tagGroup SexRoyal Treatment Ch. 2

Royal Treatment Ch. 2


We awake still buzzing on cloud nine, floating in our incredible high. Our bed is littered with hundreds as we fucked ourselves silly on top of a fraction of our winnings. I find my wife's eyes and we could not hold back the giddy giggling, relishing in our good fortune. We own Vegas right now and today will be lived as such!

I caress the hair off her exquisite face and gently kiss her. My kiss is returned with a gentle caress of my face. I roll Torrie on top of me, enjoying her soft breasts melding into my pecs. Deep French kissing ensues, as our giddiness becomes lustful passion once more. The taste of me is still in her mouth, as I'm sure she can taste herself in mine. We both feel my dick growing rapidly as it begins to nuzzle its favorite coupling place. Torrie immediately grabs it, helping it to its full erect state. I drift my hand down to her pussy, finding a hot and wet box for my fingers. I smear the wetness around her whole vulva, pulling on her lips, and brushing across her clit. With each gentle brush, she bites on to my lower lip. I have never seen her this hot. She moves around to suck on my dick. I keep my hand pressure on her sex as she sits on her knees, tongue licking my shaft with deft precision. After ten years of marriage, she knows every inch of my dick, and each of its hot spots. She's on a mission as she focuses her technique: pulling my pee hole open she swirls her tongue around its edge while maintaining suction on the glans head. She knows this will make me cum in no time flat.

"Slow down baby." I ask "Uh-uh," she replied, shaking her head, continuing this glorious torture. Fine, I thought, and I inserted two fingers into her puss. Thumbing her clit with my other hand, I immediately had her moving her hips. "That's what I needed, she said, and plunged herself on my wood with one stroke. "I want it fast and furious, I've got money to spend, and pampering to be had!"

The words were barely out of her mouth, when her hips began thrusting. In a little pain, I just laid still enjoying the sexual frenzy my wife was in. Clawing at my chest, she was mashing and grinding her clit into my pubic bone. I grabbed her ass, and forcefully pulled its cheeks apart, matching her hold on my chest. "UUHHHH, UUUHHH," garbled out of her mouth as she threw her head back. Her chest heaving, I sat up to take a nipple in my mouth. While clamping down with my teeth and pulling on that little milk-nub, I reached under to insert a finger into her ass. "OOOHHH" shuddered out of her, as I felt her backdoor squeeze my finger. Her hands were now tangled in my hair, pulling me tighter into her breast. "Oh, that's it baby, fuck my holes, make me cum! OOOOOO! UUHHHHH! That's it, right there!" she screamed as I rotated my finger, spreading her wide. "OH! OH! OH YEAH! OOOOO!" She forcefully lifted my chin so our lips could lock in the midst of her orgasm. But turn about was fair play, as I broke off our kiss to move behind her.

I placed her at the edge of the bed on her knees, forcing her down to her shoulders so her delectable ass was high in the air. Standing on the floor, I quickly impaled her with my love sword. Steadying myself with my hands on her slender waist, I began to pump her hard. My grunting was over shadowed by the sound of my thighs slapping hers. "Oh Torrie, Uh Torrie! Grab my balls, milk 'em baby! Rake 'em with your nails!" Her hand was working its magic before I could finish my request. "I'm gonna shoot on your ass sweetie. Do you want some of that?"

"Yes, rain on me!"

A couple of droplets of sweat fell on to her soft skin before I was there, giving me two targets. "Uh,UH," I pulled out just in time as my first spurt splashed in her crack, just above her bum. Using this first jism squirt as lube, I fell on top of her, sliding my dick along her crack, sweet friction along her supple ass skin, erupting more juice onto the small of her back. Stacey responded by moving her hips in unison with mine. She guided my hand and began to spread my love shots across her ass, intertwining our fingers in my thick juice. As she rolled over I shot one more time. Guiding our covered hands to her mouth, she licked a couple of fingers to coat her tongue, before I bent down to kiss and share our bounty. "MMM, Good Morning."

"Yes it is, but I'm a girl on a mission!" She replied as she pushed me off and rushed to the bathroom. There was shopping to be done!

We spent like crazy, not worrying about prices: a matching diamond necklace and earring set, a watch, a slinky cocktail dress, a tailor-made Italian suit, shoes, lingerie, luggage, wines and cigars. This was living. We broke for lunch and decided it was time to hit the spa.

