tagRomanceRun Ch. 06

Run Ch. 06

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere. It contains HETEROSEXUAL, HOMOSEXUAL and LESBIAN sexual activity.

--------------- -----------------

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

This story takes place in the entirely fictional city of Springfield, California, so don't go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

This is part of an ongoing series. Please check out earlier part(s) for background and character history.

----- -------------

Sally Cox sat anxiously in the big leather chair in Dr. Martin's office. The beautiful redheaded woman intimidated her. At the moment, Dr. Martin was staring over the top of her glasses at the slim young woman. And she was smiling.

'She's got a pretty smile,' Sally thought.

"Sally, you WERE the one who asked to meet with me," Carolyn Martin chuckled. "I'm guessing that 'shy' is one of the reasons."

Sally mumbled something. Dr. Martin just stared at her. "No ma'am," Sally said a little louder. "Well, not entirely."

"So what's bothering you then? Want to know how to get over being shy?"

"I . . . I don't want to be invisible."

"Well, now THAT'S a problem. Except that I can see you quite clearly."

Sally blushed. "No one else does. I don't want to be shy. I've tried to talk to girls . . . and guys," she added quickly. Dr. Martin just raised an eyebrow but let Sally continue. "They just don't hear me. They just keep doing . . . things. Like I'm not even there. I don't care if people think I'm a dork or anything. I just want them to think of me."

"And you think no one thinks of you or that they don't see you?"

"I know they don't. I walked up and talked to this one woman . . . I mean girl . . . I mean . . . no, I do mean girl," Sally stammered. "She was talking with her friends. I said something I thought was witty. They just kept talking. I'm pretty sure I said it loud enough . . ."

"Does this happen a lot?"

"Yes. It did," Sally replied. "No matter what I say . . . no one hears. I didn't think anyone even knew I existed until . . ."

"Until what?"

"Until Pat Baker knew my name."

"You know Pat?" Carolyn said.

"Not really . . . well . . . sort of. She . . . she got into an argument . . . sort of . . . a few days ago."

"She told me about that," Carolyn replied. "So you're the young woman who stood up for her? She was really proud of you for that."

Sally's heart leapt in her throat and pounded against her chest. "Really?"

"Absolutely. She's a smart girl. She chooses her friends wisely."

"I'm her friend?!" Sally said. She thought she was going to have a stroke.

"That's up to you and her," Carolyn said. "But if you talk to her, I've got a feeling she'll listen. Did she suggest you come here?"

"No," Sally said. "She was talking yesterday about how much you've helped and . . . and I wanted to know if you can help me."

"I don't think you need much help," Carolyn said. "You just need someone to listen. I'm willing to bet that more and more people will be willing to do that if you keep trying. But if you ever want to come back and talk to me, my door is always open."

Sally bit her bottom lip. "Really?"

"Absolutely. Even if there's anything else you need to talk about," Carolyn interjected. She had some suspicions about the young woman, but wasn't going to put words in Sally's mouth. She had something else she wanted to say, but then she heard a loud knock on the door.

"Excuse me," the redhead said irritably. She got up and went to the door. Upon opening it, she found the principal, Mr. Primely, standing outside her door. He looked disturbed.

"I'm sorry. I know you've got a session but . . ." He sighed. "There's something you should see."

"Can't it wait?"

"No." Mr. Primely sounded firm.

"It's okay," Sally said, grabbing her book bag and standing up. "Thank you Dr. Martin."

"Remember, you can talk to me any time." Carolyn let Sally out and then followed Mr. Primely, not knowing that she was being followed. The principal led her out to the parking lot where she was treated to a sight that chilled her to the bone.

In front of her was her car. On the hood and the sides were spray-painted the words, "Dirty DykE" and "LesBo SluT."

Dr. Carolyn Martin was shaking with both rage and fear, and she had never felt so . . . violated . . . in all her life.

---------- -------------

After school . . .

---------- -------------

By the time the gang had assembled after school, they had all heard the news, and rumors were running wild. Some people had apparently been saying that Dr. Martin had been hitting on a student while others were saying she was sleeping with another member of the faculty. More than a few rumors claimed that Carolyn had been seen "making out" with Pat Baker herself. Pat and friends had also figured something else out. All the rumors seemed to have ties back to . . .

