tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRunning From You Ch. 02

Running From You Ch. 02


You slowly remove your fingers from me, first three, then two, then one. I breathe in deeply scenting the night air around me. I can taste cool earth, warm blood, and hot sex with each deep intake of oxygen. The night air brushes against my exposed flesh and my skin prickles with the sensation. It makes me feel alive. You stand up, pulling my body with you before leaning back against the tree I had been pinned to moments before. I'm standing on my own now, trembling, staring at, and trying to hold the ground I desperately want to collapse back into. I feel warmth coming from the right side of my neck trailing down my shoulder. I instinctively bring my fingers to the source. It's wet and sore to the touch. I keep pressing the spot, reveling in the pain. I present my fingers in front of my face to see small rivers of blood trickling down them, and collecting on my palm. I am enthralled by the feeling of it traveling slowly toward my wrist, and I stare at the motion memorized. I hear you chuckle low in your throat, and with my hand still raised I bring my eyes up to meet yours. I can see my blood on your lips, my blood. "You bit me," I state matter-of-factly. As if reading my mind, you tilt your head to the side and smile, "I did in fact. I wanted to see you bleed." "Oh," I don't need to know why, so I don't ask. I lower my hand as I remove my gaze from yours to glance down at my exposed breast. I make no attempt to cover myself as I watch the red liquid crawl down to my hard nipple. It's dark outside, but even in the darkness I think I'm bleeding a lot. Not a dangerous amount, but enough to feel light headed. You watch me intently. I feel fear for the first time in hours. With that fear comes the familiar reaction of my body. I'm once again aware of how wet I am. My thighs are slicker than I can ever remember a man making me feel, and I want more.

I take three steps over to the overgrown Redwood you are leaning against. You don't move, just watch. I press my full body against yours; partially because I'm too dizzy to stand, and partially because I want to melt into you. I remember your arms wrapping around me. I remember you inhaling deeply against the wound you inflicted on my neck. I remember your arms slowly tightening around my body; until the cool air became a torturous memory of what I couldn't obtain. I remember begging for mercy through silent tears, and then I can't remember anything else.

I wake up with a start. I feel the heat of a fire burning my eye lashes and the newfound oxygen swirling around my brain. I quickly try to assess my surroundings. I'm no longer outside, but nowhere familiar. It looks like a cabin; complete with oak flooring and animal trophies. It's lifeless, bleak, and completely erotic. I'm on a bed naked. It's not extravagant, but well sized and warm. I adjust my eyes and quickly find you. You're sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor, fully dressed, watching me. You're always watching. I see my bloody clothing in a small pile next to the fire. I know what you did to get me here, so there is no need to question.

I stare into you and wait for your next move. It doesn't come. The last time I went to you, you robbed me of air. I crawl in your direction regardless. I reach you in a mere moment, patiently waiting to see if you'll hurt me again. You just stare. I hold onto your shoulders, steadying myself as I step off the bed. I'm dizzy and want you desperately. I straddle your thighs and press my lips against yours adamantly. You try to keep composure, but it's a fraction of a second before I can feel your still clothed cock hard against me, and your tongue eagerly greeting mine. I moan loudly into your mouth; while you dig your nails into my spine. I'm grinding my sex against you, soaking the front of your pants; waiting for you to lose control again.

I break the kiss for a brief moment to pull your shirt from your slick body; dragging my nails across your skin as I do so. I can tell I'm drawing blood so I lap at it eagerly. My actions stir something dark in you, and you flip me on my back as hard as you pinned me against that Redwood. I don't stay down for long. I'm pawing at your pants, begging you to remove them. You're caught between taking them off and holding me down like I'm a wild animal.

I cease all movement as your hand connects hard against my right cheek. With eyes closed and face wet with tears, I hear the remainder of your clothing hitting the floor. You press your weight between my thighs and hover over me, licking the tears from my cheeks. I begin to relax as your tongue licks my lips. I instinctively press my breasts firmly against your chest while completely opening my mouth and body to you.

More to come...

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by Anonymous

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by Medicalpete07/05/18


I am really glad I paused to check you out! Liked all your efforts, though the first was the best. Really tantalising and had me well aroused.
Hope you write some more

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