The royal treatment continued with his 'n her facials, body wraps, pedicures, manicures and massages. We sat at the private and secluded spa pool to enjoy a light afternoon snack of fruit, drinking in the delicious warmth of the sun. After a while I jumped in the pool, floating, and drifting into another state of mind. Having closed my eyes I never noticed a handsome couple, about ten years our junior, had sat next to my wife. She and they were talking, but I paid no attention and went back to my relaxation, floating in the cool water. I was brought back to reality when the young man swam up to me.

"Hi, I just want to thank you for the winnings last night," he said as he extended his hand. "We were at the craps table with you, placing our bets exactly like you were, but at a substantial lesser amount. Still, we took in a pretty good haul"

"That was some string of luck wasn't it," I replied. "We're continuing the indulgences here in the spa."

"So are we. My name is Steel, Candy is my wife"

"Please to meet you Steel, Lex. And I take it you found out my wife's name is Torrie." He had an athletic build like me: strong arms, a good-sized chest, and a slim waist with no hair on his exposed skin. I do not consider myself gay, but I do appreciate a well-put together male physique.

We exited the pool to join the girls. Rising up from the pool's edge I noticed we both caused our women to stop talking and stare at us as we walked towards them. Basking in the worship, I found myself strutting like a model on a runway, showing off my physique in my spa-issued Speedo. Steel had the same suit as I, but we contrasted beautifully. He with his light features on a 6 foot 190 pound frame, me on the darker side with a 5-9, 180 frame. Both girls seemed to be speechless as we reached them. Simultaneously we bent down to kiss our respective wives from their stupor. I felt a twinge in my dick, exhilarating in my sexual power over my wife. And at the sight of her and Candy lying side-by-side in their skimpy bikinis. Candy obviously liked to flaunt herself as much as Torrie does. Both are about the same 5 foot 5 height, and both had delicious curvy figures, with Torrie being a bit larger in both the hips and chest.

We sat poolside for a little over an hour chatting and enjoying each other's company. We agreed to meet at another casino's award-winning restaurant in an hour and a half, and left for our respective rooms. Being courted by the casino, they had upgraded us to a suite near the top of the hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows, chandeliers, whirlpool bath, you name it, the room had it; it was stunning. Torrie and I took in the suite, basking in its comforts while putting on our shopping spree clothing. She looked incredible. The tight velvet of her strapless-dress framed her breast. And it seemed I could almost see the lace of her g-string, the dress was so short. Torrie returned my glare with a howl when she saw me in my perfectly cut suit: wide on my broad shoulders tapered to my 32-inch waist, with the pants a little snug on my ass. Since Torrie has no need for make-up, I didn't hesitate to kiss her hard, and try to get a quickie before we left. But this time she was the stronger and pushed me away so we would be on time in meeting our new friends.

Steel and Candy were waiting for us in the restaurant's bar, and they both had their eyes glued to us as we approached them. I had never felt so confident, my sexually empowerment was through the roof! Emboldened I greeted Candy with a big hug and told here she looked ravishing in her very red, very tight and elegant mermaid-style dress. She almost blushed and gave me an unexpected kiss! "Hey you two, get a room!" Torrie yelled out jokingly. I became light-headed, and quickly grabbed my wife's hand, not knowing how to react to this development. Steel grabbed Torrie's other hand, said something in French, and kissed it. She giggled, and asked him to get her a drink.

The food was incredible, the drinks intoxicating, and the conversation became quite sensual. We became very comfortable with each other, exchange innuendoes constantly.

"I love how you have your legs shaved, Steel" Torrie complimented. "I couldn't help but notice your definition earlier at the pool. Do you shave else where?" She grinned mischievously.

Steel in turn was infatuated with Torrie's ass. He kept on saying how it reminded him of Jennifer Lopez's. At one point Torrie winked at me, excused herself to the restroom, and sashayed her hips while walking away to give him want he wanted. I watched him ogle her jiggle, almost allowing drool to escape his parted lips. He wanted her bad. Candy quickly caught up to join her.

There was an odd quiet moment when it was just the two of us. Being men we were probably thinking the same thing, scoring with each other's wives, but we did not know how to proceed. The signals were obvious but for myself I felt like a bumbling virgin. Needing a little more "strength" I downed the last of my Cosmopolitan, and asked Steel how comfortable he was with our level of conversation. He said he was ready for anything, but he was following his wife's lead. I agreed and said we should let the women take this as far as it should go, but that we should push the issue with more verbal flirting.