"Thomas-fucking-Brazier," Keith growled. There were seven of them now, standing outside the front door of the school. Keith, Pat, Gail and Todd had been joined by Benga, Sally and Arthur (or Art). "I'm going to . . ."

". . . kill that son of a . . ." Pat said, trying to control her emotions. Unlike the others, she was pretty sure she was actually capable of killing that toad. "He can't get me directly, so he goes after Dr. Martin."

"But why her?" Sally asked. She had already recounted the story of Dr. Martin finding her car. "I mean, why make up stuff like that about Dr. Martin? She's not actually gay is she?" Sally weighed a lot more on that question than the others knew.

Pat, Gail, Todd and Keith looked nervous. "That's not the point," Pat said. "She NEVER made any undo advances on me or any other student."

"Agreed," Art said.

"But what should we do?" Todd pondered.

"I thought we'd established that we need to kill Thomas," Keith said.

"I think we should talk to Dr. Martin before we do anything," Pat said, rubbing her temples. She hadn't been getting nearly as many headaches since she had removed herself from her parent's household, but the stress of this new situation was egging one on. Keith looked noticeably concerned, but she gently waved him off. Of course she didn't refuse when he offered to rub her neck and shoulders while they continued talking.

"Okay," Gail said. "But should we tell the principal or the police about who's doing this?"

"We've got no proof," Keith replied, gently rubbing Pat's temples. "Just rumors."

"I'm with Pat," Benga said, greatly concerned himself. "I'll talk to her. I don't wanna sound rude or nothin', but it should be a guy who goes to talk to her. It's bullshit, but it makes sense."

"Any girl going in there right now just feeds the rumor mill," Art agreed.

The group agreed to let Benga go talk to Ms. Martin the next day, then they split for the afternoon after also deciding on a movie and time for that Friday. Gail and Todd exchanged kisses, as did Pat and Keith. Pat was getting better and kissing and found herself enjoying the sensation quite a bit. It still made her a little light-headed, but she was able to control herself.

---------- ------------------

At Gail's house . . .

---------- ------------------

As soon as Gail pulled onto her street, Pat noticed her mother's car sitting by the curb.

"Not now," Pat whispered.

Gail pulled into the driveway. "Pat, you know I support you. I can't imagine what your life was like. But don't you think it's time to at least give them a shot?"

Pat sighed. "I don't know if I can," she said.

"Do you want to?"

Pat couldn't even answer. She just got out of the car and walked up to the porch. Her mother was sitting talking to Gail's parents, and looked highly anxious when the two girls walked up the steps. Gail was pulled, somewhat reluctantly, inside by her folks. She wanted to find out what was going to happen. Mary and Pat Baker were left alone.

"How are you?" Mary asked, desperate for a way to break the ice between them.

"I'm alright," Pat said calmly.

There was an awkward period of silence. "Is this the way it's going to be?" Mrs. Baker said at last.

"What did you expect?" Pat replied. "You treated me like dirt my whole life because of something that wasn't my fault. Now Buddy is . . ." Pat felt her heart in her throat. "Buddy is gone, and NOW you feel guilty?"

"I ALWAYS loved you," Mary said somewhat forcefully. "I may have stunk at showing it, but I . . ."

"I heard what you think of me," Pat said, her patience wearing thin. "I heard you and Mr. Baker arguing that one night in Japan."

A moment of realization dawned in Mary Baker's eyes.

"Yeah, I heard everything. You think I'm just Mr. . . . You think I'm Dad's little robot and that I don't have any will of my own. You gave up on me way before I ever started to give up on you." Pat felt her headache returning. "All those years, you think that I wanted to be like that? To be a soldier? Making him happy was the only way I could keep him from pushing on Buddy. There were so many times I wanted you to stand up for me, not just Buddy. When I first started to menstruate, I had to look up what it all meant in books because I didn't think I could talk to you. There were times I wanted to be . . . damn it, where I wanted to be a 'girl,' but I didn't have anyone to show me how." Pat shook her head. "And what sucks is that I still do. Even after all this time, I still want my mother to actually treat me like a daughter. I just don't know if you deserve it."

