tagBDSMRush Pt. 03

Rush Pt. 03


The open room was now packed as the clock almost struck midnight. Engaged murmurs, soft moans and pleasured groans were like music to your ears as the lucky participants sought that exhilarating euphoria they've been lusting after the entire night. Soft Moroccan instrumentals played in the background; somewhat quiet compared to all the commotion going on around us, but adding to the sophisticated perversion enclosed within the dark tufted leather walls.

Foregoing style for comfort, I ditched most of the outfit and instead wrapped myself in one of the softest white silk robes I'll probably ever wear. The robes were given to all accepted member and were a highly coveted item amongst the majority of the club-goers. My fingers fiddled with the soft silk embroidered "R" just over my barely clothed breast; an uneasy sigh slipping from my mouth as we watched a short and lanky man chained tight to a wooden rack. Fiery red hair and black barbells through his dusty pink nipples, the choice of pleasure this evening was a wand of shocking purple fluorescent light held onto by a stocky male with a gravity defying neon green mohawk. My eyes traveled down to see a spiked silver cock ring that denied him the release he so desperately needed.

"Would you like to watch for a bit or..."

"No," I interrupted her, listening to the man's whines of pleasured pain. "Let's do this."

The four of us walked around the open room, briefly spectating some of the more unusual scenes until we found an X-frame similar to the one set up on the main stage earlier. A petite woman with spiked pixie hair the color of a watercolor rainbow was cuffed to the frame as she waited in anticipation for what was to come next; cute little giggles flowing from her soft pink lips. I noticed the delicate tattoo of a hummingbird above her ankle just as her face was covered with a blindfold and bit gag, both in a beautiful pearl white leather. A few short minutes later, she screeched in ecstasy as the well-built tattooed male performing the scene dripped hot neon blue wax over her small but perky breasts. The wax collected at the tips of her hardened rosy nipples just before the liquid dripped down onto her flat stomach. Skin the color of pristine porcelain flushed bright as the blood pumped throughout her petite body with every scorching drizzle of the candle wax. Fists clenched so tight there almost surely would be a deep mark from the pointy pastel blue and white manicure decorating her fingers. But...that probably just added to the pleasure.

Her high pitched moans only provoked me as I casually walked over to the staff member overseeing this particular scene; hypnotized by the bound girl's hips squirming in pleasure. Carrying a large tablet with a white marble cover, the staff member's blunt black bob swished from side to side as she turned towards us and began typing my name down in the tablet. She then handed me a thick, black and white marbled card marked with an eleven in black ink calligraphy.

"You may go up when your number is called. If you would like something while you are waiting, I could show you to our bar located on this floor. I could also call for a waiter to take your order if you would like."

The four of us decided she and Michael would visit the bar while we waited for my turn since both of them were unsure of what they wanted. He ordered an old-fashioned while I declined; my ears perking up to the sounds of a particularly hard smack from a flogger as the staff member showed them to the bar. I turned my head to find where the sound came from and my eyes stopped at a black table where an older woman was spread out and strapped down with thick black leather straps. Long graying hair in a perfectly tied bun on top of her head almost matched the intricate sparkling silver clamps embellishing her large brown nipples. She tried desperately to move her entrapped hips; the straps doing a good job at holding her hips down, as a thick black dildo attached to a silver pole mindlessly fucked her at varying speeds to the rhythm of the hypnotic and sensual Moroccan drums.

I blindly reached for his hand and laced my fingers with his as I turned into him; an odd combination of agitation and arousal flowed through my body. His body felt warm and his lips on my temple were familiar amongst all of the strangers, helping to calm my excited nerves. His arms wrapped around my waist as I circled mine over his shoulders and leaned up into his kiss. Our soft and sweet kisses were a beautiful display of young love as a few couples around us cooed in between sounds of some very questionable language in the far off distance.

"Are you excited to see me up there?" I playfully asked and turned back around to face the setup, knowing my answer when I lightly rolled my ass into his already hard bulge.

"I am," he moaned into my ear then softly bit the shell as we watched the petite girl undergo probably her strongest orgasm she's ever had. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and high pitched squeals could be heard from across the open room. "Are you?"

