tagMatureRunning for Fitness or Sex? Ch. 03

Running for Fitness or Sex? Ch. 03


On Saturday morning I awoke with a raging hard-on. I wasn't surprised given the fantastic sex Sue Ellen and I had enjoyed the previous evening in the darkness of the neighborhood park.

As I contemplated my erection I wondered where Sue Ellen had learned to suck a cock so well. Her mouth was virtually indistinguishable from her pussy and they were both first-rate. I decided I'd have to ask her how she acquired such oral skills. In the meantime, my hard-on showed no signs of diminishing so, in the shower, I lathered up and enthusiastically washed my very hard cock while I relived last evening's events. In short order I spurted a substantial load of cum into the shower.

Feeling refreshed, I went about my Saturday's activities and spent a long, sweaty day mowing, trimming, and weeding my lawn and flower beds. While working I thought about three issues on my mind. The first was a thorny computer program at work and an algorithm that I could not get right. The second was whether to give away all of the kittens my cat had recently delivered or to keep the little gray/blue female who seemed to have her mother's sweet disposition. The third was how many more times Sue Ellen and I could enjoy each other before we were discovered with all the negative implications that would entail.

Around 2:00 p.m. I stopped for a coffee break and the algorithm simply unfolded as I stared at the flower bed I had been weeding. I leaped to my feet and ran inside to grab a pad of paper and a pen and I jotted down the solution to the troublesome algorithm.

I returned outside and sat down to sip my coffee while berating myself for not seeing the algorithm's solution a lot earlier than I did. In the midst of my mental self-flagellation, I winced as I felt tiny claws in my leg. Looking down I saw the blue/gray kitten struggling to climb my leg so I picked her up and sat her in my lap. She sprawled on my lap and purred loudly and I had to grin. Two issues had been resolved in the last few minutes.

Still sipping coffee, I considered Sue Ellen. She was dynamite, in the best sense of the word, sexually, but she was dynamite, in the worst sense of the word, personally and professionally.

As I finished my coffee a potential resolution to the Sue Ellen problem flashed through my mind. "Crazy John Morgan." Crazy John was a brilliant programmer who had deservedly earned the nickname "Crazy." He was a big guy with a wicked sense of humor and a penchant for self-destructive behaviors such as fooling with married women, of getting loopy on shots of whiskey, each followed by a glass of beer, of swearing at his boss, and of calling every male M.B.A he encountered in the company, "an M.B.A sonofabitch.". He had a Ph.D. in physics or math and only his towering intellect and productivity had saved him from unemployment innumerable times. I had partnered with him and even been his overseer a few times on projects. Based on those encounters, I had a hand in saving his hide a few times by arguing that we wanted him working for us and not for a competitor. I put the Sue Ellen issue to rest for the day with the thought, "I wonder if Sue Ellen would be interested in Crazy John." I took it, as a given, that Crazy John would be interested in Sue Ellen. He had a weakness for women and for an attractive one he would fall down and foam at the mouth.

Saturday passed uneventfully and Sunday was taken up with golf. In mid-afternoon I returned home to shower and to watch the final round of the week's golf tournament. While watching the tournament the phone rang and it was Sue Ellen. She greeted me and purred, "I have a few hours free. Can I stop in to see you?"

Startled, I asked, "Do you know where I live?" She affirmed that she did and described my house on Magnolia Court.

Again, I wondered just how much Sue Ellen knew about me, but I assented and urged her to come in the back door because it would be difficult, otherwise, to explain her calling on me. She demurred and pointed out that she was heavily involved in the Humane Society and she was coming to see me about both adopting the litter of kittens and having my adult female cat spayed.

My response was, "Now, wait a minute. How do you know about my cat and the kittens?"

She responded, "DUH! Your next door neighbor is the head of the county's Humane Society. He mentioned the other night at a meeting that you, his next door neighbor, should be called on about the litter of kittens."

All I could say to that was, "Oh."

Sue Ellen said, "I'll be there in ten minutes or however long it takes me to walk to your place."