Mary was reeling. She had recently begun to realize that she had been a less-than-perfect mother, but Pat had just reminded her how completely foolish she had been. "I did love you, and I still do," Mary said. "I never knew how to handle you. You never seemed to need me. You never seemed to need anyone but your brother. I resented your father for making you like that, but you're right . . . it's just as much my fault. But I always kept track of your accomplishments. Then, when I saw you going out on your first date . . . I just realized that it had all snuck up on me. You were a young woman, and I had missed out on you being a young girl. I didn't want to miss out anymore, but then when . . ." Mary couldn't even bring herself to mention Buddy's name. No mother should ever outlive her child. "I want in your life. I know I don't deserve it, but I want it anyway. And not just because you're all I have left to remember your brother by. Because I want to remember YOU."

Pat was trembling. Just like so many times before, she actually WANTED her mother to hug her and tell her that everything would be okay.

Mary continued. "And it's not just me," she said. "Your father . . . he's kicking himself everyday for pushing you so hard. And he hates himself for not paying the kind of attention to his son that he should have. We want you to come back home. Just give us one more shot. I promise we'll try to be the parents you deserve."

"He couldn't even show up to say it himself?" Pat asked bitterly.

"Every time he shows up around you recently, he gets punched in the face," Mary reminded her.

The two of them stared at each other, then shared a nervous but genuine snicker.

"I . . ." Pat started. "I'll think about it," she said cautiously. "I've got other things I need to deal with right now, but . . . but maybe. But if I do, it'll be on my terms."

"I understand," Mary replied. She felt hope, and it warmed her more than anything she could imagine at that moment.

Pat turned toward the door and placed a hand on the knob. Then she turned and gave her mother the first hug the two had shared in years. Mary clung to her daughter like there was no tomorrow. Both women wanted to weep, but they kept themselves composed. Then Pat turned and went inside.

Mary Baker heard an emotional sniff from the other side of the bushes next to the porch. She leaned over the railing and saw Gail, who was kneeling in the spot where she had apparently been eavesdropping.

"Well, YOU'RE a nosey one, aren't you?"

"Sorry," Gail said, not at all meaning it. She looked at the woman on her porch. "She's trying."

Mary looked almost relieved at that statement. "You really think so?"

"She's had a lot on her plate. I know you all have, but she . . ."

"What else is happening?"

Gail looked nervously towards the house. "You know her psychiatrist? Well Dr. Martin has just recently had her car tagged and she's been accused of coming on to some of the students . . . her female students," Gail said. "We think we know who's behind it. Some asshole with a problem with Pat and Keith. This guy wants to hurt Pat somehow and doesn't have the guts to do it directly, so he's going after Dr. Martin."

"Is she . . ."

"Our official stance on whether or not she likes girls is that it is irrelevant. She's never exhibited any inappropriate behavior. And damn it, all she's done is help people! I don't know if Pat would've been able to open up to anyone if it weren't for her!" Gail realized she probably just slighted Mrs. Baker, but it was the truth.

"Thank you," Mary replied oddly. "For talking to me and . . . and for taking care of my daughter."

"Don't give up on her. People have made that mistake before, and she keeps surprising everyone."

"I won't."

------- ---------------------------

At Dr. Martin's place . . .

------- ---------------------------

Lola walked in, nervous out of her skin. She had been trying to reach her lover by cell phone for hours to no avail. She had heard the rumors, but somehow her name had been left out of it. But that wouldn't ease her girlfriend's mind.

She saw Carolyn sitting in the easy chair, a bottle of wine sitting on the floor and a full glass of the stuff in her hand. She was still in her work clothes, though now they were rumpled.

"How long have you been at it?" Lola asked. Carolyn enjoyed wine but rarely ever even got buzzed.

Carolyn sighed. "I just started," she admitted sheepishly. She had planned on going into a depressed bender, but realized it wouldn't be fun if Lola wasn't there to wallow in her pity with her.

Lola smiled. Carolyn was a strong woman, even though she liked to pretend to be weak sometimes. "How you holdin' up babe?" She sat on the arm of the chair and brushed the hair out of Carolyn's face.

"I knew it was going to happen at some point. I knew it would get out. I just wasn't expecting it to be this personal."

"How do you think it happened? Only a couple of the kids knew and . . . I just can't imagine them squealin'."

