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Rude Awakening


Ben needed to get away, away from friends, family and his new life. He had discovered that money had a way of changing people, mostly those closest to him.

Ben never thought that the change to his life from winning millions in the lottery would be a negative one, but with his new gain had come a giant loss. His friends and family now viewed him only as a bank capable of dispensing free cash.

Ben never had any issues sharing in his newfound good fortune, inviting those close to help celebrate with him. He also had no problem lending out money to those in a tight spot. After all what good are massive riches without people to share it with. But after a while it started to build up, people didn't want to hang out with Ben the person; they wanted Ben the millionaire who could afford to pay for everything from drinks at the bar to holidays and cars.

Ben decided he needed a break from those around him, he decided he would take a road trip to give himself time to think of what he wanted to do next. The next morning Ben packed his car with the bare essentials and drove off in whatever direction took his fancy.

That night he stayed in the first Motel he passed after it started to get dark, he could have driven around looking for something a bit more upmarket but he wanted to forget about how much money he was currently worth. Ben got up early the next morning; the cheap motel mattress had done him no favours. He figured he would get back on the road as soon as possible. He didn't know where he was heading but he knew he just wanted to drive.

Two days and almost 1000km later he was driving through a quiet town with a number of large properties; one of them had a "For Sale" sign out the front. He decided to take a look so he drove through the Iron Gate along the long winding driveway up to the house. When he got up to the house he saw a man and woman working in the gardens outside.

"Here to see the place?" the man said.

"I would love to be able to have a look around, if that's ok?" Ben replied.

"Sure, are you looking for a place to buy? Because this is a rare beauty, over a century old as well." replied the man.

"I have been contemplating looking into property." said Ben.

"My name is Paul, and this is my wife Jane."

The two men shook hands and Ben nodded to Jane.

"Hello, my name is Ben.

Paul and Jane gave Ben a tour of the property starting with the massive grounds, the big manmade lake with a jetty leading out over the water.

Lastly he saw inside the massive building itself. The rooms were all empty and free of furniture but the place had all its fixtures and running water and working power.

Paul had explained the history of the place. It had belonged to a family who many in the local town had considered cursed. At one stage a family of five, the mother had died when the children were all young leaving the father to look after two boys and one daughter by himself.

When World War 2 had broken out the boys were both over 18 and were both drafted. After hearing the news of both his sons being killed in action the father had turned to drinking, one night while driving home from the pub he drove off the road into a tree killing him instantly.

The girl was the only one from the family remaining; at the time 21 years old inherited the house and what money the family had. But she later vanished never to be seen again. The last time she had been seen was the morning the police had delivered the news of her father.

Paul also explained that since the place had been discovered abandoned with no other living relatives the bank had taken possession and for 20 years had no luck selling it. The locals would not go near it; it had made it hard to sell despite the cheap price.

Ben had fallen in love with the place, he could picture himself living here and making the place his own. This was also an offer he simply could not pass up. He asked Paul when the soonest he could have someone look over the place and if all went well buy it to move in.

"There is a guy just in town he could have this place inspected in a day or two, if you are really interested." said Paul.

Ben decided he would stay in the local bar in town which had a few rooms available while all the paper work and checks were taken care of.

That night after checking in he decided he would have a drink down in the pub with the locals, after all if he was going to be moving in to the area this might very well soon become his newest watering hole.

News had travelled fast; everyone knew the instant he walked in as the outsider looking to buy the "cursed" place. Every one of the patrons had their own story of some experience they claimed to have having to do with the folklore; Stories of Electronics not working, lights bulbs exploding or Dogs barking at nothing as they went past. They all wanted to give Ben their warnings about the place.

The next day after having a look through the town to get his bearings on the place Ben received a call from the guy that Paul had recommended to inspect the place. He gave Ben the all clear and said that Paul would be available the next day to finalize the sale after he had the opportunity to look over the evaluation.

He spent that night at the hotel thinking about the possibilities this new purchase would bring, and what furniture he could get and where to put it.

The next morning came quickly, and all the paper work had been finalized before 11am. He was finally alone with his new purchase and spent the first 2 hours inspecting the grounds again.

Ben stopped for lunch he started compiling a list of requirements and ideas for each room listing all the furniture he planned to buy.

In the afternoon he headed to the local store to fill up on the basics; so that he could continue living in this place and even managed to buy a Queen bed and have it delivered that day.

After setting up what basics he already had; Ben decided he would relax from all his hard work of the day by relaxing in his new bathtub. Exhaustion quickly took hold and it wasn't long until he drifted off to sleep in the bath.

Something started to draw him out of his sleep, a strange but familiar sensation. He slowly opened his eyes to take in the surroundings of his bathtub.

The light in the bathroom was dim and he couldn't make out all the details out perfectly, but something stood out of place to him. A dark silhouette appeared to be leaning over the bathtub in front of him and Ben had now placed the strange sensation he was feeling; it felt like he was getting a blowjob.

Ben tried to concentrate on the dark shape in front of him, he could just make out what appeared to be the shape of a woman with long dark flowing hair bent over the side over the bath with its head floating around his waist and he could feel what felt like a tongue making its way up and down his penis.