"I'm nervous," I sighed. "But yes I am."

One of his hands sneaked underneath my robe when I leaned my head back against his shoulder. A soft moan left my mouth and my eyes rolled back to the older woman now thrashing on the table. It definitely wasn't the first orgasm she succumb to tonight due to the phallic plaything and it most likely wouldn't be her last.

He chuckled warmly into my ear and teased my hardened nipple with a rough finger. My eyes slowly shut just as a skin tight leather hand skimmed over the older woman's clit, causing her hyperventilated moans to become ragged screams.

"Keep them open," he commanded.

"I can't..."

"Yes, you can and you will."

I softly sighed and tried to watch the petite girl in front of me from beneath dazed and hooded eyes. His fingers continued to tease over my erect nipple as his breath caressed down my neck in teasing strokes; the combination causing me to squeeze my thighs together to quell the throbbing between my legs. My toes curled inside my heels along with the bound girl's when the performer used a thin metal disc to meticulously scrape underneath the colorful wax, removing the dried drops and drizzles from her now reddened skin. Loud and shaking moans came from the petite girl's mouth when a particularly slow scrape dragged lightly over her tender nipple. That was when I realized her orgasms were not just from the wax play, but was also due to a metallic rainbow egg vibrator being controlled by another person located somewhere in the open room. It was also about the same time Michael and her came back from the bar with the drinks. Much to my displeasure, he removed his hand from my robe to take the thick crystal glass from Michael.

His arm loosened to let me turn and face him as my hand drifted in between us to massage the hard bulge behind his black pants. "What would you like, sweetheart?"

"I want you to fuck me," I whispered bluntly into his ear. "I want you deep inside me with this belt wrapped tight around my throat as you fuck me until I cum all over your cock. Then I want to blow you. Taste your cum mixed with mine as I suck you until you cum again deep down my throat."

"That's specific," he laughed as he took a drink from the crystal glass. I unconsciously licked my lips at watching the muscles and veins tighten as he swallowed the well made drink. The silver filigree winding around his black metal mask shined underneath the chandeliers, casting a glow over not only his face but also his lips wrapped around the rim of the glass. The lips I wanted on mine. The lips that were now smirking as dark playful eyes caught my dreamlike stare.

I scoffed in mock anger and turned away from him, hearing the low chuckle behind me right before he pulled me back against him. Not too far from where we were stood an older woman clothed in the same silk robe who looked amazing for certainly being in her mid to upper sixties. While mine was still loosely tied up for the moment, hers was elegantly draped over her shoulders for the room to see her tanned and toned body. Her feet were adorned with leopard print stiletto heels so high that you wondered how anyone could walk in them.

On all fours next to her heels though, sat a younger woman in her mid to late thirties with unusual golden almond cat eyes and voluminous midnight black curls entwined in a beautiful caramel ombre swept over her shoulder. She sat perfectly still next to the older woman and stared off into the distance; the only items on her completely naked body were a gold and diamond cat mask, a matching collar around her neck that was attached to a gold chain, and a fluffy black cattail connected to a gold and black diamond anal plug.

"Did you wear the panties?" He whispered.

I leisurely nodded a no and lulled my head back to continue watching the two woman, adjusting my stance when his hand slid up inside my robe. The older woman sipped slowly on a sidecar, holding onto the other end of the leash as she surveyed the scenes around her with scrutiny in her wrinkled eyes. When her eyes stopped on a particular scene that piqued her interest, she signaled the other woman by softly pulling on the chain. This caused the younger woman to crawl on her hands and knees until she was between the older woman's now shoulder width apart legs. She continued to slip on her drink with a controlled face and watched the scenes as the younger woman's soft pink tongue slowly licked over her pussy lips, lapping it up as her painted cat nose repeatedly skimmed over the older woman's clit.

"You don't think it's killing me to watch you walk around here with just this robe on?"

My lips formed a small grin. "It might've occurred to me."