Upon returning I asked Candy as she sat down, what was the color of her thong. Steel laughed and said she did have some red ones on when they left their room! Both she and Torrie bursted out laughing as my mind caught up with what just took place in the restroom. My mind was racing: Torrie and I had always fantasized about a threesome, let alone a foursome, but I thought it was only talk. I looked at my wife and recognized the lustful look in her eyes as she was staring at Steel and Candy. I was ready to run back to our room when we left the restaurant, but the girls heard music and lead us to a disco.

Even though the music was loud, I had to talk to Torrie. But she was intent on bumping and grinding me as much as possible, ignoring my pleas and questions. Every time I'd get my mouth near her ear she would turn around, and thrust her ass into my crotch and dance away. Or she would give me a devilish look, teasing me with no mercy, pushing me away. I finally admitted to myself she was in control and to enjoy the ride. I grabbed her by the hips and returned her dirty dancing gyrations. I drifted my hands down her ass and felt that she too had removed her panties. Sensing my discovery she raised one eyebrow as if to say what did you expect.

Then she told me her secret: "When Candy and I were in the bathroom, we shared a stall. We admitted to each other how you guys were making us so horny. She peed first, and as she stood to pull her thong up I stopped her. I told her 'let's not wear them anymore', and knelt down to take them off. I was face-to-pussy and my lust got the best of me and I licked her! She fell against the wall, pushed my head against her mound and came right there. We kissed, and she licked her juices off my mouth and reached to pull my thong off. She got them partly down, as she couldn't keep her fingers out of my wet box. She then returned the favor and I came with a couple of her flicks across my nub." She then danced away with a look of what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it on her face. That old familiar swelling-twinge jolted through my dick. Just when I was ready to chase her and screw right there I felt a tap on my shoulder, "Cutting in," Candy commanded.

Steel grabbed Torrie, and Candy spun me around with her. We instantly intertwined our legs and started humping our thighs. I was overcome with lust as I stared into this beauty's eyes. She too had a heart filled with wantonness as her body movements displayed a public sexual feast . The DJ switched moods after a couple of songs and played a slow song. Candy threw her arms around my neck and almost collapsed onto my body. My hands enveloped her waist, pulling her hips against mine, wanting her to fill my semi-hard dick. She ran one of her hands through the hair on the back of my head. She placed her head against my chest as we swayed together. I took two deep breaths trying to smell my wife on her lips. I then slowly spun us around to see what Torrie and Steel were doing and saw they too were in a similar position, except they were face-to-face talking. I could not here what was being said, but Torrie had a huge smile on her face as she stared into his eyes.

"I want you so bad. My panties are drenched. You have set a fire in me for some reason." Candy whispered in my ear. "I know you want me too. Tell me what you'll do to me."

My hands slipped a little lower on her hips, allowing my fingers to ever so slowly rest slightly upon her ass. "My lips would lead the way along these muscular shoulders," I said while boldly kissing the exact exposed flesh of my words. "OOOOO," she gasped as a spark seemed to flash through her and her hips ground harder into mine and her hand pulled my hair.

"I'd continue down, feather kissing across your breasts, feeling your rapid heartbeat, tickling your flesh with my tongue. My hands will only allow the pads of my fingers to graze along your skin. I would see the little hairs of your body stand straight. Ever so slowly my mouth would glide down your flat tummy, until it could fellatio your belly button, circling it, flicking its outer edges. Grasping under your thighs, I'd lift your knees up, raising your hips high. With the tip of my tongue I'd slalom through your forest of pussy hair, clasping some between my lips and tugging lightly. My mouth would stop on that part of your body where your gorgeous leg meets your hip, just outside of your pussy to suck, and lick. I would longingly stare at your folds, watching them moisten, anticipating my worship. My tongue would continue its journey across one of your ass cheeks, over to the other one, and back up to your clit. I circle it, but not touch it, slowly dragging my tongue on your puss, coating it with your sweet offering, down across your core entry, to your back button. I will circle, plunge and nip on your ass, before dragging a flat, and broad tongue all the way back to your clit over your puss."

Candy's knees buckled, "Oh sweetie, when is this going to happen? I can't take anymore of this teasing. I need your tongue and cock in me." She brought one of her hands down to my crotch and rubbed the bulge. I was hard, and my silk thong was keeping my dick pointing down. She brought her mouth to mine, and snaked her tongue in to dance. I don't know how long the kiss lasted, and I totally forgot about where, who, and what I was doing, when I felt a third hand on my back. "Its time to go," my wife's voice told me. Shocked into reality I didn't know if I had over stepped my bounds, surprisingly my wife kissed me and growled, "Your Vegas slut needs some servicing bad."