Carolyn kissed Lola's hand. "I don't think it was them, or at least not them intentionally. I don't want to believe it was Pat or her friends, so I think I won't. But that doesn't change the fact that everything has changed." She looked perplexed, realizing she had contradicted herself.

"It'll be okay. You're too important and too qualified. They'd NEVER fire you, especially since everything they said isn't true." Lola kissed Carolyn on the forehead.

"That doesn't matter," the redhead shot back somewhat bitterly. "Parents don't care about qualifications, results or whatever. They care about appearances, even when appearances are misleading. They don't want a . . . what were the words? 'Dirty dyke'? Yes, that was it. They don't want one of THOSE holding sway over their impressionable children, no matter how enlightened they think they are."

"I won't let them," Lola said quietly. "I'll go to the wall for you. You know that."

"You'll do no such thing. I will not allow them to drag your name through the mud and get you in trouble."

"My name's already been drug through the mud . . . by ME! I don't give a shit about losin' my job or havin' my parole officer raggin' on me. You're the only thing that matters."

Carolyn was suddenly quite sober and quite intense. "Don't ever say that you don't matter. I love you, and THAT matters! You've worked too hard to make something of yourself . . . something I'm so proud of. I won't let anyone take that away from you."

"They can't," Lola said, holding Carolyn's head against her chest. "I just don't want them to take you away from me."

"No force in heaven or hell will do that." Carolyn looked up at her lover, their lips seeking each other out, and they each tasted the other's desperation. "I need you right now," she whispered. "I need you to take me out of myself . . . to that place that only you can."

Lola would never refuse Carolyn anything. She wasn't sure that this type of escapism would help, but the sexual energy was too potent between them to be ignored. She pulled Carolyn to her feet and kissed the girl roughly on the mouth, grabbing Carolyn's hair with one hand and her ass with the other. The two were all over each other as Lola moved them towards the bedroom. She shoved the redheaded psychiatrist down to the bed, her "victim" looking up with lust and longing. Lola jumped onto the bed, straddling Carolyn and ripping her blouse off. 'No wonder she spends so much on clothes,' Lola thought.

Carolyn's heart was about to beat all the way out of her chest. She knew she was hiding from her problem, but she would deal with it later. For a little while, she'd let Lola take over her life. Her large breasts were straining against her bra as the fabric of her top ripped. Lola grabbed her hands and stretched them over her head. The Latin sensation held Carolyn's wrists with one hands while fumbling under the headboard for something, finally pulling up a pair of lined handcuffs that lived there. They were attached to the frame of the bed by chains long enough to provide Lola some room to position her prisoner, but that was about it.

"I'm going to make you scream," Lola whispered into her lover's ear. "I'm going to make you whimper all night long."

Carolyn wanted to look scared, just to add to the moment of their game. But she couldn't. All she could do was wait with baited breath to see what Lola was going to do.

Lola stood up and almost casually started to strip, revealing bit by bit of that hard body. She was watching Carolyn writhe on the bed. The woman's skirt had ridden up, but Lola didn't worry about removing it. She actually got turned on a bit when Carolyn was just mostly undressed. She let her lover drink in the sight of Lola's body, then pulled a sleeping mask out of the nightstand and covered the redhead's eyes.

"I'm afraid of the dark," Carolyn murmured, using her best "little girl" voice.

"You should be," Lola replied, swinging herself around and straddling Carolyn's face. The woman's arms were pressed against the sides of her head while Lola's pussy was now pressed against her mouth. And Lola got a good view of her captive's entire helpless body. "Lick that pussy," she growled, slapping one of Carolyn's tits through her bra. She listened as her lover yelped and then felt the woman's tongue penetrate Lola's sweet slot. "Faster." This was followed by another slap. She really didn't care how fast Carolyn went. She just knew how much the redhead liked being handled roughly.

Carolyn's breasts were stinging quite delightfully. She loved how warm they felt! She was burying her mouth completely inside Lola's pussy when she felt her bra being unclasped in the front and her nipples tugged upon. She was rubbing her legs together, vainly trying to achieve some kind of release as pleasure rocketing through her bound form. She tried to latch her lips onto Lola's clit, but the woman pulled away. She was going to make Carolyn work for it.

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