The older woman was still watching the scenes with a slightly less controlled face, but was as stoic as she could be with a gorgeous catwoman between her legs. Soft lilts of the younger woman's mewing moans spilled from her mouth as she ate her out with hunger behind her contact covered eyes. The empty cocktail glass was handed to a young male waiter passing by and her now free hand moved down to pet the younger woman's head, rewarding her while still controlling her every movement.

"It's been difficult keeping my composure when all I want to do is bend you over and..."

"Then do it."

"Number eleven," the staff member called out.

My number was called and my mind was still spinning in an aroused haze of lust and some slight nervousness. I reluctantly moved off of him as he helped me out of my robe; my heels and mask the only things left on my naked body. Unlike when we first walked into Rush, the clicks of my heels only helped to put me on edge as they drew the attention of the moderate group of spectators gathered around the setup. The aroused gazes of eyes blown out from many intoxicated sex filled hours scanned hungry over my nude body as I walked up to the staff member and handed her the numbered card. She reiterated a laundry list of safety rules and guidelines already outlined in our application and welcome packet, then had me sign my name as my consent and understanding of these rules.

"Please take off your shoes and mask and put your hair into either a ponytail or a bun, whichever is more comfortable. You know the house safe words and patterns. If any of them are uttered or performed, even accidentally, the scene will stop and your session will end. You may begin when you're ready," she explained and slightly grinned after I finished with my hair. "Enjoy your session."

I smiled and nodded at her then walked over to the intimidating setup. The performer wasn't much better as he hardly spoke when I stepped up onto the slightly raised platform. He only gave out firm cursory instructions as he strapped me to the frame; the soft leather of the cuffs comfortably tight around both my wrists and ankles. I was fully spread out and feeling more vulnerable than I've ever felt in my entire life, but at the same time, completely safe in my surroundings.

The performer then instructed me to open my mouth as he slid a bright red ball gag over it, strapping the gag around my head with a click of the buckle from the soft black leather strap. My mask was untied from my face and an equally soft black leather blindfold was placed over my eyes, shutting them from both the twinkles of the crystal chandeliers and the lustful stares of the eager audience.

And of course...him.

The sensual Moroccan beat. The seductive blend of enticing fragrances. The hot and humid air permeating the room. Every erotic sound reverberating as if all of them were being blasted through a loudspeaker. They say losing senses will heighten the other senses and I could certainly confirm how true that was right now. My skin prickled with not only the sensory overload, but also with the thought of what the performer would do and when it would happen. Loud footsteps of thick rubber sauntered behind me and prepared things from the sound of it. It was unnerving that I couldn't make out what exactly he was preparing or if he was really doing anything at all.

My breathing hitched with every movement behind me, no matter how small. I felt dizzy with overwhelming lust from both my earlier interaction with him and the sensation of hidden heated gazes boring into my glistening skin. They lightly conversed with drinks in their hands as they anticipated my every reaction to the pleasurable torture I'd experience; elaborate masks still covering all of their faces.

All of a sudden, something incredibly soft was caressed over my shoulders and down my arm. Silky finite threads tickled over my already hot and sensitive skin, sending shivers straight through my body. The dull throbbing was now a pulsating rhythm between my legs as my eyes fluttered shut from behind the leather blindfold. I tried to let myself relax; succumbing to the moment rather than overthinking what would come next. The soft object, which was most likely a feather from the feel of it, moved over my breasts and circled around my hardened nipples. I flinched as a particularly pleasurable shock traveled straight through my body and pooled between my legs when the feather was barely teased over the tips of my nipples in quick succession.

A deep and loud groan was heard not too far from me as the feather slithered down my clenched stomach, passing over my piercing and down over my swollen lips. The sharp tip of the long feather danced lightly over my hard clit; a slight moan slipping from behind the surprisingly comfortable ball gag. Teasing flicks of the feather tip over my clit were just enough to drive me insane, but were too soft to really do anything about it. The feather then slowly traveled back up my body and was gone just short of reaching my breasts. I felt my chest rapidly rising and falling with every second of nothingness, eagerly waiting for what the next torturous item the performer would use.

