tagGay MaleRugger Buggers Make Out In Mud

Rugger Buggers Make Out In Mud


It was Saturday afternoon and Paul was looking forward to a game of amateur rugby with his buddies. It always made him feel good chasing around the field and he enjoyed all the physical contact because he didn't have any sex life to speak of. And afterwards, in the showers, he could drink in the beauty of all those free swinging dicks and chunky arses to fuel his fantasies when he got to bed.

The players had only been on the field five minutes when the skies suddenly darkened and sheets of water started slashing down on them. And then, just as suddenly as it had started, the rain stopped and the sun came out again. The guys were all drenched to the skin with their jerseys clinging to their powerful shoulders and well developed chests and their shorts clinging to their meaty arses and massive thighs. Paul tried not to look but damn it was impossible; all around him were nipples showing through wet cloth and big, bull balls framed by wet shorts and ass cheeks straining against wet, revealing cloth. As the rugger buggers charged over the field they churned up more and more mud making it impossibly slippery. The referee had had enough and signalled that the match was over and left the field.

But the players were far from ready to quit. They were having too much fun getting muddy and tackling each other to the ground. They started playing a game that had no rules. The ball seemed an afterthought as they bumped and ground their way around the pitch. Jeff tackled Paul and he found himself flat on his back with the beefy blonde stud rubbing his muddy body all over Paul's wet and slippery frame. The results were inevitable; Paul sprung a massive boner.

'Hey guys!' Jeff called out 'Paul's got a hardon.'

Paul tried to struggle free but it was no use. He was soon surrounded by a bunch of other guys and Jeff was really rubbing up against Paul's hardon now; Paul's handsome face was flushed beet red and he felt terribly embarrassed but so incredibly turned on that he could hardly breathe.

'Rip his shorts off!' some suggested.

Once more Paul struggled in vain as his muddy shorts were pulled off revealing his pale, smooth ass and his eight inch cock straining within its own skin. A muddy pair of hands closed around it and started jacking it, causing Paul to respond by thrusting his hips.

'Shit, looks like he likes that.' Dave said as he pulled his stubby cock out the side of his shorts.

He put his hand behind Paul's head and guided his mouth onto his cock. Paul pretended to resists, but he was a prisoner to his need; there was an incredibly fat cock just inches from his face, the first that he had been offered in over three months, and he simply could not resist. There was a gasp as he opened wide and let the fat mushroom cap push past his lips. Paul's body was soon covered in soft, squishy mud as men from both teams grabbed, groped and prodded him. He felt a warm sensation on his balls and temporarily turned his attention away from the juicy cock he was nursing on to see Fred pissing a massive stream of steaming piss onto his sensitive nuts. The warm liquid ran into his crack and past his pucker, making Paul groan out loud before reaching once more for the beer bottle thick cock that was on offer. Immediately his nuts were clean Jack gathered up another gloop of squishy mud and rubbed it into Paul's balls. And then another jet of piss cleaned him off again.

Paul writhed around in the mud in total ecstasy. He had become like some kind of slut mascot, a personal toy for the team of big, urly fuckers. A sausage thick finger pushed into his ass and made him yelp. Seconds later Dave spunked out the heaviest load of sex juice Paul had ever known. It landed on his cheek and nose and an unknown hand gathered up a string of the pearly white funk and pushed a finger into Paul's mouth. Paul went crazy on that finger, sucking it clean while his own over inflated and overexcited cock throbbed in some unseen man's meaty paw. He felt so damn close to cumming but he wanted this crazy madness to go one for ever and ever.

Tom knelt at Paul's side and fed him a cigar thin seven inch cock that tasted out of this world delicious. Paul greedily swirled his tongue around the juicy cockhead and reached out a hand to stroke Tom's muddy arse. It was an incredibly smooth, extremely firm and utterly fuckable mound of man meat. If only they were alone, Paul thought, he would have found a way to get inside that tunnel of love. He moved his hand now from that beautiful butt and stroked Tom's fat nuts with a feathery touch. The big guy groaned as he let loose a volley of spunk bullets that shot into the back of Paul's throat.