Fifteen minutes later she arrived in a polo shirt and shorts looking very slim, sensuous, and desirable. I opened the door for her and closed it behind her and she smiled and stepped into my arms for a kiss.

As we kissed I pulled her polo shirt out of her waist band and slid my hands up her back. I stopped when I felt her bra and asked, "A bra?"

Sue Ellen looked stern and responded, "I am, after all, a respectable wife and volunteer for the Humane Society."

My counter to that was, "You don't need it here."

In response she unclipped the bra's front clasp and shrugged it off and I enveloped her back in a big hug while kissing her.

We broke the kiss and I used the remote to turn off the golf match and walked her to the couch and pulled off her polo and laid her down on the couch. I leaned over her and alternated licking each nipple with harder sucking of each tit. Sue Ellen urged me on with little cries of "Yes."

Within a few moments she was gasping and she asked me to remove my clothes. I did and returned to licking and sucking her nipples while she grasped my already firm cock in her right hand. I looked at her nipples which were hard and elongated and removed her hand from my cock. Then I guided the head of my cock to her right nipple and spanked the nipple with it. Then I used the head of my cock to push her nipple back into her tit and then moved to her left nipple and did the same thing. Sue Ellen grasped my cock again and sucked it while she pulled and twisted her own nipples.

She stopped sucking my cock after a few minutes and asked, "Can we do what we did Friday night?"

In response I removed my cock from her hand, pulled her upright and we lay down on the plush carpeting. I removed her shorts and panties and straddled her as I had Friday evening. With my cock in her face she grasped it and sucked it into her mouth. She commenced licking and sucking it while I stroked her luxurious bush. I was, in every sense of the word, teasing her with my fingers as I parted her bush and brushed it one way and the other.

Her sucking of my cock was so good it was unreal and I was enjoying both that and playing with her bush. Finally, she removed my cock from her mouth and said, quite distinctly, "You bastard, stop teasing and lick it!"

I responded, "Yes, Ma'am" and commenced licking her slit.

This time, in the light of day, I could clearly see her engorged clit and I greeted it with my tongue and I flicked my tongue across her clit slowly. She writhed and moaned and gasped, "More!"

Following her wants I placed my lips around her clit and alternately kissed it and gently sucked it. She humped against my face and I pretty quickly had a wet face from her secretions. Sue Ellen surprised me by lifting her legs and wrapping them around my head which effectively pinned my face and mouth in her pussy. She groaned, "Do it! O God, do it!"

I did it to the best of my ability by alternating kissing her clit and sucking it between my lips. I felt my cock sliding across her teeth as she yanked it from her mouth and she signaled her orgasm by groaning "Ugggggggggghhhhh!' as she shoved her pussy even harder into my face. By now I knew the impending signs and her orgasm hit her hard and she went rigid. The orgasm lasted a long time and I never stopped sucking her clit. Finally, the rigidity left her and she collapsed into limpness.

She lay still, moaning quietly as I, very gently, licked her overwrought clit. Her pussy lips were gaping open and showed a deep coral color. Not to be outdone by her passion, my cock was so hard I felt actual discomfort. I ceased my clit licking when she murmured, "No more. It's too intense."

I spun myself around and wrapped my arms around Sue Ellen and we kissed deeply. She was still breathing deeply from her intense orgasm. I grinned at her and said, "Girl, you can really, really suck cock. You are phenomenal."

She nodded and said, "Thank you."

I asked, "Where did you learn to do that?"

She nodded and waited a while for her breathing to return to near normal before she said, "I learned to suck cock in high school and college. It's how I kept the boys satisfied and out of my panties."

I laughed and suggested, "You must have been the most popular woman on campus."

She grinned back, "I didn't lack for dates, that's for sure."

We kissed and I felt her hand slide between us and grasp my cock again. She jacked me slowly and asked, "May I have this big boy now?"

My response was an enthusiastic "Absolutely. How would you like it?"

Sue Ellen said, "I'd like to be on top. Is that ok?"

My answer was to flip onto my back with my cock pointing to the ceiling.

