her panties down and off. Standing in only her high heels, Roxxana couldn't wait to feel that penis inside her. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she erotically pulled her shoes off. Placing them gently beside the bubble bath that had been drawn for her.

The water was warm, and smelled wonderful. "Make sure to get your asshole clean," Blair demanded. "I want to lick you everywhere."

"Yes master," Roxxana smiled, getting up onto her knees. She reached her hands between her legs, feeling her hard clit. She shuddered, feeling her palm press perfectly against her pussy. Blair unzipped his dress and was standing beside the tub naked, his beautiful cock standing out from his perfectly womanly form. Roxxana slid her finger into her asshole as she bit her lip at him. "You wanna fuck me right here?" She asked teasingly.

"I WILL fuck you right there...eventually." He threatened, grabbing his penis giving it a good yank.

After she rinsed off Roxxana dried off, and was lead to the bedroom. Blair pushed her down onto the bed, his giant cock standing at attention. His nipples were so hard, just begging to be sucked. She sat up on the bed, reaching for his breasts. As her fingers flicked at his nipples he moaned in pleasure. His hand reached down and brought her face up for a kiss. His tongue teasing hers in a tango of the mouth, like a premonition of what would happen to her clit later.

Forcing her down onto the bed, Blair's lips closed around Roxxana's hard nipple. Sucking it softly into his mouth as his tongue drew circles around her areola. Her back arched as she moaned and gasped in pleasure. His soft hand reached down, feeling the skin of her stomach, teasing her as he inched closer to her pussy.

He kissed down following his hand, until his lips met hers. Softly licking her labia, he teased and breathed on her clitoris as it begged for attention. His tongue entering her, he licked straight up her slit as he pushed her les open. "Oh fuck!" She moaned as her hips bucked against his mouth. Cruelly, his tongue stopped just short of her clit.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" He asked her smiling.

"Yes please," her eyes half closed, every inch of Roxxana's body begged for sex.

"Yes please...what?"

"Master, please MASTER!" She cried as his tongue reached her clit, sucking it into her mouth. Her back ached, her legs twitched, her feet tensed as he coerced her little clit from it's hood. He was a master of her pussy! He knew all the right buttons, how and when to push them too. Finally, allowing her to orgasm, Blair stuck his finger into Roxxana finding her g-spot.

Her hips bucked, her fingers scratched at his back drawing blood. And as she came, she did something she had never done before...she squirted! Staring down in amazement at Blair she was speechless.

"Ready to be fucked?" He smiled, standing up.

"Oh god please," she begged.

"Not yet, you still haven't gotten this MASTER thing," he shouted angrily. He looked down at his penis, hinting what to do. But Roxxana knew what to do, she had thought about it all night.

Reaching out to it, she grabbed his humongous member. This was the biggest penis Roxxana had ever seen! And she was about to suck on it, about to draw circles around his head, as she tasted his wonderful precum. As she sucked, his cock got BIGGER! Even bigger than it had been before. His hand reached down to her shoulder, Roxxana looked up curious. "It's time," he smiled.

Her pussy quivered at the thought of having that beast inside it. Luckily, that's not where it was going. Blair forced her onto her knees, pulling her ass up and pushing her back down. His penis slid into her asshole slowly, just his head at first. Roxxana was afraid it was going to hurt, never having something THIS huge in there before. But with every inch he pushed in he was so gentle and so caring. "Oh...oh yes," he smiled. Staring down at Roxxana's perfect ass. Watching as his penis penetrated her sublime hole.

He grabbed her ass, pulling her up to him, and pushing himself deeper inside her. Roxxana screamed, pleasure and pain mixed and forced her into such a euphoric trance she couldn't tell how loud she was screaming, her hands gripping the bed sheets, crying his beautiful name. Suddenly, his penis slid out from her asshole, leaving a gapping hole. Leaning down, he stuck his tongue into her! "God!" She screamed in disbelief at how amazing this felt. His finger penetrating her pussy again, he found her g-spot. In seconds she was convulsing on her stomach, squirting yet again.

Roxxana lay in her own wetness, unable to move. Blair pulled her over onto her back, licking her clit...her stomach...her breasts...her neck. Her hands reached up touching his breasts, cupping them Roxxana looked down smiling. "You have some amazing breasts you know."

"They make me cum they're so sensitive, especially now. When I'm so close, even the smallest touch can send me over the edge," he warned, smiling. Then it he pushed into her, his ENTIRE cock, slowly, but never stopping. She screamed his name as she felt his cock so deep inside her.

"Oh my God you are SOOO fucking BIG!" Roxxana screamed, her head falling back. Her hands reached up to her breasts, cupping them, playing with his erect nipples.

"You wanna be fucked?" He asked gently, smiling evilly.

"OH God yes MASTER!" She screamed, as he dove into her deeper and harder, his penis pushing deeper than she'd felt anyone EVER. Her hands gripped to the bed, feet stretching out as her legs twitched under him as he fucked her brains out again and again.

"I'm going to cum now," he whispered into her ear. Just the pressure of the wind on her ear was enough to push her further over the edge.

"OH GOD ME TOO!!! OH MASTER OH MASTER OHHHH!!!!!!!" She exploded! Feeling his cock explode so deep in her was like nothing Roxxana had ever experienced. She came and came for minutes, hours...time ceased to be. She laid in his arms feeling his breasts against hers beautifully perfect two sets of tits, both so natural. And perfect together. In the stillness of the night, Roxxana drifted off to sleep. Having the most restful sleep she had ever had, she woke to a bright-lit room. Sitting up in bed, she realized it was her own.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Roxxana cried as she ran from her bedroom, begging the whole the to not be a dream. Praying to God, if one did exist...then realizing she MET God. His name was...

A white note on the fridge caught Roxxana's eye as she ran through her house. She quietly walked to it, afraid that she might scare it away by making to much noise.

"Madam Roxxana, you have blown my mind. What happened with you was pure magic. And I wanted to thank you for what you did. I returned you to your bed to avoid any awkwardness that might have happened when you awoke. I will always remember you, I'm very glad you were my last, I love you darling. We shall never meet again, but know that you are indeed an angel. --Love Bridget"

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