Pulsating rhythmic drums started off the next instrumental as spikes of cold metal rolled down my arm and over my shoulder. The slight moans were now full blown as the wheel-like device sent pin prick jolts of lightning throughout my body. I curled my hands into tight fists when the path of the wheel was mirrored down my other arm. The wheel stopped briefly between the cleavage of my breasts, then slowly moved to circle around the areola before it painstakingly dragged over one of my hard nipples. Delicious pleasure from just a tiny metal wheel had my hips involuntarily bucking forward.

The prickly shocks of pleasured pain slowed for a second before starting back up again when the wheel trekked along my other breast. However, this time it continually rolled over my sensitive nipple. Pressured, measured strokes up and down the nipple that made my body shake and my fist clench as wave after wave of torturous shocks flowed through me.

Then they stopped. Why was I sad they stopped?

My skin seethed as the blood pumped through my body. My chest rose and fell in time with the rapid beat of my heart. Moans spilled out of my mouth from behind the ball gag as the shocks of lightning continued through my body at breakneck speed. But nothing was going on. The performer was near for sure. He hadn't moved from here he stood, but nothing was happening. Butterflies danced in the pit of my stomach as a sense of agitation began with not knowing what would happen next. Would the next thing hurt or would it tickle? Maybe both?

Teasing pin prick shocks continued down my stomach, hearing the flip of a switch and the familiar vibration of a Hitachi close by me. The sound alone caused tears to well up behind the blindfold, but was only amplified by the metal wheel ghosting over my swollen pussy lips. An overload of pleasure rang throughout my body. My skin felt blistering hot, breasts felt heavy and sensitive, and my pussy dripped with every turn of the spiked wheel. Slight tears welled up not because I dislike what was going on. Just the opposite, I never wanted this torturous and aching pleasure to stop.

But...there was a small part of me that thought it was all too much, that just wanted it to end and fought with the larger part for control. I knew what I was supposed to do if I wanted all of this to end and it was a huge struggle not to perform the small gesture. A single tear slipped down my reddened cheek and I tried to calm myself, but the performer had other ideas when the rubber head of the Hitachi lightly vibrated down my side. The sensation coupled with the thought of powerful vibrations potentially dancing over my already throbbing pussy caused me to visibly shake with excitement. I caught the dizzying potent mix of sex and the sensual scent of the club as the vibrating head skimmed delicate over my inner thigh.

Then, as soft as the feather's touch, the head rolled over my lips. And I lost it. Not that I ever really was, but if I was a shy person, I definitely wasn't now. Muffled moans and screams could be heard from behind the ball gag. Tears dripped down my cheeks as I bucked my hips and chased a distant orgasm, wanting to feel the powerful waves of rolling pleasure flow throughout my overwrought body.

My thoughts drifted back to that vacation on the beach and the gentle breeze that blew over my sensitive skin from the open terrace doors. Cuffed hands desperately clinging to the last thread of sanity left in me as that damn vibrating head rotated just inches from where I wanted it. The teasing twirls of the head ticking over my thighs to the pulsating synth beat had my body stretching as far as it could. But just when I thought, after too many hours to count, that maybe he was giving into my tortured whimpers...the wand was gone. The feel of his breath ghosting up my neck and the soft sigh against the shell of my ear just before the dark chuckle reminded me of who was in control. And I loved it.

My chest heaved with every irregular breath that was forced from my mouth. I shivered when a slight cool breeze teased my hardened nipples and brought along with it that intoxicating, almost smothering scent. My mouth was dry and I wanted to lick my lips, but I couldn't care less as my hips grinded into the vibrating head. The orgasm was right there, I could taste it. Until I heard the flick of a switch. I knew it would happen at some point, but I still couldn't control the sobs from the pent-up pleasure that wracked my body.

"Fuck...I needed to cum." I wanted him to make me cum. I needed him.

The nothingness continued, although this time I could hear the performer shuffling around behind me. Clanging metal sounds and a long low male groan over successive smacks from a flogger, footsteps over whirls and twirls of toys various sex toys, and clinking glasses over every lascivious word and sound in the book. Dirty and devious desires being met underneath the concrete roof of an old three-story warehouse, away from the scrutiny of a world naive to the wickedness.

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