We rushed to the entrance, hopped in a cab, and told the driver to get us back to our hotel, fast! On our arrival I threw a wad of bills at him, as we literally ran for the doors. Rushing to the elevator, we poured in when the doors opened. Torrie grabbed me, plunging her tongue in my mouth, caressing my still hard dick. I eased her dress' zipper down a bit. Enough to slide a hand to hold her breast, and pinch its nipple "I just get your first, alright?" she said looking into my eyes for approval, and reassurance. "I am at your command, my beautiful." The bell sounded, and the doors opened when I realized I never pushed a button. "No let's go to our room," I said, and we started up again. Candy and Steel never heard the bell or me, as they were lost in each other.

Steel had her dress hiked above her hips, and was heavily pawing at her pussy. Candy wasn't lying when she said her panties were drenched. Pulled down to her thighs, both Torrie and I gazed at the wetness displayed. It looked like she had peed her pants! "Oh fuck me Steel. I'm almost there," she grunted as he had a couple of fingers plunging in and out of her. But before she could cum, the doors opened to our floor. I had to pull them outside, as they were not going to allow a little disturbance such as walking, interrupt their throes. Steel picked his wife up, wrapping her legs around himself, and carried her to our suite's doors. I hurriedly opened them, and lead them in. Not caring about us, they found the couch, and fell upon it. Torrie and I stripped each other, as Steel had moved down to suck on Candy's puss. On a chair facing them, Torrie sat on my lap, impaling herself on my dick. Man was she wet and tight. And my trunk was bigger and harder then it's ever been. She began bouncing on me fast, all the way up and down.

Candy was cumming: her hands had exposed her breasts over her dress and were digging their nails into the globules flesh, Steel had her legs straight up, his hands pushing against the back of her thighs, his face completely buried in her sex. He was grinding his still clothed erection into the couch. "Yes, yes, baby, suck on mommy's pussy, make me cum in your mouth, lick, lick, lick it, make me cum, uuu-UHHHH, uh-huh, UH-HUH, UUUUHHHH!" Her body shook violently, spasms quivered across her belly and her legs kicked.

"Oh that's fucking hot!" Torrie shouted. I felt her hand rubbing her clit hard and fast. "That's sooo fucking hot. I'm gonna cum. OOHHH! OOOHHHH!" I came with her, filling her puss with my hot juice, "UUUHHH, UUHH, you little slut, take it, you like watching other people fuck!" I grabbed her hips and slapped my hips into hers as hard as I could. "Fuck me baby, give me that big dick!" My orgasm shot from my lower back through my balls, and unleashed what felt like a gallon of jizz in about five seconds. Torrie fell back on to me, turning her head to kiss me. Her hand collected some of our juices and brought them to our mouths. We sucked on her fingers, our spunk having an incredibly different, sweet taste. "Lick my sugar-coated pole Sweetie. I'm still harder than ever." She rose up off my dick, bending over using her hands on my knees for leverage, my trunk was shiny; coated with a thick layer of cum. Her pussy was literally dripping with juice and I had to eat her. Before she could turn around to lick me, I pulled her on top of me down to the floor in a 69, and buried my face into her gushing pussy. I then felt a second tongue on my dick, and saw Steel's pole closing in fast on my wife's pussy.

In my uncontrollable state of lust I moved my head slightly to allow Steel to penetrate Torrie. Unbelievably I found myself extending my tongue to lick his pole as it entered Torrie's steaming puss. "UUHH," Steel uttered when he was fully in, and began to fuck her. I sucked her clit into my mouth, feeling his smooth dick glide across my cheek, causing that lucious pussy liquor to coat my face. The mouth that was sucking on my cock head released me, and the other mouth released my balls, moving up to take my cock head, then I heard Torrie yell: "Yes it feels so good, uh, it feels sooo good! I'm cumming again, I'm cumming again!" I held my tongue flat and broad on her clit, allowing their natural grinding to cause the desirable friction. "OOOO, OOOO, UUHHH!" Torrie's pussy lips were quivering against my lips. I watched as Steel's balls disappeared, and knew he was going to lose it. Since Torrie was talking, Candy was sucking me hard, burying her nose into my small hair patch. I do not know whose hand was caressing my balls, or whose fingers were tickling my ass, I just knew my whole groin area was burning hot. "Oh Mommy, I'm fucking her good!" Steel shouted, still pounding Torrie hard.

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