Sue Ellen grasped it and licked up and down its length for a minute and then she straddled me and inserted it into her pussy. Grinning at me, she ever so slowly slid down my cock and buried it in her wet pussy. I heard myself groan with pleasure when she had me fully sheathed. "You feel wonderful, Sue Ellen" was about all I could blurt out.

She began an up-and-down rhythm that I loved. I grasped her hips and she rode me more quickly. I murmured, "I love watching your tits bounce."

Sue Ellen leaned forward and put her hands on my shoulders and quickened her pace. In doing so, there was a definite slapping sound as she bounced against my abdomen. Her pace quickened again. I groaned, "Sue Ellen, that's so good."

In time, Sue Ellen was beginning to get a real look of passion on her face and she leaned forward and dangled her right tit in my face. She instructed me, "Suck it hard."

I grabbed her entire areola in my mouth and sucked it hard. My reward was to hear her begin to pant as she quickened her thrusting. I sucked her tit even harder and Sue Ellen screamed, "Oh, I'm cuming!"

Her orgasm hit her really hard and triggered mine. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I let out what I'm sure was an inhuman sound as my cock exploded streams of cum into her pussy.

Sue Ellen was again rigid and her face seems frozen into a grimace of pain. When the rigidity passed, she collapsed on top of me and she was sobbing. Her sobbing confused me and I quickly asked, "Are you ok?"

She lifted her head and looked at me and said, "Oh, so good, so good. Yes, I'm fine."

Sue Ellen was sprawled on top of me and we lay that way for a long time. Eventually, Sue Ellen asked, "Should I get off you?"

I asked her to stay on top of me because "You feel good on top of me and I don't want to remove my cock from your pussy yet."

Finally, Sue Ellen lifted her head and said, "You are a real bastard, but you can fuck a woman senseless."

I laughed and asked, "Did you just compliment me?"

Sue Ellen nodded "Yes."

After a long time of holding and hugging Sue Ellen I smacked her on her tiny bottom and said, "Off woman. I'd like to breathe deeply."

Sue Ellen rolled off me and we lay side by side with her right hand in my left hand.

As our sanity returned, we both started laughing. In a circle around us on the carpet were Mama Cat and most of her kittens. The little blue/gray one even planted her front feet on my hip and stared up at me.

Sue Ellen rolled up onto her side and said, "Talk to me."

So, I rolled up onto my side and faced her. Sue Ellen said, "I always call you a bastard, but I also want to thank you for being such a gentleman."

I looked at her quizzically and she continued. "That first night, in the park, I came so hard and then I peed on you. You've never said a word and you've not teased me and you've not made me feel bad. Believe me; I was mortified when I realized what I had done."

I responded, "Sue Ellen, forget it. I knew it was entirely involuntary and I never thought you were being kinky or weird. You had your orgasm and you were rigid and then you collapsed and I knew that the starch had just gone out of you. Put it out of your mind."

In response, Sue Ellen kissed me and said, "Thank you."

I looked at my watch and said, "Let's go shower. You said you had a few hours and we don't want to push that."

Naked we walked to my bathroom and got into the shower and we soaped and rinsed each other. As we dried ourselves I said, "You told me last week at Starbucks that you needed a fuck buddy."

Sue Ellen nodded "Yes."

I continued, "I think I have a candidate for you."

Sue Ellen became quiet and fixed her gaze on me.

I asked, "Do you know Crazy John Morgan?"

Sue Ellen's eyes got large and she gasped, "Crazy John!? He's the guy who infuriates management by ignoring the women and calling the men names."

I nodded affirmation and said, "And your point is?"

Sue Ellen said, "He's a crazy man!"

I added, "He's a lot more than that. He's smart, he's funny, and he's discreet."

Sue Ellen asked, "What do you mean?"

I said, "You know he's smart?"

She nodded. "His intelligence is legend in the company."

I added, "If you've talked to him, you know he's funny. He has a great sense of humor."

Sue Ellen responded, "Are you crazy? I work in Human Resources. He loathes us. He calls us idiots. Why would I talk to him?" I replied, "C'mon Sue Ellen! You can't hold that against him. You people in HR are idiots."