Paul just had time to swallow before he saw Sam lower his muddy shorts and then a shadow fell across Paul's face as that massive, hairy, sweaty crack descended onto his face. Sam let out a guttural grunt as Paul's hot tongue made contact with his spice hole. Paul went into sexual overdrive as he inhaled the heady, masculine scent of a musky, hairy crack while his tongue teased and prodded its way around the big man's pucker.

'Fuckin hell, he's eating Sam's ass!' he heard someone state the obvious.

The finger in Paul's arsehole didn't feel so rough now. In fact it felt bloody marvellous as it sawed into his sensitive tunnel, its girth almost as good as a skinny cock. Hands pinched Paul's nipples, tugged on his balls, milked his cock and smeared soft, smooth, slippery mud all over his body. Sam ground his beefy arse all over Paul's face as he stroked his beautiful cock with its pronounced red knob. It felt like he was getting a blowjob from the inside out and Sam just couldn't understand that. He had only sat down on Paul's face as a joke, to tease him, but hotdamn! he just couldn't tear himself away. Sam started stroking like crazy now as the pleasure he felt inside his bumhole intensified. His big, furry nuts were drawn up close and he was panting like crazy when a shudder went through him and he sprayed a load of his sex slime all over Paul's stomach.

Gareth lifted Paul's head and fed him a medium sized cock that was so horny it took only a minute before he creamed off an amazingly sweet load of jism into Paul's mouth. Paul was still licking his lips when he felt the unmistakable sensation of a guy's spit wet asslips closing around his hungry cock. He looked down and saw a fiery thatch of copper coloured pubes and a pale cock with a massive overhand of silky foreskin. It was quite the most beautiful thing Paul had ever seen and he reached down and milked that massive skin back revealing a very slippery plum coloured cockknob. The owner of this beautiful cock was slowly working Paul's hard cock into his ass and it definitely was a case of love at first fuck.

Paul didn't even know the guy's name -- he was on the other team -- but already he was planning dates and a life together. What the other guys had done was a bit of craziness, but what this guy was doing with his gentle rocking up and down Paul's shaft told him that he had found a fellow gay guy amongst the bunch of rugger buggers that he stepped onto the field with. As turned on as Paul had been by all the cocks he had sucked and touched that afternoon, and by all the hands that had prodded and stroked him, none of them could compare to the silken furnace that he found himself in. He looked up into the handsome dudes's sexy green eyes and he knew that the stranger was feeling something magical too.

It was the strangest sensation having his first lovefuck witnessed by twenty eight other guys. What made it even more unusual was that the guys that hadn't already jizzed off were now stroking like crazy, dropping their heavy loads on Paul's face, neck and belly and on his lover's broad back. The smell of mansex hung thick in the air and added to the excitement and pleasure that Paul felt as the stranger's experienced love tunnel worked its magic on his throbbing cock. His cockhead felt so incredibly sensitive that it was just one degree away from hurting. The sexy redhead that he was fucking was close too and Paul watched as he fisted his big, fleshy cock. One moment his shiny cockhead was revealed, the next it was hidden; it was an angry purple-red colour now and Paul could tell it was fixing to blow. He stopped fighting the urge to surrender himself to the warm, slippery chute he was in.

'Go on, give it to him!' Sam growled as he cradled Paul's head in his massive hands.

There was nothing to do but obey. A hot blast of manjuice landed on Paul's stomach as his lover sighed in ecstasy. Seconds later Paul's cock erupted in the stranger's ass and he cried out like a wounded animal as relief flooded every cell of his body. A sudden shower of piss rained down on the lovers as the rugger buggers emptied their bladders on the pair. Everyone laughed and then it was time to hit the showers.


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