He jumped in shock from what he was experiencing, blinking hard to focus on what he was seeing and the silhouette and the sensation he felt had disappeared. Confused by what had just happened Ben rubbed his eyes and got out of the bath and grabbed his towel. "What was that? Was I dreaming?" he thought to himself.

For a moment it had felt so real to him. He thought it must have been some strange dream from working so hard. He decided to put the strange moment behind him and go to bed. It wasn't long before he drifted off to sleep again in his new bed.

Again a strange sensation awoke him from his slumber, his eyes adjusting to the darkness of his new room. Once more his eyes picked up the sight of a strange silhouette now hovering over him, but this time he could not move.

Ben's body felt paralysed and unable to move all he could do was look around at what was taking place before him. The silhouette started to take shape and he could see the outline of the same woman taking form before him as his eyes finally adjusted. The dark figure now appeared clearer to Ben than before.

He could now see more than just its outline and long dark hair, he could also see some detail in its face and the fact that she appeared to be completely naked and sitting atop him. "You are dreaming again he said to himself, just wake up." But no matter how much he willed it he couldn't seem to move or wake up from what he thought had to be a dream.

He felt a cold chill suddenly across his chest and his eyes looked in the direction to see his sheets were being pulled off him towards the end of the bed. He started to feel exposed as he looked up at the figure whose face looked like it had a smile across its face. It didn't seem menacing to Ben but the strange experience didn't seem to sit well with him.

She appeared to be attractive and from what Ben could tell in the darkness she seemed to have a nice body as well. He tried his best to convince himself of his current dream state but the longer he laid there the less he believed it. He was in a new house he had just bought himself that the locals had called haunted, lying in his brand new bed paralysed with what had to be a naked ghost on top of him.

His bed sheets hit the floor at the end of his bed leaving him lying there completely exposed, he could feel the cold breeze from an open window right across his body. "Who are you?" he said aloud. There was no reply. He continued staring up at her pretty smiling face and watched as she started to move closer to him. Her face getting closer to his until it was all he could see.

Ben felt a cold sensation on his forehead as it looked like she had moved in for a kiss. "I felt that!" he thought in a panic. "Am I going crazy?" he asked himself. Then he felt something new, something lower. Something he hadn't felt in a while, but this time it was different, slightly colder. He was inside the ghost; the ghost was having sex with him. The idea seemed like the craziest thing he could imagine, but it was happening.

She was now sitting up again away from his face and Ben could see everything now. He could see her start to writhe on top of him slowly and he could feel her every movement as her ghostly vagina was clasped tightly around his penis. It felt cold but it also felt wet, Ben figured this wasn't the time to discuss the semantics of ghost sex.

He could feel her starting to get into it as she finally started to move her body up and down on his shaft. Her breasts started to bounce as she found her rhythm and then something else startled Ben he could hear her. She started to make sounds as she slowly rode him but he wasn't hearing them with his ears, the sounds appeared to be going right into his head like he was listening to something with headphones.

He wanted to touch her, see if he could feel her for himself, but his arms lay firmly at his side. All he could do was lay and watch this strange act unfold before him.

He could feel her start to pick up her pace further and he watched as she began to move on top of him faster and faster. Her voice inside his head started to get louder as well as she started almost shouting in what sounded like the build up to an orgasm, it became almost too loud in his head as the sounds grew louder.

Not able to move Ben lay there listening to what were the moans of a ghost having sex with him that he could hear inside his head as he watched her beautiful white body bounce up and down on his penis, her breasts bouncing with her and her hair swaying with the momentum he saw that her eyes appeared to now be closed. But this wasn't only working for her; the sensation of her slightly cold and wet tight vagina sliding up and down on his penis was starting to work for Ben as well. Despite how odd this entire situation was for him, it had not failed to turn him on. After all an attractive female was having sex with him, even if she wasn't completely real.

Ben could feel himself reaching climax and by the sounds of her in his head, so was she. He thought to himself "how could this even work?" It didn't take long for him to find out the answer. The sped up movements of her working her way up and down his penis mixed with the sound of her reaching her climax sent him over the edge. Ben could feel himself Cumming inside her and he could see that she could feel it too. Ben could see a pleased expression across her face.

Still unable to move he then felt her cuddle up close to him while still inside her. He could feel her body close to his, her breasts pressed up around his chest and her waist and legs wrapped around his, and her face nestled close to his neck it felt both distressing and calming to Ben. Unable to move the excitement helped him to quickly drift off to sleep again.

The morning light and warmth awoke him from what felt like a deep sleep. He looked out the window into the light and then down at the bed to see his self still exposed with no sheets to be seen.

Lying there naked he could looked down and saw his penis, he jumped up startled remembering what he had experienced last night. Still not completely sure if the events from last night had actually occurred he grabbed his penis, it was still covered in fluid. "Did that happen or was it just a really good wet dream?" he asked himself. Either way he needed to go take a shower and get cleaned up.

After spending an hour in the shower going over and over what may or may not have happened that night he finally switched off the water and got out. He grabbed his towel and looked into the mirror, it had all fogged from the steam in the room from his hot shower but he could make out what looked like something written on the mirror in the steam. Ben saw the words "Thank you" on the mirror in the steam. Reading this Ben's heart skipped a beat, He wiped the writing away and as he did he saw her again, standing behind him briefly reflected in the mirror her face with that same familiar smile. He turned around; nothing.

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