She was sneaky fast. Her roundhouse right nearly got me but I ducked away. Sue Ellen said once again, "You bastard."

I hugged her and held her and said, "You're as attractive a woman as there is around and Crazy John appreciates that. He'll gladly talk to you and you might even tame the crazy bastard if you'll start having sex with him."

Sue Ellen was quiet and she asked, "What did you mean he was discreet?"

My response was, "How many women in the company has he screwed?"

Sue Ellen said, "I can't imagine any of them would screw him."

"Six," I responded. "At last count he's screwed at least six women in the company and no one knows a thing about it. I point-blank asked him for a number, but no names, and he said 'six'. I asked how many of them were married and his answer was 'six.' That's what I mean by discreet. He's not nearly as crazy as he's made out to be."

Sue Ellen was looking directly at me and had not even noticed that I was getting another erection. I knew it, though, and I guided her to my bed and bent her over the bed. She looked around at me with a puzzled look on her face, but she knew what was going on when I poked her pussy with my cock.

She looked at me over her shoulder and asked, "What are you doing? We just showered."

I laughed and said, "Oh, I just want to enjoy a few strokes in your pussy."

Then I slid my hard-on into her still very slick pussy and began pumping. After the tenth stroke Sue Ellen was humping back against me. I let her get a nice rhythm going and abruptly stopped and withdrew my cock. Laughing I said, "Thank you. That was nice."

Sue Ellen gritted her teeth and said, "You BASTARD! Put that thing back inside me."

So, I did, and we went into an erotic frenzy. We fucked furiously and I leaned over her to grasp and twist her tits. I whispered in her ear, "You are fantastic."

She humped back at me at me and after a few minutes she gasped, "Oh my God, I'm going to cum again."

Her hips were a blur on my cock until I felt her pussy clamp down on me and she yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" The now familiar rigidity followed and then she collapsed, face-down, onto my bed.

I eased her over onto her back and held her while her breathing returned to normal. When it did, she looked at me and said, "You're still hard. You bastard, you can't even cum on cue."

She reached down and grabbed my cock and slid it into her mouth and she sucked me beautifully. She stopped long enough to ask me to tell her when I was going to cum, because she did not like to swallow a load of cum. As requested, I told her when I was about to cum and she removed me from her mouth and jacked me off onto her chest and tits. When she had emptied me she stood and smiled, "Now I have to shower again."

She showered again and I found a dry towel and rubbed her dry. Then we kissed for a long time.

Finally, she led me by the hand to the living room where her clothes were in a heap on the couch. As she dressed she said, "Tell Crazy John what I'm looking for, determine if he's interested, and if he is, tell him not to freak when I call him in under the guise of reviewing his work record."

I said, "OK, I can do that. I'll brief him on your situation without using your name. If I don't wave you off by Wednesday, call him in for a conference. If you like what you see, it's in your hands. Heck, while you're at it, show him your bush and you'll have him eating out of your hand."

As I said, she was sneaky fast and this time I didn't quite duck the roundhouse right that slammed into my shoulder.

Still nude and now laughing at her really good punch, I walked her to the front door and she leaned over to kiss my cock and she said, "Thank you."

I responded "Thank you. You are really fantastic."

Sue Ellen departed and I did not see or hear from her for well over a week. As I had promised Sue Ellen, I took Crazy John out for dinner and briefed him on Sue Ellen's situation without telling him her name. My main message to him was, "You are going to be called in for a review soon. If the woman confirms her identity as the woman I've described, take it from there. Just play nice and don't insult her before you hear her out."

Crazy John smiled and said, "Very nice. I like it. I hope she's as good looking and sexy as you say she is."

Subsequently, Crazy John never said a word to me about Sue Ellen, but nearly two weeks later I got a phone call from Sue Ellen who said simply, "He's nice and he's hung like a horse and he knows how to use it."

She blew me a kiss through the phone and I smiled and decided to make an appointment for Mama Cat and the blue/gray kitten to be spayed.

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